SF editor Kathryn Cramer shills for and lauds vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Dennis ‘Justin’ Raimondo Part 2

This is the second article in my Kathryn Cramer series, detailing this genre editor’s rabid anti-Semitism (on a par with her fellow genre pro China Mieville). Cramer is the wife of award-winning genre editor David Hartwell. Whilst this and other articles on Cramer may be viewed as extraneous since my first article on Cramer has already established her ‘new’ anti-Semitic credentials beyond doubt – well unless you are an anti-Semite yourself or very obtuse or both – I give further details and evidence for Cramer’s harebrained and extreme anti-Semitism herein.

Given that Cramer doesn’t accept Israel’s right to exist and justifies it with the most brazen and absurd lies and slanders (see my previous article for the details), it’s no surprise then that Cramer is an admirer of the odious, rabid anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Dennis ‘Justin’ Raimondo. Cramer unambiguously commends Raimondo’s commentary on Israel (in the same article of hers where she frowns on Israel’s very existence for one). She has also linked to him at her blog. Raimondo is closely associated with the anti-Semite Pat Buchanan (who has flirted with Holocaust Revisionism, when not blaming the Jews for America’s wars) on the libertarian Right through the likes of American Conservative. Raimondo has been foremost in running the website antiwar.com. It’s a love-fest to Buchanan and Ron Paul and shills – predictably – soooo much anti-Semitic claptrap and conspiracies. More like antiJew.com.

Here for some of the ugly facts on Raimondo, from Stephen Schwartz who has authored numerous exposés on jihadist terror networks:

If a critic of Saudi Arabia’s support for Wahhabism enters his [Raimondo’s] sights, he will accuse them of formenting war against the Kingdom. He has, in fact, insisted that the neo-conservatives in the government are actually preparing military action against the Saudis. Raimondo’s protective attitudes towards the Saudis derive perhaps from the fact he and the Saudi princes share a commitment to the fable of “Zionist” involvement in 9/11.

..For Raimondo, the Great Satan is America, and the Little Satan is Israel. He has written a screed called The Terror Enigma, that is a kind of Protocols of the Elders of Zion for the War on Terror. Raimondo’s tract – it’s only a pamphlet issued by a vanity press – insinuates, with no serious evidence, that the Israeli government had prior knowledge of 9/11 but failed to warn our authorities; that because an Israeli lived in the same neighborhood as a 9/11 conspirator they were naturally complicit; Israelis selling art on the streets of the U.S. were actually big-time spies engaged in undermining our government; that here, there, and everywhere, the omnipotent Israelis control everything, so why not the attack on the Twin Towers as well? The next step from this conspiracy logic is, of course, the claim that Israel was in on 9/11 with the Bush administration.

..Raimondo’s website consistently published propaganda generated by Randall (Ismail) Royer, a former CAIR employee now doing a 20-year federal sentence for terrorist activities. Recently, one of Royer’s associates, Ahmad Omar Abu Ali, was charged with plotting to assassinate President Bush in collaboration with al-Qaida. Before his arrest, Royer distinguished himself between with a campaign to harass and intimidate critics of the jihadists – myself, and the Saudi dissident Ali al-Ahmed among them – in the Washington region. Raimondo gleefully recycled Royer’s Jew-baiting rants on his website. CAIR, which employed Royer, joined in the campaign by redistributing the Raimondo screeds. CAIR – which pretends to be an anti-defamation organization – also disseminates the neo-Nazi propaganda of Bill White.

There is much much more at the link.

Also here http://www.usefulwork.com/shark/archives/000256.html An exposé of just some of the lies Raimondo tells in order to justify his 9-11 ‘Israeli military intelligence was complicit’ conspiracy. It pertains in large part to Raimondo’s perverse spin on an article that originally appeared in the German paper Die Zeit, and that was ultimately dismissed as being based on a discredited source. The exposé is authored by Stefan Sharkansky who originally translated the article into English.

An excerpt:

The Die Zeit article that he is referring to is the one that I translated several days ago. It does not imply in any way that Israel had foreknowledge of the attacks, only that Israel was investigating some of the hijackers. And as it turns out, the Die Zeit piece was ultimately fact-checked and dismissed as being based on a discredited source. I posted an update to that effect on my translation of the Die Zeit article. Still, Raimondo linked to my translation anyway, even though the original story was both lacking in credibility and spun opposite of the story that Raimondo in his hallucinatory anti-Semitic view of the world wanted to tell.

Sharkansy documents further distortions and gross misrepresentations that Raimondo made on this front, and this is just one small part of Raimondo’s ‘oeuvre’!

Another article on Raimondo’s anti-Semitic conspiracy blather in the wake of 9-11, Raimondo’s numerous other lies and concoctions including (for the SF fans out there) his bizarro take on P K Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. (The article is also by S Schwartz whose surname is misleading, Schwartz is a Sufi Muslim!)

Blogger Adam Holland authored this informative piece in 2010 entitled ‘Justin Raimondo’s racism’.

Of course the reader can dismiss all the evidence of Raimondo’s anti-Semitic conspiracy bile as Zionist propaganda, if the reader is so inclined to defend the likes of Cramer for expressing her appreciation for the utter dross of a brazen liar and vile anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist with close associations to the vile anti-Semite Pat Buchanan. Note that Raimondo is gay, openly so and yet he is chummy with the homophobic Pat Buchanan. That’s because such otherwise implacable differences and difficulties are set aside in taking on nefarious common old enemies that threaten us all, the Joooos. Naturally as a gay man, the only country in the Middle-East Raimondo could live in with his civil rights guaranteed (he can even get married) is Israel; not Egypt, Gaza, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, anywhere in the Persian Gulf for that matter. And not anyplace within Palestinian society in the West Bank neither.

Dissecting Raimondo’s anti-Semitic garbage over the years, one could easily fill a book.

In Part 3 of this Kathryn Cramer series, I take a hard look at Cramer’s odious, mendacious and breezy slander on the Michael Teague killing in Iraq (at her blog) and her burying that down the memory hole when her ugly slur was easily exposed. And the notable SF Court Jew writer who covered for her in this regard, by grossly misrepresenting the facts..

Yes you read that right.

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