Updated 2013 On the *alleged* refusal of China Mieville to have his books translated into Hebrew Part 8

Scroll down to the very bottom for the update: from more than a year later! This article is part 8 in my China Mieville series, a series documenting with all the evidence, his indisputable anti-Semitism (well indisputable to anybody who is not anti-Semitic). The series begins here and ends here (after this article was published initially). The interested reader is suggested to read many of the articles in this series, this one being one of the most revelatory (the pathetic name-calling directed my way by a fair number of prominent liberal genre pro writers and editors – many of them ‘Jewish’ –  in response to this blog and this very series! and their wincing ingratiation and grovelling before Mieville). 

Mieville’s alleged refusal to have his books translated into Hebrew is very telling (if you are surprised at this, you are not paying attention). I have not been able to confirm this charge 100%. This claim is out there among Israeli fandom and on the web (here for example). I cannot find a source that clarifies this accusation from the horse’s mouth so to speak (i.e. Mieville himself, his agent or publisher). All I have is hearsay. It may be true, it may not be. It apparently has been reported in the Israeli ‘arts&culture’ press years ago. Certainly his books are not available in Hebrew, and plenty other popular genre writers have their books translated into Hebrew for the Israeli market (SF and fantasy is very popular in Israel).

*If* this is truly the case – that he refuses to have his books translated into Hebrew – and the reader doesn’t get how the Judenhass truth outs itself here (and not only here of course), then the reader never will.

Spare me the disingenuous anti-Israel cover terms of the SWP’s and the Respect Party’s political poison (and not only them), when you peek beneath the surface, you see the rotten roots… Same old same old. Hebrew is the ancient and modern language of the Jews and the Jew among the nations respectively, that’s the Jews.

I remark here – assuming that Mieville has not allowed his books to be translated into Hebrew – since Mieville makes his living as a writer in his native English language (his prose talents and the richness of his peculiar style have earned him awards and accolades); how does Mieville think that the modern English language evolved? Does he think it came fully formed from the brow of Marlowe and Shakespeare, or before that, Bede and Chaucer? It evolved over hundreds and yes thousands of years from numerous languages (part of its beauty and why it is appropriate that it is the lingua franca of the world). Nordic tongues, Saxon, Celtic, French, Latin, Greek and earlier than that Sanskrit …. and yes Semitic tongues to some degree. The Semitic alphabet is – and Hebrew is a side branch there – the basis for much of  the later Greek and Latin alphabets, which would evolve and change over the centuries taking in new influences and forms. Latin alphabet (A, B the first two letters) comes in large part from the Greek (alpha, beta) which shock horror to a significant degree is derived from earlier Semitic roots (Hebrew’s first two letters are aleph, bet for example). Hebrew is  an ancient side root or branch to the Semitic tongues that have an ancient root to the English language, even as Hebrew is not a main root.

In fact we use more expressions from the Hebrew bible (the King James version in English notably) in everyday speech than we use from Shakespeare who himself (like all literary men) made use of Biblical phrases. There is no getting away from it. So make sure not to use these expressions Mieville in speech and in your writings:

a house divided against itself cannot stand, sour grapes, fly in the ointment, a leopard doesn’t change its spots (why I can never see you changing your ways Mieville), eye to eye (we don’t see that way), a man after his own heart, nest of vipers (you should know all about that Mieville), thorn in the flesh, peace offering (which I would never make to the likes of you and those like-mindless) even as I (the red wolf) am a voice crying in the wilderness. You Mieville are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. all things must pass, white as snow, at his wits end, as you sow so shall you reap, bite the dust, writing on the wall. So so much more.

Then again, the open, planned and deliberate political alliance with Muslim extremists (as the SWP/Respect Party alliance has done, the party Mieville has conspicuously campaigned for) who support the destruction of the SWP’s own national cultural heritage, the destruction of the West’s own high achievements in art, literature and science and the curtailment of civil liberties for all citizens is revealing of a base masochism. And I haven’t even gotten around to what it means if Muslim fanatics have their way in telling the infidel how he can live and work and worse…

How can any self-respecting uh feminist, gay man or woman or Jew stand to be remotely polite or swoon over a man – China Mieville – whose political life has seen him openly ally with and appeal/pathetically ingratiate himself to Muslim fundamentalists, however they may deny it (the MAB in the UK)? Well I guess they – such genre folk – wouldn’t be too self-respecting then. At best they are clueless of this man’s actual politics. At best. And that’s a take that is more than generous. In fact if you are just an infidel heterosexual man (a Christian, an atheist, yes a communist/anarchist/socialist too), Mieville’s political allies have you in their sights too – that’s you too Dr Mieville – you’re just last in line. You and your Hamas and Hezbollah supporting comrades such as Richard Seymour and George Galloway just come after the Jews and the gays, the feminists. It’s called being a useful idiot.

I am not the first and I won’t be the last to point out that base anti-Semitism is indicative of a deep self-loathing and masochism, projected outward onto the oldest scapegoat (‘scapegoat’ comes from the Hebrew bible again) in European and Muslim societies. People who hate the Jews likewise appear to have deep contempt for themselves and their own people and so much else besides. The Nazis didn’t just hate the Jews, they brought about the destruction of Germany, of Europe. Muslim fanatics don’t just hate the Jews, they hate everything – life, women, all infidels, nature, sex, art – except hatred itself which they worship.

The anti-Semitism among the radical Left (and none surpass the UK SWP here – that Mieville has promoted and solidly supported – in its rabid, intense Judenhass, a political party founded by Israeli Jews) cannot be separated from their own self-loathing, from their negative identification with a Muslim fundamentalist culture that wishes them dead, converted or oppressed.

They have other common enemies with Muslim extremists after all, other than the Jews that is – themselves.

Forthcoming: On China Mieville’s disgusting and cowardly commentary upon captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit’s release Part 9

UPDATED This is an update from February 2013!

It is important to let readers know that since this article was published, I did discover that China Mieville has indeed personally refused to have his fiction books translated into Hebrew for the Israeli market. It turns out this is fairly well known in Israeli genre circles. So you can knock off that ‘alleged’. I just never bothered updating this article in that regard.

I actually wrote about it in this article (as Mieville comes up), and here is what I wrote, repasted below:

Mieville supports BDS against Israel, that’s viciously anti-Semitic. He refuses to have his books translated into Hebrew (I wrote in the relevant article that I hadn’t confirmed this probably true rumor. That it was just ‘alleged’. But since then I have discovered that it is true. I just never updated that article. Israeli SF publishing circles can confirm this. It is apparently well-known in said circles. Check with them if you don’t believe me), that’s anti-Semitic. Horribly so.

There you have it! No I don’t have any article (in Hebrew or English) to link to or scan up here for the readers’ benefit with the smoking gun evidence re Mieville; however it is true enough. Like I write above, it is well known in Israeli genre publishing circles. At least one or two of such people involved in Israeli genre publishing have bantered about it on the web (in English too!), even if it has hardly gotten the attention it deserves.

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