Disturbing questions Final Updated Response to Mark Pontin’s ‘attack’ Part 10

This is the penultimate part (prior to the two part postscripts where the whole pertinent thread commentary will be pasted up – this proved necessary in light of the Asimov’s forum shut-down) of an eleven part blog series ‘Asimov’s Forum and Der Stürmer – Can You Tell the Difference? On the banality of Holocaust Revisionism’ and the introduction here. So actually twelve parts in total. The introduction has the clickable links to all the preceding chapters.

Continuing from Part 9…

So will any of those genre figures who got upset over SF editor William Sanders’s comments (the Transcriptase crowd most notably and naturally writer K Tempest Bradford) and/or remarked critically on SF author Elizabeth Moon’s ‘9/11’  comments (to those who don’t know what this all refers to see this article here) have anything to say re the revelations of  Tangent managing editor Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism in this blog series? As far as the latter are concerned (those who remarked critically or drew attention to Elizabeth Moon’s pertinent comments) that would include notably Cathy Valente, editor at Apex Magazine who put out a special Apex Magazine Arab/Muslim issue in response (see linked article above for the details), comic writer Warren Ellis, writer and editor Jeff VanderMeer (whose wife is Jewish) and so many others (especially all the numberless fans whipping themselves into a frenzy, or so it would appear).

And what of Universe Annex editor (and former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant ed) Sam Hidaka’s disturbing posts? And no I do not draw a moral equivalence between the former (Sanders and Moon) and the latter, those defending Holocaust Revisionism (not even close to it), inadvertently or not. That’s my point.

I hope I’m wrong here, but given the hear-no-evil-see-no-evil approach at best to anti-Semitism (including especially in its more sophisticated form – demonisation of Israel ie new anti-Semitism – in and out of the genre community), I don’t expect  much anything from anybody at all really.

Yet this is a free hit – it’s Holocaust Revisionism from a CONSERVATIVE! It’s not about daring to defend the Jew Nation from lies and slanders. God forbid. That’s something Jewish genre figures in the main hardly have the stomach for, at best. This is an open and shut case. It’s Holocaust Revisionism for crying out loud.

In light of the sound and fury, the fevered din and outrage that greeted the William Sanders affair (a whole website Transcriptase is the result!), the Dan Simmons April message of 2006 that saw thunderous fury and outrage from a fair few commentators in SF forum/blog fandom, the Elizabeth Moon affair that saw her disinvited from WisCon and numerous condemnations from genre bloggers, writers, editors and SF forumites – as well as a special issue of Apex Magazine in Muslim sensitivity outreach; do any of these self-same people have ANYTHING at all to say *publicly* (behind the scenes sound and fury means nothing) about the banality and breezy acceptance of Holocaust Denial/Revisionism among certain segments of the genre community?

Is Catherynne M Valente going to be bringing out a special Jewish issue of Apex Magazine as a consequence of these revelations? She didn’t in 2010 when SF author James Hogan (March 2010)  reaffirmed his Holocaust Denial at his blog shortly before his death. The Elizabeth Moon kerfluffle took place six months later (September 2010).  Is K Tempest Bradford going to have anything to say at her blog? To repeat – I do not draw a moral equivalence between the Sanders & Moon kerfluffles and Holocaust Revisionism, they are orders of magnitude removed from one another. Not to many of the SF genre Thought Police though, where sinister and odious moral relativism and equivalence rules.

Fact is even more disturbing questions need to be asked. Even though this is the first public revelation of Tangent managing editor Dave Truesdale’s ‘stance’ on the Holocaust and of what went down at the old now defunct Asimov’s Forum, these revelations of mine are almost certainly already known by several genre writers, editors etc. Truesdale’s outing has probably been known by many genre personalities (Jewish and non-Jewish) for nearly nine months, since the flame-war went down. It went down after all at the Asimov’s Forum, not some arbitrary forum which nobody has heard of. A forum that was frequented by SF writers and wannabe-writers, editors in the genre, even if they rarely commented. This includes former senior editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Gardner Dozois. If you think there was no gossip behind the scenes of what went down on the ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread, you are naive. Yet nothing was heard publicly, not boo. Nothing. The silence was deafening. Hey maybe there was a tweet. I don’t think so. I couldn’t find nada.

