China Mieville and his campaigning for the harshly anti-Semitic Respect Party, the Tom Paulin Affair & more. All The Gory Details Part 2

This is the second part of a multi-part series on British SF writer and editor China Mieville and his odious political involvement (and his associated odious and ugly rhetoric) with the viciously anti-Semitic extremist SWP/Respect Party in the UK. Consult part 1 for all the overwhelming evidence of the vicious anti-Semitism of both the SWP/Socialist Workers Party and the MAB/Musim Association of Britain.

Let me stress that Mieville campaigned for the Respect Party when the SWP was in open and proud affiliation, a coalition, an alliance with the Muslim extremist MAB (Muslim Association of Britain). Here is a report of some of his political activity at the time (as a SWP/Respect candidate in 2005) and it comes from the pro-SWP and HAMAS and Hezbollah supporting Marxist blog of Richard Seymour (Mieville’s friend and fellow communist SF writer and editor Nick Mamatas recommends this blog ahead of any other in the whole world. I have critiqued that blog’s harsh and rabid anti-Semitism here). Mieville has himself blogged for ‘leninology/Lenin’s Tomb’ (of which I will have more to say in another article).

An excerpt from the above, written by Richard Seymour:

China Mieville is a stange sort of speaker. He looks like he could knock you out, but his voice is full of youthful enthusiasm. Let’s not forget, first of all, that it is one thing for a politician to lie; it is quite another to lie at the expense of tens of thousands of lives. That’s a big thing. Blair lied; thousands died. And we still have some people hinting that they may yet vote Labour, that all governments are terrible, the Tories would be worse. China talked about Iraq and Palestine, but also about privatisation, selection in schools (which is also known as ‘rejection’ for most kids), tuition fees, increasing inequality, the statistical tricks used to suppress waiting list numbers and unemployment figures etc. All of which was a way of getting round to the fact that we desperately need a new kind of politics, one that reflects the needs of ordinary people, that won’t scapegoat asylum seekers or play populist games on crime, that will call for the troops to come home. China also laid into the ‘pointing and whispering campaign’ about Respect, referred to the recent resolutions overwhelmingly passed in support of gay rights and abortion rights.

Mieville as Seymour makes clear in the rest of the blog article was supposed to share the debating stage with the Birmingham politician Salma Yaqoob, a co-founder of Respect, and a staunch and vocal defender and supporter of jihadists around the world (the so-called ‘Yemen 8’ most notoriously back in ’98, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq) and a horrid anti-Semite. She also authored this ‘humour piece’  ‘The Islamic Republic of Great Britain’ (no it’s not sarcastic nor tongue-in-cheek, its authoress is a vocal defender of jihadists after all) waxing nostalgic for an Islamic state in Britain and letting us know what she really thinks of Salman Rushdie. Hamas and Hezbollah supporter Seymour also shills for the rabid anti-Semite and fellow jihad supporter and Respect Party co-founder George Galloway in the self-same article. I suggest perusing the article of Seymour’s for all the gory details. Remember this is also SF writer and editor Nick Mamatas’s favourite blogger, bar none.

A number of reports on this debate can be read here

Pertinent excerpt (since it relates to Mieville) pasted below:

On Respect, someone asked Johann [Hari] if he might come out and express his criticisms so that there could be a debate. Very well. Johann cited two comments, one by Yvonne Ridley, the other by George Galloway. Ridley’s comment was about the Taliban, and was construed as supporting them; Galloway’s comment was the one made in the Mail on Sunday about the dictatorship in Pakistan…  John Rees countered that he disagreed with Yvonne Ridley’s comment, but believed it was less an expression of faith in theocracy than an expression of relief that she had been released unharmed; he suggested that Galloway’s comment was made in the context of not wishing to see Pakistan broken up, which was being suggested at the time – but again, he emphasised that he disagreed. China also suggested that Ridley’s point was being taken out of context.

At which time, Johann Hari leaned forward into the mic and sputtered that China was an apologist for an apologist for the Taliban..

It’s worth pointing out the Ridley is a British journalist who was kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan and following her ordeal, after her release she converted to Islam. Ridley is not just a Muslim convert, she is a Muslim extremist convert and is viciously anti-Semitic. (she takes Stockholm Syndrome to the stratosphere and I’m not talking about her Jew-hatred here) She praises numerous Muslim fanatics to the skies, as much as she damns the Je.. oh I mean Israel. Her commentary even by the standards of the far Left is so insane and blatantly fascist that it would beggar belief if there weren’t so many others like her.

This blogger has collected plenty of facts on Ridley  and the poisonous bigoted blather she has spouted over the years. He even attended one of her talks.

I suggest those interested peruse at the link Ridley’s conversation with her uh adviser, radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri to get an idea what we are talking about, when we talk about Ridley. Maybe Mieville will tell us it’s all taken out of context. She fits in with Respect alright, the party she campaigned for and actively promoted at the same time as Mieville.

