A further reply to Dybbuk Press publisher Tim Lieder’s incoherent ravings on my blog Part 3

This is the third article addressing Dybbuk Press publisher and editor, Tim Lieder’s laughable and fevered ‘criticisms’ of this blog. Here is more from Lieder http://marlowe1.livejournal.com/1914817.html 

Lieder quotes me fairly extensively below (and doesn’t get it!)..

Furry Jew mentions me – steals a joke from Dave Barry

I write an extensive heavily detailed series exposing extreme Jew-hatred in the form of unambiguous Holocaust Revisionism from within the genre community. I then get attacked by the anti-Zionist liberal ‘Jew’ Mark Pontin for it, who dismisses it as laughable humbug because he is witless in the extreme. Self-same ‘Jew’ then cheers on Mamamats Pavlov style in the latter’s clash with myself. Another far more notable ‘Jew’ – an ostensible ‘pro-Israel’ ‘Zionist Jew’, a professional in the genre community – likewise rushes to defend the um cookie-cutter anti-Zionist communist Nick Mamatas from myself and attacks me over my series on Holocaust Revisionism! accusing me of seeing Holocaust Revisionism where it ain’t, unfairly maligning people as Holocaust Denialists and of falsely charging most everybody of being anti-Semitic without the slightest cause! And a lot more harebrained baloney besides. You can’t make this up. 

And for a second it looked like his comments were disabled. I like the last sentence where he promises to say more about me. At least he mentioned Dybbuk Press. He did not give the title of any of my books, but he is keeping his promise maybe. THat might generate soeme sales.

I have already answered Mamatas on this ‘comments disabled’ front. Lieder ignores my explanations for the ‘disabled comments’ entirely. So just who’s guilty of lack of transparency, lack of full disclosure and cowardice? If I was so afraid of your absurd crackpot ‘rebuttals’ I wouldn’t bother responding to you so extensively with extensive quotations. Duh.

Of course, the major misinterpration in his harangue (besides the fact that he equates people mocking his sad little blog with HOlocaust denial) is the fact that he thinks I’m defending Mamatas. Dude, I’m defending Zionism from stupid assholes who think they support it.

I never equate anybody (ie Mamatas and the twits in the peanut gallery) mocking my blog with Holocaust Denial. See my previous article on this front, where Lieder dimwittingly babbles the same false charge. I answer this asinine and false accusation there. Lieder continues to ignore my response to Mamatas’s equally asinine charge against me on this front. Lame. In the passage of mine you quote above (well done Lieder you accurately quoted me) I was clearly alluding to your crackpot reference to my series on Holocaust Denialism/Revisionism, NOT the Mamatas series and my clash with him. I was referring namely to this harebrained remark of Lieder’s:

follows closely on the heels of “Some guy said that he knew James Hogan and liked him and didn’t want to piss on his corpse for being a holocaust deniers so that means that fansom is full of anti-semites” series..’

Talk about a major and desperate misinterpretation by Lieder when he falsely equates his egregious, idiotic and obscene misrepresentation of my series on Holocaust Revisionism (FAILING to realise it is about *actual* Holocaust Revisionism among genre folk and its sugarcoating – going way beyond James P Hogan! Lieder still doesn’t get how he screwed up!) with the Mamatas series, the fact that he equates people mocking his sad little blog with Holocaust denial, which I don’t do anyhow. Are you deliberately lying here Lieder in so many ways, or are you just unsurpassably stupid? I think it’s the latter myself. That’s what all your harebrained utterly witless commentary points to.

What does a delusional, brain dead crackpot remark by yourself –  ‘follows closely on the heels of “Some guy said that he knew James Hogan and liked him and didn’t want to piss on his corpse for being a holocaust deniers so that means that fansom is full of anti-semites” series..‘ – because you have no idea what on earth you are saying at all, have to do with my series on Nick Mamatas and my clash with him?!? Lieder clearly alludes to that when he writes “equates people mocking his sad little blog with HOlocaust denial“.

I did not think anybody could surpass Mark Pontin in his ‘full retard’ status. I really didn’t. I was clearly wrong. Tim Lieder has done it. Now I don’t want to write that Lieder cannot be beat here. There don’t appear to be any limits to the cretinism rampant in the genre community. I also fear Lieder can continue to outdo himself in out to lunch witlessness, in ways I cannot begin to imagine, and for his sake fear to imagine.

