The sound & the fury of SF writer Scott Edelman as he sinks deeper into the bog. Goes where no SF Court Jew has gone before – so far – in defense of the anti-Semite China Mieville. Truly

Oh Scotty Edelman, what are we to do with you?

To the reader, please consult this first Scott Edelman article for the context and background to this one. I had responded to this liberal American Jewish SF writer and editor’s dismissive tweet on my blog therein. This pertained to Edelman’s dimwit defense of the ‘genre Thought Police’ (catalyzed by Rose Fox’s tweets directed my way). If you want to know what that’s all about, see the two Rose Fox articles from February where I elucidate on all that (with the relevant links).

So my first Scott Edelman article gets Scott Edelman all huffy and puffy and he huffs and he puffs (via twitter of course). So here are Edelman’s puffballs directed my way. These tweets were all puffed on the 2nd of March:

Been alerted to a post attacking me that’s so incoherent, offensive, and ranting, Glenn Beck is a paragon of logic and reason by comparison.

Yaaaawn. That’s soo predictable. Knee-jerk mindless response from Edelman. Oooooh it just soo demolishes my case against you Edelman. Not. There’s a reason why I put the allusion to Edelman’s ‘brain’ in quotation marks in the relevant first article of mine on Edelman. Edelman’s further tweeting here only proves I was right to do so. Mike Moore is a paragon of logic and reason by comparison to Edelman. Note how Edelman takes a tiresome and derivative swipe at Beck. As with the typical liberal American Jew, it’s the supportive of Israel Beck who is the bête noire to Edelman, not any of the scores of Jew-hating Leftist personalities in the media, entertainment, politics, academia, the literary world etc. Well the latter are Edelman’s fellow liberals, so there you go.

Here is Edelman’s second tweet and it is a KILLER:

Scott Edelman  @scottedelmhan

I’ll side with @rosefox, @tobiasbuckell, @NMamatas, @cstross and China Miéville any day over an odious, bigoted, nasty little blogger.

Whoooooaaa! You go Scotty, right over the edge! There’s a good boy.

Edelman naturally just tweets without thinking, then again can Edelman think at all? Yes it’s a rhetorical question. Scotty is just so so angry, he really gives me a piece of his ‘mind’. Well there you go.

It’s also slander btw. Calling me a bigot without backing it up with any evidence whatsoever. When I call people like Mieville Jew-haters, I back it up with evidence – nine heavily detailed articles in Mieville’s case (that Edelman can’t be bothered to read of course).
I mean it’s not like I didn’t see it coming. Par for the course.

The Court Jew Scott Edelman will side with the likes of the anti-Israel self-admitted unethical ‘ghost writer’ of college papers Nick ‘butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child’ Mamatas over the pro-Israel red wolf blogger any day. Well of course you would Scotty. The fact that you almost certainly didn’t even bother reading the pertinent linked Nick Mamatas article in which – among other things – I allude to Mamatas’s glowing admiration and unequivocal endorsement of a Hamas and Hezbollah supporting Jew-hating blogger ahead of any other blog in the whole world; but side with Mamatas anyhow is par for the course, with a Court Jew that is. Edelman still won’t click on the links most probably (where plenty more of Mamatas’s harebrained idiocy and related is disclosed and exposed), and even if Scotty did so, would it make any difference? No because Edelman would not be capable of comprehending the meaning of the several questions I ask Mamatas (in the first linked article). For that Edelman’s brain is needed. And we haven’t found it yet, but the search goes on, even as it may take us to the very bowels of the earth …

Edelman doesn’t tell us how I am oh so odious, nor bigoted. Oh wait it’s my ‘Islamophobia’ of course. You know the apparently irrational fear and contempt I have for Muslim radicals wanting to kill me and everyone of my family members simply because I and they are Jewish and infidels. You know the ‘bigotry’ that is my derision of Muslim extremists who support oppressive Sharia law, the honour killings of girls, the murder of apostates and the crushing underfoot of basic civil liberties and rights, all in the name of Allah. The ‘bigotry’ that is my contempt for Muslim fanatics (and their apologists) and the reverence these reactionary nutters have for all forms of backwardness, tyranny and the destruction of all ethical and genuinely civilized values and their infliction of misery, hate and violence that envelopes the lives of tens and tens of millions (at the very least) and threatens the Jews with another Holocaust. Nowhere do I express contempt and derision for genuine moderate Muslims.

