The more urgent danger the Jews are in, the more Israeli ‘Jewish’ SF writer and editor Lavie Tidhar sinks into delusional, odious and obscene anti-Israelism

A very recent piece from one of my um biggest fans Lavie Tidhar, at his blog. To newcomers to this blog, Tidhar is a youngish (b 1976) Israeli-born Jewish SF writer and editor (for The Apex Book of World SF) . Tidhar has tweeted more criticism my way than any other SF genre pro. See the previous two articles at this blog for the details therein (parts ten and eleven in my China Mieville series). I have also written two stand-alone articles on Tidhar, here and here.

Tidhar’s blog article (posted on May 10th and entitled ‘Masada Shall Not Fall Again: Faux-Realism, Parallel Histories, and the Fiction of Israel‘) is the kind of fact-free emotional polemic that would be applauded by Jew-haters of every stripe. This is beyond Lavie Tidhar’s comprehension, along with the implications that his several articles on Israel over the years – including this one especially – would earn the support and admiration of Jew-haters the world over. Tidhar’s blog post, its very title, is simply a projection of his own faux-realism, historical revisionism and absurdist fiction of Israel onto the Jew nation and its people, that he can’t even be bothered to hide his contempt for.

There is only the most outrageous and disgusting historical revisionism in Tidhar’s polemic, passed off as some kind of deeply insightful view of his native land. Tidhar is the one living in a parallel universe. Indeed that is how I ended my previous article, the last one in my Mieville series! Court Jews like Tidhar are living in the alternative science fiction realities they read and write about, they are not living in the real world. Tidhar’s dire screed goes beyond run-of-the-mill know-nothing wishful thinking liberalism into something even worse, a malicious and delusional rant that would beggar belief, considering it is written by a ‘Jew’; if it wasn’t such a widespread neurosis among both Israeli and Diaspora Jewry. There are several books written on this um masochism among Jewry alone, going back to the 1920s and 1930s. The Holocaust clearly changed nothing. Arguably the Holocaust/Shoah and the Arab initiated wars against the Jew among the nations since then, has only intensified the tragedy of Jewish self-contempt. Such neurosis is especially prevalent among the so-called educated Ashkenazi Jews. I even referred to one such recent title in my last Tidhar article, David Mamet’s Wicked Son.

Then again this is the same Tidhar who authored this outrageous nonsense, obscenely titled ‘Remembering how to be a Jew’ which I comment on briefly in chapters 10 and 11 of my Mieville series. So at least Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar is being consistent.

As the existential threats Israel faces are now – in May 2012 – as severe as the threats it faced in 1948, 1967 and in 1973, if anything far more severe, it only adds to Tidhar’s obscene idiocy. That’s on top of the terrible anti-Semitism in the Western world, very much to the fore again and increasingly and fashionably out in the open. The Muslim Brotherhood are now calling the shots in Egypt (thanks in large part to the Obama administration which supported the overthrow of Mubarak), Egypt is armed to the teeth by Uncle Sam, and the Americans continue to underwrite what is now a Muslim extremist regime in Cairo. In the last week a major Islamist rally was held in Cairo, the huge crowd calling for the conquest of Jerusalem. More deadly weaponry is now being smuggled to Hamas ruled Gaza via a Hamas supporting Egypt and Libya (the uh Arab Spring again) than ever before, threatening another war with Israel…

Mortar and rocket bombardments launched by jihadists from Gaza targeting Israelis for death and maiming on their farms, kibbutzes, towns and highways resulted in the Gaza-Israel war of 2008/2009. Thousands of rockets, mortars and missiles have been fired from Gaza since Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. Yes that’s thousands. Over two thousand in 2007 and over three thousand in 2008 alone. Yes really. Not that Tidhar has anything to say about that. The next time Hamas spoils for war, Egypt may not sit on the sidelines, and Egypt is indeed upping the Jew-hate rhetoric and openly spoiling for war with Israel. Unlike in 1973 when Israel was surprised by a massive Egyptian attack, Israel no longer has the buffer zone that is the Sinai. There is the hostile to Israel Syria and Jordan who have waged war on Israel before (notably in ’48,  ’67 and ’73). Turkey a major regional power that is increasingly Islamist, is openly supportive of Hamas. There is Fatah in the West Bank that still refuses to recognize Israel’s existence (the call for Israel’s destruction remains in place on its constitution) and its president Mahmoud Abbas persistently insists that he does not recognize Israel’s Jewish sovereignty and is a Holocaust Denier who praises suicide bombers as martyrs and Hamas as brothers in arms, when not jostling against them in a power struggle. The Fatah and PA media praise jihadists as martyrs and heroes, streets and statues are named after jihadist Jew-killers by the Palestinian Authority. The PA funded kindergartens, schools and mosques preach genocidal Jew-hatred and the like (yes it’s in the kindergartens too. No you don’t hear about it from the BBC and The LA Times). I’m not even talking about Hamas here, just Fatah the so-called moderates!

