China Mieville’s knee-jerk slur on Israel. The Gaza Beach Incident of 2006 Part 6

We now return to our regular broadcast, picking off where we left off on the China Mieville series and this popular and award-winning writer and editor’s relentless and persistently rabid anti-Semitism, of which my um critics such as Israeli Jew SF editor and writer Lavie Tidhar and his crew have zilch to say (see the previous article).

Mieville authored this disgusting anti-Semitic tripe in November 2006 over at the Socialist Review, grossly misrepresenting the facts in his predictable fashion, on what came to be called the Gaza Beach incident (the facts here are elucidated on further down).

It is ironically titled ‘The Lies that aren’t meant to deceive us’

Excerpts pasted below:

What should we make of ruling class stories that are so outrageous that no one could really fall for them?

On 9 June 2006 seven civilians were blown up on a Gaza beach. The footage of the sole survivor, 10 year old Huda Ghalia, screaming amid the ruins of her family was so unbearable that Israel even muttered some apology. But only for a moment. Almost immediately, defence minister Amir Peretz announced a “propaganda offensive” to prove that Israeli shells were not to blame.
The army said witnesses were mistaken or lying; the hospital computers wrong or falsified; the staff’s claims fallacious or malicious; the analysis of crater, shrapnel and injuries by former Pentagon battlefield analyst Marc Galasco befuddled. Yes, Israel’s apologists conceded, the army had fired six shells on and around the beach. And true, one of those shells was unaccounted for. But by sheer coincidence, at the exact time as that shell went missing, the Ghalia family trod on a mine – one single mine on the entire beach – that Hamas, in a lunatic break from its operational history, had planted.

How, the world asked in incredulous rage, can they possibly think this ludicrous scenario will convince us? The answer, of course, is that they don’t.

There are various kinds of lie, with different strategies and purposes. This was a forthright specimen of a type increasingly common in modern politics: the lie you are not supposed to believe.

Mieville then goes off on the Anglo/US invasion of Iraq, Bush and Saddam Hussein’s alleged WMD, conflating in the readers’ minds alleged deceit by the IDF re Palestinian casualties in Gaza and the Anglo/US invasion of Iraq and the propaganda used to justify the latter. I don’t know if Mieville does this deliberately, or if it is simply unconscious, a kind of second nature. It’s all of a piece to the radical Left – the Bush/Blair/Israel ‘axis of evil’. One gets this same glib and false conflation from Muslim extremists too. Then again that’s what made for the easy alliance between the Judenhass Socialist Workers Party/SWP and the extremist Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), as incarnated in the Respect Party that Mieville campaigned for. See parts 1 and 2 of this series for the details here.

As Mieville puts it in his column:

This type of lie was at the heart of the Iraq war. British and US officials’ claims about an imminent threat from Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) were insulting mish-mashes of plagiarism, misrepresentation, insinuation and bullshit, that were not merely unbelievable, but actually not designed to be believed.

There is more of course, read it at the link if you so desire.

Aside from Mieville’s praise for Hezbollah supporter Noam Chomsky who also made a political alliance of convenience with Holocaust Deniers in France (the Robert Faurisson Affair), justifying it with the gem ‘I do not consider denial of the gas chambers nor do I consider denial of the Holocaust to be anti-Semitic’ (for more details on this see what I have written about Chomsky here); Mieville gives us this ‘gem’:

It’s often wrongly claimed that Lenin described pro-Soviet liberals as “useful idiots”. Harsh it may be, but as far as our leaders are concerned, it’s hard to think of a more apt term to describe those who not only obey instructions, but go the extra mile and heroically insist, against all odds, on being deceived. There comes a point where credulity becomes complicity.

How ironic – in light of the fact that Mieville and his ilk on the communist and socialist Left are the very real useful idiots of the Muslim jihadists whose actions they either whitewash, justify, rationalize, excuse or worse, openly ally themselves with (see my first two articles in this Mieville series for the facts on the Respect Party and Mieville’s high-profile campaigning for the party).

There are further unintended ironies in Mieville’s column naturally, these are just two examples:

And complicity with the ugliest agendas. Because sometimes, the most brazen lies are used deliberately to cow us.

