John Scalzi & S Edelman puff their predictable tweets my way. A gaggle of faithful followers mindlessly tweet their support, writers Mike Allen & outgoing VP of the SFWA Mary Robinette Kowal among them

Here are the predictable content-free tweets (puffed on the 23rd March) in reply to my previous article on SF writer and president of the SFWA John Scalzi and his role in defending the worldview and mindset of the genre thought police.

John Scalzi  @scalzi

Hey, check out this total asshole: (warning: Total asshole behind that link)

Baseless and tiresome ad hominem, in no way refuting the contents of my article, not even acknowledging them of course.

Well hey it’s twitter!

Then Scotty Edelman twits (yes twits not tweets) as he only can:

Scott Edelman  @scottedelman
@scalzi Not what I expected to see. Doesn’t he realize the way he says what he says gets in the way of what he means? He’s incomprehensible.

What did you expect to see? The way I say what? Edleman doesn’t clarify at all, then again he can’t without tying himself in knots. What do I mean Edelman? Once again no clarification. (yeah I know it’s twitter. How convenient) Going by Edelman’s tweet you would have no idea what I was saying at all, nor the way I was saying it whatsoever. Edelman is too dense to recognize that at all, naturally. Edelman projects his incoherence onto me. Clearly my two articles on Edelman and the one on Scalzi were incomprehensible to both of them. They would be to the likes of Edelman, Scalzi and fellow travellers.

It’s ‘incomprehensible’ to Scotty Edelman that my pertinent article/s  are about the unambiguous allusions I make to China Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism (with all the evidence at my blog, in 9 lengthy articles now) and the fact that Edelman is explicit on the point that he would take the side of the anti-Semite Mieville any day over the Jew red wolf exposing anti-Semitism (such as Mieville’s but by no means limited to him) in the professional genre community. This is once again ‘incomprehensible’ to Edelman. The explicit allusions I make to the dubious and untenable thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ and the fact that it is a thoughtcrime invented and pushed by anti-Semitic Islamists and faithfully propagandized by their useful idiots in the West, who are often enough anti-Semitic themselves (eg China Mieville), is likewise clearly incomprehensible to Edleman, Scalzi and gang. Of course it is. (see my two recent articles on Edelman for the details herein, on top of the previous one on Scalzi) You have to be outside the circle of navel-gazing twits to get it. It’s an army of zombies out there.

Going by the predictable knee-jerk tweets of Scalzi and Edelman one would have no idea that my prior article on Scalzi pertained to his defense of Edelman re the latter’s shameless and oblivious foul-up (Edelman & co remain oblivious) on Mieville and the enforcement of the PC thoughtcrime of Islamophobia being pushed heavily by genre Leftists.

A further tweet from Scalzi:

John Scalzi  @scalzi

@scottedelman He’s writing as best he can, or ever will. Which is, of course, his biggest problem.

Again baseless and unsubstantiated ad hominem. Going by Scalzi’s tweet, one would have no idea what my article on you was about at all Scalzi. Not even vaguely. Hence your pathetic name-calling. It’s all you have in your dud arsenal.

Scott Edelman comments:

Scott Edelman  @scottedelman

@scalzi BTW — does this guy have an actual name as opposed to the title of the blog, or is he posting anonymously?

Can’t seem to find one.


Then Adam Israel (who at least can be bothered to read the ‘what this blog is about’ page) clarifies it a little better for poor Scotty.

Adam Israel  @AdamIsrael

@scottedelman @scalzi He claims to be “Lawrence A” from the old Asimov’s forum, on the about page.

You see Scotty it’s not so hard. Israel did the easy peasy detective work, he went to the ‘what this blog is about’ page.

Scotty then tweets a brain-dead tweet in reply to Adam Israel:

Scott Edelman  @scottedelman

Adam Israel @AdamIsrael @scalzi But he says that he wrote “under that moniker” not that it’s his name. Is he taking potshots from hiding? Ah, anonymity!

Edelman naturally can’t comprehend in the slightest that his tweet in no way is remotely sensible, never mind a devastating blow to yours truly. In no way does it remotely refute the contents and substance of my two articles on him and the further one on Scalzi. What does it matter whether I post under my real name or a pseudonym/moniker? What difference does that make re the merits of my articles or otherwise? It’s neither here nor there as far as the substance of my articles is concerned. If I posted under my real name, would that automatically make my articles more worthy and edifying? I would still come in for these baseless and lame ad hominem twitter attacks from Edelman and co. So it’s neither here nor there whether I post under my real name or under the name Daffy Duckstein or Emperor of the Tiger Kingdom of Upper Narnia. It’s beyond Edelman’s ability to recognize this of course.

Then we have this oh-so-lame tweet from one ‘M’:

M. @TrancewithMe

@scalzi Don’t fuck with crazy, it just gets all over you dude.

Yes another TWITterer making use of my StopZionConIslamophobeBloggers software. See here for the details (scroll down to the lowest part of my article). I do realize that most of you don’t get it. Naturally not.