Btw you are defending Mamatas Lieder. That’s bleeding obvious. That’s what justifying, rationalising, sympathising and endorsing Nick Mamatas’s attacks on my blog as ‘not intentionally very funny’ – as you do – actually means. A defense – no matter how lame and riddled through with fabrications and misrepresentations – of Mamatas.

Dude, I’m defending Zionism from stupid assholes who think they support it.

Hysterical crackpottery from Lieder. No I’m the one defending Zionism from twits like yourself who think they support it. No genuine Zionist, no authentic Jew would say of a series of extensive, heavily detailed and evidenced Holocaust Revisionism

“follows closely on the heels of “Some guy said that he knew James Hogan and liked him and didn’t want to piss on his corpse for being a holocaust deniers so that means that fansom is full of anti-semites” series..” 

as you do Lieder. When I CLEARLY allude to it (and you accurately quote me in this regard too!), you proceed to fool yourself that I’m not referring to your disgusting foul-up in this respect (you clearly are not cognisant of your odious blunder at all!!). Instead you blithely and seemingly unconsciously switch my allusion to this harebrained darkly comical blunder of yours to the false and idiotic charge against me re Mamatas, alleging that I am striking at “people mocking his sad little blog with HOlocaust denial“. There is so much crackpottery, to the max idiocy and egregious bizarro misrepresentations and warped deceit by you in these two sentences of yours I quote (only 44 words)! You twist yourself around several times over.. in two short sentences! That is why you have zero credibility. None.

In the next paragraph he repeats the reason why he is going after Nick so hard. He keeps repeating it as if it will have the full weight and gravitas that it deserves. Of course, Nick is a Nazi Commie anti-semite – he said that Furry Jew was unintentionally hilarious. Of course, that makes him into an anti-semite because badly written blogs are sacrosanct.

In the next paragraph I wrote pertinently:

Certainly this is the kind of obscene support that Mamatas himself deserves, since Mamatas naturally sees nothing wrong with brushing aside my blog as not intentionally very funny  just when he did

No genuine Zionist would rush to defend Mamatas here (even as Lieder pretends he’s not defending him!). And I go after Mamatas for all the reasons I make plain in the very title chapters of my Mamatas series which Lieder cannot fathom – Lieder naturally doesn’t even acknowledge any of these points (without garbling it all up), never mind refute them. You know the virulently anti-Semitic Lenin’s Tomb blog that Mamatas recommends ahead of any other (that Lieder sweeps under the carpet); Mamatas’s close ties to a virulently anti-Semitic publishing house PM Press (which has just published Mamatas’s latest book Sensation) that Lieder likewise ignores, just the way that a rabid anti-Zionist would.

Lieder speaks with two tongues. I never call Nick a Nazi, get a grip. I have repeated the point so many times now – why would Mamatas dismiss a blog dedicated to exposing anti-Semitism as unintentionally hilarious? Never mind that he did so the self-same day I published the last article in an extensive series on Holocaust Revisionism, which Lieder himself fails/failed to realise is actually about Holocaust Revisionism; and when Lieder is called out on it, he refuses to take in his blunder, pretending to himself and others that I am misinterpreting things (projection Lieder)!

Up to that point (the day Mamatas mocked my blog as not intentionally very funny), 81% of my articles at my blog were about *actual* Holocaust Revisionism. What kind of a ‘Zionist’ and ‘Jew’ would justify and sympathise with Mamatas’s description of my blog at that point in time as unintentionally hilarious, as you do Lieder? As a ‘sad little blog’ as you do Lieder? No I don’t really expect an honest never mind coherent answer at all. That wouldn’t be possible after all. Not from somebody who has straw for a brain, like a scarecrow. If ‘badly written blogs’ are sacrosanct yours gets first prize here. In fact it’s much worse than that, Lieder’s blog is certainly one of the most mindless, incoherent, contradictory, witless fruitloop blogs I have ever encountered in the genre blogosphere and beyond, and that is saying a lot.

Lieder can only continue to respond to my articles on him in the same vein he responded to my articles on Mamatas, with ever more loopy gibberish, absurd fabrications, egregiously false charges, obtuse distortions, brazen misrepresentations, all the while projecting his idiocy onto me, all in the name of ‘Zionism’ and truth telling. That’s one heck of a strange Zionism you profess Lieder. It smells, tastes and looks like anti-Zionism.

