SF writer Nick Mamatas’s hearty endorsement and commendation of the harshly anti-Semitic ‘Lenin’s Tomb’ blog Part 3

I ended part 2 of this series on SF writer and editor Nick Mamatas with this (see parts 1 and 2 for the context and background to this third article):

On Nick Mamatas’s website he has an approving link to the UK blog Lenin’s Tomb. It is the blog of Richard Seymour, a member of the UK Socialist Workers Party (SWP).
http://www.nick-mamatas.com/links.php He also praises this blog and recommends it highly in an interview he gave some years ago to Simon Owens.

This is a big tell.

Here is the pertinent part of the links page at Mamatas’s website. http://www.nick-mamatas.com/links.php


Hannah Wolf Bowen
Brian Keene
The Irascible Professor
Lee Goldberg
Lenin’s Tomb [bold mine – red wolf]
The Mumpsimus
Tim Pratt
Ian Rogers
Jeff VanderMeer

In this interview here with Simon Owens  in January 2006, Mamatas has this to say:

SO: What are the five blogs everyone should be reading (besides your own)?

NM: I don’t think everyone should be reading my blog, or any other blog,
really. Buy a damn book once in a while. Having said that, I regularly read the following:

1. Leninology

2. Lee Goldberg’s “A Writer’s Life”

3. Hal Duncan’s Notes From the Geek Show, which I especially recommend for the unemployed since the entries take awhile to read.

4. Matt Cheney’s Mumpsimus, which has improved greatly since Cheney has recently been contractually obligated to mention me once a month, and

5. “Gutbloom”

Now Mamatas in his pathetic response to this series  so far pretends he just ‘reads’ this blog, as he writes “… there will apparently be a part three based on the fact that I read Leninology”. As if it’s no different to the way one reads weather reports and the sports pages, with dispassion and almost indifference. The way one would read an airport novel one picks up out of boredom and nothing else to do. Pulleez. Mamatas is a self-admitted and very vocal communist/Marxist or anarchist. He has published numerous articles in the far Left literature (In These Times, Russ Kick’s ‘Disinfo’ and elsewhere. Mamatas is an author in the far Left anarchist/communist PMPress stable), and he gives his seal of approval and unambiguous commendation to Lenin’s Tomb, one of the most notable communist blogs in the UK.

Leninology/Lenin’s Tomb is the blog he puts at the top of his list. His fav political blog in the whole wide world. It’s the one he recommends reading ahead of any other. It’s the blog that pops out first off the top of his head in his interview with Owens. Of all the millions of blogs out there, this one is top of the pops to Mamatas. The one he reckons people should be reading ahead of any other political blog. Numero uno. The thing with Lenin’s Tomb is not that it is a communist blog (what do I care?), but it is an egregiously, rabidly and extremely anti-Semitic blog. Harebrained off-the-charts unconscionable anti-Semitism. Inadvertently revealing is all.

Lenin’s Tomb is the blog of Richard Seymour, a young member (b 1977) of the UK Socialist Workers Party/SWP. It is the most popular SWP blog by far. Some pertinent and ugly facts about Seymour and Lenin’s Tomb…  Seymour gave his support for the violent HAMAS engineered coup in Gaza in 2007. He also blamed Israel (and the US) for the violence between Fatah and HAMAS in Gaza at the time. Fatah and HAMAS slaughter one another in Gaza, blame the Jews.

When Seymour writes ‘hamastan hamastan hamastan’, he does it without any sense of sarcasm or satirical intent. Seriously. It is deadly earnest sympathy for HAMAS’s successful and violent power grab in Gaza. If you don’t believe me (and think it satirical or sarcastic), check it out yourself. If you know the UK SWP, and just how nutty and apologetic and even supportive of the Jihad the SWP’s many loudmouthed supporters actually are (never mind their base and extreme anti-Semitism that accompanies the former), this article of Seymour’s will not surprise you in the slightest. It goes with the territory.

Let me stress the point – Seymour gave his support for the HAMAS coup in Gaza in 2007. That would mean the support from a secular communist for far right-wing Muslim fanatical theocrats’ seizure of power and its inevitable reign of jihadist terror and explicit support for Sharia law. Sharia law translates to the sanction of honour killings of women and girls and the denial and quashing of their civil liberties. Ditto the persecution and harrassment of homosexuals, even their execution. Let’s not forget HAMAS’s stated goal of the liquidation of Jewry.

