Lavie Tidhar’s response to my Mieville series – “…seems to be on a China Mieville bender at the moment”. Tidhar’s further tweeting on my blog, makes sure to praise Mieville to the skies as a writer at the same time

These tweets from Lavie Tidhar as well as Laura Anne Gilman elucidated on below were sent on January 27/28 midnight London time (give or take an hour or so. Tidhar is resident in the London area), ie still January 27th New York time where Laura Anne Gilman is (I assume).

Remember Tidhar as an Israeli Jewish SF writer and editor is professionally involved with Jason Sizemore’s Apex Publications and editor of their Apex Book of World SF series. He is a co-editor with Charles Tan of the World SF Blog associated with Apex itself.

There is a whole background of sniping and the like to these tweets directed my way. See here and here where I reply to the tweeting of Nir Yaniv and Laura Anne Gilman and the relevance of all this to my Mieville series. The latter article is most pertinent.

These tweets from L A Gilman (and then Tidhar) were sent 12-14 hours after I posted up the article on her and Yaniv (in the main) linked above. You know the one where I ask whether they are going to answer my query on China Mieville, and whether they consider him to be anti-Semitic or not in light of my exhaustive series on same (since Yaniv had let the cat out of the bag). Or whether they were just going to slink away and sweep it all under the carpet, hear-no-evil-see-no-evil and in the process continue to shoot the messenger (as I make clear in the relevant article that’s pretty much the same thing as slinking away on their bellies).

100% predictable responses.

LAGilman Laura Anne Gilman
*giggle* Someone name-calling got offended that I didn’t take him seriously & called me names, too. Oh, I am -devastated-! Oh wait. Not.

giggle giggle like a silly schoolgirl. I never got offended by you ‘not taking me seriously’. I don’t take you seriously, so why should I care what you think about me? You’re the one who is calling me names (see below) and not backing it up with any evidence whatsoever, not a tiny shred or pretense of evidence, just like last time. Brilliant rhetorician you are not Gilman.

Laura Anne Gilman
LAGilman Laura Anne Gilman
I am proud to be rudely name-called/dissed in company with @nyfiction. (yeah, you-know-who is at it again)

You-know-who is at it again? Why not just come out with it and type ‘the red wolf’, instead of this cryptic ‘you-know-who’? I mean if you are going to bother to mention all this publicly (via twitter)..

So then we get this tweet from Tidhar in reply:

in reply
Lavie Tidhar
@lavietidhar Lavie Tidhar
@LAGilman sigh. someone is a nut?

Gee Lavie, you really are a one trick pony. Is that stuck record act the best you can do? I guess so. Gilman then tweets this back to Tidhar:

Laura Anne Gilman
LAGilman Laura Anne Gilman
@lavietidhar oh yes.

As I wrote in the article of mine (addressed to Gilman) that Gilman and Tidhar are responding to:

Naturally you can garble up this article in your own headless mother hen fashion if you so choose. More evidence free and very lame slurs perhaps? Well what else do you have really?

Well yeah that’s what I get. Soooo predictable. Like robots.

Gilman goes along with the one trick pony. Last time I was just flailing, lacked logic and was ranting. Now she’s upped it to ‘I’m nuts’. Naturally enough not even some teeny weeny bit of evidence is presented for this lame name-calling directed my way. Just like last time. Who’s name-calling Laura Anne? You would have no idea what on earth I was getting at (or even who Gilman is referring to oh so slyly) in my article or what it was about whatsoever, going by Gilman’s tweets. You know the gorilla in the room? Namely China Mieville’s anti-Semitism and my query directed Gilman’s and Yaniv’s way on this thorny topic.  

So to my query that I asked in the pertinent article (the one where apparently I reveal just how loco I am):

Here is the crunch question though – maybe you can let us know if you consider Mieville anti-Semitic or not, Laura Anne Gilman?

We get our answer from Laura Anne Gilman!

Ain’t that great?

The answer of course is that Gilman is just going to slink away and not answer the question. Her lame evidence-free sniping directed my way (‘I’m nuts’) is the equivalent of slinking away and NOT answering the question.

Well at least she didn’t give the wrong answer! That’s a relief. I mean for your sake Gilman.

Then we get this cryptic tweet from Tidhar, sent to Gilman and Yaniv. Remember nyfiction is Nir Yaniv. This was in the same hour period as the above.

Lavie Tidhar
@lavietidhar Lavie Tidhar
@nyfiction @LAGilman marxists!

