Nick Mamatas’s Bad Timing: Dismissing this blog as unintentionally very funny the day I publish the last article in an extensive series on Holocaust Denialism within the SF Genre Community Part 1

Over at SF writer and editor Nick Mamatas’s ‘nihilistic kid’ livejournal blog, Mamatas posted this up:

Nick Mamatas (nihilistic_kid) wrote,
@ 2011-05-10 14:09:00

Why isn’t everyone in the nerdosphere talking about… [bold and large important!]

It’s the funniest review blog around, and updates very frequently.

The setting will always be urban/suburban America except VAMPIRES ARE REL OMG (or fairies or demons or were- gelatinous-cubes or half-idiot-half-angels).

GELATINOUS CUBES! They’re always funny.

Here’s the kicker. In the commentary at his blog to his post ‘Why isn’t everyone in the nerdosphere talking about..’, there is this:

This one’s way funnier
2011-05-11 05:12 pm UTC (link)

Re: This one’s way funnier
2011-05-11 05:33 pm UTC (link) Yes, but not intentionally.

The ‘nihilistic_kid’ is Nick Mamatas of course.

The date of Mamatas’s comment (11th May) is crucial to what I am getting at below…

Nick Mamatas’s wiki page here  Mamatas is a US genre author and editor (he has it would appear a fondness for the horror genre). He is a former editor of the genre mag Clarkesworld Magazine, moving on in 2008 to take a position as an editor with Viz Media, editing a line of Japanese speculative fiction in translation for Viz.

He is also politically vocal and has written fairly extensively on political affairs for a number of liberal and radical anarchist/communist/socialist publications. This includes Russ Kick’s (of ‘Memory Hole’ fame) ‘Disinfo/Disinformation’ (website and books) and PMPress among others. One could perhaps misconstrue Mamatas’s meaning (directed at myself), so one needs to look at the context of his comment and Mamatas himself. No I really don’t think I have done so, misconstrued his meaning that is. After all Nick Mamatas is a self-admitted radical liberal clearly sympathetic to communism/Marxism. To call the radical Left (inclusive of communists, socialists and anarchists) a welcome home for fevered anti-Semitism is to call tropical jungles a welcome home for tropical birds and tropical butterflies. It’s stating the obvious. Not to Mamatas though. Remember Mamatas is a proud and vocal soldier in a rank and file army that is awash in fashionable anti-Semitic-that-pretends-it’s-not groupthink, notable exceptions among them. And they respond predictably like Pavlov’s dogs to the bell…

Here’s some advice Nick Mamatas. If you are going to pour scorn and mockery (considering it ‘not intentionally way funnier’ – endorsing ‘Anonymous’s’ comment – than the intentionally hilarious one you mention in your ‘nerdosphere’ post) on a blog that admits upfront its goal is to expose anti-Semitism (including the most base and extreme intemperate kind); best not to do it ON THE SAME DAY the blogger you mock and dismiss as unintentionally comical has just posted up the last article (Postscript Part B: ‘Holocaust Deniers’ thread & ‘James Hogan Author’ thread..) in an extensive series – over the preceding eighteen day period – exposing Holocaust Denial/Revisionism from within the genre community. That’s HOLOCAUST DENIALISM/REVISIONISM Mamatas and in the main from a conservative genre critical review editor no less who has gone out of his way to offend genre liberals over the years. It doesn’t make you look good Nick Mamatas. Really.

Given the Asimov’s Forum shut down at the time, my blog was the only place where this could be verified. It remains the only site where any of this is acknowledged and scrutinised at all. Not only that, I acted as the inadvertent catalyst drawing all this brazen and even banal Holocaust Revisionism out of the woodwork. If I hadn’t bothered saving and dissecting all the pertinent threads from the Asimov’s Forum and scrutinising and exposing all the Judenhass in my extensive series, it would have been forgotten about, sunk to the bottom of the digital ocean. Do you think it is ‘not intentionally way funnier’ than the humour blog requireshate you link to, that I have written up an entirely original exposé of Holocaust Revisionism from within the genre community and from a political antagonist to yourself like genre conservative Dave Truesdale no less? Do you think Holocaust Revisionism ‘not intentionally way funnier’ than a self-admitted humour blog, or is it the Holocaust itself that is ‘way funnier’? Oh wait that’s not what you meant at all, it’s just the theme of my blog itself that so grates with you and your ilk … right? Now why does a blog whose stated goal is exposing anti-Semitism and often enough extreme and intense anti-Semitism from within the genre community earn your blithe mockery and dismissal Nick? My blog is ‘not intentionally’ way funnier than the acknowledged humour blog you link to, as you put it so memorably.

Self-admitted anti-Semites – including white supremacists and Muslim extremists and honestly anti-Semitic radical Leftists – would likewise dismiss my blog as a hilarious unintentional joke. Ask them on any of their fora if you beg to differ. How to explain the coincidence Nick that you think my blog a big joke along with the thankfully honest Jew-haters of the world? A meaningless coincidence or a meaningful one Nick? Do you consider anti-Semitism not intentionally very funny or is exposing it not intentionally very funny? Or do you think it not intentionally very funny that a Jew even considers there is such a thing as anti-Semitism in this day and age? That is do you think it not intentionally very funny that a Jew dares to consider double standards, demonisation and deligitimisation of Israel anti-Semitic; or do you think it not intentionally very funny that a Jew dares to consider these 3 D’s actually applicable in the real world and the genre community itself? Curious why if that is the case, you consider it not intentionally very funny that somebody would dare believe that double standards and demonisation re Israel and the wider world actually exists? Or do you think it not intentionally very funny that somebody dare consider brazen double standards and demonisation of the Jew among the nations anti-Semitic at all? Do you consider it not intentionally very funny that the wider world inclusive of Muslim nations and territories dare to be held to the same standards as Israel? If so why? No I don’t ever expect you to answer any of these questions and your sycophants neither, not honestly at any rate – that’s because you can’t do so without digging your figurative grave.

