Further commentary on Truesdale’s postings & the Asimov’s Forum Part 4

Continuing from Part 3…

This relates to the continuing dissection of this flame-war thread  [since Asimov’s Forum shut-down, thread is no longer available. The whole unedited thread will be viewable in the forthcoming Postscript Part A]. All this revolves around the banality of Holocaust Denial/Revisionism at the Asimov’s Forum and specifically and predominantly managing editor of Tangent, Dave Truesdale (a controversial polemical figure in SF circles), outing himself as a Holocaust Revisionist.

Well how else would Truesdale respond? If you still have doubts about where Truesdale stands on the Holocaust after reading the incoherent garbage from Truesdale in parts 1 -3 (or just skip straight to the forthcoming Postscript Part A) – and there is more to come, talk about giving a man enough rope to hang himself – then I feel sorry for you. As I do plenty of Asimov’s forumites including former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant editor (now senior editor at the Universe Annex, the latest ‘incarnation’ of JBU at the Grantville Gazette) Sam Hidaka (see Part 6) who insulted and snidely dismissed me, AFTER I presented evidence for the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial and called Truesdale and Marian out for denying and sugarcoating Hogan’s obscene bigotry. The Postscript Part A is where all this can be seen in context.

Shocking yes, surprising no, not to any self-respecting Jew who has been half-awake and not living in a cave the last twenty years. Sadly, North American and British “Jews” (in SF and out) who actually have a clue are in a distinct minority.

I am likewise not going to bother with getting into the other mentally deficient responses – THICK THICK THICK, CRETINOUS, DISGUSTING, ODIOUS, BIGOTED almost beyond belief, but scarily all too believable – that pepper that thread simply because these Asimov’s Forum commentators are posters/fans at Asimov’s Forum that are not recognised writers, editors and the like in the SF community (like myself), so why bother with them? You don’t care and neither do I to waste time on them.

[Note in light of the Asimov’s Forum shut-down and the fact that the ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread can no longer be accessed, necessitating this thread now being made available in its entirety in Postscript Part A. The comments from the fans are now fully viewable there. I do thus intersperse some of my own comments there under my blog name – ‘red wolf’ – so as not to cause confusion with my Asimov’s Forum name ‘Lawrence A’  and my comments on that flame-war thread posted under the latter name.]

I focus on Truesdale predominantly because Truesdale is a major playa in the SF community (hello Tangent). To repeat myself  – his commentary, political and otherwise is often cause for considerable commentary itself among SF writers, editors and fans.

It is worth mentioning that the Asimov’s Forum would delete another two more posts of mine on that pertinent thread (no longer viewable) and so for the sake of completeness I post them in this series in their entirety. [Naturally enough this all repeats or overlaps with Postscript Part A. One can also peruse these comments of mine there in their proper context, where I remark that they would be deleted as well] Also my commentary can only be understood in its entirety if all my posts are recorded. So here is the one later post of mine that would be deleted (needs to be inserted in its proper context in the thread discussion):

There is this post dated 7/26/2010 2:45:52 AM:

Lawrence A wrote:

no Thomas, the problem lies with the likes of Marian and David Truesdale, who won’t answer my questions because he can’t, without making an ass of himself. He dug his own grave, not my problem. Don’t shoot the messenger.

You had never heard of Irving David T? This I gotta admit is hard to believe..

You are an apologist for Hogan’s Holocaust Revisionism David T (you too Marian), so I will call you out for that lie of yours. After all, AFTER I mentioned that Hogan took Irving, Butz, Weber’s big lies on the Holocaust seriously (and backed it up with the relevant quotations), you rushed to defend Hogan from the charge of Holocaust Revisionism. You wrote:

“I did say there were compelling arguments on both sides. One on the other side from those who believe Jim was a denier is from a friend of his who’d known Jim for 30 years and said Jim never denied the holocaust. Of course, if one wants to claim everyone is a denier because he may doubt reported aspects of the holocaust, then you’ve closed the debate”

The debate??
You wrote that bit I quote word for word above AFTER I pointed out that Hogan endorsed the views of Holocaust Deniers Irving and Butz and Weber on the Holocaust (so Hogan’s friend who says Hogan never denied the Holocaust is a liar, I proved it), all of whom consider the figure of six million Jews dead a big lie, all of whom are viciously anti-Semitic and have had strong ties to extreme right-wing white supremacist fascist groups, all of whom consider the gas chambers to be an exaggeration at one time or another, and plenty more along these lines. So considering you wrote the above that I quote AFTER I mentioned that Hogan shared and admired their views on the Holocaust, you then defended Hogan on the indefensible, while at the same time telling us later, that you had no ideas what the opinions of Irving, Butz and Weber were on the Holocaust! In which case why defend Hogan on the charges of Holocaust Revisionism, when you claim you had not the vaguest idea of who his sources were and thus what they were saying on the Holocaust – Irving, Butz and Weber – even after I had pointed out that these were his cherished trusted sources?! Irving, Butz and Weber consider the Holocaust of Jewry a great exaggeration, the gas chambes exaggerated and all are notorious Jew-haters (easy to prove) – and yet you Truesdale won’t answer my question on whether you personally take their views on the Holocaust seriously or not (I have saved you the time and told you in brief outline what their views on the Holocaust are, you can check if you doubt me). So you won’t answer these questions, oh of course not. How can you answer them without squirming, without digging your own grave?

The reader can peruse all the following and preceding comments in the forthcoming Postscript Part A, where I have also noted which comments would be deleted by admin and which would be left up.

Parts 5-7 in this series are forthcoming.

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