The allusion is clearly to myself and my tiff with these three characters.

Hey the one trick pony has another trick, well kind of. Namely just portray your antagonist as right-wing and reactionary, that I’m overreacting to the ‘progressive’ and liberal position of Yaniv and Gilman. Naturally nobody would have the vaguest inkling what my pertinent blog article is all about, going by Tidhar’s tweet. Lame.

As far as Nir Yaniv goes, nothing on his twitter feed. At least I didn’t pick up anything. So Yaniv by keeping oh so quiet (got no e-mail from him neither), answers the question re Mieville’s Jew-hatred exactly the way I knew he would. As I wrote in the relevant article:

Slink away, yellow belly...

He slunk away (like Gilman).

Hey at least it wasn’t the wrong answer. Let’s give him (and Gilman) some credit for that.

The very liberal Jewish SF writer Charles Stross too slinks away and doesn’t answer the identical question I asked him (after mouthing off on my blog). See the relevant article on Stross here. It’s updated to include a reply to Stross’s tweeting on that very article (and a reply to his mates Tobias Buckell and Paul Graham Raven’s tweeting likewise). There has been no further response from Stross in this regard ie he hasn’t answered the question – do you or do you not consider Mieville to be anti-Semitic in light of my series on him?

Ditto the Jewish Rose Jasper Fox (daughter of Charles Platt), editor and reviewer at Publishers Weekly. However she then proceeds to praise the anti-Semite Mieville at her blog roughly one week later, regarding the latter’s criticisms upon the republication of the racist Tintin in the Congo comic! My article on the galling obliviousness of it all.

Getting back to Tidhar, Tidhar actually does as badly as Fox and thus worse than Yaniv, Gilman and Stross. (although Jewish writer and editor Scott Edelman really takes the biscuit, so far)

I try to give my antagonists the benefit of the doubt, yet with Tidhar as much as anybody else (like Edelman and Fox), it’s a case of giving him enough rope…

One could argue that in answer to my query – directed Gilman and Yaniv’s way – on Mieville being prejudiced against Jewry or not, Tidhar just repeats the mindless modus operandi of Laura Anne Gilman (and later Charles Stross and Scott Edelman in their fashion). That is in response to my query on Mieville’s harbouring anti-Jewish prejudice or not, Tidhar tweets… ‘nut’ and ‘marxists’!? It’s simply pathetic.

Tidhar is however guilty of worse, and this means turning back the clock to something I have not mentioned before…

Firstly, I remarked in the relevant article on Yaniv and Gilman:

So what do you know, Yaniv actually mentions Mieville in his tweeting re my blog! I’m gobsmacked. Truly. That’s a first.

Yet technically this is not true. That is Tidhar himself did acknowledge that I was blogging on Mieville in a tweet on 31st December, one that followed this one:

Lavie Tidhar

@NMamatas is gay for Marx, @catvalente supports terrorism and I’m an anti-semite.Yes,my favourite loon is back in town!…

I responded to that tweet in this article here. In fact there were a series of tweets on my blog in response to Tidhar’s tweeting, from his gaggle of idiot genre peers on that date – the last day of the last year. I address and critique those tweets in my article on Stross and Buckell and the earlier article on Tidhar, Yaniv and Gilman.

Here is the relevant tweet from Tidhar from 31st December, following the one I quote above:

Lavie Tidhar
@tobiasbuckell @cstross @nmamatas @catvalente
he seems to be on a china mieville bender at the moment (31.12.2011 21:17)

Uh say again?

Note the difference between Tidhar’s tweet on my blogging on Mieville and his Israeli mate and co-author Yaniv’s.

A reminder, this is Yaniv’s:

“I mean, this guy is trying to protect me from China “Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism”. Read a dictionary, boy, find out what the term means.”

I responded to Yaniv’s tweet here of course. Yaniv’s however is less obtuse than Tidhar’s (as mind-numbing as it is) . It’s difficult to express just how lame and horribly pathetic Tidhar’s tweet is (remember this is well before Edelman’s tweeting).

” …seems to be on a china mieville bender at the moment”

Come again Tidhar? Up to that point in time (31st Dec) I had posted up five articles on Mieville beginning on the 2nd December, exhaustively documenting Mieville’s extreme anti-Semitism.

