UPDATE A further reply to Tidhar’s tweeting on this article & A reply to Lavie Tidhar’s knee-jerk idiotic tweet on my Catherynne M. Valente article

I hope the new title isn’t too long and unwieldy.

Scroll down to the lowest part of the article for my updated response (3rd January) to Tidhar and gang’s second series of tweets on this very article…

Here is Lavie Tidhar (one of my biggest fans) tweeting on my Catherynne Valente article yesterday:

Lavie Tidhar

@NMamatas is gay for Marx, @catvalente supports terrorism and I’m an anti-semite.Yes,my favourite loon is back in town! seasonoftheredwolf.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/int…


So it’s a predictable Pavlov style mindless ad hominem tweet directed my way, Tidhar’s tweet having no bearing to anything that I actually wrote at all. Nick Mamatas is gay for Marx?! Mamatas is a Marxist. Whatever. I never wrote nor implied that Catherynne Valente supports terrorism, what utter bilge. And I never wrote/stated/called Tidhar an anti-Semite. To say that Tidhar plays very fast and loose with the facts is being very polite about it.

It’s interesting to note that of the hundreds of visitors brought to my site by Tidhar’s tweet and Valente and a few others retweeting it (along with facebook commentators), few *it would appear* of these hundreds of people can be bothered to read, never mind cogitate, on the contents of my previous article on Mamatas; even though it’s on the front page (under ‘Recent Posts’) and the link to it is at the top of the Valente article (since it’s the preceding article).

Likewise not very many of these hundreds of visitors can be bothered (it would appear so) to even read – never mind comprehend – a single article in my ongoing series on China Mieville, even as these articles are likewise viewable links on the front page of my blog (under ‘Recent Posts’). As I make clear the previous two articles are mere interludes in my extensive series documenting Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism. It don’t mean a thing to Tidhar, Valente neither, and their mindless minions likewise.  

The actual content of my article on Valente means nothing to Tidhar, he just garbles it and filters it through his tunnel vision mindset. It may as well be in Mandarin Chinese as far as Tidhar and Valente and their howler monkey fan club are concerned. They comprehend none of it, ruminate on none of it, it sails straight through the holes in their heads. They *don’t get it*. They simply cannot. It only reconfirms what I write about the genre thought police.

My pointed remarks on the homophobia and misogyny in the Islamic world and the Muslim faith itself and the gay feminist Valente running PR for Islam and playing the guardian role in this regard in the genre community is something she and Tidhar just don’t understand. At all. They are not the only ones.

I wrote in my article on Valente (and the first sentence is likewise in bold in the original article):

Apex, one assumes, will continue to feature Nick Mamatas as a guest blogger there. Valente would probably be (or even is) untroubled by the revelation that Nick Mamatas’s favourite political blogger supports those who assent to the persecution and murder of homosexuals (like you Catherynne). It appears Mamatas is untroubled by it (to Mamatas I’m the loon). Mamatas’s friend, Israeli Jew and editor of The Apex Book of World SF Lavie Tidhar appears entirely nonplussed by the fact that his friend Mamatas’s unequivocally fav blogger is a hardcore Jew-hater.

Indeed Tidhar’s Pavlovian tweet yesterday and Valente’s knee-jerk retweet only re-emphasise the point. They clearly remain untroubled by the fact that Mamatas’s favourite blogger is a Hamas and Hezbollah supporter. Tidhar continues to be entirely nonplussed by the fact that Mamatas’s fav blogger is a hardcore Jew-hater. It doesn’t penetrate their ‘consciousness’ whatsoever. I’m the loon for pointing out the ugly facts in this regard see?

Then again – assuming Tidhar actually read the Mamatas article that precedes the Valente one he tweeted on – the pointed questions I ask Mamatas therein, don’t mean anything to Tidhar (and Valente neither). Any more than Mamatas’s NAMBLA choice of phraseology in his flame-war with Shetterly means a thing to Tidhar, Valente and gang. Maybe Tidhar will answer those questions I ask Mamatas at the end of the article, since Mamatas is all shy in that respect? Why don’t you give it a go Lavie? Then again maybe not. It’s sooo much easier just to tweet that I’m a loon. Wow that proves it then!

I also wrote this in my article on Valente and the thought police:

A simply pathetic PC outreach [Moon’s bringing out the special Apex Magazine Arab/Muslim issue] in cultural sensitivity to a religious faith that is intrinsically misogynistic and homophobic; whilst Valente doesn’t appear to have given the vaguest notion to ever bringing out a Jewish issue of Apex Magazine, even as anti-Semitism (inclusive of Holocaust Denial) within the genre community itself is pervasive and deep-seated (as it is in the wider world).

This pointed allusion to Apex staffers’ (including Valente) hear-no-evil see-no-evil approach to (often rabid) anti-Semitism in the (professional and fan) genre community is only reconfirmed by Tidhar’s tweet shooting the messenger, even as Tidhar is only shooting blanks. Or shooting into his own foot really. The only blog (as far as I know) exposing often extreme anti-Semitism among professionals in the genre community is the one that Tidhar chooses to dismiss and mock (I’m the loon to Tidhar). Tidhar doesn’t even realize what he is doing. He doesn’t have the vaguest notion. 

I’m not the one glowingly recommending a HAMAS and Hezbollah supporter and George Galloway admirer – Richard Seymour – ahead of any other blogger in the whole world as a must-read. That’s Nick Mamatas, Tidhar’s mate and colleague at Apex. Then again I’m the blogger exhaustively documenting China Mieville’s vicious anti-Semitism (the Mamatas and Valente articles I make clear are just interludes in this Mieville series) of which Tidhar and Valente have nothing to say. This series is only half-done. It’s ongoing.

