The shameless ‘Jew’ Mark Pontin who dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism as laughable Zionist propaganda, cheers on N Mamatas’s attacks on my blog at the Asimov’s Forum

Mark Pontin, who is as shameless as he is obtuse, that is infinitely so, has the gall to continue to show his face in SF forums and the blogosphere (without using a new forum name at least).

He naturally thinks that SF writer and editor Nick Mamatas’s laughable attacks on my person have merit and validity. Perhaps Pontin thinks they count as some kind of vindication of his own personal clashes with me. Perhaps he thinks it sweeps aside his own obscene foul-up  on my series on Holocaust Revisionism within the genre community, which in his incomprehension he dismissed as lame and laughable “Zionist fruitcakery”. Oh wait Pontin doesn’t think at all because he can’t. One has to have a mind to think and Pontin has no mind to speak of.

Here’s Pontin recently at the Asimov’s Forum, desperately twisting the topic at hand ‘Insanity and madness in Science Fiction’ initiated by ‘Thomas R’ out of all recognition to go off on a tangent and take a pathetically desperate swipe at me, and once again missing his target and knocking himself out (he just doesn’t know it).

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Mark Pontin
Posts 1401  Perhaps not exactly what Thomas R. had in mind by “Insanity and madness in SF”….

Nevertheless, out there on the might Interwub Asimovs author Nick Mamatas has now encountered the swift intellect of former Asimovs forumite Lawrence aka Red Wolf. For those so inclined, some mild laughs may be had. As one poster on Mamatas’s site remarks: “This may be some kind of perfect trifecta of time wasting: he’s arguing a) about politics b) with nihilistic_kid (Mamatas) c) on the Internet.”

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Mark Pontin
Posts 1401  And of related “interest” – and certainly related to the Asimovs forum — there’s this —

Oh, boy.

Hey Mamatas, look who salivates before you and your yapping twits. A ‘Jew’ who dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism at the Asimov’s Forum as unintentionally entertaining “Zionist fruitcakery” I kid you not. Pontin failed utterly to comprehend the very titles of the chapter series on Holocaust Revisionism at my blog (written in plain simple English) and brushed it all aside in exactly the same way he now brushes aside my articles on Mamatas – as unintentionally humorous and idiotic. Check the pertinent article linked to above (part 10 in my Holocaust Revisionism series) for all the details here (if the reader is not already cognisant of it). Even as Pontin has been made aware of his ‘full retard’ foul-up here, he sweeps it aside as nothing of consequence, not even admitting to his disgusting blunder (of course not) and cheers on Nick Mamatas’s idiotic puffball attacks on me, along with Mamatas’s like-mindless know-nothing goonsquad. (great minds all think alike *sarc*)

Since Pontin’s asinine commentary on my blog quoted above, I have detailed Mamatas’s admiration and praise for the rabidly anti-Semitic Richard Seymour and his Lenin’s Tomb blog, Mamatas’s implicit support for the harshly anti-Semitic UK Socialist Workers Party, as Lenin’s Tomb is the most popular SWP blog, the (pertinent to Mamatas) hypocrisy of the anti-Israel ‘gay rights’ far Left and Mamatas’s close ties to the anti-Semitic PM Press. It don’t mean a thing to Pontin. It never will. The mindless Pontin, so desperate to clutch at any straw he can, ‘thinks’ that if any genre professional attacks me, the latter must be in the right, so he gives the latter his support and cheer. Mamatas is a communist ideologue in thrall to a god that has failed, whose blog resounds with brain dead Mamatas worship from like-mindless radical Leftists. The far Left is drowning in the most intemperate anti-Semitism (even as they tend to deny it), so DUH they are going to attack me.

Newsflash Pontin: A liberal ‘Jew’ who snidely dismisses a strongly evidenced series of articles on Holocaust Revisionism as substanceless, pathetic and risible propaganda, because said liberal ‘Jew’ fails basic reading comprehension and had and has absolutely no idea what he is doing, is not doing those he cheers on in their attacks on my person (Nick Mamatas in this case) any favours.