Even though Truesdale is a conservative and has gone out of his way to offend the liberals in the genre community (see part 1 of this series here), even though we are talking old-fashioned, extreme, unambiguous hardcore anti-Semitism here (not disingenuous new anti-Semitism); the response publicly – it has been over nine months since Truesdale outed himself – was zilch, a flat zero. So the question needs to be asked, why the deafening silence?

Some speculative answers:

1 Cravenness, spinelessness

2  Sigh it’s just the Jews’ concern and if they don’t make a fuss, why should the rest of us? (fair enough point) Why didn’t any Jewish genre personality make a  fuss? That is a good question…

3  Holocaust Revisionism is a reminder of the banal anti-Semitism that is mainstream and pervasive across the political sphere, in and out of the genre community, desperate and disingenuous denials to the contrary. It has just evolved in its dynamics. I mean anti-Semitism in this respect, not Holocaust Denial/Revisionism. Acknowledging Holocaust Revisionism means confronting anti-Semitism as a whole, and that would touch too close to the more subtle, modern, sophisticated and very fashionable anti-Semitic guises that are pervasive.. the changing face of anti-Semitism. In other words it means opening up a whole can of worms and nobody wants to do that. This reason would be entirely unconscious or largely so.

It’s still appalling that there has been no public spat/exposure about all this whatsoever since it all went down, over eight/nine months ago at the time of publishing this. Hence the barbed tone and bristling tenor of my rhetoric at this blog is more than warranted. Given the Asimov’s Forum shut down, this blog series is now the only place where any of this can be verified.

To sum up and repeat: do all those who made a big broohaha about the transgressions of Sanders and Moon in particular, have any harsh words to say about Dave Truesdale, Tangent editor, outing himself as a Holocaust Revisionist and Universe Annex ed Sam Hidaka’s obscene, disturbing and sinister commentary in this regard, in apparent defense of the former?

What of the overall tone and content of the surreal Asimov’s Forum thread where it all went down? The whole thing has to be read to be believed. It’s even worse than it appears in this series chapters 1-10 (see the forthcoming Postscripts A and B. Please be patient). Is Truesdale going to be met with con disinvites? The late Holocaust Denier James P Hogan wasn’t (unlike Moon who was disinvited from WisCon for offending the favourite grievance group of feminist liberals. You can’t make this up).

Is Sam Hidaka going to be given the cold shoulder by Jewish genre figures at least (I realise nobody else really cares)? NO I am NOT accusing Hidaka of Holocaust Denial/Revisionism. I do not have enough evidence for that, it’s not airtight – the evidence is circumstantial but not conclusive. However Hidaka has left himself open to only two other options discussed in Part 6 of this series. What do Hidaka’s former colleagues at Baen Books and Jim Baen’s Universe or at the very least its Jewish writers, editors etc have to say publicly about Hidaka’s commentary here? Anything? Does Toni Weisskopf his former boss at Baen’s have anything to say? Does Mike Resnick, a former executive ed at JBU? And what of his colleagues at the Grantville Gazette where he is currently employed? Hidaka’s sinister commentary can only be truly appreciated in the context of the whole ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread – pasted up in its entirety in the forthcoming Postscript Part A.


Hey maybe one or two Jewish (even non-Jewish) SF bloggers will blog, tweet or pronounce on this (if and when it comes to their attention). Then again maybe not. Given the pervasive Jew-hatred and mental retardation in the genre community, if anybody blogs/facebooks/tweets etc on this I would not be surprised if  it were to attack me!