Here is self-same blogger Richard Seymour    http://leninology.blogspot.com/2008/12/myth-of-hamas-rejectionism.html telling us that if there is no peace between HAMAS and Israel, it is the fault of Israel as HAMAS has always been willing to accept the two-state solution! HAMAS is reasonable, well-intentioned, willing to compromise for peace. It is Israel that is relentlessly barbaric, war-mongering and grossly stubborn in refusing to accede to the reasonable and moderate HAMAS. Seymour is being serious here. Dead earnest. He is not kidding. Delusional, moronic, brazenly dishonest and extremely bigoted in equal measure. Beyond caricature.

Here for the cold hard facts on HAMAS, the Palestinian Nazi Party. http://www.mideastweb.org/hamas.htm

HAMAS remember calls for the liquidation of all and every last Jew off the face of the earth, on its founding charter. To this day.

“The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree,  would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).

This comes from Hadith text, a mainstay of Muslim religious teaching and guidance.

From the above link (which contains all the refs):

Imam Yousif al-Zahar of Hamas said in his sermon at the Katib Wilayat mosque in Gaza that “Jews are a people who cannot be trusted. They have been traitors to all agreements. Go back to history. Their fate is their vanishing.”

Sheik Yunus al-Astal, a Hamas legislator and imam.. suggesting that “suffering by fire is the Jews’ destiny in this world and the next.” Astal concluded “Therefore we are sure that the Holocaust is still to come upon the Jews. “We will not rest until we destroy the Zionist entity” stated Hamas leader Fathi Hammad in Gaza on Friday January 2nd 2009

Thousands (yes thousands) or rockets, mortars, missiles have been fired from HAMAS run Gaza into Israel since Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, hitting farms, kibbutzes,  kindergardens (thankfully the children weren’t present), residential neighbourhoods, a shopping mall, college grounds, factories. The town of Sderot has suffered wave after wave of rocket attacks. When HAMAS say on their charter that every Jew must die, they mean it.. Seymour ignores every fact about HAMAS in word and deed and pretends they are more than willing to reach out the olive branch, whilst Israel is the racist, imperialist colonialist aggressor. Insanity and bigotry in equal measure from the likes of Seymour, his HAMAS supporting friend George Galloway (more anon) and the odious British SWP/Respect political party.

HAMAS explicitly and openly emulates the goals of the Nazis. Remember all Jewry must die to satisfy the aims on HAMAS’s charter, not just the Jews in Israel. Just like the Nazis. Seymour at his Lenin’s Tomb blog whitewashes the genocidal aims and Muslim fanaticism of HAMAS as non-existent. HAMAS’s dream of finishing off where the Nazis (their and the SWP’s fellow anti-Zionists) left off as nothing but paranoia on behalf of a stubborn imperialist Israel translates to extreme Judenhass and harebrained delusion in equal measure. Jew-hatred is not just telling outrageous lies about Jews, Israel included; Jew-hatred also means whitewashing the genocidal aims of Jewry’s very real jihadist enemies as non-existent or grossly exaggerated and merely reflective of the paranoid fears and prejudice of Jewry itself. Seymour takes this sinister delusion to the max in the single article above re ‘myth of Hamas rejectionism’. It goes beyond moral relativism into moral inversions. It is outrageous lying and bigotry in huge doses.

The disgusting delusional bigotry and outrageous deceit of Seymour’s ‘myth of Hamas rejectionism’ gibberish ALONE means Lenin’s Tomb has no credibility whatsoever. ‘Not intentionally very funny’ but in a chilling darkly comic kinda way. Very darkly. Mamatas by implication has no political credibility neither, since such a ‘thinker’ as Richard Seymour is at the top of Mamatas’s recommended political blog reading!

