An extensive reply to writers Felix Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman & outgoing VP of the SFWA Mary Robinette Kowal’s tweeting on the first John Scalzi article

I had replied to the tweets of John Scalzi, Scott Edelman, Mike Allen and others over here (including Mary Robinette Kowal’s initial tweets). They were responding to this article entitled ‘John Scalzi writer and president of the SFWA comes to Court Jew Scott Edelman’s rescue – pours scorn on this blog‘.

To summarise – that article pertained to Scalzi ‘rescuing’ writer and editor Scott Edelman from the jaws of the red wolf blogger, you know by tweeting a lame personal attack my way… I have likewise mocked Edelman over his saying that he would take the side of China Mieville (a vicious anti-Semite) over the red wolf blogger any day, and Edelman likewise dismissing me as a bigot (sans evidence). The implicit reason for his calling me a bigot is that I am allegedly guilty of  ‘Islamophobia’. As I put it to Edelman in my reply to him:

Edelman doesn’t tell us how I am oh so odious, nor bigoted. Oh wait it’s my ‘Islamophobia’ of course. You know the apparently irrational fear and contempt I have for Muslim radicals wanting to kill me and everyone of my family members simply because I and they are Jewish and infidels. You know the ‘bigotry’ that is my derision of Muslim extremists who support oppressive Sharia law, the honour killings of girls, the murder of apostates and the crushing underfoot of basic civil liberties and rights, all in the name of Allah. The ‘bigotry’ that is my contempt for Muslim fanatics (and their apologists) and the reverence these reactionary nutters have for all forms of backwardness, tyranny and the destruction of all ethical and genuinely civilized values and their infliction of misery, hate and violence that envelopes the lives of tens and tens of millions (at the very least) and threatens the Jews with another Holocaust. Nowhere do I express contempt and derision for genuine moderate Muslims.

Edelman was responding to my first article on him, which was written in response to Edelman’s tweeting support for Rose Fox in her tiff with myself. And if you want to know what that’s about, follow the links (it all goes back at bottom to the ‘Cathy Valente and the Genre Thought Police‘ article from December 31st last year. Just follow the trail).

You know I had planned to write an article on writer Felix Gilman, a Jewish Brit practicing as a lawyer in New York, who has received a lot of praise for his latest novel The Half-Made World. The reason is that I recently noticed that at his blog’s recommended blogroll, an indisputably extremely anti-Semitic blogger (who naturally pretends he ain’t anti-Semitic in the slightest) is featured. Oh wait that’s past tense, was featured! The blogroll has gone and just recently too.

I was planning one of these days to comment on that in an article on Felix G (and other things about Felix G). Given Felix Gilman’s politics, it comes as no surprise that Felix Gilman would attack me. I was kinda wondering what took so long (or maybe I just missed some earlier tweets of his, I don’t know. I don’t think so). So Felix Gilman gives his addled aid to the likes of writer Mary Robinette Kowal, who in turn was tweeting her support to Scalzi of course (outgoing VP of the SFWA giving her support to the President of the SFWA). Now I responded to Scalzi’s several tweets and Robinette Kowal’s initial tweets (and others twittering) in this article of course.

To repeat – these are Kowal’s tweets that I address in that prior article (I give them here again because they are followed immediately after by other tweets from her and Laura Anne Gilman and Felix Gilman [no relation as far as I know] that I did not address in that article, but reply to here)

Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette

@scalzi I can’t even tell what he’s ranting about.

See what I write re Edelman and Scalzi on Mieville’s anti-Semitism, Edelman being very clear that he takes the anti-Semite China Mieville’s side over the red wolf blogger (Scalzi was tweeting in defense of Edelman initially); and the dubious thoughtcrime of Islamophobia being pushed mindlessly by the genre thought police (and the moral and cultural relativism that goes along with the latter fabricated so-called prejudice). That’s what I am “ranting about”. Duuuuh.

As I expanded on to Edelman here re these two points, it would be beyond your ability to comprehend dear Mary; that is the easy to understand points I make contradict harshly, even violently against your ‘progressive’ worldview. In psychology this is called cognitive dissonance. Never Mind dear Mary. There is also the knee-jerk loyalty to your boss, even as you are leaving the job of VP.

These tweets then follow shortly after. (they weren’t up on twitter when I wrote the prior article answering Robinette Kowal, Scalzi & gang or I hadn’t picked up on them yet)

And here Felix Gilman makes his appearance.