It is in insisting that two and two might be five, or three, or anything he says, that Big Brother shows absolute power over Winston Smith in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

So what are the real facts on the Gaza beach incident? As honestreporting relates (a site naturally hated by Jew-haters of all stripes for exposing their endless lying slanders on Israel): (emphasis in bold below is mine)

Gaza Beach Libel
June 13, 2006

It is now becoming clear that, despite the claims of the Palestinians and the international media’s rush to blame Israel,  the deaths of seven Palestinian civilians on a beach in Gaza on 9 June were not caused by the IDF. Investigations by the IDF and others over the past few days have revealed new evidence that a Hamas mine was most likely the cause of the beach blast:

1) Shrapnel removed from two of the wounded Palestinians evacuated to Israeli hospitals was not from Israeli-made ordnance.

2) No large crater was evident on the beach as would be expected from the impact of an artillery shell landing from above. The blast site would suggest the likelihood of a mine exploding from below the sand rather than above.

3) The IDF fired six shells towards the Gaza area, one of which remained unaccounted for. All of the shells were fired, however, more than 10 minutes before the blast that killed the Palestinians.

It is now increasingly likely, that in true “Pallywood” fashion, as seen in the Mohammed Al-Dura case and the Jenin “massacre” libel, the Palestinians have attempted another cover-up in order to smear Israel:

1) Palestinian Television broadcast doctored scenes showing file footage of Israeli naval vessels shelling Gaza, interspersed with video of the beach victims, despite the fact that the Israeli Navy was not responsible for any shelling at the time. Click here [at the original url] to see the footage courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch.

2) Suspicions were initially raised by the Palestinian refusal to cooperate with Israeli investigators and the remarkably swift cleansing of evidence from the blast scene by Hamas gunmen who arrived shortly after the incident. Palestinian spokespeople usually display parts of Israeli shells to the international media – but not this time.

3) Israeli intelligence suggests that Hamas had mined the beach area in order to prevent Israeli naval commandos from landing there as part of anti-terror operations to prevent Qassam missile launches.


Even though there was no evidence as to who was responsible, other than Palestinian claims of Israeli culpability for a “massacre,” the international media immediately bought into the Palestinian storyline. This, despite the continuing barrage of Qassam missiles, some of which had fallen on Gaza, and the “work accidents” caused by Palestinian explosives detonating prematurely, which should have made journalists think twice.

Commentary below is my own – red wolf.

It was in fact a German television crew that also extensively exposed the deceitful Hamas propaganda re the Gaza beach libel that Mieville and his ilk (that’s the MSM too in this respect) repeated in mindless desperation.

Here for the details therein:
Pallywood: German Exposé of Palestinian media hi-jinx in Gaza beach tragedy

Note it is an extensive, long and heavily detailed piece (far more extensive and detailed than the honestreporting piece). It goes into heavy details on the IDF drone footage, the timing of the IDF artillery barrage, the location of the wounded and killed Palestinians, and notably the very dubious footage (including no crater evidence) shot by Palestinian cameraman Zakarija Abu Harbed (the exposé by the German camera crew and reporter – Suddeutche Zeitung – is pertinent here), unquestionably broadcast by the world’s media. The nature of the shrapnel recovered from the wounded treated in an Israeli hospital/s (no Mieville doesn’t mention this naturally), the exact location of the family members killed, the lack of evidence of a shell blast, and so much more (including further inconsistencies in the chronology of the events), with further links to detailed reports and debunking of the initially flawed Human Rights Watch Report. If the reader is so interested, it is all there.

Pertinently the article mentions this:

The big question, is not whether the film was faked, but how the explosion happened. Israel has had hundreds of victims of intentional terror attacks, none of whom were made into media heros the way that Huda Ghalia was.

The Israeli shelling was of course an attempt to stop launchings of Qassam rockets that have gone on for months. The focus on this one incident was meant to take away attention from the real problem, which is that residents of Sderot have been suffering through no fault of their own

Here too for an overview of the incident It includes plenty links to other articles re the Gaza Beach incident and libel.

Of course Mieville likewise has nothing ever to say about the thousands of Israeli victims (murdered and wounded) of jihadist terrorist attacks over the years and for that matter the daily and weekly murder and maiming of hundreds and thousands across the war-torn and strife-ridden globe, from Latin America to Africa to the bloody Arab Middle East, from Turkey through to Muslim Asia and India, from Thailand and Indonesia to the Philippines. Such glaring omissions while frothing at the mouth over the seven casualties on a Gaza beach that in all likelihood was caused by a Hamas land-mine (Mieville’s Pavlovian slander and shrill denial to the contrary) is not merely anti-Semitic, reflective of the most extreme double standards and worse; it is base, rabid and intemperate Jew-hatred.

Forthcoming.. China Mieville, the BWISP and the odious open letter to Ian McEwan for accepting the Jerusalem Prize Part 7

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