On China Mieville’s support for the vile anti-Semitic BDS campaign against Israel Part 4

In my previous article I pointed out that Mieville in his obscene blog post here from June 2010 ended it with a support for the boycott divestment and sanctions campaign (BDS) against Israel, writing:

So what if, in the face of Israel’s cruel flaunting, we scythe through the hedges? Refuse to bicker over precedent, interpretation, custom, & all the rest of the endless pantomime?

What if, instead, we pursue other strategies to isolate the hijack state, & in response to its jurisprudes of murder, simply say: ‘Fuck your law’?

The last line quoted above links to several sites (accessible at the original URL only) in support of boycott, divestments and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Namely the following:
http://www.pacbi.org/ Palestinian campaign for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel
http://www.bigcampaign.org/?page=jbig Palestine Solidarity Campaign Boycott Israeli Goods
http://boycottisrael.info/ Supporting the Palestinian BDS call from within

Here as well, Mieville adds his name to the letter sent by the British Writers In Support of Palestine/BWISP (Mieville is a member naturally enough) to The Independent on Sunday published in June 2010, regurgitating the slanderous nonsense re the Mavi Marmara and giving support to the BDS campaign against Israel.

In other words, Mieville is making it clear he supports BDS against the Jew among the nations, using his unconscionable mendacity on the Mavi Marmara incident as the flimsy pretext. Never mind the other lies he parrots re Israel to justify his disgraceful and bigoted stance. Mieville also makes it clear he supports BDS against Israel elsewhere, naturally enough. Well it is a firm UK SWP/Respect Party position. So no surprises, any more than the deafening silence from the genre community on Mieville’s unprincipled anti-Semitism in this regard is remotely surprising. 

We live in a world in which there is rampant tryanny, graft, oppression, brutality and mass murder by armies, state police, armed gangs and terror groups across ideological, political and religious divides from Latin America to Asia, Africa and Indonesia; in which hundreds of thousands are murdered, maimed or displaced and made refugees, every year. Tens of thousands are murdered every year in the ghettos and slums of Rio, Johannesburg, Caracus, Quito, Mexico City, Lagos, on the streets of Detroit and Baltimore, in gang violence from São Paulo to Cape Town, in undeclared civil war zones from Mexico and Kashmir to the Congo and Sudan and across Asia. It’s like the weather to Leftists of Mieville’s ilk (who pretend concern and pay lip service to the poor and downtrodden in these parts of the world), nothing worth mentioning.

In the time since the Mavi Marmara incident, Syrian police and army units have murdered thousands of unarmed civilians in protest to Assad’s tyranny and despotism, Somalia and other fundamentalist hotspots plunge on in tyranny, depotism and jihadist fuelled violence. Rampant jihadist inspired murder continues in Nigeria. The persecution and even murder of Copts in Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood jihadists has picked up and intensified, and the armed forces and police turn the other cheek; state sponsored violence and crackdowns from Bahrain to Yemen, a civil war in Libya in which NATO nations became ensnared and so much more. Certainly there has been no support for BDS against the likes of Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan  etc etc from Mieville and his ilk.

The Iranian regime continues with state arrests, torture and murder of its own citizens when not sponsoring terrorism worldwide (including against Israel). Clerical tyranny and jihadist terror including honour killings and persecutions continue apace in war-torn Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan. Mieville and his ilk don’t get all rabid and frothing at the mouth over that. Thousands are murdered in Mexico every year, as the drug wars and related gang violence take their toll. Tens of thousands at minimum are murdered every year in the slums of Latin America and Africa, men, women and children. Native Indians continue to face persecution, murder, the loss of their lands and the destruction of their culture, there are child slave labour practices in Africa; if you are waiting for Mieville to support BDS against any Latin American or African nation in this regard – Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, the Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe come to mind, well you will be waiting forever. And a day. On Muslim nations supporting and financing jihad, whether in local conflicts and/or overseas, well likewise of course we hear nothing about any BDS from Mieville (and his kind).

Even the Great Satan itself – the United States – does not earn Mieville and his ilk’s support for a BDS campaign against it, despite Mieville’s opposition to the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the civilians killed by US and British armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan (whatever the circumstances of their deaths may be, accidental or otherwise), Mieville doesn’t support any BDS against the US and his own nation. Now why is that? Gee maybe the US and the UK is his whole market really, and the whole of his financial, economic and social world, without which he couldn’t function from day to day.

