Introduction to 11 Part series ‘Asimov’s Forum & Der Stürmer – Can You Tell the Difference? On the banality of Holocaust Revisionism’

This series alternatively titled ‘Alice in Wonderland as interpreted by David Duke and Louis Farrakhan’.

Shortly before I planned to put this originally ten part series online (it had already been written and was all but ready for publishing), the Asimov’s Discussion Forum, to which this whole ten part series (now with a necessary postscript – hence 11 parts) is pertinent, shut down on April 8th 2011. It appeared to be related to a troll spamming the forum with pornographic images. The Analog Forum would be shut down for the same reason a day or two later, when spammed by the same troll.

As such this affects the flow and narrative intent/thrust of my now eleven part series which I had to modify somewhat, in light of the shut-down. Since the comments at the pertinent Asimov’s Forum thread can no longer be accessed – taken as a given when I wrote my original ten part series – the editing of my blog articles was necessary. They are all now published in a very slightly edited form, since all the relevant comments including my own can no longer be accessed. A ‘500 Internal Server Error’ is all one gets now. Hence comments I did not bother mentioning in my blog series are now necessarily included in the two part Postscript to give a clearer picture of what went down. I did save all the pertinent forum threads though, so my exposé is not affected. Thankfully.

The nature of this very series includes the full mention and  pasting of deleted comments from Forum threads, along with their dates and times and thus their context. Notably the ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread from July 2010. I saved both the undeleted comments and the ones that would later be deleted (both my own and others). It was the former that were visible and accessible until April 8th 2011 when the Asimov’s Forum shut down indefinitely. My original ten part series was written presuming that readers can still access these threads at the Asimov’s Forum. Now they can’t. However the essential facts relating to the pertinent exposé remain unaffected.

Although a troll spamming porn was responsible for the shut down, the truth may be more complex or multi-layered.

On the 8th April the publisher of Dell Magazines Peter Kanter put up this comment (that I saved) under the ‘Forum Magazine’ section:

Peter Kanter wrote:

This forum is provided as a service to the Asimov’s community of readers and writers in order to support and stimulate conversation about science fiction in general and about our magazines in particular.

I have learned that a small number of visitors to the forum have been engaged in personal attacks against Dell Magazines employees, one having gone so far as to post a link to personal information that he thought to be the Admin for this forum. To this I want to make two points: first, any individual who is administering this forum works for me and is doing his / her best to represent and carry out the company’s principles and policies; second, any personal attack on a Dell employee is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We will close the forum down if simple rules for decent discourse cannot be followed.

We have posted revised rules for the forum. Visitors who would like to participate in this forum to discuss science fiction, our magazines, or related matters while observing these rules are, as always, most welcome to do so.

Peter Kanter
Dell Magazines

Regarding Peter Kanter’s comments quoted in full above, it appears that more than one person may have been involved. It is ironic, in light of this series, that the troll was brazenly – and at least honestly – anti-Semitic as well.

I do have the URLs of the pertinent Asimov’s Forum thread, as of now they are not accessible on the waybackmachine. However they may become accessible at a future date. I have no idea at all, or if they can even be accessed now by those tech-savy enough. I don’t think so. However if Dell decided to delete/dump all the Forum archive records from its server, I don’t think they will ever be able to be accessed in the future, even on the waybackmachine or similar. There is of course also Google cache. I leave it to the tech geeks to debate that, if anybody even cares at all.

The Asimov’s Forum shut-down just meant more work for me, having to modify/update all ten of my blog articles pertaining to the exposé and write up a two part postscript. It meant publication of this exposé was delayed somewhat.

The short of it is this – I have added a two-part Postscript (Parts A and B) where the entire pertinent Asimov’s Forum threads are pasted up. A clear comprehension of this exposé  (ie ‘Asimov’s Forum and Der Stürmer – Can You Tell the Difference?’) would otherwise not be possible or nearly appreciated fully enough, unless I add this extensive postscript with the full thread commentaries. I don’t paste up all the thread commentary (from an original 3 page forum thread) in parts 1-10.