The hardcore Jew-hater China Mieville feels the same way about ‘Islamophobia’ as you do Edelman and gang (ie the genre Thought Police); that is that it’s an evil, racist, reactionary and ugly thing. Just ask Mieville. He constantly trumps on it, including recently in the NY Times.

It’s beyond Edelman’s (and the genre Thought Police’s) ‘awareness’ that by endorsing the thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’ (implicit in his calling me a bigot) he is in lockstep agreement on this front with all the Jew-hating apologists of the Muslim jihad on the Western Left, and the Muslim radicals themselves who fabricated this thought crime in the first place in order to stifle and disarm their knowledgeable critics. Edelman is beyond clueless. It’s way way beyond Edelman’s ability to stop and reflect on what all this tell us. Don’t worry I know you don’t get it Edelman and crew. Shuuuuuuder.

Here is the KILLER QUOTE once again, and Edelman – as he only can – plunges off the cliff, going where no Science Fiction Court Jew has gone before (not even Lavie Tidhar and Rose Fox who come closest), and that’s saying a lot!

I’ll side with @rosefox, @tobiasbuckell, @NMamatas, @cstross and China Miéville any day over an odious, bigoted, nasty little blogger.

The uh Jew Scott Edelman will side with the hardcore anti-Semite China Mieville any day over the pro-Israel Jew, the red wolf blogger. Of course you will Scotty, that’s what being a submissive brain-dead Court Jew is all about.

Edelman will side with the supporter of sanctions, boycott and divestment against Israel China Mieville any day over the pro-Israel red wolf. Edelman will side with Mieville, the open sympathizer of Turkish Muslim radicals bent on murder and martyrdom in their jihad against the Jews, who Mieville brazenly lies about and calls “unarmed activists”; over the Jew who stands up for Israel against the poison stew of lies and ignorance. Any day.

Edelman will side with the anti-Semitic writer Mieville – Edelman’s fellow Leftist after all who is in agreement with Edelman (and the genre thought police as a whole) on ‘Islamophobia’ – who campaigned for the terribly anti-Semitic SWP under the Respect coalition, the latter co-founded by one of the most notorious Jew-hating jihad supporting fascists in the UK, George Galloway. And Mieville campaigned for this party under the Respect coalition, when it was in open alliance with Muslim extremists (the MAB). Edelman will side with the Marxist academic Mieville who objects and froths at the mouth when another noted British writer – Ian McEwan – dares to commit the ‘crime’ of accepting a literary award in Israel; and Mieville does so through the bizarro lies and slanders of the Jew-hating British Writers In Support of Palestine of which Mieville is a member. Edelman will side with Mieville whose predictable cowardly anti-Semitic slanders upon the release of captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit one could have seen coming a mile off.

All this (and more, such as Mieville’s knee-jerk repetition of the Gaza Beach libel) is covered in exhaustive detail in my nine part series (so far) on China Mieville and I betcha that Edelman didn’t bother reading a single article in my Mieville series. He possibly never will. Same goes for many of his fellow thought police.

If he had he might not have plunged off the cliff the way he did without a second thought. Then again it may not have made any difference. One needs a mind to comprehend what I am writing about. That empty glass bubble that passes for the mind of Scotty Edelman can very easily burst. It’s so very fragile.