Here are the titles of those five articles:

China Mieville and his high-profile status in the virulently anti-Semitic UK Socialist Workers Party/Respect coalition Part 1
Posted on December 2, 2011

China Mieville and his campaigning for the harshly anti-Semitic Respect Party, the Tom Paulin Affair & more All The Gory Details Part 2
Posted on December 5, 2011

China Mieville’s gross slander on the Turkish Mavi Marmara incident & his support for BDS against Israel Part 3
Posted on December 9, 2011

On China Mieville’s support for the vile anti-Semitic BDS campaign against Israel Part 4
Posted on December 13, 2011

On China Mieville’s blogging for the Hamas and Hezbollah supporting Lenin’s Tomb blog Part 5
Posted on December 19, 2011

Lavie Tidhar it appears can’t even comprehend/ruminate on the very titles of my articles, he certainly doesn’t appear to have bothered to read any of them (as with Scott Edelman, Charles Stross and Rose Fox). Yet even the titles – which would ring alarm bells to any self-respecting Jew – don’t mean anything to Tidhar. They may as well be written in Sanskrit or Hungarian.

The very titles allude to Mieville’s campaigning and support for the left-wing fascist and extremely anti-Semitic party of George Galloway, the Respect coalition of the last decade, Mieville’s support for BDS against Israel – and no other nation on earth – and his numerous lies on Israel (including the Mavi Marmara incident) and Mieville’s blogging for a rabidly anti-Semitic jihadist supporting blog, Lenin’s Tomb. Tidhar clearly doesn’t want to know. None of these facts and their implications penetrate through Tidhar’s skull.

What does exposing in significant detail all the vicious Jew-hatred of Mieville’s at my blog mean to Tidhar? Just this:

red wolf “seems to be on a china mieville [sic] bender at the moment“.

Siiiigh. Shuuuuuuder. This is what I am dealing with. Tidhar let us not forget is um Jewish and Israeli. This is hardly surprising though, in light of Tidhar’s friendship with fellow Apex author and Mieville’s comrade and mate across the Atlantic, Nick Mamatas. Mamatas’s associations with and hearty commendation of numerous harshly anti-Semitic folk (such as Lenin’s Tomb but by no means limited to that blog, see link above) means less than nothing to Tidhar and other SF Court Jews.

Yet it gets worse with Tidhar and the whole Mieville thing (in light of my series on the latter of which Tidhar is ‘aware’, well as aware as Tidhar can be of anything and that ain’t saying much at all. Tidhar is not aware in the true meaning of the word).

Still Less than 24 hours (13-15 hours in fact) after my article went online – the pertinent one re Yaniv and Gilman and my queries to them on Mieville’s anti-Semitic prejudiceLavie Tidhar tweeted some stuff re China Mieville!

Now remember Tidhar was well ‘aware’ of the blog article of mine re Yaniv and Gilman that I had posted up roughly half a day before. We know this because Gilman had tweeted him on it and he responded with his lame ‘nuts’ and ‘marxists’ tweets. The latter tweet implies he surely even read that article of mine, even if he couldn’t comprehend it at all.

Now these tweets (pasted below) follow very shortly from the ones commented on above. The date and time of these tweets is January 28th (1 am London time, give or take an hour. Tidhar lives in the UK remember), so it would have still been 27 Jan stateside.

These tweets were sent off by Tidhar and his mates (in reply to Tidhar) roughly one hour after the Gilman and Tidhar tweets on myself and my blog – where they desperately prop one another up with their ‘I’m a nut’ mantra.

Lavie Tidhar
@lavietidhar Lavie Tidhar
looking at SFX Weekender schedule. Thankfully don’t have to do much apart from one panel and clap for China at the Kitschies.

Adam Roberts
arrroberts Adam Roberts
@lavietidhar It’ll be good practice for the BSFA award.

Lavie Tidhar
lavietidhar Lavie Tidhar
@arrroberts I did clap for him at the Clarkes for PSS (what memories, what memories!)

Niall Harrison
niallharrison Niall Harrison
@lavietidhar … You were at the Clarke in 2001? I don’t know why I’m as surprised by that as I am.

Adam Roberts
arrroberts Adam Roberts
@lavietidhar Also I was sitting next to him when City&City won. I clapped then too!

Adam Roberts
arrroberts Adam Roberts
@lavietidhar As did I!

Roughly within the same hour period – shortly after the above mentioned tweets – we get this tweet from Tidhar, i.e. 14-16 hours after my article on Tidhar, Yaniv and Gillman and the barbed query re China Mieville’s rabid Jew-hatred went online.

Lavie Tidhar
@lavietidhar Lavie Tidhar
Great book, The City and the City.


