Apex Magazine announces forthcoming publication of special all-Jewish issue in response to the anti-Semitism in the professional genre community

As many SF and Fantasy fans out there know the gay/bisexual feminist ex-editor at Apex Magazine Catherynne M Valente oversaw the publication of a special all-Arab/Muslim issue of Apex Magazine in November 2010. This was largely in response to the writer Elizabeth Moon’s ‘Citizenship’ blog post brouhaha back in September 2010 and what Valente and many other genre professionals perceived as ‘Islamophobia’ i.e. prejudice against Muslims. The fallout from this Moon affair was considerable, including Moon’s disinvite from WisCon 2011 as GoH. Soooo much banter about it on the net. Just ask Israeli Jew SF editor (including of The Apex Book of World SF) and writer Lavie Tidhar and gang.

The special all-Arab/Muslim issue of Apex Mag was the issue Valente was most proud of in her eighteen months as editor of the mag. Apex Magazine is a big part of the Apex Publications/Book Company stable founded by Jason Sizemore.

Well in light of the considerable anti-Semitism among the notable and acclaimed professional genre community – i.e. writers and editors (this is inclusive of those guilty of no less than Holocaust Revisionism, such as Tangent editor Dave Truesdale and the late James P Hogan) – Apex Magazine  is finally putting its money where its mouth is! After all the Apex crew is well aware that silence on prejudice is a form of consent and they don’t want to be accused of double standards now.

The result is we have the all-Jewish issue of Apex Magazine. I don’t know if Catherynne M Valente had a hand in it even though she is no longer an editor there (Lynne M. Thomas is the new editor), but I assume so, since she is so troubled and concerned about all forms of prejudice bar none. Well just ask her. And I’m sure her liberal queer/bi Jewish peer, Publishers Weekly genre editor Rose Fox would second that. We all know that liberals hold to universal standards on things like that – prejudice that is. Just like we all know that liberals would never manufacture prejudice out of a dubious thoughtcrime i.e. ‘Islamophobia’, invented by Muslim radicals masquerading as moderates; a disingenuous tactic employed by the latter to disarm and stifle legitimate criticism of right-wing Muslim theocratic dogma and the tyranny, hate and violence that it continues to inspire (inclusive of murderous homophobia, misogyny and anti-Semitism).

As a consequence (re the coming publication of the all-Jewish issue of Apex Magazine) I would like to say – mazel tov. My slogging has not been in vain at this blog. As with the all Arab/Muslim issue where only Arab or Muslim writers could contribute, the special all-Jewish issue contains stories and the like from Jewish writers only. Perhaps we can all let bygones be bygones in light of this pleasant development…

So here is the contents list for the special all-Jewish issue of Apex Magazine:

Special Guest Editorial: The importance of speaking out against anti-Semitism from within the genre community, co-authored by Publishers Weekly editor Rose Fox and incoming Vice President of the SFWA Rachel Swirsky


The smell of fear in the orange groves – Lavie Tidhar

Red wolf hunting – Laura Anne Gilman

The vampire of Ramat Gan – Andrew Fox

The Never Again War – Joe Haldeman

The positronic golem that crashed the web – David L Edelman

The failed Expedition: The doomed search for my brain. From Mars to Hades – Scott Edelman

The last Hummusiyah on Mars A poem by Nir Yaniv

The dybbuk that came to a WorldCon – Esther Friesner


Beyond Chutzpah & Apollo: A short history of Jews in Science Fiction – Barry M Malzberg

A life in Science Fiction The Untold Story – Robert Silverberg

Another Life in Science Fiction: I wonder what they’ll say about me when I’m dead? – Harlan Ellison

How not to advance your reputation and career as as serious historian and why I don’t even care – Harry Turtledove

Tough decisions in Jewish education. On Science vs Religion, A False Conflict or not? Between a Mars rock and a hard midrash – A discussion and debate between David Brin, Jack Dann and Michael Burstein

There you have it!

You can check out all the details about this forthcoming Apex Magazine special all Jewish issue here.

And if you want to thank Jason Sizemore personally, the head honcho of Apex Publications, please do so.

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