The galling obliviousness of it all: The Jewish genre critic Rose Fox cheers on anti-Semite China Mieville’s exposé of the racist apologetics for the racist ‘Tintin in the Congo’ comic book

So one of my uh critics, Jewish genre critic and reviewer Rose Fox who I have written two recent articles on, recently cheered (March 1st) on the hardcore anti-Semite China Mieville in his commentary cutting up some of the contemporary apologetics and whitewashing of the anti-black racism in a very old Tintin comic book, Tintin in the Congo.

Rose Fox writes:

Regarding the recent Belgian court decision that the indisputably racist Tintin in the Congo should be published without warning or introduction, China Miéville writes a deliciously scathing takedown of pretty much every pro-racism argument out there. There are an astounding number of ways people defend racism or attempt to dismiss it as irrelevant, as he notes:

(This – It’s Not Racist It’s Just Not Very Good – is a sort of evil-twin variant of the more common How Can Little Black Sambo Be Racist I Read It As A Child & I Loved It & What’s More I Understood Sambo Was The Hero (cf also How Can I Be A Sexist I Love Women In Fact I Prefer Them To Men aka How Is That Racist Having Natural Rhythm Is A Good Thing) position.)

He also dismantles claims of censorship and suppression (“Quick, conjure images of book burning!”), attempts to shift the focus to the author’s intent or the book’s historical context (“The question here is whether or not Tintin au Congo is racist. Which it is. That may perhaps in part be because white supremacism was less contested back then – just as well we’re not back then, then, isn’t it?”), and more. Read the whole thing. It’s good. I just wish it weren’t necessary.


You gotta be kidding Rose. Oh no of course not, this is all on the level, without the slightest sense of irony whatsoever. Mieville’s blog article from February 26th is entitled, ‘Stand down: literature has defeated the Thought Police’. He’s being wry and ironic of course. The real irony here is completely lost on Mieville and his ilk.  Mieville is one of the foremost among the genre Thought Police in selling the fabricated thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ and doing worse than covering up ‘progressive ‘ new anti-Semitism, he actively and shrilly promotes it!

Yes the Congo comic book is horribly racist (I have read it, I managed to pick up a  rare copy in a second-hand bookstore more than ten years ago). It’s simply a terrible comic at every level (its racism is unadorned and in-your-face) and it is a low point in the early career of Tintin creator Hergé. Mieville is right in this respect of course and Fox is right to endorse Mieville’s take here. If Tintin in the Congo is going to be republished, it needs to come with a lengthy introduction unequivocally and harshly condemning the comic for the racist screed that it is, preferably with a brief account of the Belgian atrocities in the Congo.

Yet let’s get this straight: the Jew-hater-who-pretends-he-ain’t China Mieville condemns Hergé for his racist ‘Congo’ comic book and the disgraceful decision of the Belgian court in this respect, along with fellow anti-black racist travellers who shrug at all this. Talk about chutzpah. I mean not that it’s surprising in the least…

However, the Jewish genre critic at Publishers Weekly Rose Fox cheers on the anti-Semite Mieville in his contempt for this latest cultural racist whitewashing and apologetics for anti-black racism! And Rose Fox has been made cognizant of my exhaustive series on Mieville and his indisputable Judenhass. Just read my two article on her – she tweeted mockery and dismissal my way on two separate occasions. The second series of tweets were in response to my first article on her. I asked her explicitly in my first article whether she considered Mieville anti-Semitic in light of my series on him. I never got an answer – something I mention in my second article on Rose Fox.

I doubt Rose Fox even read a single article in my Mieville series. Who does? I doubt she will even now.. So clearly as with Orson Scott Card’s homophobia which Rose Fox publicly condemned in very clear language (see my second article on Fox. Fox is also queer/bi), Rose Fox makes her opposition to anti-black racism very clear. That is she is very public on it. As far as  anti-Semitism is concerned, it’s not so much that it’s a much lower priority with her, it’s a ZERO priority. I mean Mieville’s intemperate and indisputable anti-Semitism means less than nothing to her, this is clearly the case.

After all she was ‘aware’ of my series on Mieville for sure, as I had pointed it out to her very explicitly in my article of February 14th in response to her tweeting my way, in defense of her liberal genre peers Tobias Buckell and Charles Stross. I then reiterated the allusion to Mieville’s base Judenhass in my second article on Fox (February 22nd), in reply to her second series of tweets directed my way (she was responding to my first article on her). And I know she read that second article likewise. As I write above and elsewhere, Rose Fox appears to have gone out of her way not to read any of the Mieville articles at this blog.

So Fox makes much of Mieville’s blog article from Feb 26th re Tintin and anti-black racism. On Mieville’s blog article from October 18th last year re the release of IDF captive Gilad Shalit, Fox had nothing to say. I mention the anti-Semitic slurs in Mieville’s Shalit post over here. Then again Fox has nothing to say about Mieville’s staunch and persistent endorsement of BDS against Israel (and no other nation on earth) on several occasions and in several venues (including at his blog). Nor does his blogging for the terribly anti-Semitic Lenin’s Tomb blog mean anything to her. Ditto his past campaigning for the terribly anti-Semitic Respect Party/coalition (the party of George Galloway) and Mieville’s other brazenly mendacious and woeful slanders and hostile activity re the Jew among the nations (see my archived China Mieville articles from December 2011 and January 2012).

It’s like I have said before on several occasions: with the genre Thought Police, and especially the Jewish ‘progressives’  such as Rose Fox, when it comes to anti-Semitism, it’s the hear-no-evil-see-no-evil approach. All of the time, day in and day out. There’s a four hundred pound gorilla in the room? Don’t know what you’re talking about red wolf, go and take your meds and tune back into Limbaugh. Worse than that, the Jewish ‘progressives’ such as Rose Fox are cozying up to a very mean gorilla as if it were a newborn lamb.. It surpasses willful blindness into an even more perverse blindness that crosses over into masochism and the most extreme form of denialism.

Liberal genre Jewry don’t seem to have any limits or barriers as to how low they are willing to go, in ingratiating themselves with the liberal anti-Semites in their midst (even after this is pointed out to them in exhaustive detail). They have hitched a ride on the  ‘progressive’ cultural and moral relativist Liberal wagon, and they don’t care where it’s going…

For the record it’s going off a very high cliff…

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