Reply to some tweets and Chesya Burke’s blog response to my previous article re Moon & Hogan

There have been some predictable responses to my previous article. Hey I appreciate it! If you can’t stand the heat get out of the blogosphere as they say.

I appreciate the responses even if I disagree somewhat with them (traffic is traffic as they say). Namely the straw man argument tweeted that there was plenty of cursing and outrage from genre figures to Hogan outing himself as a Holocaust Denier. I’m sure behind the scenes. Not publicly though. At least not so much at all. I did stress the word PUBLIC by capitalising it in my previous article, and then repeating the point a few times. You know at your blogs, a public statement, that kind of thing, a call for convention disinvites to Hogan, there was one? No there wasn’t.

On Chesya Burke’s response at her livejournal, in response to my article If this is the Thought Police Count me In‘ 

Even if one considers Sanders’s and Moon’s comments worse than feckless and crude, racist even – okay you can take that view, even if I tend to disagree with it – it cannot be compared to the extreme rabid racism that is Holocaust Denial or something similar. That would be rather odious moral equivalence. Burke pretends that there was plenty of outrage at Hogan’s Holocaust Denial by giving a link to the Google search page results for ‘James Hogan’ and ‘Holocaust Denial’. Remember I made it very very clear (not that it makes a difference) in my previous article that I am talking about outrage from the self-same SF GENRE personalities (writers, editors, notable fans, Con organizers) who cried about the sky falling upon Sanders’s and Moon’s commentary. Nothing more, nothing less. Non-genre folk do not count in this regard.

Sigh. check the first page results of the Google search:

Hogan’s wiki page

A non-genre scientist/academic blogger (a blog on the politics and ethics of science ‘respectfulinsolence’)

An Analog forum thread in which yours truly (‘Lawrence A’ ) was commenting in this regard!

The quantumtantra blog of non-genre US particle physicist Nick Herbert, uh praising James P Hogan to the skies! That’s because Nick Herbert is a Holocaust Denier himself (see his article “Why I admire David Irving”). He even has David Irving on his blogroll! So he’s non-genre and he’s a Holocaust Denier himself!

An AIDS blog, also condemning Hogan over his AIDS Denial/Dissent. That’s non-genre.

There are then hits from those big websites, blogs of genre personalities – writers, editors, fans – you know mobileread, mailstar, metafilter. *sarc*

Second page returns…

A notice from the SFWA upon Hogan’s DEATH (i.e. not when he was alive) NOT mentioning his Holocaust Denial. Commentators there have nothing but nice things to say. One commentator denies he was a Holocaust Denier. Sigh.

Then there’s uh Chesya’s livejournal blog… doesn’t count (she is responding to me!)

Then there’s freerepublic, a very non-genre news source.

Then there’s something called trekbbs where no notable Jewish or non-Jewish writer, publisher, editor, notable fan blogger is commenting on Hogan, just fans on some forum. And it’s upon his death, not while he was alive.

Then there’s another non-genre news source

Then there’s The Guardian. A non-genre news source if ever there was one. Or maybe The Guardian was incorporated into interzone and nobody told their readership.

Then there’s the piece by Burstein upon Hogan’s passing that I ALREADY mentioned in my article.

Then there’s the Wiki category for Holocaust Deniers.

Then there’s a SF forum called spacebattles. Commentary upon his death, not while he was alive by run-of-the-mill fans. Not genre writers, editors, notable bloggers. Well it’s a forum called spacebattles, so…

You get the idea (well I hope some people do!).

Thank you Chesya. You prove my point for me. Even better than I did myself. When I wrote that (in the main for sure) the SELF-SAME GENRE writers, editors and any other notables – publishers, agents, notable fan figures if there were any, not fans on a forum called spacebattles – who got their knickers in a twist over Moon’s and Sanders’s comments, had nothing PUBLIC (private discussions behind the scenes mean nothing) to say about Hogan’s Holocaust Denial while he was alive, and not too much upon his passing neither, well that’s exactly what I meant.

The Guardian, Wikipedia, an AIDS blog, another science blog and a Holocaust Denying particle physicist praising Hogan effusively, my own condemnation of Hogan at the old Analog Forum! along with other arb forums/general news media, the SFWA going out of their way not to mention Hogan’s Holocaust Denial and all the commentators there going on about how wonderful he was (and one denying he was a Denier) does not count as the SELF-SAME GENRE FOLK who shrilly condemned Moon and Sanders. It’s not even in the same ballpark (especially when like physicist Nick Herbert they are Holocaust Deniers themselves, it’s a ballpark on a different planet).

If this is the Thought Police, count me out for sure.

To the tweeters, thanks for the heads up. I explicitly did write about a PUBLIC condemnation though, nothing less than that (this would apply especially if you got involved in the Moon and Sanders kerfluffles).

To all and any Jewish readers – chag sameich!

Still forthcoming is a very real exposé…

Introduction to a several part series  ‘Asimov’s Forum and Der Stürmer – Can You Tell The Difference? On the banality of Holocaust Revisionism’ alternatively titled  ‘Alice in Wonderland as interpreted by David Duke & Louis Farrakhan’.

Comments are off.


I just want to belatedly add something here. I was if anything too critical of Moon. Her comments were not feckless, never mind prejudicial (Islam is not a race). I never thought her commentary was prejudicial of course. Maybe she could have expressed herself better, on the other hand how exactly? – but there was nothing feckless about her commentary. I erred in this regard. As if I was throwing a bone to the Thought Police, as if I was prepared to meet them half way. Makes me wince.

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