Richard Seymour’s support for HAMAS’s brutal seizure of power in the Gaza strip is entirely consistent with Seymour’s and the SWP’s (inclusive of Respect the last decade) apologetics, sympathy and even explicit support for the ‘resistance’ in Iraq and Afghanistan. The ‘resistance’ blowing up of men, women, children in shopping markets/shuks, mosques, hospitals. Police stations and goverment buildings have been blown up. The kidnapping and killing of aid workers, the abductions, torture and murder of trade union activists has been horribly routine. Civil servants and foreign diplomatic staff have likewise been targeted for kidnappings and murder. Large elements of the ‘resistance’ in Iraq and Afghanistan in word and deed push for the enfocement of Sharia law. That means the persecution of homosexuals, the quashing of their civil liberties and the oppression of the female gender inclusive of support for wife beatings and honour killings.

Apologetics, whitewashing and even sympathy for this ‘resistance’, a ‘resistance’ remember that deliberately targets non-combatants – men, women, children for murder and maiming across Iraq (its cities, towns and rural villages alike) has been a sticks-out-like-a-sore-thumb feature of the UK SWP. It damns them. Lenin’s Tomb is boiler-plate SWP.

Seymour has engaged in the odious whitewashing, moral relativism and apologetics of the Darfur genocide (when comparing the Darfur ethnocide to the US/Anglo invasion of Iraq). His reply on this front to the scathing and evidential charges of Sean Coleman of the Sudan Divestment Task Force – at the link below – is predictably evasive, harebrained and pure gibberish. Inevitably so.

The SWP itself is a rabidly anti-Semitic political fringe group (ironically a party founded by an Israeli Jew and Israeli Jews kept the party going for an age! I will have far more to say about the UK SWP in future articles). Its high-profile members are guilty of the most extreme Judenhass. Demonisation of Israel and such brazen in-your-face double standards vis-à-vis Israel and every other nation in the Middle-East (including many oppressive, fascist tyrannical regimes and entities) are standard fare for the SWP and Lenin’s Tomb. Even Israel’s deligitimization is not beyond the bounds for the SWP. Maybe Mamatas would think this a paranoid fantasy on my part. Often enough the mask of new anti-Semitism slips with the UK SWP and naked old-fashioned anti-Semitism is on ugly display.

Again from Dave Rich’s article ‘The Barriers Come Down: Anti-Semitism and Coalitions of Extremes’ (see part 2 of this series for the pertinently detailed mention of this article and how it pours cold water on Nick Mamatas’s obtuse and mind-numbing article ‘Fascists for Che White supremacists infiltrate the anti-globalization movement’ – also see part 2):

Differing views of the relationship between America and Israel reveal much about the relationship between anti-Americanism and antisemitism. The traditional far left view was usually that Israel was a creation of the imperialist powers, left behind in the Middle East to look after their interests. This naturally led to the idea that Israel was a servant of American policy, most clearly expressed in the Socialist Workers Party pamphlet, Israel: The Hijack State, America’s watchdog in the Middle East. This theory has been shaken up by the Iraq war and the wider War on Terror, which are supposedly – according to the new conspiracy theory – driven by Israel and its surrogates the neo-cons. The policy of the anti-war movement to link the issues of Iraq and Israel/Palestine has raised questions about whether Israel or America is the main enemy; who is pulling whose strings; to what extent the respective occupations are part of a single phenomenon; and, equally, to what extent ‘resistance’ in Iraq and Israel are part of the same struggle.

Support for BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel is openly and proudly supported by the UK SWP and Richard Seymour at Lenin’s Tomb (taking a leaf from the Nazis. One of the first things the Nazis did as far as their Jewish policies were concerned was boycott Jewish stores and merchants, hound them out of the professions and the universities etc). New anti-Semitism boycott the Jew nation. Old anti-Semitism and Nazi anti-Semitism at that – boycott the Jews.

There is no other nation in the Middle-East that the UK SWP supports a BDS campaign against, not the numerous tyrannical, oppressive regimes from Syria to Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is not just a double standard, it is much much worse than that. It is a moral inversion. Unlike all these oppressive nations, Israel is not a fascist tyrannical state. Lying slurs to the contrary. It is a constitutional democracy in which Arab Israelis have citizenship, the right to vote, their own political parties and members of parliament (the Knesset). This despite the fact that many are overtly hostile to Israel and Jewry and even sympathetic to her jihadist enemies. Israel has an independent judiciary and an independent media, freedom of religious expression and freedom of association and assembly. Gays and women enjoy civil rights, unlike most every other nation and teritory in the Middle-East where brutal persecution of homosexuals and a de facto gender apartheid rules in many places (and increasingly so in HAMAS ruled Gaza). This is not ‘Zionist propaganda’. It’s the plain truth. Not that you would know this from the likes of Richard Seymour’s Lenin’s Tomb and for that matter the BBC, the Guardian and their ilk.

