SF editor Kathryn Cramer’s obscene & mendacious slander on the 2004 Michael Teague murder in Fallujah that she sends down the memory hole. Cory Doctorow runs cover for Cramer and digs his own grave beside her Part 3

This article continues from Part 1 and 2 in my series on notable SF editor (and wife of editor David Hartwell) Kathryn Cramer, in which I elucidated on her anti-Semitism; that is her disdain to recognize Israel’s right to exist and her admiration for the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Dennis ‘Justin’ Raimondo (my previous article).

An example of Cramer’s obscene, obtuse and loopy rationalization for Islamist barbarity and gruesome murder was her gross mind-numbing slur and libel on the terrible fate of independent American military contractor Michael Teague at Fallujah in 2004.

The facts are these re Michael Teague:

Four employees of the private security firm Blackwater, Jerry Zovko, Wesley Batalona, Scott Helvenston and Michael Teague, are killed by small arms fire while driving through Fallujah. [The News Observer, 7/8/2007] Their bodies are then taken out of their convoy and mutilated by an angry mob. Images of two corpses of the contractors hanging from a bridge over the Euphrates River are sent all over the world. The families of the four slain men later file a lawsuit against Blackwater claiming that the company broke their contract by cutting corners on security costs in order to make a greater profit. The convoy that the Blackwater employees were driving lacked both armor for protection and a rear gunner, making it extremely easy for a few Iraqi gunmen to kill them. There also was an alternate path around Fallujah the men could have taken but did not know about because Blackwater did not conduct a “risk assessment,” which they were contractually obligated to do.

You can click on the link to see the mutilated burned bodies of the dead contractors hanging from the bridge at Fallujah, with the mob cheering and celebrating.


Well as popular then-conservative blogger Charles Johnson at LittleGreenFootballs (Johnson has since flip-flopped somewhat politically and now leans more to the Left. Johnson’s changing politics are neither here nor there as far as the facts in this case are concerned) documented, Kathryn Cramer’s bile and pathetically stupid knee-jerk blog response to this horrific slaughter of a US citizen in Iraq almost beggared belief. Almost.

http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=10493 ‘Turning over the rocks’

Turning Over the Rocks by Charles Johnson  Sun Apr 4, 2004

Want to see the left at work as they try to dig up some dirt to smear the names of the Americans murdered and torn apart in Fallujah? Well, here you go [at the original article at LittleGreenFootballs, at the link above, ‘here you go’ is hyperlinked to the pertinent original entry at Cramer’s blog. Cramer has since confined it to the memory hole – red wolf], as Kathryn Cramer tries to connect the murdered Michael Teague with a white supremacist with the same name, in a truly disgusting exercise in moral bankruptcy.

[Here’s what she wiped. The pertinent text in blue below is Cramer’s sickening commentary that Johnson quotes – red wolf]

If they’re not the same guy, I will apologize profusely. I have made plans for that possibility.

I’m not thrilled that I’m doing this, either. This kind of exploration does not make me feel good. And yes, grainy photos of bald white guys do look alike. I had expected that once I had photos, it would be simple to tell them apart. No such luck.

If they are the same guy, this was too important to leave alone and is deeply upsetting. I would like to believe that someone would have checked out this possibility if I hadn’t, but I don’t believe they would have.

And if the two Teagues not the same guy, the reason why the trail of the ex-AN Teague disppears a few years ago is because the AN wants to kill him. Knowing that now, it will be that much more difficult to resolve this.

This all makes me at least as uncomfortable as it makes you.

This exposure of the sick left was brought to you by lizardoid minion Jheka, whose comment was deleted by Kathryn Cramer almost immediately [comment of Jheka’s quoted below in full – red wolf]:

How lovely for you that you have “made plans for the possibility” that you are dragging the name of a dead man through the mud. How perfectly noble of you to have made such plans. There are literally scores of “Michael Teagues” living in this country. Among them are men who have done time for drug crimes, professors, cartoonists, musicians and many others. In case you can’t figure it out, they are not the same person and are not in any way responsible for each other’s actions. What kind of person with the slightest capacity to think and feel posts this kind of terrible accusation against a just-murdered man without being absolutely certain that it is true? What the hell were you thinking? Has your political bloodlust so overtaken you that you’ve forgotten that this is a real person, with real loved ones that you are writing about? In short, what the hell is wrong with you?

There are also dozens of Kathryn Cramers, Cathy Cramers, Kathy Cramers, Catherine Cramers, etc. Hell, there’s a Kathleen Cramer right there in Pleasantville, NY who’s only 2 years younger than you. Kathryn Kramer, age 35, lives in Ballston Lake, NY. There are more than a dozen Kathleen Cramers living all over New York State and don’t even get me started on the Cathys, Catherines and Kramers. How would you like to be responsible for their deeds and misdeeds? How about if you weren’t around to defend yourself and only your grieving family could answer for you?

How on earth are you one scintilla better than the animals who desecrated Michael Teague’s corpse? The only real difference between them and you is that you couldn’t get to his body so you decided to desecrate his name.