So the short of it is that Edelman explicitly sides with the hardcore anti-Semite China Mieville who publicly campaigned for a vicious Jew-hate fascist political party in the UK (the Socialist Workers Party/Respect) over the pro-Israel red wolf blogger. Any day of the year Scotty Edelman is sure to tell us. Well the Jew-hater Mieville is on the same side as Edelman and the rest of the Court Jews – Charles Stross, Farah Mendlesohn and Lavie Tidhar and plenty others among them – when it comes to the enforcement of the thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’ and the moral and cultural relativism that goes with it.

I am NOT SAYING that Edelman, Stross, Mendlesohn and Tidhar are anti-Semitic like Mieville; just that they, along with the rest of the genre Thought Police, are dupes of a Big Lie. They share in this self-same harebrained and odious cluelessness – the belief that ‘Islamophobia’ is actual prejudice rather than a manufactured thought crime – with the Jew-hating Mieville and other anti-Semitic Leftists is all.

It is beyond the ‘minds’ of our Court Jews – Stross, Tidhar, Edelman, Mendlesohn and for that matter Rose Fox, Nir Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman, Abigail Nussbaum and plenty others – that ‘Islamophobia’ as a thought crime is being pushed and was invented by Jew-hating Muslim radicals in the West. In this disingenuous Orwellian agenda they have as their most reliable and vocal allies the useful idiots that are the anti-Semitic communists, socialists and fellow Leftists – the Jew-haters-who-pretend-they-ain’t George Galloway and China Mieville among them.

So to my query – do you consider China Mieville anti-Semitic in light of my series on him, yes or no? – Edelman comes closest to giving us an unequivocal answer! Ain’t that sweet. It’s not quite 100% unequivocal. Scotty doesn’t quite answer the question straight up, the question that all of SF’s Court Jews refuse to answer, like the yellow bellies they are. Scotty doesn’t unambiguously answer the question, beyond dispute with a ‘no Mieville is not anti-Semitic’. However he comes sooooo close, he’s walking the line and indeed sways and totters over it like a drunk, at least a little … More than a little.

“I’ll side with @rosefox, @tobiasbuckell, @NMamatas, @cstross and China Miéville any day over an odious, bigoted, nasty little blogger.”

I mean Scott Edelman the American Jewish liberal makes it 100% clear he’s on the side of the vicious anti-Semite Mieville – his fellow PC Islamophile Leftist of course – over the pro-Israel Jewish blogger red wolf. Any day of the year, winter or summer. Come hell or high water.

Even Nir Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman and Charles Stross weren’t that stupid (so far) to come out and say that. Rose Fox totters, oblivious but doesn’t come out and say that explicitly, so far. With a caricature of the idiot-dhimmi-Jewish-liberal that is Scott Edelman, it’s just about giving him enough rope. You’ll have to look up the word dhimmi Edelman. I doubt you could be bothered.

I’ll side with @rosefox, @tobiasbuckell, @NMamatas, @cstross and China Miéville any day over an odious, bigoted, nasty little blogger.

Scotty Edelman blithely groups the likes of Fox and Stross – both Jewish –  with the hardcore anti-Semitic communist China Mieville, in common cause against the pro-Israel Jew the red wolf blogger. I don’t do that, but you do Edelman.

Would the likes of Fox and Stross appreciate it – Edelman blithely grouping them with a stereotypical anti-Semitic communist that is China Mieville, in a supposed alliance in an internet political war against the Jew who exposed to the light of day Mieville’s extreme and relentless Judenhass in the first place (because nobody else would do it)? Who knows? It is a Judenhass that clearly doesn’t mean a thing to the  genre Thought Police, Fox and Stross included (Lavie Tidhar likewise and I elucidate on this in a forthcoming article).

Let’s see how far their loyalties to harebrained liberalism take them.. I mean I don’t know, I’m curious …

Scott Edelman’s brain sat on a wall
Scott Edelman’s brain had a great fall
Into the pit of Knee-Jerk Liberalism
All the dhimmi horses and all the dhimmi men
Couldn’t put Edelman’s brains back together again

Here we have a tweet from John Scalzi, yes SF writer and president of the SFWA. Whoopee!