SF writer Michael Burstein wrote an honest appraisal of Hogan at his passing here http://www.apexbookcompany.com/2010/07/reading-writers-you-hate/

Burstein wrote:

“As it is, it distressed me to read too much eulogizing of Hogan in the days after he died, even though I knew rationally that a) not everyone praising him knew of his beliefs and that b) praise for his work did not necessarily mean praise for his attitudes”

Well Burstein, unfortunately the truth is more distressing than that. Whilst a) and b) are true enough, there is also a  c) and a d) and an e).

c) Many people don’t have a problem with Holocaust Denial/Revisionism since it is arguably banal nowadays, many people think Holocaust Denial/Revisionism a reasonable viewpoint. In and out of the genre community. That’s because anti-Semitism is pervasive and runs as deep as it ever did.

d) Even if not Holocaust Revisionists themselves, it’s not considered beyond the pale by many to be one yourself and/or to defend it, since base anti-Semitism itself is banal and mainstream. As the Holocaust itself is a reminder of the terrible consequences of base anti-Semitism, mention of the Holocaust and Holocaust Revisionism easily riles such a person, even if not a Holocaust Revisionist himself. As such Holocaust Denial/Revisionism is not considered as odious, obscene and prima facie iniquitous as it is to the rest of us – those of us not enamoured or indifferent to extreme and hardcore anti-Semitism that is.

e) The SF genre community is overflowing with idiots and zombies. These people do not recognise Holocaust Revisionist newspeak for what it is, not because they are Holocaust Revisionists themselves or even very anti-Semitic, it’s because they are really very very dumb.

As I wrote at the pertinent Asimov’s Forum thread (‘James Hogan has passed away’) that got me blogging all this:

There is a great evil in the air.. it’s like 1939 again.

Postscript Parts A and B to follow.. Even if you have read through all eleven parts (including the introduction), it is actually even worse than it appears so far! Really.

Postscript Part A:
The entire unedited ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread at the Asimov’s Forum. From late July 2010.

Postscript Part B:
The ‘James Hogan Author’ thread (July 2010) from the now defunct Asimov’s Forum. Only the pertinent and very damning comments are posted. See Part 7 of this series as well. It covers the same ground in more detail.

The ‘Holocaust Deniers’ thread from the Asimov’s Forum is posted in its entirety (July 2010). It is a one page thread only. The reasons for the necessary inclusion of this whole bizarro thread are given in this second postscript.

This postscript also includes the first and second posted comments by Tangent editor Dave Truesdale from the ‘James Hogan Interview’ thread from the now defunct Analog Forum (July and August 2010).

UPDATED! The attacks have begun! Yes attacks. I did write above “Given the pervasive Jew-hatred and mental retardation in the genre community, if anybody blogs/facebooks/tweets etc on this I would not be surprised if  it were to attack me!”

Well lookee here, many of the former Asimov’s forumites have migrated to the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction forum and this is what two of them have to say about me and this series here (so far!)                                  http://www.sfsite.com/fsf/blog/forum/topic.php?id=807&page=9


Unbelievable! Pontin who informed me that he is uh Jewish and spoke out against James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial on the old now defunct Asimov’s Forum does not appear to realise that Dave Truesdale (and Marian) both outed themselves as Holocaust Revisionists! That’s what this series is all aboutHe doesn’t get it at all. Did he not read what this whole series is actually about??! – it’s about HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM you uh fill-in-the-blank.

[The following overheated criticisms directed at L Jackson in my first response were entirely unwarranted and predicated on a misunderstanding for the most part. In my third update I would apologise to Jackson. See further down. In fact as I make clear below, I am very grateful to Jackson. He did me a big favour. It’s like we set Pontin up in a double act for his self-inflicted plunge into the abyss but I didn’t see it at the time! I keep my overheated miss-the-point criticisms of mine against L Jackson up because I don’t want to be accused of dishonesty and scrubbing and editing out stuff when it suits me. It also teaches me to be more careful and to read and digest things more carefully before putting them up here, exactly what I accuse Jackson of not doing!]

Neither does L Jackson who I thought was far smarter than that. I don’t accuse anybody of Nazi sympathies (where? nowhere), just that a number of the old Asimov’s forumites (Truesdale, Marian) had no problem with Holocaust Revisionism and its mealy-mouthed rationalisations and at best other forumites saw me as the bad guy for speaking out against it, as if I were making a mountain out of a molehill. Gettit? In that sense, given how neo-Nazis engage in Holocaust Revisionism, well that is the polemical thrust of the title of my blog series. See now? What’s the last part of the title of this series Jackson? The banality of Holocaust Revisionism. No? Oh wait it didn’t sink in at all