I hope that you have made plans in the event that you are wrong. I hope that those plans include a personal apology to Michael’s widow, child, parents and other loved ones. I hope it includes a big fat check to his memorial fund. I hope that it includes plans to shut down this cesspit of a blog before you hurt anyone else. I hope it includes some kind of therapy for you that will allow you to reconnect with whatever little bit of humanity you still possess; you know – that part of normal human beings that stops them from attacking the defenseless before being sure that they deserve to be attacked.

That is my hope, but I doubt that your plans include anything more than a vapid “apology” where you’ll seek to justify your disgusting, monstrous behavior.

[Well said ‘Jheka’. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Commentary below is mine – red wolf]

So Kathryn Cramer tells us – in so many words – that Teague at least may or may not have got what was coming to him. Karma. It’s a bitch don’t you know? Oh wait, it is the wrong guy, wrong Teague. Oops. Let’s wipe that blog entry now and move on shall we? Let’s pretend like it was never made by Cramer in the first place.  

Cramer did so desperately garble the facts here (she could only do so) by misrepresenting entirely who Teague *may have been* and indeed was. And when her ridiculous, obtuse, disgusting foul-up was scrutinized and exposed by one ‘Jheka’, it was down the memory hole baby.

It gets worse.

Cramer then posted up the physical address of Charles Johnson at her blog, in a brazen attempt to bully Johnson, since he was the one who exposed her obscenely dense blunder at his blog, with a hat-tip to Jheka. Bully and attempt to intimidate the one who shows you up is the Cramer modus operandi. Turned out she put up the wrong address (wrong Charles Johnson?). So when exposed for doing something dense and despicable, Cramer attempts to bully the messenger and messes that up too.

Kind of reminds one of Cramer’s outing of ‘CoffeeandInk’s’ identity (of which I will have a little to say in my next  article on Cramer).

It gets worse.  

SF writer and tech guru, the uh Jewish Cory Doctorow then runs cover for Cramer at his Boing Boing site, defending the indefensible by spinning a cock and bull story (dated April 7th 2004) of what went down. Again from Johnson at LGF:

Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing completely distorts the truth: ‘Boing Boing: Little Green Footballs readers jihad investigative blogger for outing mercs in Iraq’ [This is the actual title of Doctorow’s delusional, harebrained and thankfully brief commentary pasted below. ‘jihad investigative blogger’!! Unlike Cramer’s original blog entry, the Doctorow link is still ‘live’ – red wolf]

Little Green Footballs readers jihad investigative blogger for outing mercs in Iraq by Cory Doctorow

Kathryn Cramer, the investigative blogger who tracked down a lot of the information on the use of hired mercenaries to fight in Iraq under the guise of “civilian contractors,” has found herself under attack by the readers of Little Green Footballs, apparently at the behest of proprietor Charles Johnson (who took a cheap shot at Boing Boing yesterday — thanks for the traffic, Charles), whom he calls his “lizardoid minions.” One of the goons posting to Kathryn’s blog is a member of the California Bar; Kathryn’s doing what needs to be done to see to it that this breach of professional ethics is thoroughly documented and brought to the attention of the Bar’s Ethics Committee.

[text below is Johnson’s pithy commentary on the above quoted text of Doctorow’s. Bold is mine – red wolf]

“Investigative blogger?” Nice euphemism, Cory. Your friend Kathryn attempted to smear the name of a security contractor who was burned alive, torn apart, and hung from a bridge, by wrongly linking him to a neo-Nazi with the same name — while his body was still hanging from that goddamned bridge — and this is “investigation?”

And if linking to someone and pointing out their own words amounts to putting them “under attack,” you have a serious misunderstanding of the internet.

So do you have anything to say about the fact that your friend still has an address and phone number posted at her blog (search for “323” to find it) that purports to be mine, in an invitation to stalk, harass, and possibly cause physical harm to me—but it isn’t even my address?

My God. These people have absolutely no scruples.

[Simply Shocking – red wolf]

This is the pertinent harebrained whitewash of a blog post from Doctorow posted by him on April 7th 2004

Cory Doctorow (repeating the Cramer MO) shoots the messenger LittleGreenFootballs by spinning a gross and absurd distortion of what actually went down – the only way to defend the indefensible. This ain’t rocket science. Doctorow digs his own grave in the process alongside Cramer. Not that anybody in the genre community had anything to say, or so it appears. See a pattern here? It repeats itself over and over. It’s the culture and zeitgeist baby.

Then again the ‘Jewish’ Doctorow didn’t and doesn’t have anything to say about Cramer’s considering Israel’s nationhood status something to be debated, frankly disputed and doubted. The delegitimization of Israel is brazenly anti-Semitic. For the record. And what of Cramer’s admiration for a rabidly dishonest, viciously anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, Justin Raimondo and that includes the latter’s vile nonsense on all things Israel related? Hey nobody else is bothered by it neither. Sounds of silence.

With a high-profile genre Court Jew going out of his way to trip up badly in running cover for the odious Michael Teague foul-up from the harshly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Kathryn Cramer (as Doctorow does in this case), Cramer has nothing to fear. And she knows it. It is a disgraceful and disturbing pattern one sees over and over again in the professional SF community.

Next.. The Chutzpah: Anti-Semite SF editor Kathryn Cramer sits on a panel, ‘The moral distance between the author and the work’ at the 2010 World Fantasy Con. The irony meter explodes Part 4

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