True facts about Israel and the Middle-East don’t sit well with Seymour’s Lenin’s Tomb and the SWP at all. A cursory glance through Seymour’s Lenin’s Tomb shows up such base harebrained anti-Semitism-that-pretends-it’s-not. Seymour is a caricature. Endless ‘who cares for facts?’ evidence free screeds against the Jew among the nations and endless whitewashing of Islamist tyranny and terror over the years (what Islamist tyranny? To Seymour and the SWP Islamist tryanny is an oxymoron), and even support for it (such as Seymour’s sympathy for the Jew-hating Turkish fanatical jihadists on the Mavi Marmara that challenged the Israeli Navy off the coast of Gaza, and of course the HAMAS coup in Gaza itself). There is plenty more of that kind of odious sympathy for Islamists from Seymour. One could easily fill a book with the SWP/Respect, Seymour’s and Leninology‘s Judenhass that-pretends-it’s-not.

Richard Seymour and the odious George Galloway, a former SWP MPan explicit and vocal supporter of the late Saddam Hussein and of HAMAS and Hezbollah have mutually swooned over one another.
Also here for more on Galloway’s support for HAMAS. http://hurryupharry.org/2010/09/30/another-road-trip-for-hamas/

Here is a video of Galloway  interviewing Richard Seymour (remember one of Nick Mamatas’s esteemed political bloggers, the one he recommends to read ahead of any other, the one of very few blogs he puts up the link for at his website) over a book of the latter’s – Seymour’s and Galloway’s mutual love-fest is obvious. The interview is on Press TV, owned by the Iranian government. Yes that’s the Iranian government. Press TV is a propaganda arm for the Iranian regime and its reach into the West (to those who share their values of knee jerk anti-Western and intemperate anti-Semitic attitudes and a soft spot for the Jihad besides).

Galloway is the icon of left-wing fascism in the UK, with his endless broad hints at Jewish power and conspiracy and his open alliance (via Respect) with the Muslim extremist Muslim Association of Britain (MAB). The SWP would be in open alliance and affiliation with the Muslim extremist MAB (whose high ranking members and followers support jihad, Sharia law and  refuses to recognise Israel’s right to exist) under the Respect banner, throughout much of the last decade. I will have much more to say about the UK SWP and Respect and their vicious, extreme anti-Semitism in forthcoming articles (a helluva lot more) because it relates in a big way to a UK genre writer as does Seymour and his Lenin’s Tomb blog…

The differences and falling outs between the SWP and Galloway/Respect have been over political tactics, Galloway’s ego and corruption charges, NOT ideology. That’s important to grasp.

Mamatas’s snide chiding and dismissal of this blog as unintentionally comical (no Mamatas I know you and your gang don’t get it) is sinister and obtuse in equal measure. Never mind that this blog cuts across the political spectrum and that Mamatas’s ‘not intentionally way funnier’ remark coincided on the same day I had published the last of thirteen articles (up to that point only sixteen articles had been published at my blog) over the preceding eighteen days exposing Holocaust Denialism/Revisionism and its sugarcoating from predominantly (if not entirely) conservative quarters. An entirely original exposé.

Mamatas clearly comes across as one who feels the radical Left doesn’t have an anti-Semitic bone in its body, or very very few at the worst. Like the three bones of the human middle-ear’s worth at worst. Perhaps. Nothing worth mentioning at all. Nothing worth kicking up a fuss about. After all just read the  ‘Fascists for Che’ article of Mamatas’s, the topic of part 2 in this series, and his persistent denial and wishful thinking evident in his response to me. Oblivious. He doesn’t get it and he almost certainly never will.