Here is an excerpt from an interview Mieville  did, for 3 AM Magazine in 2003, going to bat for Oxford poet Tom Paulin:

“I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says but he’s got integrity and I admire that. He was grossly misrepresented over the issue of Palestine. You read the transcript of what he said and the accusation that he’s an anti-Semite is a disgrace. A disgraceful accusation. Complete fucking crap. I think his public stance is great. I like the way he takes it seriously, whether it’s on stuff like Palestine or stuff like when he called out Germaine Greer.”

Well what did Tom Paulin say exactly in his interview with Al-Ahram, an Egyptian paper, and a terribly anti-Semitic one at that?

Here is the relevant interview  Mieville ignores entirely the actual content of Paulin’s commentary in the interview. Here are some pertinent excerpts:

“I never believed that Israel had the right to exist at all,” Paulin told Al-Ahram .

..Although he describes himself as a failed historian, Paulin maintains a habit of explaining politics only in reference to history.

“In my view the European culture carries a very heavy responsibility for the creation of Israel… it is a product of both British and Stalin’s anti- Semitism, but the British never faced their own complicity in its construction.”

…Israel Paulin describes as an “ahistoric state.” “It is a state created by the powerful nations somewhere else. It is an artificial state.”

Nor is he quiet about the balance of power between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The Palestinians, he says, need good anti-tank weapons. “They have got to meet force with force. They have to be cunning and forceful.”

If there is one thing Paulin clearly abhors about Israel, it is the Brooklyn – born Jewish settlers.

“They should be shot dead,” he says forcefully. “I think they are Nazis, racists, I feel nothing but hatred for them.”

There is much more anti-Semitic ranting gibberish in the interview, and absurd mendacities (well every sentence in that obscene  interview), I just focus on the above excerpts.

Paulin clearly does not accept Israel’s right to exist, the sovereign Jewish nation, unlike every other nation on earth – this is brazenly anti-Semitic. It is a deligitimization of Israel. The Jews, according to Paulin, have no right to their own tiny nation state (less than 1% of the land mass of the Middle-East, half of which is desert, a nation in which close to a million Arabs live and work and have citizenship). According to Paulin, the Jews have no right to the ancient Jewish homeland, but no problemo with the existence of the US, Canada, Australia (and other products of the imperialist British and European Empires), Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the rest of Latin America etc, built on colonialism, land theft and ethnocide. If this ain’t disgraceful anti-Semitism, Jew-hatred hardly exists.

As far as saying NY born settlers should be shot dead, because according to Paulin they are Nazis! One can criticize the settlements and settlers all one likes, so long as it is reasonable and backed with evidence. No problemo whatsoever. Even pro-Israel folk can criticise settlers and settlements, and do so. But calling for them (well NY born) to be shot en masse crosses a line; it is base hatred and incitement to violence against civilians (who happen to be Jewish), it is a call for ethnic cleansing. Has Paulin ever called for any other group of civilian people, of the hundreds of ethnicities and creeds around the world to be shot? Naturally not. He has never called even for Hamas terrorists and other fascist jihadists (his fellow anti-Zionists) from around the world to be shot. Of course not! It’s just the Jews (well a very select group, how comforting) who should face execution. To Mieville nothing anti-Semitic about that it would appear, even as Paulin has never called for the execution of jihadist terrorists. To Mieville, it’s an absolute disgrace that anybody could accuse Paulin of being anti-Semitic!

Then again Paulin in an earlier poem compares Israel/the IDF/Zionists to the SS.

We are fed this inert
This lying phrase
Like comfort food
As another little Palestinian boy
In trainers jeans and a white teeshirt
Is gunned down by the Zionist SS
Whose initials we should
– but we don’t – dumb goys
Clock in that weasel word
– Tom Paulin, “Killed in the Crossfire,” The Observer (18.02.01)

Equating Israel and its govt and people, its armed forces to the Nazis (SS) is classic new anti-Semitism. It is obscene and uses the pain and trauma of the Jews against them. It is a base slur, a terrible lie. It is saying in so many words that Israel, the Jew nation, is as evil as it gets, barbaric, carrying out ethnic cleansing (it isn’t) and murderous and tyrannical in the extreme. Fact is one hears the exact same thing from neo-Nazis. And there is the rub. In other words it is simple projection.

At best comparing Israel to the Nazis is base and obscene ignorance, at worst vicious anti-Semitism (shared with the Nazis). Actually it is both. The SS, the Nazis themselves, were anti-Zionist (as are their neo-Nazi successors), as Paulin admits he is himself. Sigh. What comes first – the Jew-hatred or the dense stupidity? A chicken and egg question.

To Mieville, Paulin is not anti-Semitic. Naturally not. It’s “complete fucking crap” apparently to even dare make the suggestion! To Mieville, the SWP (and Respect) – of which he has been a vocal, active member and at the forefront of the party and its electioneering, certainly one of its leading intellectual figures – is not anti-Semitic. If the SWP and the Respect coalition which Mieville campaigned for (an open proud alliance of the SWP with the Muslim extremist MAB, a party co-founded by Hamas and Hezbollah supporters Galloway and Yaqoob) is not anti-Semitic, neither is the far right-wing BNP. If the SWP is not anti-Semitic, anti-Semitism to all intents and purposes doesn’t exist in the UK or anywhere in the West much at all. It’s as dead as the dodo or nearly so. Now that’s a relief, for a minute there I was a tad concerned.