Yet if Mieville is going to support BDS against Israel (and justify it over the deaths of NINE MUSLIM EXTREMIST JIHADISTS by the IDF that Mieville lies about and pretends were peace activists, along with other BIG LIES he endorses re Israel to justify and rationalise his BDS stance elsewhere), then he should put his money where his mouth is and refuse to make use of technology conceived and developed in Israel. That would include the Amazon Kindle for Mieville’s e-book sales and for his own personal reading (the Java platform for Kindle was developed in Israel, even as Kindle itself was developed in Silicon Valley). So please Mieville refuse to offer books to purchase on Kindle (as long as it’s on the Oracle Java platform) and don’t read books on Kindle, I mean an integral part of it was developed in the Little Satan after all. Along with all this other technology…

Voicemail, the Internet FireWall, instant messaging, Internet voice-mail technology, modern cellular billing and video endoscopy capsules which were all conceived and developed in Israel. PC Anti-virus software was first developed in Israel in ’79. The Intel Pentium chip technology and microprocessor were designed in Israel. The Pentium-4 microprocessor and the Centrino processor were entirely designed, developed, and produced in Israel.

Both Microsoft and Cisco built their only R&D facilities outside the U.S. in Israel. So so so much more..

So chuck all that China, I mean if you are going to be consistent. Then again if Mieville were one for consistency and universal standards, he would have to support boycotts, sanctions and divestments against every nation on earth, bar none, from Algeria to Zimbabwe. That includes his own nation, the UK. No Mieville I don’t expect any consistent standards from you and your ilk, (never mind that your rationale for BDS against the Jew among the nations is predicated on big lies) any more than I expect genre Jewish professionals to call you out on it.

Here are some links for those of you with a moral sense, explicating the details on why and how the BDS campaign against Israel is horribly anti-Semitic.

Boycott and be damned?  from the UK’s CiF (Comment Is Free)  Watch March 2011

Joel Fishman’s The message of BDS A review of Omar Barghouti’s  Boycott, Désinvestissement, Sanctions; BDS contre l’apartheid et l’occupation de la Palestine, from January 2011.

A column from the British Engage entitled ‘John Berger is wrong’ by Anthony Julius and Simon Schama. It is a response to Berger’s support for BDS against Israel. From Decemeber 2006.

One doesn’t boycott the only free society in the Mideast  From Ha’Aretz, the liberal TA daily. Published in January 2011.

Yes, the boycott of Israel is anti-Semitic’ from Commentary by Jonathan Tobin from July 2011.

Support for BDS against Israel is not only anti-Semitic, it is base and extreme anti-Semitism. It is unambiguous rabid in-your-face Jew-hatred. There is no other way to explain this support for BDS against the Jew among the nations and yet these self-same supporters (like Mieville) do not call for BDS against nations with among the worst human rights records and whose governments sponsor, sanction and promote terror, tyranny, oppression and murder, from the Middle-East and Asia to Africa and Latin America.

BDS is rationalized upon a demonisation of Israel, it is beyond a double standard. After all Israel isn’t a fascist despotic state, libels and slurs to the contrary. Israel didn’t kill helpless peace-loving innocents on the Mavi Marmara as Mieville brazenly and obscenely pretends. That is he just lies. They killed Muslim extremist jihadists who actively sought a violent clash with the Israeli navy, getting the martyrdom they sought in their support for HAMAS.

Mieville is simply a caricature of the frothing-at-the-mouth Israel hating British communist. He has campaigned for a a political party, the UK Respect Party/SWP (a party co-founded by explicit jihadist supporters Galloway and Yaqoob) that has a soft spot for the right kind of extreme right-wing theocratic inspired tyranny and terror (the Islamist kind). Mieville personally portrays Muslim fundamentalist jihadists who got the martyrdom they sought, as peace activists! and whitewashes Muslim extremist bigotry, tyranny and jihadist terror and violence across the board and around the world (not only against Israel). Mieville’s campaigning for the Judenhass Respect Party alone, damns him utterly. Mieville’s misuse of the obscene lie re the Mavi Marmara to justify the bigotry of BDS against the Jew among the nations, follows consistently in the wake of his campaigning for a left-wing fascist party (that has a long-standing support for BDS against Israel) in the last decade past, that saw an open alliance between anti-Semitic communists and socialists (SWP) and Muslim extremists (Muslim Association of Britain).

Then again bigotry is always, in principle, predicated on lies. Bigotry and deceit are brothers in arms.

Forthcoming..  On China Mieville’s blogging for the HAMAS and Hezbollah supporting Lenin’s Tomb blog Part 5

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