The chutzpah: Rabidly anti-Semitic SF editor Kathryn Cramer sits on a panel ‘The Moral Distance between the Author and the Work’ at the 2010 World Fantasy Con Part 4

This article is the final chapter in my series on SF editor – wife of editor David Hartwell – Kathryn Cramer.

Now Kathryn Cramer appeared on a panel ‘The Moral Distance Between the Author and the Work’ at the 2010 World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio. She is on the panel along with Scott Edelman, Eric Flint, Nancy Kress, Paul Witcover and Jack Skillingstead. The video is available at plenty of websites. I take this link from SF editor, critic and writer Scott Edelman’s website (one needs to scroll down for the video).

Of course I have personally clashed with Edelman, a good, obedient and very dense Court Jew here and here, and later on with his ‘rescuer’, the writer and president of the SFWA John Scalzi. Most recently again with Scalzi, Edelman and Mary Robinette Kowal over here. Edelman remember made it very clear he would take the side of the vicious anti-Semite China Mieville over the red wolf blogger any day (see my second linked article).

Here’s how the panel was described in the Pocket Program:

What do we make of good art by bad people, or at least people of whom we disapprove? Richard Wagner was a particularly vile anti-Semite, but he still wrote “Kill Da Wabbit!” and other great music. Should we listen? The official Nazi film industry made one very good fantasy film (BARON MUNCHAUSEN, to which the Terry Gilliam version owes a good deal). Should we watch this? What about an author who is a convicted child molester? Should we read his novel? CAN we read it for itself? Is it possible to truly experience any form of art as a thing until itself, rather than the product of its creator?

So Scott Edelman the uh Jewish writer and editor sits on a Con panel with the rabidly anti-Israel and yes anti-Semitic Kathryn Cramer, discussing the difficulties relating to distinguishing an author’s work from an author’s prejudices, immorality and unethical actions blah blah. That’s Kathryn Cramer, who does not take kindly to even consider Israel’s sovereign right to exist, unlike every other nation on the globe including her own. Should we get into the history of the United States and how the West was won? And what of Cramer’s commending the views of the lying, vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Dennis ‘Justin’ Raimondo?

Yes let’s run this kind of topic past Cramer who takes a pathological liar and anti-Semitic crackpot conspiracy theorist Dennis ‘Justin’ Raminondo seriously.. on Israel. That’s when Cramer isn’t spouting out run-of-the-mill evidence-free anti-Semitic slanders on the Jew nation itself, a nation whose very sovereign existence she frowns upon.

Let’s run the topic of prejudice and immorality and its relevance to writers’ output past Kathryn Cramer, who slandered the name of the horribly murdered security contractor Michael Teague in Fallujah in 2004 (six years before her panel appearance) by linking him falsely and in a knee-jerk fashion to a white supremacist of the same name. Well they had the same name, and they were both American! Who wouldn’t make that kind of blunder? *sarc* When called out on it, she sent her blog posting down the memory hole and attempted to intimidate the messenger (Charles Johnson of LGF) by putting up his physical address at her blog (it was the wrong address). Court Jew SF writer Cory Doctorow came to her ‘rescue’ at his Boing Boing site by garbling up the whole thing and grossly misrepresenting the facts beyond all recognition (see same article. Part 3 in this series linked directly above).

Scott Edelman the ‘Jew’ – in his clash with myself – tells me that he would take the side of (the supporter of BDS against Israel and no other nation on earth) China Mieville any day over you know myself, the one exposing soooo much anti-Semitism from within the genre community (not only Mieville’s, well there is Cramer!). This was all post publication of the first nine detailed chapters on Mieville’s gross anti-Semitism at my blog (including his record of his campaigning for a hardcore anti-Semitic political alliance in the UK, George Galloway’s Respect Party) which Edelman never even bothered to read. So I very much doubt Edelman would have a problem with Cramer’s extreme anti-Semitism (her refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist and the lie she predicates it on – ‘Israel is a theocracy’) on top of her odious and harebrained commentary and behavior re the Michael Teague affair (which she continually compounded); and thus her sitting on a panel on the topic of morality, no less. Maybe Scotty will tell us that he will take the side of the anti-Semite Kathryn Cramer any day over myself, as he did with Mieville. It would at least be consistent of him. Well who knows?