Scalzi in reply:

John Scalzi  @scalzi

M. @TrancewithMe Trust me, that will be the extent of it.

One would hope so for your sake. I mean you can keep digging your grave for all I care. It’s fine by me. I don’t care one way or another too much.

Then there is this pathetic and totally brain-dead tweet from Will England whose byline on his twitter feed is ‘Community admin for Sprint. I work for them, I don’t speak for them’:

Will England  @wingland

@scalzi was expecting goatse…

Uh okaaay. To those who don’t know, the urban dictionary gives us this definition of ‘goatse’:

A disgusting picture of a man stretching his anus extremely wide. One of the oldest jokes on the internet is to link the picture to internet forums and chatrooms, renamed to look like something else like “happybunnies.jpg” . Often causes people to freak out.
-Hey you know what goatse is?
-no, what is it?
-check this website out!
-oh god it’s horrible!

Nowhere do I remotely give any sign that I am such a type of person. My blog articles are often lengthy critiques and commentary (such as this one), with numerous links to scholarly and credible sources (such as my Mieville and Mamatas articles). Will England & co can’t be bothered with any of that of course. Hey when it’s all about muck-raking, rake muck!

John Scalzi then endorses England’s muck-raking, which tells us more about England and Scalzi than it does myself!

‘John Scalzi  @scalzi

@wingland Well, in a sense, you got it.

Clearly not, any more than England, Scalzi, Edelman and co *get it*.

We also get these tweets:

This one is from SF author and puppeteer Mary Robinette Kowal. Her novel Shades of Milk and Honey was nominated for the 2010 Nebula Award for Best Novel. She has also been art director at Weird Tales and is the vice-president of the SFWA (2010 -2012). So there is a loyalty factor to her boss, Scalzi the head honcho of the SFWA. She has not run for re-election and in fact endorsed Rachel Swirsky for the vice-presidency. Swirsky will be replacing Robinette Kowal in the vice-president role.

Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette

@scalzi I can’t even tell what he’s ranting about.

See what I write above re Edelman and Scalzi on Mieville’s anti-Semitism, Edelman being very clear that he takes the anti-Semite China Mieville’s side over the red wolf blogger (Scalzi was tweeting in defense of Edelman initially); and the dubious thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ being pushed mindlessly by the genre thought police (and the moral and cultural relativism that goes along with the latter fabricated so-called prejudice). That’s what I am “ranting about”. Duuuuh.

As I expanded on to Edelman here re these two points, it would be beyond your ability to comprehend dear Mary; that is the easy to understand points I make contradict harshly, even violently with your ‘progressive’ worldview. In psychology this is called cognitive dissonance. Never Mind dear Mary. There is also the knee-jerk loyalty to your boss, even as you are leaving the job of VP.

Scalzi in groupthink mode replies:

John Scalzi  @scalzi

@MaryRobinette It’s kind of impressive that way!

Naturally it impresses a head-in-the-sand know-nothing like Scalzi that like him, you don’t comprehend my easy peasy to understand allusions to China Mieville’s anti-Semitism, and Edelman’s remarks that he would take the anti-Semite Mieville’s side over the red wolf blogger exposing anti-Semitism in the genre community any day of the year. Naturally it impresses Scalzi that you don’t understand the pointed remarks I make about the flimsy and sinister thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ and the fact that this thoughtcrime was invented by reactionary (and prejudiced to Jewry and others) Islamists in the West and earns the vocal support of their useful know-nothing idiots in the West, many of whom are anti-Semitic themselves (China Mieville for example). Yes I am repeating myself. Of course I could repeat myself until the cows come home, it would make no difference to the likes of Scalzi, Edelman, Robinette Kowal and gang. They don’t get it and probably never ever ever will.

Wow look it impresses the president of the SFWA that his VP agrees with him!

Here’s a tweet from Mike Allen. Mike Allen is a SF writer and poet, a Nebula Award nominee and editor of the Clockwork Phoenix anthologies and the poetry journal Mythic Delirium, as his website informs us.

Mike Allen  @mythicdelirium

@scalzi @MaryRobinette His “Twitter critics” would look great together in an anthology ToC.

Yeah I think so too! Just not in the way you ‘think’.

Here incidentally is Mike Allen at his blog quite recently (March 1st) endorsing and commending the rabid anti-Semite China Mieville’s scathing commentary on the ugly details revolving around the republication of the anti-black racist Tintin in the Congo comic book.

Allen gives the hat-tip to Jewish genre editor and critic Rose Fox for highlighting this article written by the anti-Semite China Mieville condemning the racist whitewashing and apologetics upon the republication of Tintin in the Congo at her own blog. “Thanks to Rose Fox for linking to this China Mieville essay”

As with Rose Fox, Mike Allen is oblivious to the irony, obtuseness and hypocrisy of commending an anti-Semite such as Mieville on the latter’s criticisms pertaining to anti-black racism (whatever the legal conundrums may be) in our arts and culture. I wrote an article on EXACTLY this here. It is entitled ‘... The Jewish genre critic Rose Fox cheers on anti-Semite China Mieville’s exposé of the racist apologetics for the racist Tintin in the Congo comic book‘.