[It’s clear I misconstrued Jackson’s meaning and the drift of what he was saying. Plus he was clearly referring to Asimov’s Admin and whilst I wouldn’t accuse whoever had that role of being a Nazi, he or she does not exactly come out of this exposé smelling of roses. Actually he/she comes out smelling of weeks old garbage]

It (Pontin’s commentary that is) actually leaves me nearly SPEECHLESS. It is actually mind-numbing. What can I say? I write up an extensive series (this one) on the definitive outing of a right-wing conservative, Tangent editor Dave Truesdale at the Asimov’s Forum as a Holocaust Revisionist! and the ‘liberal Jew’ Mark Pontin attacks me for it, “zionist fruitcakery”!! And Jackson didn’t bother reading and DIGESTING what I actually wrote. Read and ruminate next time Jackson before you trip up, OK? [same goes for you red wolf]

Jackson and the Cthulhu Kid (real identity known to ex Asimov’s Forum folk) are actually the only two characters who come off well in the ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread. Jackson’s comment (toward the very end of the thread..  forthcoming) is especially appreciated. So the slip-up above is clearly because he wasn’t paying attention. No big deal, it happens. [Yeah and I likewise – red wolf]

As far as the PMs between Pontin and myself go, well they really damn Pontin. Naturally he doesn’t see it that way. He (a Jew apparently) doesn’t appear to get AT ALL that Truesdale and Marian outed themselves as Holocaust Revisionists on the now defunct Asimov’s Forum; even though I have spelled it out repeatedly and in excessive detail in this series – perhaps his blind hatred for me scrambled all his brain cells. who knows? – so who in their right mind can take Pontin seriously at all? On anything.

I did point out in our back and forth PMing at the old Asimov’s Forum that Noam Chomsky gave his support to Hezbollah (to be specific the arming of Hezbollah in fact a few months prior to the Hezbollah-Israel war of 2006, that would see Hezbollah rockets rain down on Israeli civilian population centers) and Chomsky has said things like “I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the Holocaust..” I pointed out, clearly alluded to both these facts for Pontin’s benefit. The latter relates to the whole Robert Faurisson affair in France. It all went through the holes in Pontin’s head.

Chomsky stated in an interview here with Al Manar TV on 13 May 2006:

Hezbollah’s insistence on keeping its arms is justified… I think [Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan] Nasrallah has a reasoned argument and [a] persuasive argument that they [the arms] should be in the hands of Hezbollah as a deterrent to potential aggression, and there is plenty of background reasons for that. So until – I think his position [is] reporting it correctly and it seems to me [a] reasonable position, is that until there is a general political settlement in the region, [and] the threat of aggression and violence is reduced or eliminated, there has to be a deterrent, and the Lebanese army can’t be a deterrent.”

Never mind what lying slurs Chomsky writes about Israel and his whitewashing of Islamist tyranny (when not clearly supporting it), that’s a whole other thing… (his books are advertised on neo-Nazi websites, at white supremacist rallies and on Muslim extremist sites as well. Even the late Osama Bin Laden recommended him) Chomsky was exposed for his friendly associations with Holocaust Denying fascists in France like Serge Thion and Pierre Guillaume, but most notably Robert Faurisson. Faurissson is one of the most notorious Holocaust Deniers and anti-Semitic fascists in France. Chomsky wrote an approving preface to one of Faurisson’s books in which Faurisson was unambiguous on his Holocaust Denial and a lot more ugly anti-Semitism besides. In Chomsky’s glowing preface to the book, Chomsky wrote that he saw Faurisson as a “relatively apolitical liberal”. Chomsky wrote to Australian historian Bill Rubinstein (1980/1) justifying his associations with Faurisson:

I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the Holocaust..”  and “I see no hint of anti-Semitic implications in Faurisson’s work..”.

See Werner Cohn’s essay, ‘Partners in Hate: Noam Chomsky and the Holocaust Deniers’ for the extensive details here. http://www.wernercohn.com/Chomsky.html

Also see the writings of W Rubinstein, Edward Alexander, Nadine Fresco and Rachel Neuwirth here.

Chomsky and his cult lie about the Faurisson affair as a freedom of speech issue to this day. Freedom of speech had nothing to do with it of course, it’s simply a disingenuous straw-man.