Adam Roberts
arrroberts Adam Roberts
@lavietidhar Agreed.

So Tidhar has no problem praising Mieville’s fiction to the skies, within 24 hours of my article asking his crew (Yaniv, Gilman) whether they consider China Mieville prejudiced against Jewry or not. An article he was well ‘aware’ of – having most likely read it, even if he never even digested the contents properly. He was also ‘aware’ of my exhaustive series documenting Mieville’s relentless and obscene anti-Semitism (eight articles in my Mieville series had been published up to that time), even if he likewise never even bothered reading a single article in the series. He doesn’t even appear to truly comprehend the meanings of the plain English in the very titles.

So Tidhar’s response to the outing by myself of China Mieville as indisputably a cookie-cutter Jew-hating communist – and after dismissing me the same day via twitter as ‘nuts’ and my series on Mieville as ‘he seems to be on a China Mieville bender at the moment’ weeks earlier – is to show just how much he luuuuvs Mieville’s writing.

Now the merits of China Mieville’s fiction is neither here nor there so far as Mieville’s anti-Semitism is concerned. Mieville deserves a lot of the acclaim he gets and the awards he’s won. There is nothing wrong with praising Mieville’s fiction to the skies. Fyodor Dostoyevsky was one of the greatest writers in any language and I for one will praise his books to the skies, that doesn’t mean I’m endorsing Dostoyevsky’s indisputable anti-Semitism. The one has nothing to do with the other.

HOWEVER the thing is with Tidhar’s unsolicited near hero worship of Mieville as a writer, TIMING AND CONTEXT are everything. When does Tidhar choose to praise Mieville the writer? Not two hours or so after knocking me (‘nuts’) and my article on him and his crew, the pressing question I was asking the lot of them therein – do any of them consider Mieville anti-Semitic? Yes or no? Tidhar remember was ‘cognisant’ of the pertinent article (Gilman had informed him). The background to that article of course is my heavily detailed series documenting Mieville’s intemperate Judenhass. Basically Tidhar is making it clear that he is giving me the finger and letting Mieville – and the rest of us – know that Mieville remains in his good graces. It’s the Jew exposing Mieville as the Jew-hater who is the bad guy, the nutter – to Tidhar (and his crew).

Tidhar doesn’t realize that he’s giving himself the finger in the process, along with all self-respecting Jewry. Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face. Tidhar has demonstrated where his allegiances lie, and it ain’t with self-respect and it ain’t with the fight against the lying propaganda war of the very real enemies of the Jews (ie those who wish us ill). Rose Fox did the same thing as Tidhar here. Edelman does worse than anybody so far and he remains oblivious!

In answer to David Mamet’s query to Jews in his book The Wicked Son, in combating the ‘new’ anti-Semitism, ‘are you in or are you out?’; Lavie Tidhar has given us his unequivocal answer. He has opted out. Along with plenty others in SF Jewdom such as Rose Fox, Nir Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman and Scott Edelman with the latter’s “I’ll side with.. China Miéville any day over an odious, bigoted, nasty little blogger” tweet. And what of Charles Stross?

So in summing up: In response to the first five articles in my Mieville series, we get this from Tidhar:

He [the red wolf] “seems to be on a china mieville [sic] bender at the moment”.

Who out there thinks Tidhar has read even a single article in my Mieville series?

Tidhar appears to be going out of his way not to, so scared is he of acknowledging their content. The dissonance between Tidhar’s friendly status with Mieville and Mieville’s persistent and relentless Jew-hatred that pretends it ain’t is so severe, that Tidhar’s high-wire tightrope walking act is kinda difficult to watch. Tottering, I tell ya. That tightrope is so thin, slippery too and Tidhar you are so high up. It’s one hell of a fall if you go down…

Showing off now – no balancing beam – Tidhar chooses to praise Mieville’s fiction JUST WHEN HE DID. CONTEXT AND TIMING ARE EVERYTHING. So in response to my query – do you consider Mieville a Jew-hater or not? – less than 24 hours later Tidhar replies more or less, ‘Mieville is a bloody great writer’. Make of that what you will. It’s not as bad as saying right out, ‘no Mieville is not anti-Semitic’. No it’s not that bad. Yet it’s not that much better. I mean it’s a flat out refusal to answer the question (as with his mates Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman and later Charles Stross, Tobias Buckell, Rose Fox, Scott Edelman and for that matter president of the SFWA John Scalzi) and yet Tidhar manages to do worse than his fellow Jews Yaniv, Gilman, Stross and sinks as low as Fox does. Edelman has so far set the bar the lowest, which is saying a helluva lot. At least the former group didn’t go on to cheer Mieville – even if only as far as the latter’s writing talent is concerned – within a period of an hour or two after tweeting contempt for my blog. Tidhar however makes sure to praise Mieville the writer – it was UNSOLICITED praise remember. Mieville clearly remains very much in Tidhar’s good books (as Mieville appears to be with all of SF Court Jewdom really. Well I do call them Court Jews for a reason).