Allen didn’t appear to notice that recent article of mine, never mind read it. I doubt he will even now and if he did, would he be capable of comprehending it?

Allen like the Jewish Rose Fox (who he gave the hat-tip to) is oblivious to the hypocrisy of heartily approving of an article condemning anti-black racism written by a rabid genre anti-Semite China Mieville. He – as with Fox, Edelman, Scalzi and gang – is as oblivious to it as he is to my detailed articles documenting Mieville’s ugly anti-Semitic tirades to begin with. You have to ask – why is that?

Naturally to these gaggle of twitterers, the five paragraphs above will be quite simply incomprehensible and evidence of my alleged craziness. Well that’s how it is with the genre Thought Police. Easy peasy to understand points showing them up in a less than flattering way are naturally incomprehensible to them and evidence of my possible tendency to post pornographic links at my blog ‘goatse’ style, in response to my twitter critics.

It’s also worth remarking in passing that in the comments to Mike Allen’s blog post on the Mieville blog article re Tintin in the Congo, Tim Lieder/marlowe1 is conspicuous. In fact Lieder makes more comments on that Allen blog post than anybody else. As regular readers of my blog know, Tim Lieder has been the subject of no less than four articles at my blog. The last and most pertinent one here. The Lieder articles were catalyzed by his shoot-himself-in-the-head defense of Nick Mamatas. I have of course heavily criticized and mocked Mamatas at my blog (7 articles now). As I detail in the last article on Jewish convert Tim Lieder (and one or two of the other earlier ones), Lieder persistently mocked me over my series on Holocaust Revisionism from within the professional genre community. Lieder dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism as an embarrassment to myself, as nothing but ridiculous, fabricated and false charges on my part. Seriously. Allen of course doesn’t know this, nor would he probably care to know about this and what it says about at least some of my uh critics. Lieder wasn’t the only one who mocked me over my Holocaust Revisionism series! So did another ‘Jew’, genre fan Mark Pontin.

Dear Mary tweets in response to the Mike Allen tweet above (they need to boost one another up that’s for sure):

Mary Robinette Kowal  @MaryRobinette

@scalzi In a strange, twisted way, yes.

Indeed. The irony here is entirely lost on you and your gaggle of TWITterers naturally.

At the end of the day, all these tweets from the likes of Edelman, Scalzi, Robinette Kowal, Will England, Mike Allen, M are all unintentionally laughable, even disgraceful ad hominems (Will England’s is the worst, a disgusting and utterly idiotic tweet endorsed by Scalzi himself) and entirely substanceless defenses of Scalzi and the scorn and dismissal I heap on the latter in my previous article (and the reasons I give for that scorn in the first place). As that article revolved around Scalzi’s defense of my criticism and dismissal of Scott Edelman, ultimately Scalzi’s twitter defenders are rallying around Edelman in his tiff with myself, inadvertently or not.

As Edelman has made it clear he is on the side of the Jew-hater China Mieville (evidenced in nine articles at my blog) over the Jew Lawrence A/red wolf exposing very real anti-Semitism in the genre community (Mieville among them) and Edelman has likewise made it clear he considers ‘Islamophobia’ an authentic prejudice, rather than a deceitful and disingenuous PC thoughtcrime; all the TWITterati (Scalzi, Mike Allen, Will England and Mary Robinette Kowal among them) are therefore in implicit agreement with Edelman on these two issues, whether they realize it or not.

It’s worth pointing out that as John Scalzi is the president of the SFWA, there is  a kind of unstated and even unconscious toe-the-line-to-the-herd-mind zeitgeist going on here … If there is anybody willing to stand up to these goons he or she is going to be going up against the president of the SFWA. Scalzi has cast his die. The genre thought police have a throttle hold on the ‘thinking’ that is permitted aloud within the genre community. The thing is, as is the case with all mindless ideologues, their worldview rests on quicksand …

There are also these two tweets that I noticed coming not long after the gaggle of tweets quoted above and Scalzi’s tweet in reply to ‘Lara’ is inadvertently revealing.

Lara ‏ @larazontally

So, um, @scalzi… someone just told me a story about you licking China Mieville’s head…

In reply this is what we get from John Scalzi:

John Scalzi  ‏ @scalzi

@larazontally IT’S ALL LIES. Unless it was China telling you. In which case IT’S ALL TRUE.

On the face of it, Scalzi’s tweet has nothing to do with anything re my feud with him and his gang of fellow travellers, but one needs to look beneath the surface. What it tells us is that Scalzi is all buddy buddy with the anti-Semite ‘rock star’ genre writer, editor and Marxist academic China Mieville. Scalzi literally sucks up to Mieville. The symbolism, the telling symbolism! This is the self-same John Scalzi who once tweeted “Uncomfortable that anti-semitism is apparently the New Hotness. You know who ELSE thought anti-semitism was cool, right? ” See the previous article at this blog for the details here. Scalzi wouldn’t want to rub Mieville up the wrong way now. Does anybody? It’s sooo pathetic nevertheless, that is the lack of both brains and courage in the genre community.

And the hypocrisy of it all.

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