Former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant ed Sam Hidaka’s snide, supercilious insults against me after I detail the evidence of SF author James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial Part 6

Continued from Part 5…

Continuing the analysis and dissection of this Asimov’s Forum flame-war thread…  [now defunct and no longer viewable in light of the Asimov’s Forum shutdown. See forthcoming Postscript Part A where this whole thread will be accessible]. Pertinently the detailing of the outing of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist (central to this series), upon the passing of SF author and Holocaust Denier James P Hogan in mid-2010 (see parts 1-4 and the introduction here ).

I delayed posting this article, part 6 for a day. It felt obscene to post the ineffably obscene, disgusting commentary below from an editor in the SF field on Yom HaShoa, the morning of Holocaust Remembrance Day, as sirens sound across Israel to remember the six million murdered.

Former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant editor Sam Hidaka’s condescending, insulting and snide attack on me after I detail the unambiguous evidence for the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial is detailed herein. Hidaka is now senior editor at the Universe Annex (the latest incarnation of JBU, a similar format as well) at the Grantville Gazette.

Sam Hidaka’s posts on this disgusting thread have to be read to believed, like the whole thread itself. Prior to his move to the Grantville Gazette, Hidaka was at Jim Baen’s Universe, a highly regarded e-zine, and part of the Baen Books stable, before the former folded in April 2010. Founded by the late Jim Baen, the publication would be run by his surviving wife Toni Weisskopf, upon Jim Baen’s death. Hidaka’s posted messages (addressed to me personally) on the “James Hogan has passed away” thread are disturbing, obscene, sinister.

This first commented post of Sam Hidaka’s remained up at the Asimov’s Forum until it’s shut-down (written in response to my own commentary – under my Asimov’s forum name ‘Lawrence A’ – wherein I detailed the evidence for the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial, all this in the context of my dispute with Holocaust Revisionist and Tangent managing editor Dave Truesdale. All these posts can be viewed in context and in their entirety in the forthcoming Postscript Part A):

7/26/2010 3:06:03 PM
Sam Hidaka

T Radigan wrote:

Steven Francis Murphy syndrome, anyone? [that’s Asimov’s forumite T Radigan referring to me – red wolf]

Murphy often had valid points of contention. But his presentation became so over-the-top offensive that any of the valid points he had were lost in his flood of vituperation.

Is this similar?

Well . . . I’ve stopped reading any posts by Lawrence A. He might have some valid points. But I won’t ever know because I don’t care to wade through his vitriol in search of his points.


I replied to Sam at 7/27/2010 1:59:56 AM (post remained up)
Lawrence A:

It’s very simple – Dave Truesdale and Marian, if not Holocaut Revisionists themselves, note David Truesdale’s red flag comment “Of course, if one wants to claim everyone is a denier because he may doubt reported aspects of the holocaust, then you’ve closed the debate” !! quibbled with and disputed the fact that James Hogan was definitely a Holocaust Denier AFTER I presented all the evidence that he was one – his appreciation and endorsement of Jew-hating fascist Holocaust deniers’ opinions on the Holocaust – Irving, Butz and Weber. So what does that tell us about Dave T and Marian? It all comes down to that.

The fact that Sam accuses me of “vitriol” here, talk about shooting the messenger, doesn’t say much for him, and Radigan’s comments are asinine likewise. I realise Sam and Thomas Radigan, that you don’t care for any Jew getting uppity about calling out the likes of Marian and Dave T for disputing that Hogan was a Holocaust Denier, after I gave all the evidence that Hogan endorsed the views of out and out Nazis on the topic of the Holocaust, but really that’s not my problem.

Hidaka’s second reply to me at the Asimov’s Forum, was later deleted (good thing I saved this thread commentary), and would thus no longer be accessible at the forum even if there had been no shut-down. So I put it up here, and because Hidaka is not just a SF fan – Hidaka is/was an assistant editor at a well-known American SF periodical/anthology series. The whole of his extremely bigoted and disgusting – deleted – second post I paste up here, totally unedited by me.

Who deleted it btw? Asimov’s Forum admin? Hidaka himself? I haven’t the foggiest. Deleted it was. Well here it is, in its ‘full glory’.

