On Asimov’s Forum admin’s disavowal of its own guidelines Part 9

Continuing from Part 8…

For the context and background to this chapter 9, see the preceding parts 1-8 and the introduction to this blog series ‘Asimov’s Forum and Der Stürmer – Can You Tell the Difference? On the banality of Holocaust Revisionism’ with links to the other chapters here.

Why did Asimov’s Discussion Forum admin not threaten to ban Holocaust Revisionists and those defending them, but only threatened a ban on the one exposing it (see Part 5 – Then Asimov’s Admin threatens to ban me for calling a Holocaust Denier a… Nazi for the details here)?

Asimov’s admin – it certainly appears to be the case – did not threaten a banning of those sickeningly endorsing Holocaust Denial/Revisionism at the Asimov’s Discussion Forum as reasonable and legitimate, as well as those insulting me for exposing late SF author James P Hogan’s Holocaust DENIAL (which would not have been necessary if Hogan didn’t have so many defenders on this front)! Even though Holocaust Denial/Revisionism in principle is hardcore EXTREME anti-Semitism – it is beyond the pale to explain why. You either get it or you don’t.

People have been banned from Asimov’s Forum for far less offensive and loathsome behaviour. Far far less. Nobody, it appears, has ever been banned for bigotry, and there has been considerable homophobia and naked unashamed anti-Semitism at the Asimov’s Forums over the years (I’m not even talking about this horrid Holocaust Revisionism and its obvious banality on display at the Asimov’s Forum).

Here are the (now defunct) Asimov’s Forum Rules (as of the time of the Forum threads discussed and dissected in this blog article series, that is in 2010 and when this article [part 9] was originally written they were the extant rules).

http://www.asimovs.com/aspnet_forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=288  (thread no longer accessible given Asimov’s Forum shut down)

7/16/2008 2:14:52 PM

1)While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.

2)Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum email and Private message system to spam other members.
(This rule does not apply to announcements of science fiction events or recent fiction sales by regular forum users.)

3)We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.

4)Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

5)We also reserve the right to ban anyone’s account who willfully violates the forum rules, as access to our forum is a privilege and not a right.

Anyone wishing to report those in violation of the forum rules should contact the ADMIN account via private message.

Thanks,    Admin

So do any genre figures associated with Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine in any capacity (writers, editors, publishers, agents and/or fans) – Jewish or otherwise – have a problem with this disgusting selective mental blindness on behalf of Asimov’s Forum admin? Banning others for far lesser offences than unhinged bigotry (like offending Victorian sensibilities on sex and profanity as one former Asimov’s Forum poster rightly put it) is just hunky dory. Yet unhinged bigotry – so long as it pretends it’s not – gets a free pass? And any person who calls out this disingenous garbage for what it is gets the banning threat from Asimov’s Forum admin, as I did? Specifically calling the late James P Hogan who said of  the Holocaust, “..claims that are wildly fantastic, mutually contradictory, and defy common sense and often physical possibility”, a “fucking Nazi”! Somebody want to check with admin whether calling David Duke a fascist/Nazi will get them a banning threat? Actually knowing Asimov’s Forum admin it was probably the use of the word “fucking” that so offended as much as calling a Holocaust Denier a Nazi!

Tangent editor and former SFWA Bulletin editor Dave Truesdale and minor SF short story writer Marian Powell going to bat for the late James Hogan re his ‘stance’ on the Holocaust (never mind other Asimov’s forumites obscene commentary. Universe Annex editor and former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant editor Sam  Hidaka’s odious defense of the former two, superciliously mocking and dismissing me, in the process revealed himself to be in all likelihood a Holocaust Denier) violates/violated rule 1) of the Asimov’s Forum rules. Truesdale and Marian definitely defended/endorsed Hogan’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism as legitimate and historically reasonable, even if controversial, on two separate Asimov’s Forum threads. Yet it is myself who received a banning threat from Asimov’s Forum admin – amidst speaking out against Holocaust DENIAL – calling a spade a spade. Shock Gasp Horror.

Why were Truesdale, Marian, even Hidaka clearly not threatened with a banning (who would think they were?) from Asimov’s Forum admin for their hostility and antagonism against me, when I was speaking out against hardcore Holocaust DENIAL, with all its sinister implications?!
Truesdale and ‘Marian’ unambiguously backed up and approved of James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism on two distinct threads at the Asimov’s Forum. I have given all the evidence in this extensive exposé (Parts 1 – 8 and it is all there in the forthcoming Postscripts Part A and B).

The pertinent disputes and related had nothing to do with freedom of speech issues. Why does Asimov’s Forum admin not perceive blatant and extreme Jew-hatred (that’s what Holocaust Denial/Revisionism is in principle) for what it so clearly is? Denials to the contrary.

According to the old relevant Asimov’s Forum rule 1) purposeless inflammatory and insulting posts are a bannable offense. Is calling a Holocaust Denier a Nazi considered a personal attack, insulting and purposelessly inflammatory? If so why?
Why is unequivocal and unashamed endorsement and sympathy for Holocaust Denial/Revisionism considered less than insulting and purposelessly inflammatory, since it is hardcore Jew-hatred in principle? If hardcore Jew-hatred is a bannable offense – since inflammatory and insulting to all self-respecting Jewry – why did Truesdale, Marian and Hidaka (the latter defended the former two by insulting and dismissing my factual objections – no matter how laughably – to Truesdale’s and Marian’s ‘commentary’) not receive a banning warning? They almost certainly did not. In fact they didn’t.

How can the (now defunct) Asimov’s Forum going by the above, be perceived as anything other than a forum where extreme Jew-hatred and associated fascist conspiracy rubbish (implicit in Holocaust Denial/Revisionism) was permitted, in violation of its own (now defunct) Forum commenting rules?

Why is Holocaust Denial/Revisionism and the defense of Holocaust Denial/Revisionism as a reasonable viewpoint (it’s ultimately the same thing) not considered abusive and offensive, extreme Jew-hatred, surely a bannable offense? Clearly not to Asimov’s admin. Why is somebody who speaks out AGAINST Holocaust Denial/Revisionism, calling a spade a spade in the process considered as the abusive, inflammatory, insulting and offensive one and subjected to a threat of banning and made to feel distinctly unwelcome?

Does former Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine senior editor Gardner Dozois have anything to say?
Does current editor Sheila Williams have anything to say about this disgusting, cretinous and extreme anti-Semitism out in full force at the Asimov’s Forum last year, and from professionals/semi-pros in the genre no less?
And the fact that Asimov’s Forum admin did not enforce its own rules?
Or is it considered that hardcore extreme Jew-hatred ie Holocaust Denial/Revisionism falls outside the bounds of the guidelines expressed in rule 1) ?
Or is it considered (as many of the ex-forumites at the old Asimov’s Forum appear to ‘think’) that Holocaust Denial/Revisionism and its polemical defense is not to be categorised as hardcore Jew-hatred?

What of Asimov’s Forum admin’s threat to ban the Jooooo who speaks out against Holocaust Denial and calls a spade a spade here?!

The Asimov’s Forum resembled – as this exposé shows – a hardcore white supremacist forum like Stormfront or the Vanguard News Network or any other KKK type monstrosity. That’s the Asimov’s Discussion Forum, the eponymous forum of the Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, named after one of the giants of science fiction itself and one of the Jewish intellectual giants of the twentieth century.

Simply disgusting.

Forthcoming is Part 10 – Disturbing Questions…

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