23 Mar Felix Gilman  @felixgilman

@scalzi keep skimming down the page but torrent of angry randomly bolded words never stops? scared now has been 15 minutes & no end in sight

They are not randomly bolded, they are bolded to highlight things I want to bring attention to. That’s the purpose of bolded text. You should know that Gilman, being a writer. As for angry, well that’s a loaded word and has no bearing on the *actual contents* of my article/s and their merits or otherwise. Calling me angry in no way refutes the substance of my articles, it doesn’t even acknowledge the content of my articles (so there couldn’t possibly be any refutation then, see?). You would never know what I was writing about going by your tweet Felix. Then again that’s the case with all my TWITter critics now. Lavie Tidhar, Charles Stross, Tobias Buckell and your namesake L A Gilman among them.

The outgoing VP of the SFWA then replies to Felix:

Mary Robinette Kowal  @MaryRobinette

@felixgilman As far as I can tell, he’s upset about being dismissed? At least, he keeps using that word IN BOLD .

The word “dismissed”?? It’s only used once in the whole article, and not in bold. Although I use the word a lot in this article! Moving on.. As I write above in response to your first tweet, cognitive dissonance prevents you from comprehending the easy peasy points I make. They may as well be written in Sanskrit. Why would I be upset about being dismissed by people whose opinions I consider ill-informed, obtuse and even odious? That makes no sense dear Mary. I would only want to earn the dismissal (there’s the bold now!) of the likes of Edelman, Stross, Scalzi, the Gilman twins and yourself likewise. Insults from the likes of you folk are compliments.

I actually wrote IN BOLD in the relevant article you simply could not comprehend at all:

By going to bat for Edelman, Scalzi is going to bat for the genre thought police (inadvertently or not), with all their pushing of the thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’, their apologetics, whitewashing and molly-coddling of reactionary Islam. He is going to bat for the genre thought police’s denial and wilful silence of extreme anti-Semitism from within the genre community (at best).

Along with this also IN BOLD, addressed to John Scalzi as he tweeted that the best thing to do in response to the red wolf blogger (alluding to my first Scott Edelman article) was ‘to point and laugh’:

Point and laugh at my explicit allusions to the deafening silence of the PC genre Left to anti-Semitism from within the genre commmunity? (inclusive of Holocaust Revisionism from CONSERVATIVE genre pros to the most vicious Judenhass from a multiple award-winning ‘rock star’ genre communist) Laugh at that? Because that’s what is alluded to – in part – in my Edelman article that you respond to with this, “the rational response is to point and laugh“.

Yet you didn’t understand any of it Mary Robinette Kowal, by your own admission.

@scalzi I can’t even tell what he’s ranting about.

and again:

@felixgilman As far as I can tell, he’s upset about being dismissed? At least, he keeps using that word IN BOLD .

For all I know you probably still don’t understand it. Perhaps you never ever will. Strange that considering you read and write in English, and yet you don’t understand my article that you tweeted on dismissively in support of Scalzi. After all what I paste again above are the relevant portions of that article you just cannot for the life of you comprehend. Of course the problem here is one of psychology (to repeat myself).

Then this tweet of Felix Gilman’s:

23 Mar Felix Gilman  @felixgilman

@MaryRobinette a conspiracy composed of everyone in SF/F is out to destroy Israel by making fun of his blog posts?

Oh look the anti or at least indifferent to Israel far Left Jew (wait till I come to Felix Gilman’s recommendation of the Lenin’s Tomb blog on his blogroll. Now where’s that blogroll gone? It was there just recently! Good thing we have this screenshot for one) accuses me of being a paranoid conspiracy nutter. Charles Stross did the same thing. It’s always the same old tired and dishonest personal attacks. It’s all the likes my Twitter critics have, Court Jews Felix Gilman and Charles Stross included – pathetic personal attacks and ad hominems having no bearing on what I write at all.

Making fun of my blog posts“. Silly, pathetic and idiotic on your part Gilman. The relevant article on Scalzi that your friend Kowal cannot for the life of her understand (any more than you can Felix), pertained to Scalzi’s fact-free tweeting (a personal attack as with you Felix and all my other twitter critics) defense of Scott Edelman. I had mocked Edelman (again) over here (if you want to know why read the article, then again it won’t do you any good Felix G. You won’t understand it at all. You are not alone there). The main point is that Edelman has made it clear he would side with the anti-Semite China Mieville over the red wolf blogger exposing the likes of Mievelle’s extreme anti-Semitism in the first place.

