Tangent editor Dave Truesdale & gang Summing Up Part 8

Continuing from Part 7…

See parts 1-7 of this series for the context and background to this chapter 8. The introduction to this series (series parts 1-10 and two part postscripts… forthcoming) with links to the preceding chapters is here.

Trying to get a straight answer from Truesdale here of course is a waste of time. He could never give a straight answer whatsoever without coming out and saying what I and those of you with the requisite level of intelligence (in the genre community like the wider world, this is not very many) already know. And if you have made it this far, you know – Dave Truesdale doesn’t have a problem with Hogan’s endorsement of hardcore Holocaust Denial/Revisionism for the obvious reason, the ONLY REASON that makes any sense whatsoever. The reason he clearly gives in his assent and approval of the Hogan tribute of Adam Niswander’s in ConNotations with its disgusting Holocaust Revisionist newspeak and its associated whitewashing of Hogan’s exact views on the Holocaust, which are very easy to come by. Duplicity and bigotry always go hand in hand.

Truesdale has given us his answer as to why he defends Hogan on his Holocaust Denial on two distinct threads at the Asimov’s Forum. It’s no surprise that he is consistent here (his ‘give-away’ posts on the  ‘James Hogan has passed away’  thread and the ‘James Hogan Author’  thread at Asimov’s Forum) [now only in the forthcoming Postscripts Part A and B respectively given the Asimov’s Forum shut-down] and doesn’t see anything wrong with Hogan having endorsed the views of fascist Holocaust Deniers David Irving, Arthur Butz, Mark Weber (and Ernst Zundel) on the Holocaust.

I apologise for the repetitiveness, but I wanted to cover all the bases. I realize to the numerous cretins and bigots in the genre community, nothing I write will change how they feel. I don’t write this for their sake.

As a consequence – even though I don’t really expect any *public* outrage from any notable Jewish figure/s in the genre community to these revelations – I am calling for a professional disassociation/s from Dave Truesdale in light of his clearly outing himself as a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist. However he may want to spin it.

I realise that Tangent is a critical short fiction review and commentary mag/e-zine and not a SF periodical per se, also there are other staffers there who cannot be tainted with the same brush and I do not do so at all. Hence I do not call for a boycott/disassociation of Tangentonline at all, in whatever form. However in whatever form it is conceivable, professional ostracisation of Dave Truesdale is only the decent thing. Yes I do know that in the genre community moral decency and principles are as rare as a sighting of California condors, but anyhow… 

I would at least expect the Jewish genre folk to be in agreement with me here (and hopefully at least a few non-Jewish).

Naturally to the idiots and anti-Semites in the genre community, this would make me a McCarthyite witch-hunter.

Are there any Jewish (even non-Jewish) genre figures who dare to offend living Holocaust Revisionists and their apologists, defenders, sympathisers and those who downplay the disturbing significance of Holocaust DENIAL and get all riled at its exposure? Possibly not. Many uh Jews don’t want to be hated by the Jew-haters and cretins in the genre community after all.

I can just imagine so many of the countless morons and Jew-haters in the genre community failing to get my facetiousness and thinking to themselves (assuming they ever come by this series), “yes true enough, the ‘red wolf’ blogger is going to contribute to anti-Semitism in the genre community and fuel the flames of hatred”. After all, look at how most people (not everybody) commenting at the Asimov’s Forum (as is evidenced in the forthcoming Postscript Part A where the entire ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread is posted up) rushed to Hogan’s defense! This is either because they are Holocaust Revisionists themselves (in Truesdale and Marian’s case and perhaps others too. What to make of Universe Annex ed – and former JBU assistant ed – Sam Hidaka’s obscene and disgusting commentary? See Part 6) or are too cretinous to realise that defending Holocaust Denial/Revisionism is what they were doing, or they just grate and lash out at myself for exposing Holocaust DENIAL and thus extreme anti-Semitism! Gee now what could be motivating them to do that now?

In light of Universe Annex editor Sam Hidaka’s odious, alarm bell ringing and unambiguously disturbing comments (see part 6 and again in the forthcoming Postscript Part A where Hidaka’s commentary appears in wider and thus even more glaringly disturbing context), likewise I call for a professional disassociation of/from Hidaka. Once again this is not to taint the Grantville Gazette and its other staffers, nor do I call for any genre people disturbed by Hidaka’s comments (probably very few) to boycott the Grantville Gazette; however Hidaka’ s remarks cannot be ignored or glossed over by any and all *self-respecting* Jewish genre folk and any others so concerned and an appropriate response is called for.

Forthcoming is Part 9 On Asimov’s Forum admin’s disavowal of its own guidelines…

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