And what of Iran, its regime very close now to nuclear weaponization and openly calling for Israel’s destruction? Maybe Tidhar thinks that’s only happening in the kind of parallel universes he reads and writes about in his fiction. If Tidhar can think at all. I mean this hangs like a cloud over all of Israel, yet to Tidhar – Iran wot?

Tidhar’s gross and disgusting rewrite of the circumstances of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, its historical background and aftermath in his blog posting, is quite something. Talk about history from a parallel universe. Israel was then a reborn nation of roughly six hundred to perhaps seven hundred thousand Jews, many of whom had fled the horrors of the Nazis and the survivors and descendants of those fleeing the pogroms in Russia, Poland, the Baltic states and elsewhere. A mere three years after the Holocaust had come to an end and six million Jews were exterminated, the Jewish nation rising from the ashes, was  invaded by her Arab neighbors openly promising to drive the Jews into the sea and finish off where the Nazis had left off (the very week Israel declared its independence in May 1948). Remember the Arabs outnumbered the Jews many times over. The Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al Husseini, a collaborator with the Nazis during World War 2 stated, “I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”

The Jews had to rely on home-made and surplus World War 2 weaponry, the US refused to sell Israel any arms and the British had done their best to curtail the fighting ability of the Israeli self-defense forces, whilst the British had armed the Arabs in ’47. Against the odds Israel triumphed, the Arab armies who never even pretended that their goal was anything other than the destruction of Israel, were defeated. Tidhar appears ashamed of this triumph of the Jews against all the odds. In order to justify his shame Tidhar manufactures an invented history out of whole cloth. Facts need not apply.

Roughly eight hundred thousand Jews were expelled from Arab countries in North Africa and the Middle-East as soon as Israel dared to declare its independence in ’48. Many came to Israel of course, especially the huge numbers of Jews expelled from Morocco, Yemen and Egypt. Tidhar can’t be bothered to mention this not so tiny, inconvenient fact. Instead he focuses on the Arab refugees, roughly four hundred to perhaps five hundred thousand (lies to the contrary by Arab propagandists and their Western supporters who invent far higher numbers) who fled Israel. Let’s not forget that there was only an Arab refugee crisis because of the war of ’48 in the first place. A war initiated by Israel’s Arab neighbors. They invaded Israel. It really is that simple. Tidhar’s version of the 1948 War (and what of the history that preceded it and postdated it?) is a parallel alternative history of Tidhar’s making. Tidhar is caught up in the fiction worlds he writes about, such as his recent alternative world/history novel (the Kitchies, BSFA and now J W Campbell Memorial award nominated) Osama, mistaking pseudo-history and imagining for the real world, both past and present.

Tidhar pretends none of the plain facts of Islamist Jew-hatred, deceit and terror and the relentless drive to destroy Israel is actually true; it’s just revisionism, exaggeration, Zionist propaganda in the world according to Lavie Tidhar. Tidhar appears ashamed of Jews actually fighting off very real blood-lustful Islamist enemies openly bent on murdering Jews, for the ‘crime’ of being Jewish remember. The good Jew to Tidhar appears to be one who dare not fight back, the good Jew is one who holds no grudge or not the tiniest sliver of contempt for those Muslim fanatics openly bent on committing the murder of Jewish men, women and children. The good Jews are the ones who died like helpless lambs in the pogroms that swept through Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the Jews massacred in the Middle Ages (blamed for the Plague for one) and of course the Jews stripped naked and gassed at Auschwitz, Sobibor and Treblinka (diesel exhaust), executed en masse at Babi Yar. Tidhar pretends, in willful denial, that the Arab Jew-hater is an exaggeration, worse – the bogie man invention of dishonest, even racist Zionist Jews. Of course there are Arabs who then and now are not Jew-haters, just as there are white South Africans who then and now are not anti-black racists. So?

There were notable pogroms against Jews by the Arabs in the 1920s, in Jerusalem, Safed, Jaffa and such murderous Islamist fueled violence against the Jews continued in the 1930s. Jewish men, women, children and babes were murdered. Girls and women raped, the bodies of the Jewish dead were frequently mutilated. The Jewish fighting units like the Lechi, the Hagana and the Ergun were formed in response to these and other murderous attacks by Arabs, not the other way around. These pogroms against Jews by Muslim fanatical Arabs (and Turks for that matter long before then) go back over a millenium. There was a terrible pogrom against Baghdad Jewry  in 1941 (the British stood by and did nothing). Baghdad had a thriving and large Jewish community for centuries. No more. As Baghdad and Iraq went for Jewry, it now goes for Christians… Tidhar and fellow like-mindless travelers could care less for the facts here.

