Jewish SF writer & editor Scott Edelman struggles vainly to comprehend my first article on Rose Fox’s tweeting. His ‘brain hurts’. Decides it’s best to run away

The tweeting of Rose Fox on this blog (catalyzed by my dismissal of Charles Stross and Tobias Buckell over here. Remember it all revolved around their reaction to my article ‘Catherynne Valente and the Thought Police‘) attracted writer and editor Scott Edelman’s (formerly at the SF Age for one and now with the SyFy Channel) um less than profound tweeting, in support of dear Rosie. See my previous two articles for my responses to Rose Fox’s tweeting. This article is most relevant.

These tweets are all from February 15th.

Here are the pertinent tweets, firstly from Rose Fox and then Edelman, then Fox again in reply:

Rose Fox
rosefox Rose Fox
Aw, I made a friend! Who thinks Rose Fox is a gentile name, apparently.

Scott Edelman
scottedelman Scott Edelman
@rosefox I don’t know what that’s all about, but I skimmed it and now my brain hurts. Do I really want to go down that rabbit hole?

in reply Rose Fox
@rosefox Rose Fox
@scottedelman I don’t recommend it, no.

Similar response to Fox’s mate at the Boston Globe, Brian White who just skimmed it, likewise he didn’t want to know. Rosie helped him out there too. See my second article on Rose Fox (the previous article to this one) for my reply to White. My god that first article on Rose Jasper Fox they are referring to is one of my shorter articles, would take five minutes to read max (especially for professional editors used to reading fast!). Surely the psychological motives re Edelman are the same as White’s and Fox’s, he’s just so disturbed by the contents therein that he can’t get his little head around it all. It may all just shatter his fragile mind, which is clearly made of glass. His ‘brain’ hurts from being exposed to something that runs counter to his progressive worldview and the soap-bubble he’s living in. Oh poor poor Scotty.

I know what I write about alludes to things that aren’t in The NY Times or The LA Times and carried on NPR, I know I know. Oh what is poor Scotty to do? Run run as fast as your legs can carry you, as fast as your glass bubble of a mind can bear. Click on the Huffington Post or tune into CNN or BBC World, it will put you back at ease and your uh brain won’t hurt so much anymore. I promise. And then the bogie man won’t come out of the closet and the bed bugs won’t bite.

I don’t know what that’s all about.

Hmmm what am I writing about? The philosophical implications of the famous double-slit experiment (that even Richard Feynman admitted he didn’t know) or the meaning of the violation of Bell’s Inequality Theorem? Is it an introduction to tensor calculus, an essay on the implications of the new explosive discoveries about pseudogenes and epigenetics as a whole to the controversies on gene therapy, GMOs and the necessary revamping and expansion to population genetics models?

Uh no.

I don’t know what that’s all about.

Sigh. Yes I know Edelman it’s really difficult for a ‘progressive’ liberal Jew to understand, probably impossible. I make it clear in the relevant article that I am mocking Rose Fox for her tweets directed my way and I ask uncomfortable questions of her that she naturally refuses to answer. Yes Scott I know you don’t understand. I know it hurts your ‘brain’. Fox’s tweets were catalyzed by my mockery of her mate Tobias Buckell (and Charles Stross). I mocked them for their tweets in response to my ‘Cathy Valente and the Thought Police’ article. Links to both articles above. Made it this far Scott? Or is it just way way way too difficult for you? Has it all been too much for your uh brain? Is the pain and agony too much to bear, something may burst? Actually I don’t really want to know. So if you have made it this far i.e. the allusion to the ‘Cathy Valente and the genre Thought Police’ article that got all this started (well my tête-à-tête with your friend Rose), you would need to know what that is all about…

Then again I do allude in the relevant article (the one that hurt your brain so much, the first Rose Fox article) – in bold text no less – to what the ‘genre Thought Police’ article is all about. That is on top of and directly after my explicit allusions to ‘odious stuff’ about Nick Mamatas and ‘China Mieville’s vicious anti-Semitism’, I did write this:

… and the lame political correctness of the ‘genre thought police’ as a whole, and the details thereof (broadly speaking the vapid and unthinking knee-jerk Islamophilia on the one hand and deafening silence on extreme anti-Semitism from self-same genre pros on the other hand).

Clearly that was too difficult for Edelman, his brain couldn’t take it. It hurt too much. I know Scott I know. Really I do. I know my allusion to the deafening silence on anti-Semitism within the genre community from the Apex SF crew (including silence from Valente but by no means limited to her), both the old-fashioned in-your-face kind (such as uh Holocaust Revisionism from genre pros) and the modern disingenuous kind – that is rabid, extreme and dishonest anti-Israelism among genre ‘rock star’ folkis simply beyond your ability to comprehend. I know Edelman I know. You don’t understand. I realize that.

