China Mieville’s gross slander on the Turkish Mavi Marmara incident & his support for BDS against Israel Part 3

This is the third chapter in a series on the ugly politics and prejudice of the critically acclaimed, award winning and popular SF/’New Weird’ UK genre writer China Mieville. Consult the first two chapters for the context and background of this part 3.

The smoking gun with Mieville – as much as anything else, and there is plenty else! – is his unadorned in your face fevered prejudice on brazen display in response to the Mavi Marmara flotilla incident off Gaza in May/June 2010. Naturally Mieville doesn’t see it that way, yet to those who have some moral decency, it is as clear as day.

Here is Mieville frothing at the mouth about the Jooooos (am I supposed to say Israel?) – at his own blog – daring to kill Muslim fundamentalist jihadists in self-defense on-board the Turkish Mav Marmari in 2010 off the coast of Gaza, daring to have the effrontery to defend their very lives against Jew-hating jihadist extremists openly bent and determined on the murder of Jewry in the name of their faith (ie humanitarian peace activists in Mieville-speak). The latter defying the entirely legal IDF enforced blockade against HAMAS in Gaza, there to prevent or at least limit the arms being supplied to HAMAS (Mieville’s fellow anti-Zionists). HAMAS is the jihadist terrorist group that brazenly uses these arms (rockets, mortars and the like) to put into practice their openly stated goal of killing and maiming Jewish men, women, teenagers, children and babes in wave after wave of rocket terror attacks. Easily over seven thousand such rockets and mortar strikes have been launched against Israel from Gaza since Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. Yes really. Not that Mieville has anything to say about that, nor his fellow like-mindless travellers. Sderot, what’s that? Some Middle-Eastern condiment you add to hummus or a falafel?  from 9th June 2010

Mieville pretends throughout his bigoted fact-free rant that pretends itself a trove of indisputable facts, that Israel has flouted international law, Israel being a brutal “hijack state” (Mieville’s choice of words). It’s all bluff and bluster, and worse..

Pertinent selected excerpts from Mieville’s disgusting and delusional tirade:

Since the mass murder on the Mavi Marmara, who hasn’t been on tenterhooks to discover what legal justification Israel’s apparatchiks would take? What recherché citation proving uncontroversial uncontroversiality? The San Remo Manual, eh? Your move, rest of world.

Along with the rest of Israel’s grotesque bullshit…  or watching the eagerness with which an apologist for slaughter chirpily fans juridical references, the eagerness to disprove such lawyerly manoeuvres on the turf they claim is just one of the things one wants, violently, to do.

..So what might this say about international law? Israel’s relationship to it? & the most efficacious strategies for challenging this bleak, ongoing barbarity?

Then what? Then, as its continued swaggering defiance shows, Israel (like one or two others) breaks the law with impunity. International law is toothless. Why then, if we want to get things changed, other than out of some vague melancholia, would we indulge in its invocation?

..If this is persuasive, the assertion that Israel’s actions are ‘illegal’ is not helpful & not true. Nor untrue, either – just part of international law’s endless claim-chain. Lawyerly partisans of power do not, of course, have to win such arguments. All that is ever necessary is a counterclaim. All they have to do is keep the argument going, as they are doing, while guns create facts on the ground – & at sea.

..Our very rage, expressed in legal terms, might reinforce an agenda which is not ours, one divorced from justice, a fabric we are unlikely ever to control.

..We cannot bypass (international) law, of course – in a juridicalised world, where empire has its law, it & its categories are inevitable. But to be worth deploying as a strategy against atrocity, such arguments have to do more than would an alternative, non-legal denunciation. There must be some surplus, some excess that the law grants us; and a surplus not outweighed by the mass of inevitable opposing claims on the legal seesaw on which we totter.

Do we, in other words – ignoring for a moment whether or not we consider the claim meaningfully ‘true’ – even gain politically by insisting that the killings on the flotilla were illegal, rather than that they were monstrously wrong? Is it not possible that our case might be no weaker, or even stronger, if we oppose such actions irrespective of all blah-blah-law-law-jaw-jaw back & forth?

