A reply to genre editor Rose Fox’s further tweeting. Why am I not surprised that you are Jewish and queer? The absurdism of the genre thought police knows no end

The prior article on Rose Fox is necessary reading – giving the context and background – to this article.

Why am I not that surprised (hearing it from the uh fox’s mouth) that Publishers Weekly genre critic and editor Rose Jasper Fox is indeed Jewish. She is also gay/bisexual. I didn’t know she was Jewish of course, well now I do! These tweets are all dated February 15th and are in response to the previous article.

Here are  the pertinent tweets:

Rose Fox
rosefox Rose Fox
Aw, I made a friend! Who thinks Rose Fox is a gentile name, apparently. ow.ly/94MtY

Well it can be, or not. Rose is Jewish often enough as we all know. It’s not like it is your surname. It’s not like your name is obviously Jewish, your name isn’t Miriam Glickstein after all. I thought you could be, with a name like Rose. I assumed though you weren’t because I thought Charles Platt was not Jewish. Of course Platt can be Jewish, but not necessarily. The same with Fox.

Sigh. Why am I not surprised that you are Jewish? It’s the uh progressive Jews who are all too conspicuous in running cover and/or sweeping under the carpet the social disease of anti-Semitism (especially in its latest incarnation), the horrors of moral and cultural relativism and the associated enforcement of the thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’. So there we have it…

It’s like I said to Charles Stross over here (remember Fox tweeted in response to that article initially):

How about my own Rule 40 (arb) of the Internet. Namely “if ‘new’ anti-Semitism is being promoted or endorsed on the Internet, there will always be a Court Jew to cover up for it, rationalize it, deny it or excuse it. No exceptions”.

Why am I not surprised that that you are also queer. So the mockery and disdain I pour on queer writer and editor Catherynne Valente in the pertinent article over here re her role within the genre thought police (the one that ultimately catalyzed Rose Fox’s dismissive tweets my way – see my previous article for the elucidation here) applies very personally to Rose Fox likewise. So the Jewish queer genre editor and critic ties her flag to the mast of those who explicitly consider the newfangled trumped-up Orwellian thoughtcrime that is ‘Islamophobia’  intrinsically bigoted and no thoughtcrime at all. Naturally. Given Islam’s um less than enlightened treatment of women and those of a queer persuasion to this day, Rose Fox the liberal Jewish queer genre editor tweeting derision my way is soooo predictable. I should have seen it coming. No really I should have.

So then Rosie, I make the same recommendation to you I made to your fellow queer editor Catherynne Valente. You’ll be helping her organize RiyadhCon then? I mean if like Valente, you are not just going to talk the talk, but walk the walk … The thing is whilst Valente and her partner may just have to dodge the Saudi religious police – the Mutaween – when stealing a kiss or similar, with you there is the added problem of getting into the Kingdom itself.

I mean there is the not so teeny weeny problem of being Jewish and this may come as a huge shock to you, but Jews are not very welcome in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (to put it mildly). Yes really. Oh wait that makes me an Islamophobe for pointing that out. I know I know. Sigh what can I do? Maybe there’s a re-education camp you know of for poor me? Well there are the universities I know, but that’s over for me now. I guess there’s always CNN and the BBC, the Guardian and the Nation. I could read Chimsky too I guess, man I swear I always make that typo (which I’m not going to correct), it’s positively Freudian!

And despite what you may have heard about the gay nightlife in Riyadh and Jeddah, I’m here to tell you that um the scene is kinda well dead really. I don’t know about the demand for Jewish lesbian poetry meetings in the Kingdom, but it’s definitely not allowed, as in illegal. Like um queer intimacy itself. It’s a punishable offense. Like rape, that’s also a punishable offense. I mean for the girl who dares to bring dishonour on her family by being raped of course. I don’t mean the rapist. No really. Oh My God there I go with my Islamophobia again! However the thing with queer sexual intimacy is the punishment meted out if one gets caught. Aside from imprisonment and/or lashes, it can also include – depends on the ‘piousness’ of the judge – that inconvenience called death. As in a death sentence. As in ze grim reeeeper and that scythe is not for cutting corn.

So even if you manage to get into the Kingdom – for RiyadhCon don’t forget – by hook or crook (Valente perhaps can smuggle you in if she has to), it’s best to remember this. No really. I know you may find all this very difficult to believe but open sexual queerness and Saudi Arabia don’t mix too well. It’s kinda like imagining Che Guevara berets and t-shirts worn at a John Birch meet. Or Deepak Chopra and Richard Dawkins co-authoring well anything together. Or a Michael Bay film opening at Cannes. Or your old man (Charles Platt to the readers out there) and Harlan Ellison co-editing a volume of science fiction short stories together or just sitting at a bar shooting the breeze, talking ’bout the old times. It’s all just so uh incompatible.