Let me repeat – the SWP allied itself with the MAB under the Respect umbrella (and Mieville ran on the socialist ticket for the House of Commons in 2001 and was a leading promoter of the Respect Party later on, he was not merely a Respect supporter). So he ventured out for the Respect Party, the party of ‘Gorgeous George’ Galloway – an open and proud supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah, Saddam Hussein – and Salma Yaqoob, another vocal and staunch defender of the international jihad and the Respect Party vice-chair. I have detailed Galloway’s Jew-hatred at this blog here. Just follow the links. Mieville actively and conspicuously promoted the Respect Party’s political platform, when it was in open alliance with the MAB.

As I document here (excerpt pasted below):

Again from Dave Rich’s article ‘The Barriers Come Down: Anti-Semitism and Coalitions of Extremes’ [See part 2 of my Nick Mamatas series at this blog for the details]:

Differing views of the relationship between America and Israel reveal much about the relationship between anti-Americanism and antisemitism. The traditional far left view was usually that Israel was a creation of the imperialist powers, left behind in the Middle East to look after their interests. This naturally led to the idea that Israel was a servant of American policy, most clearly expressed in the Socialist Workers Party pamphlet, Israel: The Hijack State, America’s watchdog in the Middle East. This theory has been shaken up by the Iraq war and the wider War on Terror, which are supposedly – according to the new conspiracy theory – driven by Israel and its surrogates the neo-cons. The policy of the anti-war movement to link the issues of Iraq and Israel/Palestine has raised questions about whether Israel or America is the main enemy; who is pulling whose strings; to what extent the respective occupations are part of a single phenomenon; and, equally, to what extent ‘resistance’ in Iraq and Israel are part of the same struggle.

As I wrote at the same link above:

Support for BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel is openly and proudly supported by the UK SWP (taking a leaf from the Nazis. One of the first things the Nazis did as far as their Jewish policies were concerned was boycott Jewish stores and merchants, hound them out of the professions and the universities, etc.). New anti-Semitism boycott the Jew nation. Old anti-Semitism and Nazi anti-Semitism at that – boycott the Jews.

There is no other nation in the Middle-East that the UK SWP (and the Respect Party) supports a BDS campaign against; not the numerous tyrannical, oppressive regimes from Syria to Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is not just a double standard, it is much much worse than that. It is a moral inversion. Unlike all these oppressive nations, Israel is not a fascist tyrannical state. Lying slurs to the contrary.

It is a constitutional democracy in which Arab Israelis have citizenship, the right to vote, their own political parties and members of parliament (the Knesset). This despite the fact that many are overtly hostile to Israel and Jewry and even sympathetic to her jihadist enemies. Israel has an independent judiciary and an independent media, freedom of religious expression and freedom of association and assembly. Gays and women enjoy civil rights, unlike most every other nation and teritory in the Middle-East where brutal persecution of homosexuals and a de facto gender apartheid rules in many places (and increasingly so in HAMAS ruled Gaza). This is not ‘Zionist propaganda’. It’s the plain truth. Not that you would know this from the likes of Richard Seymour’s Lenin’s Tomb and for that matter the BBC, the Guardian and their ilk.

And I might add of course the UK SWP and the Respect coalition.

The MAB are Muslim extremists who don’t accept Israel’s right to exist, support Sharia law and jihad, and have promoted/endorsed Islamic preachers who promote extreme Jew-hatred, justify, incite and support jihadist terror attacks against Israel and its civilian population and support Sharia law. The latter means support for honour killings and justification for wife beatings, sanctions death to apostates and homosexuals. It means the denial of freedom of association and assembly, denial of freedom of religious expression and speech, a stripping of basic civil liberties and civil rights. Sharia law is the very aversion to civil rights. It is clerical sanctioned misogyny, clerical sanctioned extreme homophobia and clerically sanctioned xenophobia. It is aversion to free inquiry and free expression. It is clerical oppression and tyranny.

Mieville thus promoted a political party under the Respect banner (he is as far as I am aware still a member of the SWP) in open alliance with Muslim extremists who support Sharia law, and Israel’s destruction by the by. Mieville conspicuously pushed for and still promotes the political ideology and platform of one of the most notorious anti-Semitic radical left-wing parties in the Western world, and he did so when the SWP was openly allied with Muslim extremists (the MAB) under Respect. Respect’s most well-known unifying figure (at the time) George Galloway is a caricature and icon of left-wing fascism and anti-Semitism. The later split with Galloway from the SWP would be over political tactics and strategy, and even Galloway’s egomania, not ideology. Yet to Mieville, Donald Trump is the fascist! (see Mieville’s blog the rejectamentalist manifesto for the details)

Incidentally Mieville has a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics. That’s Dr Mieville then. All that shows is how deep the rot runs in British universities. It’s not just in the UK neither, it ain’t any better really on the other side of the Atlantic.

Forthcoming… China Mieville’s gross slander on the Turkish Mavi Marmara incident & his support for BDS against Israel Part 3

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