..So what if, in the face of Israel’s cruel flaunting, we scythe through the hedges? Refuse to bicker over precedent, interpretation, custom, & all the rest of the endless pantomime?

What if, instead, we pursue other strategies to isolate the hijack state, & in response to its jurisprudes of murder, simply say: ‘Fuck your law’?

Enough for ya?

Mieville hypertext links to several sites (in the last line quoted above, accessible in the original article, not above) in support of boycott, divestments and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Namely the following: Palestinian campaign for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel Palestine Solidarity Campaign Boycott Israeli Goods Supporting the Palestinian BDS call from within
and a last link to a crawdaddy page on the music bands such as the Klaxons, the Pixies and Gorillaz who are boycotting Israel, a page that now diverts you elsewhere on crawdaddy.

In other words, Mieville is making it clear he supports BDS against the Jew among the nations, using his unconscionable mendacity on the Mavi Marmara incident as the flimsy pretext. He makes it clear he supports BDS against Israel elsewhere of course. It is a standard boiler-plate SWP/Respect Party position.

The fact is Mieville so egregiously misrepresents the violent Turkish jihadists on-board the Mavi Marmara, that is Muslim extremists, as humanitarian peace activists. Bigotry and deceit (whether conscious or unconscious) go hand in hand, so no surprises here. Galling and disgusting. Fact is Mieville is spouting complete nonsense, par for the course for a Respect Party campaigner the last decade past.

All the evidence for the real facts in this regard are here.
‘A brutal ambush at sea’  from ynetnews

The Navy commandoes were prepared to mostly encounter political activists seeking to hold a protest, rather than trained street fighters. The soldiers were told they were to verbally convince activists who offer resistance to give up, and only then use paintballs. They were permitted to use their handguns only under extreme circumstances. 

The planned rush towards the vessel’s bridge became impossible, even when a second chopper was brought in with another crew of soldiers. “Throw stun grenades,” shouted Flotilla 13’s commander who monitored the operation. The Navy chief was not too far, on board a speedboat belonging to Flotilla 13, along with forces who attempted to climb into the back of the ship.  

The forces hurled stun grenades, yet the rioters on the top deck, whose number swelled up to 30 by that time, kept on beating up about 30 commandoes who kept gliding their way one by one from the helicopter. At one point, the attackers nabbed one commando, wrested away his handgun, and threw him down from the top deck to the lower deck, 30 feet below. The soldier sustained a serious head wound and lost his consciousness.  

Only after this injury did Flotilla 13 troops ask for permission to use live fire. The commander approved it: You can go ahead and fire. The soldiers pulled out their handguns and started shooting at the rioters’ legs, a move that ultimately neutralized them. Meanwhile, the rioters started to fire back at the commandoes. 

“I saw the tip of a rifle sticking out of the stairwell,” one commando said. “He fired at us and we fired back. We didn’t see if we hit him. We looked for him later but couldn’t find him.” Two soldiers sustained gunshot wounds to their knee and stomach after rioters apparently fired at them using guns wrested away from troops.

During the commotion, another commando was stabbed with a knife. In a later search aboard the Marmara, soldiers found caches of bats, clubs, knives, and slingshots used by the rioters ahead of the IDF takeover. It appeared the activists were well prepared for a fight.  

Some passengers on the ship stood at the back and pounded the soldiers’ hands as they attempted to climb on board. Only after a 30-minute shootout and brutal assaults using clubs and knifes did commandoes manage to reach the bridge and take over the Marmara.  

It appears that the error in planning the operation was the estimate that passengers were indeed political activists and members of humanitarian groups who seek a political provocation, but would not resort to brutal violence. The soldiers thought they will encounter Bilin-style violence; instead, they got Bangkok. The forces that disembarked from the helicopters were few; just dozens of troops – not enough to contend with the large group awaiting them.