Chomsky also gave us these ‘gems’ (from http://www.paulbogdanor.com/chomsky/quotes.html):

The Jewish community here is deeply totalitarian. They do not want democracy, they do not want freedom.”
(Interview, Shmate: A Journal of Progressive Jewish Thought, Summer 1988)

Jews in the US are the most privileged and influential part of the population… privileged people want to make sure they have total control, not just 98% control. That’s why antisemitism is becoming an issue.”
(Variant, Scotland, Winter 2002)

There is plenty more where that came from.

Pontin (in one of his PMs to me) told me he is indifferent to Israel’s fate, after I detailed the facts about Israel’s precarious future surrounded and outnumbered as she is by Islamist enemies. I also kept on asking him how come he says the same things about Israel that self-admitted anti-Semites have to say. I asked him if it was a meaningful coincidence or a meaningless one. He never answered the question, so I kept on asking it. Along with questions like this “If James Hogan’s ghost was reading this, he would take your side. What does that tell us about you?” He didn’t answer that question neither.

He kept on not answering the question, and after I kept asking it he eventually opted out with his ‘have a nice day’ comment.

“Zionist fruitcakery”! That’s the kind of thing one hears from anti-Semites when exposed on their lies and slander about Israel. Uh Pontin you share your anti-Zionism with neo-Nazis and Muslim fanatics and the radical anti-Semitic Left. As Martin Luther King Jr pointed out more eloquently than anybody before or since, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism (at best people who are anti-Zionist are just base ignorant of what Zionism actually is), that Zionist is just code and a cover word for Jew. Is it a meaningful coincidence or a meaningless one Pontin that you share your anti-Zionism with neo-Nazis and Muslim extremists, including the one just taken out by Navy SEALs in his mansion/compound in Pakistan? Of course Pontin will never answer the question, just repeat himself like a stuck record. Or tell me to have a nice day.

Well Pontin is certainly consistent. He continues to bat for Chomsky even AFTER I pointed out to Pontin that Chomsky gave his support to Hezbollah and says he doesn’t consider Holocaust Denial to be anti-Semitic (in our PMs at the old Asimov’s Forum). And he is NOW attacking me for uh exposing Holocaust Revisionism along with its downplaying or sugarcoating as less iniquitous than it is! Maybe exposing Holocaust Revisionism is “Zionist fruitcakery” in Pontin’s eyes. Is Pontin simply…  Actually no words fail me here. Really they do. Uh wait for the postscripts where the whole threads are made available. No it never occurred to Pontin to do that naturally, so blinded is he by his contempt for me, he shoots himself through the guts (he does worse than shoot himself in the foot).

I was going to mention a few things about Chomsky in later postings at this blog, but was forced to move some of it up here.

And there is the rub…  I write further up above:

Holocaust Revisionism is a reminder of the banal anti-Semitism that is mainstream and pervasive across the political sphere, in and out of the genre community, desperate and disingenuous denials to the contrary. It has just evolved in its dynamics. I mean anti-Semitism in this respect, not Holocaust Denial/Revisionism. Acknowledging Holocaust Revisionism means confronting anti-Semitism as a whole, and that would touch too close to the more subtle, modern, sophisticated and very fashionable anti-Semitic guises that are pervasive.. the changing face of anti-Semitism. In other words it means opening up a whole can of worms and nobody wants to do that. This reason would be entirely unconscious or largely so.

Pontin appears overly desperate to prove my point, that he comes crashing in like a badly beaten up drunk staggering out of a bar, tripping over his own feet, yelling at all and any passersby how he whipped the big bad bully, in this case the uh Zionist fruitcake.

If I were Pontin I would be begging the admin at the forum for the Magazine of F&SF to rub/erase his post. But it’s already up here in all its ‘glory’. So too late. I wonder if Pontin will ever realise how he messed up? (Pontin is a Jew after all, even if an anti-Israel one and he is certainly not a Holocaust Revisionist)

Appalling. I’m simply lost for more words.


So far only one uh none-too-bright commentator has drunk the Kool-Aid – after Pontin’s harebrained commentary that is – at the forum of the Magazine of F&SF. At least this guy has the sense not to post his zombie comment under his own name, unlike Mark Pontin.