Actually your fellow (harshly anti-Israel) radical Leftist and genre peer Nick Mamatas did make fun of my blog. Mamatas, like you and the anti-Semite China Mieville, is a fan of the anti-Semite Richard Seymour’s Lenin’s Tomb blog. Mieville has also written for Richard Seymour’s Lenin’s Tomb blog. Nick Mamatas did make fun of my blog as ‘not intentionally very funny’. He did so the self-same day I published the last article in my series on Holocaust Revisionism from within the genre community that had been running uninterrupted for near three weeks prior. Up to that point in time 80% of the published articles at my blog were directly about Holocaust Revisionism. How many bloody times have I mentioned this in the course of my blogging? I don’t know but I will remark in passing that my twitter critics have no problem continuing to dismiss me, even as I am exposing some vicious anti-Semitism among genre pros (that’s what Holocaust Revisionism is see?). What does that tell us about them? I address this foul-up – again – re Mamatas and more of his odious political posturing & NAMBLA phraseology in my seventh article on him over here.

Now you will have noticed I put the above in bold Felix Gilman. I did it to highlight it see? Not that it would make a difference to the likes of you. Maybe you won’t understand the questions I ask Mamatas at the end of that article linked to directly above – Mamatas let us not forget is a fan of the viciously anti-Semitic Lenin’s Tomb featured at your (ex)blogroll – the way you didn’t understand anything else I have written… That’s assuming you can even be bothered to click on the link.

So Felix Gilman has no problem being explicit on the point that “he’s making fun of my blog posts” and supports those who do likewise. And of course that would be making fun of this article in the main (since it’s the one he’s tweeting on). Why do you think my blog article criticizing Scalzi’s defense of Scott Edelman so funny, in light of the pertinent points I make on Edelman therein?

Namely – to repeat myself! – in a nutshell my explicit allusions to the deafening silence of the PC genre Left to anti-Semitism from within the genre community along with the PC genre Left’s pushing and enforcement of the dubious thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ as an authentic prejudice.

Oh wait you didn’t understand the above paragraph at all Felix Gilman? You can’t make head or tail of it? What is the red wolf saying? It’s beyond your ability to comprehend? I know I know.

Now to those regular readers of my blog who have *some intelligence*, you would have seen this question coming, the one I now ask of Felix Gilman…

Felix Gilman apparently doesn’t. l guess he’s not a regular reader of my blog and if he were, would it have made any difference? After all he just doesn’t understand the easy peasy points I make in the Scalzi article he tweeted on so dismissively (well he wouldn’t).

Here’s the question Felix Gilman:

Do you consider China Mieville anti-Semitic in light of my series on him?

I have authored nine articles on Mieville now. Make sure to read at least some of them before tweeting your answer, so you can’t claim ignorance. The series begins with the first article posted on 2nd December 2011.

I have asked this question of your fellow Court Jews Nir Yaniv and Laura Anne Gilman. They didn’t answer it. Naturally when L A Gilman tweets her lame condescension my way she acknowledges none of this. I then asked Charles Stross and Tobias Buckell, got no answer from them neither. Then I asked Rose Fox and later Scott Edelman, Fox demurred although she was sure to praise Mieville to the skies over his commentary on anti-black racism not a few weeks later. Edelman has come closest to actually answering the question forthrightly with his tweet “I’ll side with…  China Miéville any day over an odious, bigoted, nasty little blogger.”

I asked John Scalzi likewise in that article you claim not to comprehend at all, he didn’t answer it neither. Tweeting lame personal attacks my way is not an answer.

So why don’t you answer the question Felix Gilman? Why not go even further than Scotty Edelman? Why not be the first to answer forthrightly with a simple YES or NO, Mieville is or is not anti-Semitic? Set a precedent here Felix. Come on F Gilman, you can do it. You ain’t chicken are you? I mean considering you share Mieville’s oh-so-chic-radical-Left politics and commendation for the same Lenin’s Tomb blog, why would you have a problem answering the question? You can e-mail it to me if you would prefer and then I will post your answer up here at my blog. Simple see? (your namesake Laura Anne has my e-mail address)

In response to Felix Gilman’s tweet that I reply to above:

@MaryRobinette a conspiracy composed of everyone in SF/F is out to destroy Israel by making fun of his blog posts?

Mary Robinette Kowal replies:

Mary Robinette Kowal  @MaryRobinette

@felixgilman That could be?

If it makes you feel better about your ‘progressive’ worldview dear Mary. 

You would never know I was referring to – among other things – SF Court Jews’ evasions and sweeping under the carpet China Mieville’s vicious anti-Semitism and their lame shoot-the-messenger tweeting my way as if my recent articles have nothing to do with any of this...

We then get this from ‘kiplet’, hack writer Kip Manley:

kiplet @kiplet

@felixgilman @MaryRobinette Isn’t eligibility for some mid-level award somewhere contingent on whether you’ve been mentioned on that blog?