Sam Hidaka wrote at 7/27/2010 5:50:07 AM (needs to be read in its proper context on the ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread where its full odiousness is even more apparent) [see forthcoming Postscript Part A]:

Lawrence A wrote:

… I realise Sam and Thomas Radigan, that you don’t care for any Jew getting uppity …


I will comment on this point, because you address me directly.
I did not read through your posts subsequent to the one I quote from, because you seem to be repeating what I didn’t find interesting enough to read the first time.

Over the past 4 1/2 years, I’ve worked with many hundreds of aspiring and neo-pro writers. And what I’ve noticed with a small number of the very novice writers is that they don’t seem to understand the words they string together impact the reader in a way altogether at odds with what they think they are expressing.

So I gave you the benefit of the doubt and took it as a given that you, likewise, were unaware of how your words are being taken. And thus, I tried to clue you in to the fact that your points were being lost because of the way you present them.

In the above quoted line, I have no idea what you were trying to express. But what you did express is that you are calling me an anti-Semite.

My emotional response to such an insult: “You’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a shit what you think.”

But others may read your unfounded accusations, and your credibility — already at or near zero because of your earlier insults — has gone below zero.

In fact, the way you present yourself in this thread is not too far different from the schizophrenic homeless guy who gets in your face and screams that the world is ending — and then gets even more upset when you refuse to take him seriously.

If you are satisfied with being ignored as someone not worth paying attention to, then continuing the behavior patterns you display in this thread is fine.

But if you prefer to be taken seriously, you need to learn some communication skills.

First lesson you need to learn: You might convince someone who disagrees with you, if you present a compelling argument. But you’ll never convince someone, if you start and end your arguments with insults.

Second lesson: When you attack people’s character just because they disagrees with you, you’ve lost the argument. You also lose credibility, and whatever merits your argument may have become irrelevant.

Third lesson: When you insult bystanders who have not expressed an opinion on whatever you are arguing about, your credibility drops below zero, and you become the villain in the argument. At this point, your arguments — even if they have merit — are presumed to be wrong.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to be taken seriously or not.


My response to Hidaka would be very very restrained and even indecently polite considering the off-the-wall, extremely offensive stupidity and alarm bell ringing sinister obscenity (and that’s the polite way of putting it) of the above. Well none of it is surprising given his first comment which remained up at this Asimov’s Forum thread.

Here is what I wrote in response in which I let Hidaka off the hook entirely, giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he is just very dumb. At this point, I had had enough and couldn’t really be bothered. I was considering posting up at white supremacist forums like Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum (VNN) for a break from all the extreme, disgusting prejudice on display at the Asimov’s Forum. The former being at least refreshingly honest and even entertaining, albeit unintentionally (this post of mine below remained up but my reply there later made inadequate sense in light of the fact that Hidaka’s second post would be deleted):

My post dated 7/27/2010 6:02:01:

Sam your condescension would grate, if I actually cared what somebody who can’t follow some very very very very very basic points I make says.

You are not necessarily anti-Semitic (how would I know?), but you are incapable of understanding some things that are actually very very very very very basic.

Dave T and Marian ran to the defence of James Hogan, a Holocaust Revisionist [I should have written DENIER because Hogan was clearly that – red wolf] as not necessarily being a Revisionist AFTER I GAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE THAT HE WAS ONE. I then called them out on it BY REITERATING THE EVIDENCE. It really is that simple. This seems way too difficult for the likes of you and Thomas R and Radigan to understand. Now why is that?

My brief commentary quoted above could have been far better expressed and in fact upon rereading it, it was excessively polite and restrained, “not necessarily anti-Semitic”!! I was certainly holding back! Firstly, I should have written that Dave Truesdale and Marian ran to the defense of Hogan a Holocaust Denier, as not necessarily being a Denier/Revisionist *at best* OR their not having a problem with Holocaust Denialism/Revisionism at all themselves, *at worst*. After all I had already given all the clear evidence of Hogan’s hardcore Holocaust DENIAL. Another LATER Asimov’s Forum thread on James Hogan to which Truesdale commented and that Marian herself initiated, was to definitely reaffirm their true colours. None of it remotely surprising in light of this ‘James Hogan has passed away’ obscene plague of zombies thread (as I called it there). I detail the real ugly facts from this later Asimov’s Discussion Forum thread (‘James Hogan Author’) in the forthcoming Part 7 of this exposé. Also now necessarily in the forthcoming Postscript Part B given the forum shut-down.