It’s certainly consistent of Pontin. In a PM to me at the Asimov’s Forum (dated 5th February 2011) before it shut down temporarily – I mention this in my reply to Pontin’s attack on me in chapter 10 of my Holocaust Revisionism series – in which we clashed (via PMing) over Middle-East politics; Pontin remarked that the “tiny tiny Jew nation fighting for its survival” (quoting me) filled him with indifference basically, as hard as that may be for me to understand.

Talk about giving yourself away. Naturally Pontin sees nothing wrong with a ‘Jew’ openly admitting his indifference to Israel’s fate. He wouldn’t. He remains unashamed of his dismissing my series of in-your-face Holocaust Revisionism at the Asimov’s Forum as ridiculous and risible “Zionist fruitcakery”.

With zombies like Pontin cheering you on Mamatas, you don’t need enemies.

This pertinently is Pontin plunging into the abyss, at the forum of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (quoted in its entirety in Part 10 of my series on Holocaust Revisionism where I reply to Pontin in the last part of the article). Notice how the very simple to understand title of my chapter 6, that would ring alarm bells to anybody who is not a Jew-hater nor an idiot, doesn’t mean a thing to Pontin. Then again Pontin sees nothing wrong with Mamatas dismissing my blog as not intentionally very funny the self-same day I published the last article in my extensive series on Holocaust Revisionism. Pontin is consistently brainless and thick-headed and nauseatingly so:

Though he is funny, I’ll give him that. I did think he probably had slightly more sense than to go full frontal public with his zionist fruitcakery. Apparently not.

Those wanting some laughs, check out the rest of Lawrence A’s searing 10-part (so far!)indictment that tears away the sham of the old Asimovs forum to reveal the throbbing vipers’ nest of antisemitism lurking at its evil heart.

Really, you can’t buy entertainment like this. See forex: –

‘Former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant ed Sam Hidaka’s snide, supercilious insults against me after I detail the evidence of SF author James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial Part 6′

Pontin is at least consistent and consistently imbecilic when he writes (in his latest laughable attack on me) at the Asimov’s Forum:

And of related “interest” – and certainly related to the Asimovs forum — there’s this —

Oh, boy.

In the link above – that Pontin thinks a big unintended joke – I briefly detail the extreme anti-Semitism of the ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread, in which Holocaust Revisionism was brazenly on display along with its sugarcoating and in which the actual Jew (not a pretend one) Lawrence A (i.e. myself) was threatened with a banning from Asimov’s Forum admin for SPEAKING OUT against Holocaust Revisionism and calling a spade a spade here; naturally not the Holocaust Revisionists themselves and those defending them, inadvertently or not.

Not that the ‘Jew’ Pontin has one bad word to say against the actual Holocaust Revisionists themselves and those who attacked me for ‘making a big deal about it’, along with the odious behaviour of Asimov’s admin here. Hardly. (any more than one hears boo about it from Mamatas in his odious and idiotic responses to me) Pontin would have to eat crow then and Pontin ain’t gonna do that. The problem to Pontin, lies with the ‘Zionist fruitcake Jew’ Lawrence A/Red Wolf, the messenger who dares to air the dirty laundry here (that’s Holocaust Denialism!). The article of mine also references Pontin’s foul-up, with a link to the relevant chapter 10 of the Holocaust Revisionism series. Yet Pontin puts up the link to this article at my blog anyhow! Did he even read the article he disparages? Who knows?

That’s what the article of mine Pontin links to with a sneering brush-off is all about. Pontin is learn proof. “Insanity and madness in Science Fiction”. You bet. There’s a lot of this kind of madness going around, both within and out of the genre community.

I gotta say it’s entirely appropriate that Pontin continues to post up at the Asimov’s Forum, idiotically pouring scorn on my article calling for all self-respecting Jewry to boycott the forum and for very good reasons. After all self-respecting Jewry certainly does not include Mark Pontin. The Asimov’s Forum deserves a ‘Jew’ like Pontin.

Pontin, the Politics/Religion section from the Asimov’s Forum was removed for a reason. Naturally Pontin ignores this and continues to blunder blindly anyhow. He cleary no more *comprehends* the actual contents of articles he links to at my blog on Nick Mamatas than he comprehended the easy to understand English of the titles of my series on Holocaust Revisionism. The automaton Mark Pontin is set to a mindless reload and recycle.