Timing is everything Nick, your snarky echoing of the ‘way funnier’ comment from one of your sycophants couldn’t have been more ill-timed (well for your sake that is). I assume you hadn’t even noticed that over the eighteen days preceding your uh comment I had put up thirteen separate articles (including two postscripts to the series) detailing Holocaust Denialism within the genre community. I had only published in total sixteen articles so far at my blog at the time. Thirteen of them (that’s 81.25% of them) entirely original ones detailing Holocaust Denialism among genre folk (well Truesdale notably). Your “not intentionally” remark to the moronic “way funnier” one of an anonymous commentator re my blog – to remind you – on the same day (11th May 2011) that I posted up the last in an extensively detailed series on Holocaust Denialism from within the genre community is at the very least insulting, obscene, sinister and offensive. It’s also very very dumb of you.

If you were cognisant of this exposé and decided to snidely dismiss my blog as an unintentional joke anyhow *just when you did*, what would that say about you? Why would you snarkily brush aside my blog as a big unintentional hilarious joke after I have detailed an extensive series on Holocaust Denial and its sugarcoating from genre professionals no less? I assume then (giving you the benefit of the doubt) that you just didn’t bother reading anything at all that I have put up at this blog the last eighteen days or so prior to your comment (all thirteen published articles of the series). In fact I would assume that you hadn’t bothered even reading the title chapter headings of this recently completed series at all. If you had read the very title of this series (in the introduction) Asimov’s Forum and Der  Stürmer – Can You Tell the Difference? On the banality of Holocaust Revisionism’ and some of the other title headings of my articles [such as Part 2 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s true colours on the Holocaust ‘debate’ come shining through at the Asimov’s Forum, Part 3 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s incoherent ramblings at the Asimov’s Forum on the ‘legitimacy’ of Holocaust Revisionism ’debate’, Part 5 – Then Asimov’s Admin threatens to ban me for calling a Holocaust Denier a… Nazi and Part 6 – Former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant ed Sam Hidaka’s snide, supercilious insults against me after I detail the evidence of the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial]; you would *maybe* have reflected on the obvious fact that this series is about EXPOSING HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM, yeah?

The titles of the two part postscripts should also ring alarm bells (since I assume you must have known the late SF author James P Hogan was a Holocaust Denier, common knowledge in the genre community). Yet on the SELF-SAME DAY that I had put up the second postscript (closing out the series) you dismissed this blog as an unintentional joke at your livejournal blog.

You’re not a Holocaust Revisionist after all, Nick, right?

This begs the question – if you hadn’t bothered to read even the title headings of my last thirteen articles published over the eighteen days prior to your asinine comment, why then dismiss my blog so blithely and without a second thought? Why dismiss as a joke a blog that you haven’t even bothered to inform yourself of its specific contents (81% of its content) when you wrote what you did and one assumes (giving you the benefit of the doubt) that you were not even remotely aware of the titles of my published articles; or were you aware of this extensive series on Holocaust Revisionism but dismissed this blog as not intentionally very funny anyway? Doesn’t that make you something of a twit?

Hey that’s the kindest spin on it. That is that you weren’t remotely aware of what I had been writing up about the last near three weeks – all thirteen published articles! If you were aware of what I was writing about – Holocaust Denial/Revisionism – but dismissed this blog as ‘not intentionally way funnier’, a big joke anyway, well that would be far far worse…

I’m trying to think of a third alternative, but hey I come up empty handed.

Is it my ‘What this Blog is About’ article that so earned your snide dismissal? What is it about double standards, demonisation and deligitisimation of Israel – ie new anti-Semitism – that by implication (assuming you had read it) you think so laughable, so unintentionally very funny? Do you think they don’t apply at all? Do you think double standards, demonisation and deligitimisation of Israel nothing but a paranoid fantasy concocted by the nefarious Zionists such as myself in order to distract attention from our crimes, real or imagined? Or do you think that double standards, lying slurs and deligitimisation of Israel just hunky dory and not anti-Semitic at all in your eyes, for whatever reason/s? Or it is clearly anti-Semitic but that’s just fine and dandy anyhow? Or is holding Israel to the impossible standards of supermen and holding Islamists to not so much very low standards as no standards at all, just fine with you? If so, what does that tell us about you?

Self-admitted anti-Semites such as far right-wingers including white supremacists and Muslim extremists and honestly anti-Semitic radical Leftists would also pour scorn on this blog and blithely dismiss it with fatuous scorn, just as you have Mamatas. They would also consider my blog a big joke. Just ask them. Didn’t that occur to you? It’s a rhetorical question btw. Is that a meaningful coincidence or a meaningless one Mamatas? No I don’t expect you to ever answer the question.

Forthcoming…  SF writer Nick Mamatas and his ilk’s obliviousness to the obvious: The unintentional comedic irony of Mamatas’s  ‘Fascists for Che’ article Part 2 

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