Bits & Pieces: David Duke, blaming Jews for America’s wars, SF genre folk and other ruminations

So just a post covering some general flotsam, ruminations…

In light of my Nick Mamatas series, it is worth mentioning this no-holds-barred censure of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale from self-same Mamatas years ago at the now defunct Nightshade Books Discussion Forum. The thread was initiated by Mamatas himself and entitled ‘Must…argue…with…dipshits…’

It relates to the dismissal by Truesdale of leftwing sentiments – real or imagined – informing the tropes of science fiction.

Mamatas had a lot to say, just check that thread out.

Some choice quotes:

Luckily, most dipshits spout nonsense that can not have any direct negative effects on anyone else. One such dipshit, Dave Trusdale of Tangent Online. His recent editorial, Idiocy from the SFnal Left argues that…well, it is hard to say

..So, Trusdale is a dipshit. He’s a dipshit who thinks that the left wants to destroy thinking and adventures and Big Ideas

..Why has this man become some sort of blowhard blackhole, where sense enters but never leaves? How have so many people been sucked into his gravity field? The website sucks. The reviews are utterly valueless…

…Trusdale doesn’t seem to have written anything interesting or, you know, coherent either. How did he manage to crawl onto a soapbox and stay there for several years?

We must know the secret of his Dipshit Power.

When I revealed to the world at large via this blog the self-same Tangent editor Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism; the self-same day (11th May) I published the last article in said series (the last of thirteen lengthy articles that were published online over the preceding 18 days), Nick Mamatas had something to say about my blog!

It was…

to dismiss this blog…

as not intentionally very funny.

Not boo about Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism or Holocaust Denialism/Revisionism as a whole at all. After I published my series on Mamatas himself (the first two articles at least), Mamatas  replied snidely and dismissively, and again had nothing to say about Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, a man Mamatas had years earlier called a ‘dipshit’ (repeatedly) and a ‘blowhard blackhole’; but that was about Truesdale’s criticisms (coherent or otherwise) of the intersection of the genre with liberal themes. So you know…

So Mamatas had plenty to say against Truesdale after his attacks on the left-wing sentiments in SF (I could care less for whatever Truesdale has to say here), calling Truesdale a ‘dipshit’ over and over again. On Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, one wouldn’t know at all that I had just published an extensive series on *this exact topic* (seemingly unheard of and entirely unacknowledged in the genre community) at my blog; going by Mamatas’s scorn directed against… myself in the same time period, rather than Truesdale. Instead Mamatas calls the guy (myself) exposing Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism the ‘dipshit’ (as he did Truesdale years earlier), when I’m not being ‘not intentionally very funny’. Go figure.

Talking about Mamatas…  here is Nick Mamatas’s favourite political blogger in the whole wide world, Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb, giving his support for Hezbollah  during the 2006 war with Israel (when Seymour is not giving his support for the violent HAMAS coup in Gaza and portaying these Muslims fanatics as reasonable and moderate, detailed in the linked article at this blog re Lenin’s Tomb, along with a lot else). Then again Seymour is UK Socialist Workers Party/SWP (and was a vocal Respect Party supporter, that’s ‘gorgeous George’ Galloway’s party) and he has never hid his admiration and praise for Galloway (see again the article on Lenin’s Tomb at my blog).

When Seymour headlines his article ‘ooh aah, Hezbollah’ he is not being ironic nor satirical. He is in dead earnest. If you know the UK SWP/Respect, you would know that straight away. Remember the Respect Party is the party/coalition that saw an alliance in the middle part of the last decade between the rabidly anti-Semitic SWP and the British Muslim extremist MAB (who know to pretend otherwise). Respect’s central figure and founder is former MP George Galloway, a HAMAS, Hezbollah and Saddam Hussein supporter. Galloway has openly engaged in fundraising for HAMAS and praised its leadership. I haven’t even gotten onto Galloway’s position on the Iraqi insurgency and the Taliban.

As the liberal political blog Harry’s Place shows via a saved screen shot (Harry’s Place is widely hated among the UK Left for not being fashionably and irrationally anti-Israel), Seymour proudly displayed a Hezbollah flag at his blog, underneath the flag of Lebanon and the V for victory sign, during the war in 2006. I mention this here for I did not mention it in my article on Lenin’s Tomb (although I will add it to that article).

Richard “ooh aah Hezbollah” Seymour – a vocal shill for Respect in the last decade and the most popular blogger for the rabidly anti-Semitic SWP (easy to prove that, and I will have a lot more to say about the SWP, a party founded by an Israeli Jew! at this blog in future articles, and for good reason) – let us not forget is Nick Mamatas’s favourite political blogger. It’s the one Mamatas recommends without any caveat whatsoever, ahead of any other blog on the worldwideweb.

Moving on, but related tenuously, in a way…

Let’s not forget about the Jewish genre personalities who directed PUBLIC CRITICISM against genre author Elizabeth Moon over the controversial ‘Citizenship’ post at her blog last year – Israeli writer and editor Lavie Tidhar, Israeli editor Abigail Nussbaum, and editor, SF scholar and critic Farah Mendlesohn are notable here. Never mind all the gentile genre folk. However that was about Islam (and we all know about Islam’s love affair with Jewry), so you know… Two pertinent articles relating to these prickly themes at this blog here and here.