I actually should have replied to Sam Hidaka, assistant editor at Jim Baen’s Universe in this way:


Either you:
1 Fail to understand that your commentary clearly implies a defense of Holocaust Denial/Revisionism as a tenable and acceptable position and you do not realize that you are doing this, in which case you are really none too bright. To put it as mildly and politely as I possibly can.


2 You do not have a problem with the hardcore Holocaust DENIAL of Irving, Butz, Weber and Zundel – since these are Hogan’s sources. Hogan is unequivocal, emphatic and very clear on that score, it’s all at his blog in his own words. He admires and praises them without circumspection, caveat lector or so much as mild disagreement. And this whole flame-war is about Hogan’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism which some see as an acceptable and valid position. I alone am speaking out against that. That’s what it’s all about. If you don’t have a problem with the hardcore Holocaust DENIAL of Irving, Butz, Weber and Zundel you are ipso facto a hardcore Holocaust Denialst/Revisionist yourself… just like neo-Nazis and Muslim extremists. What does that say about you and Hogan for that matter? If you do NOT share the Holocaust DENIALIST views of Irving, Butz, Weber and Zundel, you fail to understand that you imply a defense of their views here by defending Hogan in this regard (by running cover for Truesdale and Marian) since Hogan was in unambiguous agreement/sympathy with them. This takes us back to point 1.


3 You are just a redneck anti-Semite – even as you deny it – who grates at any mention or exposure of anti-Semitism including the worst kind of extreme anti-Semitism, namely Holocaust Denial/Revisionism, even if you are not a Holocaust Revisionist yourself. That’s because extreme anti-Semitism (in this case Holocaust Revisionism) touches and rubs too close to your run-of-the-mill banal anti-Semitism and what it says about you, and you do not want to be reminded of what the consequences of anti-Semitism actually are. It riles you up and so you shoot the messenger.

So which is it Sam, point 1 or 2 or 3?

There is no fourth alternative.

On point number 3 – let me clarify something. In this context Hidaka’s first post echoed and endorsed the odious one of Asimov’s forumite ‘T Radigan’. Radigan is a run-of-the-mill reactionary redneck, a caricature even. On the other Asimov’s Forum thread entitled “Holocaust Deniers”  (this thread is no longer accessible given Asimov’s Forum shutdown and is thus pasted in its entirety in the forthcoming Postscript Part B), Radigan engaged in a pathetic whitewash/apologetics of the crimes of the Nazis against Jewry prior to the Holocaust proper ie 1933-1940 (see relevant commentary by Radigan in Postscript Part B. Asimov’s forumite poster ‘Dr Sardonicus’s’ pithy reply to Radigan on that thread is appreciated and sets the record straight). In other words, Radigan is certainly offended by my commentary at the pertinent Asimov’s Forum thread – “SF Murphy syndrome anybody?” – for reason number 3 stated above. I don’t care about Radigan, except for remarking on what it tells us about Hidaka, that he unambiguously seconded Radigan’s insult against me here. It doesn’t count in Hidaka’s favour that he echoed the insult against me from the Asimov’s Forum poster who served as a caricature of a right-wing ignorant reactionary.

Hidaka’s second longer post quoted above is as obscene as it is condescending. If not evidence for point number three (the most charitable interpretation if you think about it!), there are only two other alternatives…

It appears all the evidence I presented of Hogan’s Holocaust DENIAL – his endorsement of the views of Irving, Butz and Weber and some of their harebrained remarks denying the Holocaust  (covered in the earlier parts of this exposé here – parts 1-4 – and repeated far more extensively in the forthcoming Postscript Part A where the context of Hidaka’s commentary can be more fully apreciated) angered and offended Hidaka considerably.

How else to explain his disgusting, supercilious response to me? Note that after I had as briefly as possible reinforced the point – with evidence – that Hogan was a hardcore Holocaust DENIALIST, some regular Asimov’s Forum commentators ASIDE from Sam Hidaka take OFFENSE WITH ME AND THE POINTS I WAS MAKING and proceed to pour further scorn and insults on me! That’s on top of Dave Truesdale and ‘Marian’ (minor short story SF writer and book reviewer Marian Powell – see part 7 and the forthcoming postscripts) outing themselves as uh clearly not having a problem with Hogan’s Holocaust DENIAL. Chilling.

