On China Mieville’s blogging for the Hamas and Hezbollah supporting Lenin’s Tomb blog Part 5

China Mieville has guest blogged for the harshly and rabidly anti-Semitic Lenin’s Tomb (if you want to check up his articles there you can do so), the blog of SWP (and Respect Party) supporter and Hamas and Hezbollah supporter Richard Seymour. I have already detailed just some of the evidence for Lenin’s Tomb’s harsh and harebrained anti-Semitism here  (and Seymour’s support for Hamas and Hezbollah) in my series on genre writer and editor Nick Mamatas (since it is Nick Mamatas’s favourite political blog bar none).

It is hardly surprising that Mieville has contributed guest blog posts to Lenin’s Tomb, since its owner, Richard Seymour is of course a member of the UK SWP and a Respect Party shill during the last decade past, where Seymour has given his staunch support to the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and Saddam Hussein supporter George Galloway (one of the Respect Party co-founders) along with his support for the other Respect Party co-founder, vice-chair, anti-Semite and staunch defender of jihadists everywhere, Salma Yaqoob. As Seymour is by far the most popular SWP/Respect Party blogger during the last decade past, he and China Mieville, who is himself a high-profile member of the SWP and a vocal and conspicuous promoter for the Respect Party and SWP during the last decade (under the leadership of Galloway and Yaqoob), are natural allies and mutually supportive of one another. During the twenty-tens, not only was Mieville on the campaign trail for the Respect Party, Mieville has certainly been one of the most heavy-weight intellectuals in the party.

I have already featured Seymour’s glowing and gushing praise for Mieville’s political campaigning in 2005 in part 2 of this series, so there is no need to repeat the details.
Here is the original piece from Seymour.

Seymour’s report does however end with these um memorable lines that are worth quoting, since it references Mieville:

Other people spoke, but I can’t be bothered recounting what they said. A vote was taken on who people would vote for – which Respect won overwhelmingly. The MC, John Harris, didn’t bother to acknowledge this fact. I hung around and shook Johann’s hand, insulted the guys who were selling The Liberal (update: it turns out I was actually insulting Ben Ramm who now hides behind a bushy little beard to conceal the fact that he’s only twenty-two), accosted China and offered my expert advice on what he should have said to this and this. Meaders was silently seething that he hadn’t got to speak, as he had been eager to demonstrate that not everyone standing near the bar was pissed and stentorian. I was broke, and had to get home. Other stuff happened of course, but you don’t want to hear about that. Oh you do? Well, Johann Hari returned from the toilet and joined China in trashing the place while screaming “FUCK THE BOURGEOIS STATE!!” What? You dare to doubt me?


I do not want to repeat too much what I have already mentioned re Seymour’s anti-Semitism from the relevant chapter in my Nick Mamatas series that I provide the link for above. Lenin’s Tomb is Mamatas’s favourite political blog, the one he recommends ahead of any other.

However to those readers who are not familiar with the article, I do paste some of the relevant excerpts here again, since it is relevant to Mieville, who like US SF editor and writer Nick Mamatas is a big fan of Richard Seymour. Of course Mieville is more than just a fan, he has contributed guest blog posts to Lenin’s Tomb (including on the Little Satan Israel) and has been personally cheered on by Seymour at Lenin’s Tomb in the former’s campaigning for SWP/Respect, detailed in this blog series on Mieville.

Here are the pertinent excerpts again:

Seymour gave his support for the violent HAMAS engineered coup in Gaza in 2007. He also blamed Israel (and the US) for the violence between Fatah and HAMAS in Gaza at the time. Fatah and HAMAS slaughter one another in Gaza, blame the Jews.

When Seymour writes ‘hamastan hamastan hamastan’, he does it without any sense of sarcasm or satirical intent. Seriously. It is deadly earnest sympathy for HAMAS’s successful and violent power grab in Gaza. If you don’t believe me (and think it satirical, tongue-in-cheek or sarcastic), check it out yourself. If you know the UK SWP, and just how nutty and apologetic and even cheering of the Jihad the SWP’s many loud-mouthed supporters actually are (never mind their base and extreme anti-Semitism that accompanies the former), this article of Seymour’s will not surprise you in the slightest. It goes with the territory.

Here is self-same blogger Richard Seymour    http://leninology.blogspot.com/2008/12/myth-of-hamas-rejectionism.html   telling us that if there is no peace between HAMAS and Israel, it is the fault of Israel as HAMAS has always been willing to accept the two-state solution! HAMAS is reasonable, well-intentioned, willing to compromise for peace. It is Israel that is relentlessly barbaric, warmongering and grossly stubborn in refusing to accede to the reasonable and moderate HAMAS. Seymour is being serious here. Dead earnest. He is not kidding. Delusional, moronic, brazenly dishonest and extremely bigoted in equal measure. Beyond caricature.

Here is a video of Galloway  the Hamas and Hezbollah supporter, interviewing Richard Seymour over a book of the latter’s – Seymour’s and Galloway’s mutual love-fest is obvious. The interview is on Press TV, owned by the Iranian government. Yes that’s the Iranian government. Press TV is a propaganda arm for the Iranian regime and its reach into the West (to those who share their values of knee jerk anti-Western and intemperate anti-Semitic attitudes and a soft spot for the Jihad besides).

Here is Seymour giving his support for Hezbollah  during the 2006 war with Israel.

When Seymour headlines his article ‘ooh aah, Hezbollah’ he is (once again) not being ironic nor facetious. He is in dead earnest. If you know the UK SWP/Respect, you would know that straight away. Remember the Respect Party is the party/coalition that saw an alliance in the middle part of the last decade between the rabidly anti-Semitic SWP and the British Muslim extremist MAB (who know to pretend otherwise).

As the liberal political blog Harry’s Place shows via a saved screen shot (Harry’s Place is widely hated among the UK Left for not being fashionably and irrationally anti-Israel), Seymour proudly displayed a Hezbollah flag at his blog, underneath the flag of Lebanon and the V for victory sign, during the war in 2006. It was not tongue-in-cheek, nor satirical. Hardly.

Richard “ooh aah Hezbollah” Seymour.

This is the blogger of Lenin’s Tomb, where Mieville has gladly guest blogged (including on Israel, detailed in a forthcoming article). Here is a sample article from Lenins Tomb posted by Mieville from 2005, pertaining to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Mieville has also praised Seymour’s 2008 book The Liberal Defence of Murder as “indispensable”. Mieville’s friend Richard Seymour, a fellow comrade in the struggle. Struggle against what? That’s the question…

The interesting thing about Lenin’s Tomb is that it serves as the intersection (the shared fever swamp/sewer more truly) for Mieville and his Marxist genre comrade in the US, Nick Mamatas.

There is at least one interview/discussion out there on the web between Mamatas and Mieville mutually back-slapping one another, smugly agreeing on everything under the sun and reinforcing one another’s attitudes on politics and whatever else besides. Folie à deux is defined as a shared psychosis, a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another.

Forthcoming…  Prior to a further chapter in this China Mieville series (pertaining to the ‘Gaza beach’ libel), an article that will give us a break from Mieville – a somewhat amusing critique of US anti-Israel genre Marxists falling out and in an extreme fashion…

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