John Scalzi  @scalzi

@scottedelman Relating to that last tweet: Did I miss something exciting?
3:50 PM – 2 Mar 12 via TweetDeck ·

Edelman replies:

Scott Edelman @scottedelman

@scalzi On the one hand, I don’t want to give this guy bandwidth. But on the other hand:…

On the one hand he doesn’t want to give me traffic, on the other hand he’ll give the link to my post that shows Edelman up in really bad light, as a know-nothing ‘progressive’ liberal in over his head. However because twitter is a medium where you followers – naturally enough – are your buddies, acquaintances, fans, peers, colleagues etc who tend to ‘think’ just like you, he doesn’t have to worry about anybody calling him out for his foul-up. In a nutshell, unrecognized but de facto political groupthink keeps the illusions going. So they can only encourage him in his folly.

Then we have a tweet from one Fred Kiesche, a SF reviewer and critic, including over at SFSignal:

 Fred Kiesche @FredKiesche

@scottedelman @scalzi Scott, you are just the latest in a very long line of distinguished people who have been trolled by that person.

Trolled isn’t the right word really, but moving on … “Distinguished people”? Ah the distinguished genre thought police of course. Oh like the Jew-hater China Mieville? Wonder if he’s including Nick Mamatas? Probably. Now don’t click on the links, good little liberals (just like most all of you didn’t in the previous articles likewise, and probably won’t be bothered to click on the Mieville articles linked to further up), they may shatter your ‘minds’. Dangerous to your health. I hope Fred isn’t including the ‘distinguished’ Holocaust Revisionists like Dave Truesdale and the late James P Hogan. Oh no he didn’t mean them of course (one hopes). He didn’t even notice any of that, passed through the holes in his head. He ain’t alone there, that’s for sure. He means Tobias Buckell, Charles Stross, Rose Fox, Cathy Valente, and Lavie Tidhar – the genre Thought Police crew. Laura Anne Gilman and Nir Yaniv too. Well progressive enforcement of the thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’ and burying one’s head in the sand re anti-Semitism (at best) may be a ‘distinguished’ approach to the likes of Fred Kiesche, fan of the genre Thought Police, but I’ll keep my distance just the same.

 Scott Edelman @scottedelman

@lauriedtmann @scalzi I’m trying to laugh while trying not to point, because bile like that doesn’t deserve further dissemination.

Further dissemination? How can there be further dissemination when there hasn’t been any to begin with? You wouldn’t even know what I was writing about AT ALL, given Edelman & gang’s tweeting. Utterly lame and pathetic. Edelman’s tweeting can be paraphrased as ‘you’re a nasty nasty nasty little racist man, lower than Glenn Beck so there’. Such harebrained tweeting does not even approach the level of coherent rhetoric Scotty.
I mean it’s not like I didn’t see it coming. Par for the course.

It’s like what I wrote to Tobias Buckell in response to his lame ad hominem tweeting, you wouldn’t have the vaguest clue what I had written whatsoever, going by these obtuse Pavlovian tweets.

The tweets of the genre thought police are mutually interchangeable, they say the same things, they say nothing at all. Groupthink TWITtering. Something there for psychologists to study, coming to think of it.

I could program software, call it ‘an automated tweet generator for liberals in distress’.

Here’s how I could market it:

Are you the innocent victim of some snide put-downs from a nasty eeeeevil right-wing blogger? Well if you are a liberal progressive, you are automatically innocent and in the right and your antagonist therefore can only be an eeeevil right-winger, in the wrong and racist to boot. We have the simple solution to this irritant. Our software generates an automated response via your twitter feed setting the record straight! You don’t have to think of a clever riposte – we know how difficult that is, thinking we mean – so our software does it for you!

No matter what your evil antagonist is actually saying (and we know he is just so in the wrong because you dear liberal customer are always right, being a liberal – and being the customer – see? So we can just ignore what the wingnut neocon is actually saying), our software alternates with several randomly generated tweet rebuttals that totally demolish the points the evil right-winger is making. Whatever they happen to be. It doesn’t matter. He’s mad, racist and wrong. That’s all you need to know.

