Publishers Weekly’s Jewish editor Rose Fox blogs on the April Fools’ Jokes posted up in the SF blogosphere. Asks if there are any others to add to the list…

So there were as to be expected lots of April Fools’ jokes blogged among the SF cognoscenti…

Publishers Weekly’s Rose Fox (who I have blogged about quite a lot recently – yes three distinct articles all to herself!) puts up this post on April 1st entitled – without any sense of irony one assumes – ‘All the News That Isn’t Fit to Print‘. Pasted below:

Here are the SF/F/H-related April Fool’s Day posts I’ve seen so far:

Got any others to add to the list?

Two commentators added two additional links to her blog post (check the original url at genreville). So I added a comment of my own under my blog name ‘Red Wolf’ (here’s what I wrote, pasted below):

“Got any others to add to the list?”

The Red Wolf ponders the question, licks his chops and smiles his wolf smile…

I can think of one more at least whose absence from your list (and others’) is not exactly unsurprising.

Come on Rose, it’s funny (in a dark kind of way)!

Obviously I meant to write “is not exactly surprising”, not meaning to use both the ‘not’ and the negative ‘unsurprising’ as I wrote it. Anyhow my post never got through the moderator (I didn’t even put up the link to my blog), I didn’t really expect it to of course. I would have been shocked to see it up there!

It’s funny that Rose Fox entitled her piece ‘All the News That Isn’t Fit to Print’ because she certainly saw fit not to mention my April Fools’ blog post (the preceding article to this one). So I guess my April Fools’ blog joke is uh news that is fit to print, and hence it didn’t make her list! And it’s surely the only April Fools’ blog article in which dear Rose Fox features too.

Conspicuous by its absence I would say (my April Fools’ article that is).

Hey where is the love from the genre Thought Police?

Red Wolf breaks into a Black Eyed Peas riff…

Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the luuuv

Where is the luuuv
Where is the love
Where is the love, the luuuv, the love

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