Further newsflash Mark Pontin: You won’t find this mentioned anywhere on the Internet, but PLENTY genre Jewish professionals (writers, editors and others) know all about the Holocaust Revisionism series at my blog AND YOUR OBSCENE FOUL-UP HERE.

So when you go to bat for the likes of Nick Mamatas, mindlessly cheering his obtuse and ridiculous blather (even as you strike out as you only can), you are actually doing me a favour. So thanks. No Pontin I know you don’t get it, but thanks anyway.

Here I will spell it out (not that Pontin, Mamatas and the latter’s sycophants will ever get it of course):

Nick Mamatas and his goonsquad: do you think it counts in your collective favour that your pathetic attacks on me are cheered on at the Asimov’s Forum by ubiquitous (on the Internet) genre fan Mark Pontin who didn’t get that my series on Holocaust Revisionism was actually about Holocaust Revisionism, laughing it off as ‘Zionist fruitcakery’ and without any merit whatsoever; or do you think this of no consequence at all?

Scarily aside from Pontin, there is another ‘Jew’ in the genre community who failed (and probably at the time of writing still fails) to comprehend that my series on Holocaust Revisionism is actually about… Holocaust Revisionism and its sugarcoating. A ‘Zionist Jew’ Tim Lieder, a professional (well…) in the genre community makes pretty much the same/very similar blunder to Mark Pontin. No joke (being a ‘Zionist’ makes it even worse of a blunder). This so-called ‘Zionist’ and so-called Jew (a convert to Judaism) also goes to bat for Mamatas with a soggy bread roll he mistakes for a Louisville Slugger. I subtitled my series on Holocaust Revisionism ‘Alice in Wonderland as interpreted by David Duke and Louis Farrakhan’. The surreal horror show goes way beyond the series and cuts across political divides. Madness in the SF genre community alright.

I write an extensive heavily detailed series exposing extreme Jew-hatred in the form of unambiguous Holocaust Revisionism from within the genre community. I then get attacked by the anti-Zionist liberal ‘Jew’ Mark Pontin for it, who dismisses it as laughable humbug because he is witless in the extreme. Self-same ‘Jew’ then cheers on the harshly anti-Israel Mamatas Pavlov style in the latter’s clash with myself. Another more notable ‘Jew’ – an ostensible ‘pro-Israel’ ‘Zionist Jew’, a professional (barely) in the genre community – likewise rushes to defend the um cookie-cutter anti-Zionist communist Nick Mamatas from myself and attacks me over my series on Holocaust Revisionism! accusing me of seeing Holocaust Revisionism where it ain’t, unfairly maligning people as Holocaust Denialists and of falsely charging most everybody of being anti-Semitic without the slightest cause! And a lot more harebrained baloney besides. You can’t make this up.

Certainly this is the kind of obscene support that Mamatas himself deserves, since Mamatas naturally sees nothing wrong with brushing aside my blog as not intentionally very funny  just when he did; although Mamatas doesn’t go as low as his cheering supporters, the anti-Zionist Tweedledum Mark Pontin and the pretend Zionist! Tweedledee Tim Lieder, Mamatas goes low enough.

I gotta say I never saw this coming. The blogosphere and Internet, like life itself, is full of bizarro surprises you could never otherwise imagine.

Nick Mamatas and his bubble chamber, in the main (if not entirely) self-admitted far Leftists (and the far Left is a welcome home for fevered and vicious anti-Semitism) are cheered on by a ubiquitous anti-Zionist ‘Jewish’ genre fan and a professional so-called ‘Zionist Jew’ who quacks and waddles like a rabid anti-Zionist; both of whom have snidely dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism as an embarrassment to myself! – failing utterly to comprehend that it is exactly  about what it says it is. There are thirteen heavily elucidated and detailed articles in the relevant series. The ‘Jews’ M Pontin and T Lieder didn’t/don’t comprehend it at all. Shocking.

Bizarro sickening madness in the SF community, it just keeps piling up.

Promised replies to Tim Lieder (Zionist in name, anti-Zionist in spirit) publisher of Dybbuk Press and editor, where all this and far more is elucidated, still forthcoming…

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