The second error was that commanders did not address seriously enough the fact that a group of men were expecting the soldiers on the top deck. Had they addressed this more seriously, they may have hurled tear-gas grenades and smoke grenades from the helicopter to create a screen that would have enabled them to carry out their mission, without the fighters falling right into the hands of the rioters, who severely assaulted them.

Also here – A Gaza Flotilla Update  from The David Project. The easy to get ‘Talking Points’:

•Supposed peace activists expressed desire to be shahids (martyrs), one saying “I am going to be a shahid; I dreamt I will become a shahid”
•Flotilla participant IHH (Humanitarian Relief Fund) has close ties to Hamas and global Jihadi groups.
•Soldiers were equipped with rifles that shoot paintballs (non-lethal), and did not use pistols until soldiers’ lives were threatened.
•Helsinki Principles on the Law of Maritime Neutrality state that ships of neutral states (Turkey) may be stopped and captured if breaching a blockade.
•If the Gaza Flotilla’s goal was to supply humanitarian needs, they could have delivered it to one of many organizations that legally supplies Gaza.
•According to IDF rules of engagement, troops are permitted to open fire in a “life-threatening situation.”
•Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh: “If the ships reach Gaza it is a victory; if they are intercepted, it will be a victory too.”
•US State Department Spokesman PJ Crowley: “Hamas’s interference with international assistance shipments and work of nongovernmental organizations, and its use and endorsement of violence, complicates efforts in Gaza”
•Muslim extremists on board were chanting, ‘Remember Khaybar, O Jews, Muhammad’s army will return!’ in reference to massacre of Jews by Muhammad in 628CE.
•Turkey accuses Israel of ‘state terrorism’; While their are millions of Kurds who suffer from human rights violations under Turkish control.
•Egypt has opened the Gaza border but the’activists’ choose not to sail there.
•IDF Colonel Moshe Levi, said that none of the equipment found on board the cargo ships was in shortage in Gaza.
•No one is starving in Gaza. During the first three months of 2010; 94,500 tons of supplies were transferred from Israel to Gaza
•Many Muslim Brotherhood extremists were on board. One Yemeni extremist with ties to Al-Qaeda was pictured showing off his dagger.
•Extremists on board had two goals; either reach Gaza or achieve martyrdom

And from the Counterterrorism Blog: ‘Shooting the Messenger’   A Look at the Facts on the Turkish Aid Group IHH  By Evan Kohlmann

Detailed are the ugly facts of the jihadist front-group, the Turkish ‘aid’ group IHH that financed the Mavi Marmara flotilla to Gaza. Facts you won’t hear from Mieville and his ilk:

On December 5, 1997, Turkish police raided the IHH headquarters office in Istanbul and arrested its principal leaders. Following their preliminary inquiry, on April 27, 1998, Turkish investigators launched a formal legal case against the IHH. According to a report produced by French counterterrorism magistrates, the inquiry was spurred by the sale of an AK-47 assault rifle to an IHH leader by “a member of the illegal organization VASAT.” Turkish police reported seizing a series of disturbing items from the IHH in Turkey, including an explosive device, two sticks of dynamite, bomb making instructions, and a “jihad flag.” The French magistrates report noted that:

“It appears that the detained members of IHH were going to fight in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya… The essential goal of this Association was to illegally arm its membership for overthrowing democratic, secular, and constitutional order present in Turkey and replacing it with an Islamic state founded on the Shariah. Under the cover of this organization known under the name of IHH, [IHH leaders] acted to recruit veteran soldiers in anticipation of the coming holy war. In particular, some men were sent into war zones in Muslim countries in order to acquire combat experience. On the spot, the formation of a military unit was assured. In addition, towards the purpose of obtaining political support from these countries, financial aid was transferred [from IHH], as well as caches of firearms, knives, and pre-fabricated explosives.”
An official review of the phone records from the IHH’s office in Istanbul revealed two calls to the Bosnian Mujahideen Brigade unit headquarters in Zenica, five phone calls to a member of the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA) based in London, and at least one call to Anwar Shaaban’s notorious Islamic Cultural Institute in Milan, Italy.