Mieville also blogs for Nick Mamatas’s fav blogger – Lenin’s Tomb. I notice that Tidhar doesn’t tweet on that nor anything relating to Mieville’s thinly disguised anti-Semitic tirades and cant that I substantiate exhaustively at this blog. Actually Tidhar never tweets on anything pertinent that I write, in fact he never tweets on anything I write at all. He just reinvents it and reinterprets it according to his own worldview and makes sure to call me a loon.

I do write near the end of my article on Valente the following:

Don’t worry genre Thought Police, I know you don’t get it. That’s what scares me.

Tidhar’s zombie fact-free tweet and the retweet by Valente of that very article and their mindless zombie cheerleader following only proves that they don’t get it. They continue to scare me. It really is frightening.

Don’t worry about it Tidhar and Valente and others. You won’t understand this reply to you neither. You can only garble it up and refit it – like a square peg in a round hole – into your mental makeup.

I ended my last article with this sentence:

Next we return to the series on award-winning and very popular imaginative fiction writer, editor, Marxist academic, politician and rabid anti-Semite (not that any genre pro has anything to say about it, not Valente neither) Dr China Mieville (Nick Mamatas’s communist comrade across the Atlantic).

Indeed, not that Tidhar and Valente and gang have anything to say about it. It’s “the loon” exposing Nick Mamatas’s mate China Mieville’s vehement anti-Semitism (and not just Mieville’s) that Tidhar, Valente and their howler monkeys take their extremely lame and harebrained pot-shots at.

Simply pathetic.

Keep digging your own grave Tidhar. It’s just fine by me. Bevakasha.

UPDATED on 3rd Jan

Toda raba Lavie.

Tidhar keeps digging, and is joined by the usual suspects. I just take note of it here (for the record).

So Tidhar who twits (that is twit, not tweet) every five minutes it would appear, (going by his twit feed uh twitter feed) facetiously twits (not tweets) in response to this article and gets a gaggle of twit responses.

Lavie Tidhar
Ask and you shall receive… I did get my own blog post! seasonoftheredwolf.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/a-r… @NMamatas @catvalente @cstross
1 Jan via web

replies ↓
Jason Sizemore
apexjason Jason Sizemore
@lavietidhar @NMamatas @catvalente Who the heck writes that blog?
1 Jan

Catherynne Valente
catvalente Catherynne Valente
@lavietidhar @nmamatas We’re a gang!
1 Jan

Nir Yaniv
nyfiction Nir Yaniv
@lavietidhar @NMamatas @catvalente @cstross Lavie, you’re in the big boys league now. It’s like you having a Bar-Mitzvah all over again!
1 Jan

Yeah Lavie, welcome to the club. I wouldn’t quite call it having your bar-mitzvah all over again. Hardly. Note – to the very few out there who have eyes to see – that the obliviousness to everything that I actually write in this article remains steadfast. Not only as far as Tidhar is concerned but with his crew likewiseGoing by Lavie Tidhar’s tweets you wouldn’t have the vaguest notion of what I was writing about at all, not in this article and not in the previous two blog articles of mine which are likewise pertinent. Well that’s to be expected. 100% predictable. It’s not called cognitive dissonance for nothing.

It’s interesting though seeing who comes out of the woodwork in this respect.

Well of course there is Valente. How’s the organizing going for RiyadhCon Cathy? You go girl! Pity all your Jewish friends like Tidhar, Yaniv and Stross can’t attend, since Jews are not usually allowed in the kingdom. Maybe you can get them special permits. Are you going to be posting up pics of yourself garbed in a burqa? I’m sure you’ll look quite ravishing.

Jason Sizemore is the head honcho at Apex Books for those who don’t know. He started the company. So no surprise there. Who the heck writes this blog? The big bad wolf writes this blog. So Jason how is that all Jewish issue of Apex Magazine coming along? I mean in light of the revelations of mine on Holocaust Denial from genre professionals like Tangent editor Dave Truesdale or don’t you know at all? (and what of Mieville’s anti-Semitism or do you beg to differ?) Yoohoo Sizemore?

Sigh. Nir Yaniv is Lavie’s Israeli mate, the big cheese in Israeli SF. An editor, writer (and musician). He used to run the e-zine of the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy and is now senior editor of Chalomot Be’aspamia (tr Dreams in Aspamia), the Israeli SF magazine. So his position in Israeli SF is kinda equivalent to the senior editor at Asimov’s SF Magazine or interzone. Yup. That’s what I’m up against. Ain’t it depressing? Ain’t it pathetic? That’s a question directed to a minority of readers btw. Maybe less science fiction Nir, more authentic history. Yeah? Maybe you might even learn a thing or two. You would have to abandon your ideological baggage though. Can’t see it happening I gotta say. An unattainable dream…

The Israeli SF scene is no different to the Israeli non-genre literary scene, (and Israeli academia as a whole) overrun by these know-nothing Leftists. Famous Israeli writers like Amos Oz and David Grossman (who tragically lost a son fighting in the Israeli-Hezbollah war of 2006) are typical in this respect (Oz far more so than Grossman though). Tidhar and Yaniv are their like-minded counterparts in Israeli SF circles. I guess. Of course Charles Stross, a well-known very liberal British Jewish SF author is also referenced above. Stross like Tidhar is also buddy buddy with Nick Mamatas.

I know it’s a very stale joke (that I’ve already made in this update) but it really is uncanny and appropriate that twitter is called just that, going by the twitfeed (no typo) that I copy and paste above.

Still no twitting/tweeting on my ongoing China Mieville series Lavie? Jason, Stross, Catherynne? Nir? Uh guess not.

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