It seems the worse things get for Jewry in our day and age, as the Jews face the very real risk of another Holocaust, this time in the Middle-East; Court Jews like Lavie Tidhar sink ever further into odious masochism and self-flagellation.

Doubtless Tidhar’s anti-Israel revisionist garbage would earn a big thumbs up from his fellow genre radical Leftist China Mieville, a hardcore Jew-hater as my eleven part series on him amply demonstrates, well to anybody who is not a hardcore Jew-hater or mentally subnormal or both. It would also earn a big thumbs up from Tidhar’s good mate, genre communist writer and editor Nick Mamatas. I have likewise written seven articles on Mamatas at this blog, continually pointing out Mamatas’s dishonesty, obtuseness and worse (his glowing admiration for the Jew-hating blogger Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb for one, Mamatas’s favourite blog. Seymour is a Hamas and Hezbollah supporter, all detailed at this blog). Tidhar could care less. Clearly. Tidhar of course is not the only Jewish genre pro who is all buddy buddy with the likes of Mamatas, any more than he is the only Jewish genre writer who has poured lame scorn on this blog.

Do Tidhar’s Jewish mates such as Charles Stross, Felix Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman, Nir Yaniv, newly appointed VP of the SFWA Rachel Swirsky and others concur with Tidhar’s faux-realism and parallel history of the Middle-East? A screed of rubbish that would not be out of place on Al Jazeera’s website. Or the flag-bearer of de rigueur anti-Semiticintellectualism’ in the English language world, The Guardian’s

The only place that these anti-Israel liberals could live in the Middle-East, Tidhar included, is Israel. It is the only place in the region where Christians (nominal or otherwise) are not persecuted, the only country in the Middle-East where the Christian population is thriving and increasing. In Egypt (thanks in large part to the ‘Arab Spring’) the Copts are suffering greatly, facing increasing persecution and even murder, simply for being Christian. In Syria in the midst of their undeclared civil war, many Christians have been expelled from their homes and scapegoated for the violence. In Iraq, they are getting out if they can. Women and girls face routine oppression, honour killings and even genital mutilation in the Middle-East and North and East Africa. And if you are a gay man or woman, well…

Tidhar (and those like-mindless) dismisses all these uncomfortable realities – he clearly doesn’t want to know – and invents a reality-free version in their place. There is a fiction of Israel sold to the world alright, yet it’s the version from the anti-Zionist and post-Zionist Left that is the fiction, and Tidhar is a propagandist of this ugly and sinister fiction if there was one. Tidhar’s blog article is shameless and disgusting in equal measure, but it earns the plaudits from the kind of folk Tidhar is desperate to ingratiate himself with.

Tidhar continues to dig his grave and seems determined to go deeper and further into mendacious anti-Israelism and the associated whitewashing of Islamist tyranny and terror any chance he gets. The more dangerous and deadly things get for Jewry, the more Tidhar gets his harebrained contemptuous rage on for his native land. Of course Tidhar – as with the rest of Court Jewry – could care less for what the Season of the Red Wolf blogger has to say. Yet the record for Tidhar’s and his Court Jew mates’ offensive stupidity (never mind the Gentiles) is all here at this blog, a one stop reference point. Perhaps it will one day be used against him by others, perhaps not. At the end of the day it matters little. Tidhar’s deceitful and idiotic anti-Israel propaganda (with all that that implies) will come back to haunt him. The truth will out, it always does sooner or later.

Tidhar’s extreme neurosis even has a modern-day term all of its own, Oslo Syndrome as Harvard psychiatrist Kenneth Levin calls it.  Perhaps one could think of a name for such a syndrome peculiar to uber-liberal ‘Jewish’ writers? Any ideas? Perhaps Lavie Tidhar Syndrome? Or is Tidhar too obscure a writer, to warrant such an eponymous shame?

UPDATE: I  add this here, just because it’s apposite to this article. There is plenty more dishonest and shameless extreme anti-Israelism from Tidhar, one just has to look for it…

There is this disgusting piece on Gaza and Israel that Tidhar wrote a fair while back and it is indistinguishable from anything one hears from boiler-plate anti-Semitic Leftists, and extreme anti-Semitic Leftists at that. A meaningless coincidence? I don’t even bother with fisking it here. It is filled with so many lies and misrepresentations on Israel and such obscene whitewashing of Hamas and Islamist terror from Gaza. I just thought I would provide the reference, since it belongs in this blog article as much as any other article I have written on the odious Tidhar.


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