Oh wait the entire two paragraphs above reek of Islamophobia. I mean it’s just leaking out all over the place. What am I to do? I know I know … re-education.

Since I know that standing up for principles matters to liberal Jewish queers like yourself, well I’m sure you will uh stand up for them, by helping to organize RiyadhCon with Valente and other queer feminists (Jewish and Gentile) and attending in person, come hell or high water! Like I told Valente, you go girl!

The more I think about it, the more I think what a great idea RiyadhCon would be, or given the ‘Arab Spring’ sweeping through the Middle-East, CairoCon or TripoliCon is  also a real possibility. Let me tell you something it will shut me up pretty quick that’s for sure. Yes it will. And you won’t hear anything from me and my Islamophobic blog ever again. That’s a promise.

The scaaaary thing – and I am on the level here – is you reeeealllly don’t get it. At all.

Moving on, we have these tweets…

Then Brian White has something to say (well he thinks he does at least). White is a slot editor on the copy desk at the Boston Globe. Ooh derry doo. Fox replies.

Brian White
talkwordy Brian White
@rosefox maybe he thinks you are a self-hating Jew?

in reply to ↑
Rose Fox
@rosefox Rose Fox
@talkwordy No, he sincerely invited me to comment even though I’m not Jewish. To which I say, uhhh…

To which I say see what I wrote above.

Then we have this one from Fox, this is the killer to me (remember ‘talkwordy’ is Brian White).

Rose Fox
rosefox Rose Fox
@talkwordy “don’t think the questions I ask… are only applicable to Jewry. It’s an open house.”

To the non-Jews in speculative fiction out there –  for the record it is an open house (of course!). This is a reference to answering the questions I ask of Nick Mamatas as well as this one – do you consider China Mieville anti-Semitic in light of my series on him? Yes or no? 

Just remember if you are a Jew or Gentile who is truly not anti-Semitic (i.e. not anti-Israel nor anti-Zionist and you recognize the latter for what it truly is, a cover for Judenhass); if you dare speak out against ‘new’ anti-Semitism and related cultural and moral relativism (inclusive of the harebrained ‘Islamophobia’ gibberish as opposed to the  genuine anti-Muslim bigotry of the ‘nuke Mecca’ crowd. This is a distinction beyond the ability of ‘progressives’ to comprehend) in the genre community, the uh liberal Jews will be the first to attack and mock you for it! No wonder there is so much silence on all the Judenhass in the genre community… If genre Jewry not only refuse to speak out, but in fact are so desperate to ingratiate themselves or run cover at the very least for their their uh ‘progressive’ anti-Israel and yes anti-Semitic peers/colleagues (and some of them rabidly so), then why should anybody else be bothered? I mean if blacks and Hispanics didn’t and don’t speak out against racism directed their way, who else is usually brave enough to  do so?

The robot Brian White tweets again:

Brian White
talkwordy Brian White
@rosefox haha. I only skimmed the thing; couldn’t waste that much of my life reading it.

It’s actually a short article, shouldn’t take more than five minutes to read. Many of my blog articles are long (like this one!), but this one White is referring to ain’t one of them. Clearly White finds the moral and cultural relativism, double standards and hypocrisy of the ‘genre thought police’ that I allude to in my article too disturbing for him. Well he would, he’s at the Boston Globe.

Likewise the allusions in that article to China Mieville’s anti-Semitism that I have exhaustively exposed (elsewhere – in my Mieville series namely), and Nick Mamatas’s odious foul-ups, which only take a couple of minutes to read in the outline I give; well White admits to only having skimmed through it, it’s really just a waste of his time. Why is it so disturbing to you Brian White? Yes I know it runs counter to the mindset necessary to appreciate The Boston Globe’s uh news and views reporting.

Clearly if he can’t be bothered to read just the brief outline (it’s a waste of his time, he just skimmed it) I give of China Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism and Nick Mamatas’s um polemics- since they are a big part of the content – White certainly won’t be bothered to read a single article in either of my two respective series on these two characters (including the one linked to above re Mamatas). Yet White can’t help but launch a dismissive sneer or two my way even as he’s running away as fast as he can.

Note how White doesn’t even acknowledge what my article is about, well he doesn’t know by his own admission! He just skimmed it after all, he has better things to do with his time he says. Maybe it’s like reading Quantum Mechanics, it’s just too difficult for him. If that’s the case, then why comment on an article you admit to having not read properly Mr White? You can’t begin to refute anything I have written if you don’t even acknowledge the actual contents of my article. Oh wait he’ll take dear Rose’s word on it. White doesn’t appear to recognize his lack of basic reasoning skills, not even remotely. Then again he’s at The Boston Globe. To put it another way – he works for the unfunny joke that is the mainstream media where pertinent meaty facts and reasoned ideologue free argument are hard to come by, on pretty much most things.