Thus the added Postscript (Part A – the whole unedited  ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread and Part B – other thread commentary from the Asimov’s and Analog Forum) is actually necessary to give a complete picture. Only by reading the whole thread commentary in Part A and B, can the *intelligent non anti-Semitic* reader be aware of how bad the whole thing was. As bad as it gets anywhere. There is naturally a fair bit of repetition and overlap between the series parts 1-10 and the two part postscript. The fact is – outside of Asimov’s admin’s actions – only the postscripts (both of them) are really necessary for a proper comprehension of all the obscene, rabid and extreme bigotry on display along with a mind-numbing, ineffable obtuseness, of all that went down; with the caveat that the reader has a brain and recognises Holocaust Denialist/Revisionist newspeak for what it is. This is a rarer commodity than the reader with the requisite intelligence may think, especially in the genre community.

Thus the interested reader is recommended to go straight to the postscripts when I post them up (both Part A and Part B are necessary reading here). However the series parts 1-10 is there for those so inclined, and these parts 1-10 do offer a more rounded picture, with a closer, deeper scrutiny and analysis of the odious commentary of the genre figures (and Asimov’s admin’s foul-ups) so involved.

Note that if this whole ‘James Hogan has passed away’ flame-war thread – that has to be read to be believed – did not involve ‘professional’ persons in the genre community (and the uh behaviour of Asimov’s admin), and only the fans, I would not have bothered with any of this. Who cares about the fans after all?

Some may think that a ten part series (in light of the postscript where the relevant thread commentary is pasted up, all that is really necessary) is itself excessive and extraneous. Or at least it could have been cut down to five parts or so. Well it is here in ten parts and that is that. For those interested in the duplicity, the brazen contradictions, doublethink and the like associated with Holocaust Revisionist newspeak and how easily it is accepted/swallowed in the genre community (and mainstream society), this ten part series and postscript is worth perusing. The reader would be hard pressed to find anything as surreal and anti-Semitic in equal measure anywhere else on the ‘mainstream’ web. It matters not in this regard whether you have an interest in the science fiction genre or not. 

As such, for convenience and ease of navigation this article will remain at the top of this series – even as the new series parts/chapters (1-10) and Postscript A and B are posted up – with the links and accompanying descriptions to all the series’ chapters as they are posted. The postscripts will be published last. Yet the 2 part postscripts are the most important chapters in this series.  

Here are the chapter series headings:

Part 1 – Where Tangent editor Dave Truesdale outs himself at the Asimov’s Forum upon SF author James P Hogan’s passing

Part 2 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s true colours on the Holocaust ‘debate’ come shining through at the Asimov’s Forum

Part 3 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s incoherent ramblings at the Asimov’s Forum on the ‘legitimacy’ of Holocaust Revisionism ‘debate’

Part 4 – Further commentary on Truesdale’s postings & the Asimov’s Forum

Part 5 – Then Asimov’s Admin threatens to ban me for calling a Holocaust Denier a… Nazi

Part 6 – Former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant ed Sam Hidaka’s snide, supercilious insults against me after I detail the evidence of the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial

Part 7  – Truesdale nails the lid shut on his own coffin

Part 8 – Truesdale and gang Summing Up

Part 9 – On Asimov’s Forum admin’s disavowal of its own guidelines

Part 10 – Disturbing questions Final Updated Response to Mark Pontin’s ‘attack’

Postscript Part A:
The entire unedited ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread at the Asimov’s Forum. Includes deleted comments. From late July 2010.

It is pasted up in its entirety, and unedited by me. It took up 3 pages at the Asimov’s Forum. It includes all the comments that would later be deleted, something I mention in the postscript itself (under my blog name ‘red wolf’ so as not to cause confusion with my name, ‘Lawrence A’ that I used at the Asimov’s Forum – and thus in the flame-war itself – and with ‘red wolf’ comments placed within square brackets and in red text so as to make things doubly clear).

Postscript Part B:
The ‘James Hogan Author’ thread (July 2010) from the now defunct Asimov’s Forum. Only the pertinent and very damning comments are posted. See Part 7 of this series as well. It covers the same ground in more detail.

The ‘Holocaust Deniers’ thread from the Asimov’s Forum is posted in its entirety (July 2010). It is a one page thread only. The reasons for the necessary inclusion of this whole bizarro thread are given in this second postscript. It will leave the intelligent reader shaking his head in disbelief and dismay. There is possibly no precedent for this particular case anywhere. This is clarified in this postscript and in part 7 of this series.

This postscript also includes the first and second posted comments by Tangent editor Dave Truesdale from the ‘James Hogan Interview’ thread from the now defunct Analog Forum (July and August 2010).

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