Tidhar makes sure to let China Mieville know that at the big (then forthcoming) SFX Weekender event in Wales, Mieville will have Tidhar fawning all over him. I don’t know (now that the event is long over) whether Tidhar fawned over Mieville or not in Prestatyn.

To give an idea of just how pathetic Tidhar is, let’s look at it from a fresh perspective via an analogy that has nothing to do with Jews and anti-Semitism. Say I was an African-American or African blogger and I’m exposing anti-black racism among the genre community. I then wrote a series on a white/European writer who was horribly racist against Africans/black people. And my series was exhaustive and the evidence I presented for my case was indisputable. I had all the  evidence for his racism and documented it all in detail. That is the only people who would dispute this white writer’s anti-black racism in light of my exhaustive series – let’s call him Joe KKK – would be anti-black racists themselves, or simpletons at best.

Now imagine this racist white writer (Joe KKK) has good relations with African/African-American writers because Joe KKK disingenuously pretends that he ain’t got nothing against black folk and his black peers – for whatever reasons despite all the evidence to the contrary – took him at his word! Now imagine that one of these black writers (let’s call him LT) is asked upfront by myself (as an African/African-American blogger in this analogy) whether he considered Joe KKK to be an anti-black racist or not, in light of my series. Yes or no? Or to make our analogy more accurate, imagine I had asked LT’s two black/African friends the same question re Joe KKK’s anti-black prejudice. One of his black friends (the guy) slunk away and had nothing to say, yet LT’s black female friend and peer tweeted to LT that I was upset that she didn’t take me seriously and I was also completely nuts.

This black writer (LT) then responds via twitter that I (as an African blogger exposing anti-black racism) am nuts. His crew which includes Europeans and black people have likewise chimed in on occasion that I’m nuts, crazy, off my meds blabla and a paranoid conspiracy twit besides. Not an hour or two later via the same medium of twitter this black writer LT then tweets (unsolicited) that Joe KKK is a bloody great writer, one of the best. And Joe KKK may well be a damn great writer, one of the best genre writers around. Won awards and all that.

Wouldn’t you think to yourself (if you had a problem with anti-black racism that is) that LT’s tweeting not a little disturbed and very odd? I mean instead of answering the question – do you consider Joe KKK to be a racist or not? – LT tweets that the black blogger who exposes Joe KKK as a racist is nuts and then LT goes on to tweet an hour or two later that Joe KKK is a great writer, you’ll be clapping for him at the next awards event, Joe KKK’s one recent novel was bloody brilliant and leave it at that!

I mean the term ‘uncle Tom’ comes to mind, and in this case it would be entirely justified. No?

As this article is posted online, well the timing couldn’t be more apposite. The annual BSFA affair (coinciding with the 2012 Eastercon) is being held at the Radisson Hotel in Heathrow, London (April 6th – 9th). Tidhar is there as his novel Osama has been nominated for the best novel award, as has China Mieville’s Embassytown. I assume Mieville will be there too… The award ceremony is set for April 8th.

Clearly Tidhar is not a religious or at least observant Jew (the major festival of Pesach begins now), any more than I am.

Good luck Tidhar, hope you win it. I’m completely sincere on this front. (heard a lot of good things about Osama, but having not read the novel myself, can’t give an opinion one way or another) Try not to chummy up to Mieville too much at Eastercon (if he’s there), for your sake. If you had bothered to read my articles on him Lavie, you would know China has a soft spot for the ‘right’ kind of jihadists who are nothing but innocent and ‘unarmed peace activists’ in Mieville-speak. Then again, one wonders if the contents of my Mieville articles – as with the Mamatas articles – would just sail right over Tidhar’s head…

And a Chag Sameich to any and all Jewish readers.

UPDATED Tidhar was to do worse than all this elucidated on above, a real low point would later be reached. Amidst falsely accusing me of sending him a death theat! Tidhar would describe my Mieville series as “increasingly rabid, if incoherent”!

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