Hey there’s a good idea. Now what would eligibility for an award given to those spewing baseless and fact-free mockery of a blog exposing extreme anti-Semitism and PC enforcement of the thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ within the genre community, tell us of such award winners? Never mind it’s through the holes in your head Kip Manley. What should we call the award btw? Any ideas here?

Felix then tweets further mockery my way and this tweet below is almost unbelievable. Gilman really messes up here, falls flat on his face. He is just oblivious, nothing penetrates into his ‘mind‘. These articles of mine are not written for his and his ilk’s benefit. I mean as far as Gilman and crew are concerned, they may as well be written in Mayan hieroglyphs. Gilman does not even comprehend the meaning of the titles of the articles he is scrolling down through, with his finger on the down page button:

23 Mar Felix Gilman @felixgilman

@felixgilman @MaryRobinette still holding down page down button, no end in sight, series of posts labeled parts 1 through 10

Why is it such a pratfall? This article is overly long as is, so I give the tweet above and the one that follows below, its own special reply in another (relatively shortish) article addressing it, because it deserves to be highlighted.

Clearly F Gilman can’t be bothered to read or ruminate on anything I have written, it’s all just too disturbing. And of course if you just scroll down the front page of my blog or any blog, it goes on and on. Duh. That would be the case with any blogger who has written dozens of articles over a year or more (in my case roughly 50 articles). So?? It’s the case with any and every blogger who has written lots of articles (especially if he/she has been blogging for awhile), whether he or she be blogging on politics, literature, art, movies, science, culture etc. What does the fact that I have written lots of articles, and lengthy ones at that have to do with anything?? Does the fact that I have written lots of articles mean they are inherently wrong or false or gibberish? No it’s neither here nor there as far as their merits or otherwise are concerned. So your point Gilman is what exactly? No don’t answer the question, I’m just making a point about you that you won’t get at all. But I save an elucidation for just how Gilman has messed up re the above tweet in an entirely separate article.

Then this very lame Pavlovian tweet from Craig Laurance Gidney, the kind of personal attack that usually goes hand in hand with the other lame evidence-fee slurs, he’s crazy and off his meds blabla.

23 Mar CraigLauranceGidney  ‏ @ethereallad

@felixgilman @MaryRobinette It definitely reeks of paranoia….

Who do I think is behind this conspiracy (since I am so paranoid apparently)? Oh wait why bother with evidence, when it’s all about fact-free name-calling. F Gilman then in reply:

23 Mar Felix Gilman @felixgilman

@ethereallad @MaryRobinette scrolled far down into the blogdepths, rant not in recognizable alphabet any more, parts of it becoming audible
In reply to CraigLauranceGidney

Just another lame evidence-free slur, no substance to it. Same old same old. Which ‘rant’/article is “not in recognizable alphabet any more”, which paragraph from which article exactly? Of course when it’s all just about baseless personal attacks…

Then this tweet from Gilman:

23 Mar Felix Gilman  @felixgilman

@kiplet @MaryRobinette i kept seeing my name IN FURIOUS BOLD but it always turned out to be laura ann gilman 😦

Well you two have so much in common, not just your surnames, but your liberal Court Jew status within the SF genre community. You both signed your names to writers in support of Occupy Wall Street and you both live in New York.  Maybe we can call you the Gilman siblings or twins even?

Mary dear Mary tweets in reply:

Mary Robinette Kowal  @MaryRobinette

@felixgilman Hopefully this conversation will elevate you to the ranks.

10:09 PM – 23 Mar

It has alright dear Mary. Don’t worry dear Mary I know you won’t appreciate what I’m actually getting at. If you failed utterly to comprehend the Scalzi article you tweeted on, this one will also leave you all at sea. Poor poor Mary.

Then Laura Anne Gilman pops up! (I missed you Laura Anne hugs) This is the Jewish writer who I have clashed with before (along with Nir Yaniv, Israeli SF writer and editor). That’s my favourite article that I have written for this blog btw. If you are a William Burroughs fan you may even appreciate it.

Laura Anne Gilman did tweet a reply to that article (on her and Nir Yaniv) that I wrote up a response to. It is of course in the previous article to this one, an article that in the main revolves around her mate Israeli SF writer and editor Lavie Tidhar. So this can get confusing – namely Laura Anne Gilman’s tweets (not Felix’s) pasted below were sent BEFORE my previous article was posted online, an article that is a reply (in small part at least) to her tweets she tweeted two months BEFORE the ones mentioned below. Uh got all that?