Neo-Nazis and Muslim extremists would not be out of place at the old Asimov’s Forum. They would fit right in given that Holocaust Denial/Revisionism is not perceived as horrific, delusional and beyond the pale at all. Au contraire. It is the one who speaks out against it – out of necessity – who is insulted and mocked. To these morons in the genre community, Holocaust Denialism/Revisionism is acceptable (so long as the requisite disingenuous Holocaust Revisionist newspeak is employed), as it is with Neo-Nazis and Muslim extremists, the groups who committed the Holocaust of Jewry and want to commit another one against Jewry respectively. That’s why Holocaust Denial/Revisionism is so offensive and disgusting. See Hidaka and gang? The irony is lost on Tangent managing editor Dave Truesdale for one that his views on the Holocaust are not really any different (his wormy evasions  to the contrary) to the Muslim extremists he thinks he is so much better than, along with its implications naturally.

Hidaka’s pathetically obtuse, sneering, hardcore odious alarm bell ringing, obscene commentary is defending, justifying, rationalising and downplaying the worst kind of anti-Semitism (Holocaust Denial/Revisionism). All his pertinent dubious postings are now out there again on the Internet (good thing I saved it all) and remember Hidaka’s post is contemptuously abusing and deriding me for exposing and condemning hardcore Holocaust DENIAL with facts and evidence no less! Hidaka’s obscene, disgusting commentary is an insult against all self-respecting Jewry. It’s not about me.

As Hidaka is an ex employee of Jim Baen’s Universe, where his boss was Toni Weisskopf (publisher), I have a question…

Does Toni Weisskopf have a problem with her senior ex employee (assistant editor) Sam Hidaka’s odious commentary (quoted – entirely unedited – in full) or not? I ask this because Weisskopf is a Jewish name, and thus I assume Weisskopf is Jewish or at least has a Jewish lineage (on her father’s side at least). What does SF writer Mike Resnick, who was an executive editor at Jim Baen’s Universe before it folded last year, have to say about Hidaka’s sinister commentary (which the latter made a mere three months after JBU folded)? Resnick is Jewish. Do any former colleagues of Hidaka’s at Baen Books and JBU have anything to say publicly about Sam Hidaka’s odious alarm bell ringing commentary detailed herein? I mean other than defending him. Who knows after all?

Baen publishes many big names in SF, including several Jewish persons. Do any of them have a problem with former Jim Baen Universe assistant editor Sam Hidaka’s sinister comments detailed herein? (also see the forthcoming Postscript Part A for the necessary context of his and my thread commentary. It is even clearer there – in the Postscript Part A – how odious and  disturbing it all is) Possibly not.

Here is a list of the now defunct (folded April 2010) Jim Baen Universe editors staff (includes Hidaka)’s_Universe!_staff

Do any current fellow employees and colleagues of Sam Hidaka at the Grantville Gazette, including senior editor Eric Flint have anything to say re these very disturbing revelations from Hidaka which clearly prompt the disturbing question – why did Hidaka insult, deride and mock me for speaking out against Holocaust Denial, which I was only doing because the Asimov’s forum resembled Stormfront, a noted far right-wing forum?

As a consequence, I am calling for any and all Jewish genre folk (and any non-Jews disturbed by Hidaka’s screed), to boycott submissions to the Universe Annex of the Grantville Gazette, as long as Hidaka serves as a senior editor there. Hidaka’s ‘commentary’ quoted in its entirety above, inadvertently or not, is in the defense of Holocaust Denial! The question needs to be asked of Universe Annex editor Sam Hidaka, do you believe that the late SF author James P Hogan’s stance on the Holocaust is legitimate and reasonable? A simple yes or no will suffice. Even if a no, why then attack me, mock and deride me as some kind of madman and fool for speaking out against Holocaust DENIAL on the Asimov’s Forum, when it was popping up there like mushrooms after the rain?

The truth is anybody who is not a Jew-hating bigot and/or a moron, knows exactly why Hidaka insulted me. It’s the same reason (reason number 2) I got so much venom my way from Truesdale, who Hidaka was defending after all. The circumstantial evidence is simply overwhelming. Hidaka is a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist. Obviously. 

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