Fact is the radical Left’s body is riddled through and though with anti-Semitism like a cancer. Yet the cancer victim is in denial and sees himself as a picture of health. Doubly pathological. If communists/socialists/anarchists and the like had a vaguely healthy outlook and mindset, I don’t think so many of their number would foul up so easily as Mamatas has done here – his first ‘not intentionally very funny’ comment that acted as the catalyst for this series. Timing Nick. Your timing. Bad for you, good for me. See? No Never Mind. Mamatas has no real idea how exposed he is on his eager recommendation of the heavily anti-Semitic Richard Seymour’s Lenin’s Tomb blog neither. He and his ilk think they have nothing to hide. So it all hangs out shamelessly. Hey what anti-Semitism? Hear no evil, see no evil except where you want to see it.

The political ‘writer’ that Nick Mamatas links approvingly to at his blog and acclaims in his interview with S Owens, clearly recommended reading, is the vicious, rabid and obtuse anti-Semite Richard Seymour. The self-same Richard Seymour who has swooned over George Galloway, one of the most notorious anti-Semitic left-wing fascists in the UK (a HAMAS, Hezbollah and Saddam Hussein supporter). Seymour himself is the most popular blogger for Britain’s SWP, a militantly anti-Semitic radical left-wing party, whose slogans and talking points on Israel are very similar and often identical to the far right-wing fascist and anti-Semitic British National Party/BNP and other far right anti-Semitic groups around the world and Muslim extremist groups themselves. Under the Respect banner the SWP would campaign in an open partnership and affiliation with the Muslim extremist MAB. The sympathy of the UK SWP for the Islamist war against the Jew nation, when not denying the Islamist jihad against the Jews (and others) is as open as it is shameless. The sympathy for Islamism as a whole is naturally there too, when not denying its existence altogether. Seymour simply denies that HAMAS is a Muslim extremist party at all, when not giving HAMAS his unambiguous support.

Update on 5th July 2011: As I promised in this article here, I have updated this older article, adding on the facts re Seymour’s support for Hezbollah. So here is Nick Mamatas’s favourite political blogger in the whole wide world, giving his support for Hezbollah  during the 2006 war with Israel.

When Seymour headlines his article ‘ooh aah, Hezbollah’ he is not being ironic, sardonic nor satirical. He is in dead earnest. If you know the UK SWP/Respect, you would know that straight away. Remember the Respect Party is the party/coalition that saw an alliance in the middle part of the last decade between the rabidly anti-Semitic SWP and the British Muslim extremist MAB (who know to pretend otherwise).

As the liberal political blog Harry’s Place shows via a saved screen shot (Harry’s Place is widely hated among the UK Left for not being fashionably and irrationally anti-Israel), Seymour proudly displayed a Hezbollah flag at his blog, underneath the flag of Lebanon and the V for victory sign, during the war in 2006.

Richard “ooh aah Hezbollah” Seymour, is the political blogger Nick Mamatas puts at the top of the charts. It’s the blog Mamatas recommends without any caveat whatsoever, ahead of any other blog on the worldwideweb.

So perhaps it ain’t too surprising (given Mamatas’s promotion of Lenin’s Tomb alone) that Mamatas would breezily dismiss this blog as ‘not intentionally very funny’ and respond to my criticisms in such a harebrained, absurd and laughably evasive manner. It goes with the territory. If you heart Lenin’s Tomb you are gonna hate this blog. There is no middle ground here. So would all self-admitted anti-Semites, including extreme Jew-haters like far right-wing white supremacists and Muslim fundamentalists, really hate this blog that is. Hey so would the SWP and Richard Seymour himself. Naturally. Nothing to see here, move along. It’s just a meaningless coincidence apparently. That’s if Mamatas would even acknowledge the coincidence at all except to garble, jumble it all up and warp it through the  Fascists for Che gibberish of his, which he sets to recycle. Fascists for Che alright, not just from the far Right alone.

I don’t write this for Mamatas and his gang’s benefit. Once people’s minds are made up and rigidly fixed or made mindless more to the point, cognitive dissonance sets in and that as they say is that. This is already evidenced in Mamatas’s ridiculous response to me which can only ignore or misrepresent every point I make, and Mamatas also just lies (see my previous article).

For those who have eyes to see.

At least you haven’t quite done a Pontin  Nick. Your dismissal of this blog as a ‘not intentionally very funny’ blog just *when you did* is obscene enough as it is.

Forthcoming…  Nick Mamatas, the Apex SF crew, gay rights & the Middle-East Part 4 

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