I manfully tried to read Lawrence A.’s posts, but my eyes started glazing over and I felt my brain starting to melt. I take it he was a frequent basement poster? The more I hear about the basement, the happier I am that there isn’t one here.

Your brain appears to have melted a long while back, if you don’t get what this series is all about – uh exposing Holocaust Revisionism within the genre community and how breezily it is accepted as no big deal, nothing to get worked up about (even by people who are not Holocaust Revisionists themselves). It’s an entirely original exposé.

I wonder if it was something in the water at the old Asimov’s Forum (the damage done, it matters not that they have migrated to their new watering hole at the forum of the Magazine of F&SF. Admittedly this ‘Hunter’ doesn’t appear to have frequented the now defunct forum. The rot is very much wider), something somebody put in the Asimov’s Forum water cooler? Something that melts neurons – like battery acid. Maybe it’s something else – junk food, MTV, reality TV, too much third-rate hack science fiction reading perhaps? High school ‘education’?

Actually on reflection I do have something to add on Mark Pontin’s zombie comment. He couldn’t have done more damage to whatever ‘progressive’ cause he is espousing if he were a double agent for my side – that is naturally the nefarious Zionists putting widows and orphans out on the street, eating Palestinian children for lunch and counting our hordes of sheckels. In his desperation to “expose” me, I swear he gives me such a gift. He proves the bankruptcy and simplistic nonsense that is the false duality of Left vs Right, the overlap and blurring of new and old anti-Semitism, and the ineffable stupidity that goes hand in hand with prejudice. All in a single posted comment at the F&SF forum that he seriously thinks discredits me. It would be hilarious, heck it is hilarious, but it’s also scary and chilling.

I mean if I were to ingeniously think of posing as a ‘progressive liberal anti-Israel Jew’ in an attempt to discredit such a position beyond all repair, post under another moniker at a forum like the one for ‘The Magazine of F&SF’ and pretend to pour scorn on this blog and all that it stands for, but in a way so outrageously ridiculous and ineffably stupid that it would make any sane Jew, progressive or not run a mile and scream, “this Pontin doesn’t represent me, don’t tar me with the same brush”; I would not in a million years dream of writing what Pontin actually wrote.

I would think it too far-fetched, nobody would fall for it, it’s too much of an overreach, a hard sell. People would smell a rat. Of course quite a few former Asimov’s forumites (and plenty others no doubt) are so dim-witted in the main (NO not all of you sigh) that the bluff and bluster of Mark ‘how to shoot yourself in the head with a twelve-bore and cry victory  through your bloody stump’ Pontin dupes a few of them. It’s like they don’t even notice that without even bothering to read a single sentence of this blog series, that uh the very title heading of chapter 6 (that Pontin mocks so and puts the link up for) does not reflect well on Hidaka at all. The ‘liberal Jew’ who is not a Holocaust Revisionist at all – Mark Pontin – doesn’t appear to recognise this remotely, even though it is so in-your-face and alarm bell ringing. Well if you have any neurons firing at all…

So Pontin’s only saving grace is that he is a double agent for the nefarious Zionists. He is naturally so deep undercover that nobody knows, not myself neither. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s too far-fetched even for fantasy and science fiction!

If Pontin ain’t a double agent for the Zionist cabal, all I can say is what Robert Downey Jr’s Kirk Lazarus character says to Ben Stiller’s Tugg Speedman in the hilarious action comedy Tropic Thunder:

“Everybody knows you never go full retard… 
You went full retard, man. Never go full retard. You don’t buy that? Ask Sean Penn, 2001, ‘I Am Sam.’ Remember? Went full retard, went home empty handed…”

No wonder P K Dick was so paranoid. He couldn’t believe such a world, where so many people are off their rockers, could possibly be real. There is a P K Dick type story here actually.. our protagonist red wolf/Lawrence was under the mistaken impression that he was communicating with fellow SF genre folk at the old Asimov’s forum, but the servers and ISPs, URLs blabla got all rerouted in some hi-tech foul-up and unbeknownst to him he picked up a forum where inmates of a mental asylum – toked up on Paxil and Thorazine – who were given computer internet time would post up to. Mystery solved. No NOT all ex Asimov’s forumites are a few slices short of a full loaf, just a helluva lot of you it would appear…


The slow motion car wreck in action that is Mark Pontin just doesn’t know when to quit.