Choose from one of these clever entirely original put-downs that are entirely reasonable and icily logical. This one below for example is simply devastating as a winning rhetorical tool. Nothing like it:

Sounds like a Glenn Beck wanna-be channeling Fox News

Told ya! We don’t disappoint.

To this one, equally original, that is likewise very effective and entirely rational in refuting your opponent’s point, whatever it may happen to be. It doesn’t matter at all:

Is this guy understudying for Rush Limbaugh? Sounds like it.

That’s one straight to the belly!

To this totally coherent and logical smack-down to which there can never ever be any rational come-back:

He’s just an Islamophobic bigot, so just point at him and laugh. That’s the really rational response.

Hegel, Hume and Kant ain’t got anything on that!

Prof Noam Chimsky at MIT, a fearless defender of freedom everywhere, has called this automated software “ingenious and devastating, an effective rebuttal to right-wing cryptofascist Islamophobic Zionist warmongers everywhere”.

So there!

This software StopZionConIsamophobeBloggers is available for a thirty day free trial. If satisfied don’t forget to try our StopZionConIslamophobeBloggersPlus, where additional randomly generated tweets further demolish your opponents’ arguments and crush them into dust, with the most sophisticated logic and rhetorical flourishes this side of the Rio Grande. StopZionConIslamophobeBloggersPlus is only an extra three dollar charge per month. It’s worth it.

They include automated tweets such as this:

Loon Loon Loon Loon Nuts Nuts Nuts Loon Loon Loon Nuts Nuts Nuts

(ht Lavie Tidhar, one of our software engineers)

And many many more just like it! Some are even more sophisticated, like this one:

Racist. Loon Loon Loon. Nuts Nuts Nuts Loon Loon Loon. Racist. Nya Nya nya nya. I’m laughing at yooo, I’m laughing at yoooo. You are incoherent and offensive, offensive and incoherent. Islamophobic bigoted nasty little Fox news lovin’ Glenn Beckite blogger, Limbaugh wannabe reactionary looooooon. I’m laughing at yooooo. Yes I am. So there!

The above is straight up, it’s devastating and we say this without any sense of irony whatsoever. In fact our software is 100% irony free.

One Laurie Mann, a self-admitted ‘feminist geek’ comes to Scotty’s ‘rescue’ with a tweet of her own:

Laurie Mann @lauriedtmann

@scalzi @scottedelman “…the rational response is to point and laugh.” Like that’s worked for Fox News, Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck
Scott Edelman Scott Edelm

The really scaaaaary thing is that none of these ‘progressives’ see what self-parodies they are. You don’t know what a rational response is, Laurie. Lame and utterly baseless guilt by association with the usual overplayed and over-worn bêtes noires of the Left. It is not a rational response whatsoever. Not even close to one. Couldn’t you be a little bit more original, Limbaugh, Fox News? That’s sooo last decade. Get with it girl. How about Andrew Breitbart? Yeah he’s just died, but I don’t see why that should stop you. It didn’t stop Rolling Stone Magazine who called him a douche upon his passing. Man I could see these Pavlovian tweets coming from twenty miles away. Reload, recycle, reload, recyle. Retread, retread, retread …

Didn’t know Fox News and Limbaugh were exposing anti-Semitism much at all, last I checked. Never mind from within the SF genre community. Hey that’s news to me. Oooooh Glenn Beck. My God you would think I was a Christian. Well Beck is a supporter of Israel (to his credit), so he is hated by Jew-haters of all stripes for that – Pat Buchanan and Ron Paulite paleocons and white supremacist rednecks, Muslim fanatics, progressive liberal anti-Zionists. Oh Never Mind.

Hey Edelman and gang, if you are going to bother to tweet your harebrained puffball tweets my way, remember to make use of the automated StopZionConIslamophobeBloggers software. It’s free for thirty days, after which I’ll have to bill you all. Don’t say I don’t try to help.

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