The IHH’s connections to international terrorism have even surfaced in sworn witness testimony in the U.S. federal court system. During the trial of attempted Millenium bomber Ahmed Ressam, noted French counterterrorism magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguiere took the stand and testified that IHH had played “[a]n important role” in Ressam’s bomb plot targeting LAX. Under repeated questioning, Bruguiere insisted that “[t]here’s a rather close relation”: “The IHH is an NGO, but it was kind of a type of cover-up… in order to obtain forged documents and also to obtain different forms of infiltration for Mujahideen in combat. And also to go and gather[recruit] these Mujahideens. And finally, one of the last responsibilities that they had was also to be implicated or involved in weapons trafficking.”

None of this information is considered sensitive or secret, nor is it particularly difficult to come by. Turkish government officials have openly acknowledged as much in major Western media outlets. In August 1999, the governor of Istanbul was interviewed in the Washington Post after he personally ordered local IHH bank accounts frozen because of suspected criminal activity. He explained at the time, “All legal institutions may have some illegal connections. This might be the case here. If they don’t like it, they can appeal in court

Here is a report from a Turkish journalist who participated in the Mavi Marmara misadventure, he was on-board, a first-hand eye-witness account and no friend of Israel:

Şefik Dinç, a reporter for the popular Turkish newspaper Habertürk, who was on board the Mavi Marmara during the last flotilla. Şefik Dinçcaptured images of the violent confrontation between IHH operatives and their supporters on one hand and IDF soldiers on the other, concealed his photographs from the Israeli security forces, and managed to smuggle them into Turkey.

2. Şefik Dinç’s account is fairly balanced, giving considerable weight to events that he personally witnessed and experienced. While the IHH narrative is given at length, the author does not hesitate to expose the extreme violence used by IHH operatives against the IDF and criticize the Turkish government for not stopping the flotilla. “Let’s face it: the Mavi Marmara crisis was a calculated gamble,” writes Dinç in the foreword to his book. “People on the street said that Israel would not let the siege be broken. The Turkish government, by not preventing the incident, and the IHH, by insisting on entering Gaza, led to a harsh, non-compromising reaction from Israel, destabilizing the Middle East region again”.

3. The photographs and verbal descriptions match the plenty of information, according to which IHH operatives had made a well-designed plan to conduct a violent confrontation with the IDF. The author photographed IHH operatives beating IDF soldiers with iron bars and clubs (taken from a secret stash), kidnapping three of them, beating injured IDF soldiers after they were kidnapped, and trying to throw one of them into the sea. The journalist, who had earlier heard IHH leader Bulent Yildirim say in an interview that the resistance would be passive, witnessed and documented so-called “passive resistance” turning practically into violent behavior.

4. The author’s description clearly shows that IDF soldiers did not open fire until after other soldiers were attacked and taken hostage. He also quoted Bulent Yildirim’s deputy Hüseyin Oruç as saying that there had been no attempts from the Turkish government to recall the ships or prevent the flotilla from sailing

Here are videos taken of the live action clash between the IDF and the Mavi Marmara Features the testimony of an IDF soldier This is on the weapons found on the Mavi Marmara

Footage of injured IDF soldiers and items found on board

Naturally Mieville can’t be bothered with these easy-to-come-by facts and never will. Such facts don’t fit his rabid hatred of the Jew nation worldview, so facts are simply ignored, and lies invented in their stead.

Mieville uses the killing of NINE MUSLIM FANATICAL JIHADISTS to justify his support for the BDS campaign against Israel. Get this straight – IDF commandos kill nine jihadists who Mieville blithely misrepresents as unarmed peace activists, that’s NINE MUSLIM EXTREMIST JIHADISTS in self-defense (Mieville talks of ‘mass murder’); and Mieville uses this slander as a pathetic pretext to justify support for the BDS campaign against Israel!

And on the obscene anti-Semitism of the BDS campaign against Israel I will have more to say in the next article.

Forthcoming.. On China Mieville’s support for the vile anti-Semitic BDS campaign against Israel Part 4

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