But before I get onto that, my apologies to Luke Jackson. My response above to him is overheated and overly critical over minutiae. Of course I don’t accuse Asimov’s Forum admin of Nazi sympathies – not at all – and Jackson shouldn’t have used that exact phrasing at all, but I realise we were commenting past one another. One should never throw the ‘nazi’ word around with insouciance is all. People could easily misconstrue what I’m saying and what I’m getting at exactly. OK no big deal at the end of the day. Moving on…

Pontin actually has the gall to show up again at this self-same thread, ‘Any News on Forum Shutdowns’ – where he performed his own self-immolation or hara-kiri – at the forum of the sfsite where he was blabbering on about the Renaissance blabla.


So anyhow Luke Jackson posts up a comment in response that must be on the minds of quite a few people, and it is exactly what I was thinking…

  • LukeJackson


    I’m surprised that you would show your face around here, after the Red Wolf destroyed you on his blog.

Pontin, one almost feels sorry for him, bleats:

 Mark Pontin

  • Luke –

    Is he on my case now? Oh, well.

  • Mark Pontin

    I note he’s on your case also, Luke.

    Heh. I like his conclusion:

    ‘No wonder P K Dick was so paranoid. He couldn’t believe such a world, where so many people are off their rockers, could possibly be real. There is a P K Dick type story here .. our protagonist red wolf/Lawrence was under the mistaken impression that he was communicating with fellow SF genre folk at the old Asimov’s forum, but the servers and ISPs, URLs blabla got all rerouted in some hi-tech foul-up and unbeknownst to him he picked up a forum where inmates of a mental asylum – toked up on Paxil and Thorazine – who were given computer internet time would post up to. Mystery solved.”

    Three little words for protagonist red wolf/Lawrence:

    Seek professional help.

Okaaaay Mark – the last resort of somebody who appears to be having a nervous breakdown over at the sfsite forum is to project his mental state onto his opponent. At least he is not alone as he drives his burning wreck of a car off a cliff. His partner in the passenger seat remains ‘Hunter’. Hunter doesn’t appear to remotely realise what he is doing. He is not doing Pontin any favours. I actually feel kinda sorry for Pontin. No not really, but almost. I’m not going to keep posting everybody’s comments on this overlong article now, so if you want to see Hunter’s comment, where he admits to getting slimed by me, well check out the link above.

Although he does say this “Yo guys, I got burned by the red wolf! Can I count myself as one of the cool kids now?” Well Hunter you can call yourself whatever you like, I wasn’t thinking ‘cool kids’ myself and I’m sure neither would many others, but hey whatever label takes your fancy.

I kinda feel sorry for Gordon van Gelder, editor and publisher of the Magazine of F&SF – he must be thinking, ‘I don’t want the madness at the old Asimov’s Forum to carry over here to this forum! groooan’. I’m not going to comment there again (I just wanted to apologise to Luke there). Here is the comment I put up after Mark’s and Hunter’s:

Lawrence A

To Luke, I realise I misconstrued your meaning somewhat (although you weren’t all that clear about what you were getting at..), but I will be apologising to you in a third update. Actually you did me a big favour, your comment was a catalyst for Pontin’s pratfall.. So very sincere thanks from me.

To Pontin you’re the gift that keeps giving. It’s like watching a car wreck/pile-up in slow motion, you just can’t take your eyes away.. Pontin I’m almost embarrassed for you. Seriously. This is like too good to be true.

Here is some advice Pontin, take it or leave it, quit while you are ahead. In your case that means quit while you are only buried two hundred feet under. Have your meltdown in private, not for everybody to see. It’s past the point of embarrassing. Once you go ‘full retard’ Pontin, there’s no going back. ‘Hunter’ is doing you no favours btw. To everybody else watching all this play out, don’t drink the Kool-Aid. It’s called that for a reason.

On the other hand Pontin if you really are a double agent for the Zionist cabal, I applaud you. Ingenious.

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