Fact is Lieder can continue to attack this blog with his mindless and totally nonsensical blather, I have to move on. I don’t write what I do for Lieder (and that matter Mamatas’s benefit), their mindlessness was made up a long time ago. Against stupidity the gods rail in vein, and I ain’t no god.

Lieder simply has no credibility and is frankly one of the most supremely idiotic of all my critics, at least among those going on ‘public record’ with their attacks. He outdoes Mark’ full retard’ Pontin in his ‘Furry Jew mentions me – steals joke from Dave Barry’ post that I critique here in ways I would have thought impossible. Yet Lieder achieves this unenviable feat, setting the lowest bar (so far) in delusion, self-deception and obscene witlessness.

I thought Lieder had gone so low in his first two raving blog posts directed at me that he could not do any worse (eg falsely accusing me of calling Noam Chomsky a Holocaust Denier, charging me with infantilizing Catherynne Valente by calling her Cathy, falsely accusing me of calling her an anti-Semite, accusing me of seriously accusing Nick Mamatas of Holocaust Denial and a helluva lot more). However the blog posts ‘Mothefucker motherfucker Paranoid Jew..‘ and ‘Furry Jew mentions me – steals a joke..’ just take the imbecility into the stratosphere.

His next blog post ‘I hate myself – it has nothing to do with being Jewish is only more outrageous palaver where he reinvents and reimagines my writings in the way only Lieder can. I briefly critique it below.

Lieder will surely forge new paths in outrageous nonsensical humbug re my blog and its writings, in ways beyond imagining (I don’t know how, but Lieder is capable of idiocy beyond imagining), going into unchartered territory of pure moronism. Well he’s already gone there, it’s where he makes his home. The fact that he said of my extensive series of documented unambiguous Holocaust Revisionism, revolving in the main around the outing of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist (he wasn’t the only one!) and an Asimov’s Forum goon squad that sugarcoated all this, and the odious and sinister behaviour of Asimov’s Forum admin in this regard

‘follows closely on the heels of “Some guy said that he knew James Hogan and liked him and didn’t want to piss on his corpse for being a holocaust deniers so that means that fansom is full of anti-semites” series..’

means Lieder has no credibility whatsoever. On anything, including Zionism, Israel, Judaism. Even Mamatas didn’t go as low as Lieder (and Pontin) here. Not even close to it. Of course in this sense, Lieder does a Pontin. Yet Lieder goes further than Pontin into unimaginably offensive idiocy. Pontin (although he never admitted his blunder at all and never ever will, his ego could never take it) even as he remains pathetically shameless of his obscene pratfall, knows he fouled up. Lieder doesn’t take it in that he fouled up at all, even after I spelled it out for him (as his blog post in response to my article here reveals) and pretends (to himself and his readers) that I was mistaken in this charge I make against him, confusing it with my altercation with Mamatas, “besides the fact that he equates people mocking his sad little blog with HOlocaust denial”.

Lieder cannot CONSCIOUSLY admit his blunder, hence the unconscious attempt to get out of the black hole he dug for himself. So he garbles it all up bizarro style, and confuses (in the pertinent blog post of his I refer to here in this very article) my clear allusion to Lieder’s own whitewashing and incomprehension of my series on Holocaust Revisionism (the whole pertinent clash having gone down last year at the Asimov’s Forum) with the clash with Mamatas over my blog (which Lieder grossly and absurdly misrepresents anyhow).

Here is the  further blog post of Lieder’s relating to myself (‘I hate myself – it has nothing to do with being Jewish’), who he calls ‘the Furry Jew’. This post appears to be some kind of pathetic preemptive strike from Lieder, it was published before my first proper article on Lieder had been posted online (Lieder knew replies to him from myself were forthcoming).

Aside from a lucid paragraph or two relating to James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial and some of his pathetic Holocaust Denying supporters (how did you manage it Lieder?), it is more of the same incredibly obtuse and grossly misrepresentative folderol.

Some choice comments:

“.. and goes on a ranting rage over all anti-semitism real and perceived and comes up with the belief that not only are most of the SFWA people anti-semites because they didn’t all want to piss on Hogan’s corpse”

Uh no, not quite. I don’t come up with any such “belief” whatsoever. Predictable and brazenly outrageous rubbish from Lieder. An absurd fabrication. Totally false. If one checks the pertinent article – which Lieder doesn’t appear to comprehend in the slightest – the *intelligent* reader will quickly comprehend I do no such thing (it’s a short article). One would also never know the context, meaning, content and purpose of my comments re the SFWA and Hogan whatsoever (a response to writer Chesya Burke) going by Lieder’s mind-numbing garbage.