I know that my allusion (via its twin of Islamophilia) to the Pavlovian chant of ‘Islamophobia’ as an absurd and incoherent Orwellian thoughtcrime is too much for your ‘brain’ to take. I know you don’t get it. How is it a thoughtcrime? Isn’t Islamophobia racism? Now Scotty we don’t want your ‘brain’ to explode. You have already told us it’s hurting so bad. So best not to go there. I mean I could explain (I have done it elsewhere at this blog. In response to Nick Mamatas fan Tim Lieder here), but Scott Edelman – and I am really not being condescending here at all, I am on the level – you really wouldn’t get it at all. Your whole progressive cultural relativist worldview would be in danger of collapse, your mind would shatter and who’s going to pick up the pieces?

I know that talk about the PC pandering and molly-coddling to the religion that can never be criticized *honestly* even as many of its adherents (no not all of its adherents by a long shot) wish and pray for another Holocaust of Jewry (and have the means to do it) and the rule of the Caliphate and the enforcement of oppressive Sharia law, is too much for Scott Edelman’s ‘brain’. I know I know. Your ‘brain’ is just throbbing now (if you have got this far).

Yes I know Scott, it’s veeeeeeerrrrrry difficult for a progressive liberal American Jew to understand all this. I know I know.

I don’t know what it’s all about

Sigh. It’s about an allusion to the odious politics and polemics of Nick Mamatas, just briefly alluded to therein. If you had followed through on that (you have that mouse thingy, you can do some amazing things with it), you would have come to this article here, where I ask Mamatas a few questions at the end of the article. Mamatas has gone into hiding on this front (he has responded to me twice before at his blog). So I asked his Jewish mates Lavie Tidhar and Charles Stross if they would have a go at answering those questions for him. Nir Yaniv and Laura Anne Gilman too. Likewise your friend Rose J Fox in the very article that hurt your ‘brain’ so much. None of them even acknowledge the *actual questions themselves* (just like Mamatas), never mind make the tiniest effort to answer them. That includes your dear friend Rose Fox.

Feel free to have a go at answering the questions Mamatas won’t answer. On the other hand Scott Edelman, it will hurt your ‘brain’ too much, way too much. Big warning sign (your brain hurts). Don’t even attempt it. It could be very dangerous, like in the movie Scanners and somebody has to clean up the mess!

I don’t know what it’s all about

It’s about an explicit allusion to the rabid anti-Semitism of China Mieville. There is a whole series on him at my blog giving all the evidence in this regard. Your friend Rose J Fox has made it clear that she is going to steer away from my blog, so it’s not like she is going to be reading any of that (and as a consequence she won’t it appears be answering my question in that respect – do you or do you not consider China Mieville to be anti-Semitic?).

You too dear Scott Edelman have made it clear you intend to steer far away from my blog, (following the lead of your fellow progressive Jew, do as you are told now Scotty and everything will be okay) so I surmise that you won’t be reading a single article in that Mieville series likewise (explicitly alluded to in the article that hurt your brain so much). So I assume then as with your friend Rose, you will not answer the question – do you or do you not consider China Mieville to be anti-Semitic in light of my series on him? So I guess you won’t be making any precedent there neither. What a pity.

None of the other progressive genre Jews I asked the same simple question of – Lavie Tidhar, Nir Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman, Charles Stross, along with Rose Fox, answered it. None of them have even acknowledged the question actually. What question? Oh there’s a question? Well Rose acknowledges there are questions, she just doesn’t reveal what they are in her tweeting. It’s kinda hilarious (even though it is sooo sad and pathetic as well). It’s like watching a bunch of bored teenagers showing off and throwing around a hot coal to one another, the trick of course being not to catch it even for a second, but just tip it off quickly, it burns like hell! Scorches. Coal’s gone to you now Scotty, don’t catch it!

The bookies have given odds of 500 to 1 on Edelman answering the question, with a simple yes or no. Do you consider China Mieville to be anti-Semitic in light of my series on him? These were the odds Ladbrokes gave me. Frankly I think those are very generous odds!

They gave me much better odds for this – will Scotty Edelman’s brain explode if made to meditate on the question for longer than sixty seconds, if he is just given a list of the title chapters (nine so far) in my Mieville series. Odds are 3/2 on that one.

Now I don’t want to read in Locus or Ansible that writer and editor Scott Edelman was reported to have suffered a brain hemorrhage in the time period of the next week or so. Believe it or not, I will blame myself. And then I’ll get over it.

Edelman twits uh tweets:
Do I really want to go down that rabbit hole?

No you don’t. You will loose your footing oh so fast (truthfully you have already lost it) and tumble down and down never to be seen again. My irony meter explodes (again). We are in Alice in Wonderland territory alright, it’s just not in the way you uh ‘think’.

Rose Fox tweets in reply to the above:

in reply to
Rose Fox
@rosefox Rose Fox
@scottedelman I don’t recommend it, no.

Kinda amusing to see Rose Fox repeat the desperate and pathetic warnings off of the likes of Nir Yaniv (to Laura Anne Gilman) for one. Nothing new here. If you all just shoo one another away from the bogie man all will be well with the world. Cognitive dissonance must be avoided any which way it can. The bogie man can’t get you if you don’t open the cupboard door at night… Shore each other up, there’s the spirit! You need all the help you can get! That’s for sure.

The thing is there is no bogie man in the cupboard. There is however a four hundred pound gorilla in the room and he ain’t going anywhere. Truth is he’s just getting bigger…

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