24 Mar Laura Anne Gilman  @LAGilman

@felixgilman @kiplet @MaryRobinette oh, you’ve discovered our resident Angry Blogger. I offended him by not responding to his rants…

No you didn’t offend me. Laura Anne Gilman playing fast and loose with the facts there as cognitive dissonance demands. No surprise. The opinion of a uh Jewish genre writer who shills her support (as does Felix Gilman) for the OWS rallies, and is blind or indifferent to the thick vein of anti-Semitism among the OWS crowd (indeed at the very root of OWS) is not somebody whose opinion I give a hoot for. Laura Anne Gilman had no problem reporting on the OWS rallies for the anti-Semitic radical Left Daily Kos (see my article on her and Yaniv). The Daily Kos has compared Israel to Nazi Germany (and indulged in the most odious anti-Semitic conspiracy guff). Not that Gilman&Gilman know or care for that matter.

Which rants Laura Anne? Oh you mean like the article on you and Yaniv (linked to above)? The one where I ask you and Nir Yaniv if you would answer the question re China Mieville’s prejudicial status, yes or no? The one where I predicted you would just slink away and not answer the question. Of course L A Gilman didn’t answer the question (as with Yaniv), just like everybody else (with the debatable exception of Scott Edelman). I’m hoping your namesake is willing to cross the line and lead the way!

Outgoing VP of the SFWA Mary Robinette Kowal tweets in response to L A Gilman:

Mary Robinette Kowal  @MaryRobinette

@LAGilman @felixgilman @kiplet There’s only one Angry Blogger? Oh… I thought there were lots of them.

2:04 AM – 24 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

There are surely lots of ‘Angry Bloggers’. There is as far as I know only one blogger exposing anti-Semitism in detail in the genre community. Remember that includes Holocaust Revisionism from genre pros and the rabid anti-Semitism of China Mieville (and there are other folk to come). Curious how a blogger exposing very real anti-Semitism translates to an ‘Angry Blogger’ for that matter.

L A Gilman in reply:

24 Mar Laura Anne Gilman  @LAGilman

@MaryRobinette @felixgilman @kiplet I did say “our resident,” specific to this discussion, not to take away from any partic Angry Blogger.

“our resident”. That’s so kind of you Laura Anne. I almost feel part of the family! You know a family that bickers and back-stabs and all the rest of it, but a family nonetheless.

Then Mary again:

Mary Robinette Kowal  @MaryRobinette

@LAGilman @felixgilman @kiplet Oh. Whew. Because, you know, I wouldn’t want any of the other angry bloggers to feel dismissed.

2:10 AM – 24 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

If a blogger exposing anti-Semitism in the genre community translates to ‘Angry Blogger’, then does that mean “other angry bloggers” are the bloggers exposing anti-Semitism outside of the genre community? I mean I’m just asking.

As far as Felix Gilman’s commendation of Lenin’s Tomb goes… (which I mention above)

And no it is not a case of – it’s just a political blog he has (sorry had) in his (ex)blogroll, he doesn’t necessarily agree with the Lenin’s Tomb’s/Richard Seymour’s politics. British born and raised Felix Gilman is a self-admitted far Leftist and this is a far Left UK blog.

You know I have remarked on Richard Seymour of the Lenin’s Tomb’s blog and its horrible anti-Semitism (in the two articles I have written on Lenin’s Tomb – see the relevant linked articles further up this page, the one in my Mamatas series and the other in my Mieville series). The thing is it is very rare to even see an anti or indifferent to Israel Jew commend and endorses this blog as Felix Gilman has done, so extreme is Richard Seymour’s Judenhass. Remember Richard Seymour has given his support to both Hamas and Hezbollah. Then again Seymour has given his glowing and effusive support for George Galloway (the Respect Party co-founder), a Hamas, Hezbollah and Saddam Hussein supporter himself and vice versa (detailed in my articles on Lenin’s Tomb and in my Mieville series). Then again Lenin’s Tomb is only the most popular SWP (née  Respect) blogger.

The British SWP (and the Respect Party/coalition from the last decade) is extremely anti-Semitic and supports BDS against Israel (and that’s just touching the surface of their Judenhass). It is of course the British political party and alliance (as the Respect Coalition) that China Mieville has campaigned for. Even plenty hostile to Israel Jews won’t go near it! (not that Felix G has this problem as the most popular SWP/Respect blogger was on his blogroll for an age before his blogroll’s deletion) There are exceptions naturally (aside from Felix G), such as the Holocaust Revisionist Israeli Jew UK resident Gilad Atzmon (yes really) who has chummied up to the SWP.

Anyhow this article is long enough (for sure!), so this is the red wolf signing off for now…

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