So White (and Rose Fox of course) repeats the MO of the likes of Charles Stross and Tobias Buckell (and prior to them Tidhar, Yaniv, Gilman and others), even as I have taken them to task for that kind of baseless dismissal of myself, the kind of brush-off that doesn’t even begin to acknowledge what I am actually writing about. They can only repeat one another’s lame and tiresome ‘he’s nuts, DON’T GO THERE!’ mantras, because it’s all they have. It’s so revealing of their FEAR, but naturally they can’t admit it even to themselves.

What I write to Tobias Buckell and Stross over here (the article Fox tweeted on initially), can be repeated here again wrt the tweets of Fox and White:

Going by Buckell’s tweet… (and Stross’s tweets likewise for that matter), nobody would know what on earth I was actually writing about. I mean I could be writing about calling for the excavation of the lost ruins of Atlantis under Antarctica, the invasion of China, bombing the Martians, endorsing some David Icke conspiracy on alien lizards in the White House feeding on human sacrifices, bringing back eugenics or remaking Heaven’s Gate going by Stross’s and Buckell’s fact-free tweets.  Simply lame.


Fox again, in reply to White above and with evident relief and encouragement (you can do it Brian, Rose has got your hand, just don’t let go!):

In reply to ↑
Rose Fox
@rosefox Rose Fox
@talkwordy Good call.

I hope there are some readers who see just how lame and utterly pathetic this tweet of Fox’s is. Well what else can she do? STAY AWAY STAY AWAY KEEP OUT. DON’T GO NEAR THE RED WOLF BLOG. I mean you never know what you might find there, something creepy and crawly with a nasty bite, could be neurotoxic! Make sure to put on a brave front and not show the panic. And then as quietly as you can… RUN!

Then we have this tweet from hack writer Kip Manley/’kiplet’ on twitter.

kiplet kiplet
@rosefox “—but I have a life” are the five funniest words I have read all week. Given the context. Oh, my. Oh, dearie dear.

Did you learn that ‘funniest words I have read all week’ shtick from Rosie. Seems so. Our sweet Rosie replies:

in reply to
Rose Fox
@rosefox Rose Fox
@kiplet I know, right? Someone doth protest too much.

Okaaay Rose. If it makes you feel better about yourself and the fact that you don’t answer the questions I ask of you.

Rose walking the tightrope, careful now! Once again, get a gander at her…

Rose Fox
rosefox Rose Fox
@talkwordy “don’t think the questions I ask… are only applicable to Jewry. It’s an open house.”

Since Fox doesn’t acknowledge *the actual questions* I ask (even as she acknowledges I am asking questions of her!) – especially this one: do you consider China Mieville to be anti-Semitic or not? – I guess she won’t acknowledge these ones below neither, never mind answer them.

Why do you make it oh so clear that you have no interest in reading even a single article in my Mamatas and Mieville series (after all you make it clear you are just going to ignore what I have written in toto at my blog)? What are you so AFRAID of?

Oh wait you’re not reading this uh right?

So I guess then you won’t be bothered to read a single article in my Holocaust Revisionism series then (from April-May 2011) neither? Uh well you have already made it clear you have no interest in reading anything I have written, so I guess that’s answered then likewise.

Maybe if you had read this article (it’s my personal favourite actually), you could have maybe guessed what was coming in response to your tweets. I guess you didn’t read it then? Not that reading it would make any difference. You just don’t get it.

Oh wait you’re probably not even reading this…

So Rose Fox disappointingly does not set a precedent. Aw. She does not answer the big banana question I asked re China Mieville’s anti-Semitic prejudicial status: yes or no?

Quoting myself back at me is all very fine and well, but it is definitely not an answer. It’s not even an attempt at one:

Rose Fox: ‘ “don’t think the questions I ask… are only applicable to Jewry. It’s an open house.” ‘

No surprises.

Zat is not an answer ma cherie. Non. I still await a réponse from quelqu’un. Homme ou femme. Juif ou non. Even a Scandinivian blonde tres belle would do just fine. Or a shaman from ze Amazon. Ze question is ouvert au public!

Rose Fox had plenty to say at her blog on Orson Scott Card’s homophobia, pertaining especially to a novella of his that went under the radar, but then exploded when it got wider attention. Our Fox pulls no punches in that regard. Yet Fox (yes the same one!) refuses to answer my question re Mieville and his anti-Semitism. And she’s Jewish too, as she is sure to tell me!

Ah bien. Wot is for desert? Apres déjeuner ze loup is still hungry.

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