Nick Mamatas has close ties to the Apex Book Company (where Tidhar has a strong presence and commercial involvement), Mamatas guest blogs at the Apex website and had his book Starve Better published through them this year. Mamatas’s recently published book (he’s out promoting it) Sensation was published by the radical left-wing PM Press, where virulent anti-Semitism has a welcome home. Tidhar has tweeted on Mamatas with praise, cheer and plaudits on SF related topics.

You can see what Tidhar and Nussbaum (both of whom are well aware of this blog) have to say on the revelations detailed at this blog re Nick Mamatas’s unreserved recommendation for the rabidly anti-Semitic Lenin’s Tomb blog as well as the revelations of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism here.

Go on click it, you know you want to.

Here’s an um interesting ‘character’ in the genre community, writer Mike Philbin (based in Oxford UK), author of the books Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls. He’s a big fan of David Duke the former KKK wizard, effusively endorsing Duke’s notion that the Jews inspired and manipulated America into war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes I know that’s what us Jooos do, manipulate the peace-loving dovish Christian nations of the world into war for our own nefarious purposes. Thing is there is nothing you can do to stop it, we are in control of everything. Everything. The banks, the gold supply, monetary policy, the Federal Reserve, Congress, Whitehall, the boy scouts, the FDA, the voting panel for the Hugos and Nebulas (it’s why Philbin has never won anything as he well knows, it’s why he has never even been nominated for any awards) and the SFWA. The pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian BBC too naturally.

Even though Philbin turns to that old KKK wizard and notorious right-wing white supremacist David Duke who tells Philbin what he wants to hear, one hears the same and similar from the far Left – the power of the ‘Jewish/Israel lobby’ to manipulate America into war for Jewry’s own nefarious purposes. It is the ‘thesis’ of profs Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, conspicuous left-wing profs in US academia, the Ivy League no less, Harvard and Chicago. They have been effusively praised by David Duke, the right-wing extremist in this respect; their ‘thesis’ is  supported and echoed by many on the far Left in particular, right-wing white supremacists and Muslim radicals.

This touches on what I was talking about in this article of mine here, the common ground of right-wing and left-wing extremists, predicated on the same old common enemy (in their twisted psyches) – Jewry. As Dave Rich puts it (it gets a mention in the pertinent article of mine linked above, in response to Mamatas’s obliviousness on display in his article ‘Fascists for Che White supremacists infiltrate the anti-globalization movement’), the barriers have come down; there is a coalition, an alliance of extremes.

Somewhat amusingly I have been smeared with the same brush as Mike Philbin by some of Nick Mamatas’s loyal defenders and supporters in the genre community (although it’s all part of a private internet forum, content otherwise not accessible on the web). These twits don’t realize that when it comes to political attitudes to the Middle-East conflicts and Israel, Philbin and myself couldn’t be further apart (and on everything else likewise). That’s more than I can say for many on the far Left (Walt, Mearsheimer and their supporters for one. That would included Nick Mamatas’s fellow PM Press author Noel Ignatiev who is proudly ex-Jewish). Never mind nitwits, it’s all way over your heads. Mamatas himself remains in denial about this kind of thing (in response to me), he insists there is nothing to see here.

I don’t name names here (those grouping me with the likes of David Duke fan, writer Mike Philbin), but for those of you who are interested (no didn’t really think so), I give enough clues in the paragraph above.

On this topic of blaming the Joooos for wars of the innocent Christian nations of the world, specifically the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; there has actually been a liberal published American SF writer (fairly prolific short story writer just this last decade when he burst onto the genre scene, has been published in a lot of the mags, although he ain’t young) who is very active in Cons, and who actually unambiguously blamed Israel for the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. He did so (under his real name no less) at a now defunct (albeit popular) SF discussion forum, circa 2004. As such the thread (like that old forum on a no longer used server) is not accessible on the web (no it wasn’t the discussion forum at Night Shade Books, whose archive is still accessible). I’m not saying who he is here because unfortunately I didn’t save the thread (it was like seven years ago). However to the anti-Semitic liberal SF writer and all-round dufus (who naturally would tell us that he ain’t anti-Semitic, of course not!) out there who like David Duke and Pat Buchanan and other neo-Nazis, Muslim fanatics and plenty of his fellow shrill radical Leftists, wants to blame the Jooos for America’s latest wars (nothing ever changes); there are some Jewish genre folk who know exactly who you are.

Naturally even if I were to name this very liberal SF writer on this blog, he has nothing to fear. Nobody, most probably, would have boo to say about it publicly- genre Jewry included. He wouldn’t receive any Con disinvites (unlike Moon). After all if Holocaust Denialism from genre professionals like Tangent editor Dave Truesdale receives zero – and very very little in Hogan’s case – public censure, then the ‘lesser crime’ of blaming the Joooos for America’s latest misadventures ain’t gonna mean diddly. However if self-same liberal SF writer were to ever say anything not so nice about Islam (very very doubtful, given this writer’s worldview) whoooooa, he could probably kiss any future Con invites and panel discussion appearances goodbye (he is active here as I mention above). Editors and agents could get wary and nervous. He would become persona non grata. And Cathy Valente could even get to publish her second special Apex Magazine Arab/Muslim issue.

On a lighter note and relating to the themes of this blog there is a recent post up at Harry’s Place (the liberal political British blog that I mention further up) entitled ‘Zionism and science fiction’. Some interesting tidbits there.

This is the Red Wolf signing off for now.

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