There is more gibberish from Lieder here:

“.. and then goes crazy by stating that everyone who rallies against Islamophobia (and that’s different than actually criticizing Islam because seriously there is a lot to criticize) or calls him hilarious unintentionally is also agasinst the Jews.” 

The idiotic, harebrained contradiction from Lieder re crying ‘Islamophobia’ and “because seriously there is a lot to criticize” is par for the course. Lieder doesn’t know what he is talking about. Lieder’s criticisms of Islam wouldn’t count for anything anyway (it’s not like he knows anything about the faith),  and would only reek of oblivious hypocrisy and extreme mental contortionism given his echoing of the mindless ‘Islamophobia’ mantra; any more than anything Lieder wrote in ‘support’ of Israel (I shudder at the thought) has any credibility. See the previous article of mine for more on this very issue. Lieder has, as this article and the previous two reveal, no credibility at all. How many times has Lieder defended and cheered on Mamatas (whilst denying that he defends Mamatas) for calling a blog exposing anti-Semitism *just when Mamatas did so*, unintentionally hilarious? I have already covered this..

There is thus no need to continue with the Tim Lieder critiques. I don’t write them for Lieder’s and his goons’ benefit, since that would be a pointless and ridiculous task. I couldn’t think of a bigger time waster. I write for the benefit of the *intelligent* and thoughtful reader (anti-Zionists and pretend Zionists who quack like anti-Zionists are thus disqualified at the outset). I hope there are some, otherwise I really am wasting my time.

If the reader doesn’t get that Lieder has buried himself deep deep within the earth with his numerous imbecilic gaffes (detailed in three lengthy articles now), then nothing I can add from hereon in (in further response to Lieder) will change anything. If the reader doesn’t get that Lieder has crossed the Pontin barrier into unchartered realms of obtuseness, the reader himself hasn’t any intelligence to speak of. None. It’s a litmus test.

Lieder can continue to descend into new levels of fevered incoherence in his fruitloop attacks on me, he can continue to scale new heights in illogic and unreason, pathetic and laughable misrepresentations of myself and my articles, ridiculous fabrications, gross distortions and the like. I have said what needed to be said on Lieder. It damns him utterly. I do this solely for the benefit of the intelligent reader. I hope there are some. Nothing I write up is going to change the ‘mind’ of Lieder and any Liederbots out there one little bit. His and their mindlessness was made up a long time ago.

If a man thinks he is a Roman Ceasar, a messiah, if a beggar believes he is a billionare tycoon, you acknowledge his madness, pity him and move on. You don’t belabour it till the end of time. If others insist that the madman may in fact be a Roman Ceasar, a messiah, for he insists upon it, then they are mad too. You merely shake your head, remark to those (a minority it would appear) with intelligence, ‘they are mad’ and you get on with other things. In my case, it means looking at the anti-Semitic political pathology and associated (moral and cultural relativism included) elsewhere within the genre community. My hands are full as it is.

In other words I have other articles to write at this blog exposing bird-brained anti-Semitism and associated in the genre community. That’s what an authentic Zionist would do. Anti-Zionists would naturally pour scorn on that. No authentic Zionist would. Lieder is no authentic Zionist, even as he deceives himself otherwise. It’s not the only thing he deceives himself about.

Let us not forget why – among the other bilge he writes on my blog – Lieder has less than zero credibility. It’s his obscene commentary re my series on Holocaust Revisionism:

..the fucker continues his multi-part series that we can call “Nick Mamatas hurt my feelings when he called my blog unintentionally hilarious and I’m going to prove that he’s an anti-semite” series, which follows closely on the heels of “Some guy said that he knew James Hogan and liked him and didn’t want to piss on his corpse for being a holocaust deniers so that means that fansom is full of anti-semites” series..

Lieder let us know if you can find a single Jewish genre professional who will go on record endorsing your offensively stupid ‘bury yourself 500 feet under’ palaver here.

As I wrote in part 2 of this Tim Lieder series, if one were to walk in the waters of Lieder’s Zionism and his intellect, one wouldn’t get one’s feet wet.

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