Naturally the topic of the Elizabeth Moon affair and WisCon is brought up early on during the panel discussion, which sees most of the panelists respond with wary nervousness. Cramer’s haughty ambivalence over even considering Israel’s right to a place among the nations (that she justifies on a big lie naturally enough), her evidence-free justifications and apologetics for jihadist terror directed the Jooos’ way and her endorsement of the views of a paranoid anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Raimondo, which she bragged about at her blog all those years ago, is of course not even an issue (not to Edelman the ‘Jew’ nor anybody else on the panel). It’s underneath the radar entirely.

As with the Cramer/Michael Teague affair. Who knows about it? Who cares? Whatever.

Hey if it comes from a shock horror conservative source (LittleGreenFootballs, now a blog that veers far more to the Left), we can safely ignore it and dismiss it out of hand. It’s not as if Cramer is an ‘Islamophobe’ after all. Now that would be a different kettle of fish altogether. Then a hue and cry fuss would result and Cramer would be persona non grata.

Edelman himself has called me a bigot, because I’m guilty – in his eyes – of this Orwellian thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’. Edelman has never called Mieville the Jew-hater a bigot (au contraire Scotty makes it clear he will take his side over mine any day. Well Mieville also considers ‘Islamophobia’ an authentic prejudice) and so I very much doubt Edelman would call Cramer the bigot that she is. Does anybody? And what of the rest of SF Court Jewdom? Given the latters’ cowardice and worse re China Mieville’s base anti-Semitism…

Kathryn Cramer was also involved in the so-called ‘racefail09’ affair. In particular the outing of ‘CoffeeandInk’. This is a brouhaha that is actually well-known. Cramer disclosed the real identity of this person who clashed with Cramer and others (Will Shetterly did it too, outing the real identity of the same person). Cramer and Shetterly would counter-claim that the identity of  ‘CoffeeandInk’ was already known. Here for the whole racefail thing, with referenced links to all sides of the affair.’09

A google search for ‘Kathryn Cramer’ and ‘racefail’ gives us over 2600 hits. Plenty genre folk, writers, editors and fans have had plenty to say on this thorny topic. That’s for sure.

I don’t know nearly enough about the whole thing to comment knowledgeably on it. I just mention it for the sake of completeness.
However if you want to check out a link that is distinctly anti-Cramer in this regard, there is this one

It includes a very interesting account by Teresa Hayden [originally mentioned in Ansible] of Cramer’s um louche behavior and I can’t resist posting up the pertinent excerpt:

Teresa [Nielsen Hayden] recalls a Readercon Midnight Horror Panel showing that US pros know how to have fun. The title was ‘Is Violence Necessary?’, and ‘a dead-drunk and bizarrely dressed Kathryn Cramer first monopolized the discourse, pacing back and forth in front of the panel while ranting incoherently into her-friend-the-invisible-mike; then assaulted another panelist who’d been holding up signs (“HELP US PLEASE HELP US”) and intermittently suggesting she sit down and shut up (during the early phases of which struggle she inadvertently kicked David Hartwell in the face, whereat David went and sat in the audience); then capped it all when, upon the panelist’s extricating himself from her clutches, she toppled face-first from the dais, too drunk to even put out her hands to cushion her fall, and announced while lying there with her face in the carpet that said panelist was fired from The New York Review of SF. “I quit six months ago,” he reminded her. (That was John Ordover.) After that David collected her up for future use, and the panel ended.’ – Ansible 80, March 1994

More on Cramer’s uh character at the link.

Here Cramer alludes to Samuel Delaney’s much talked about essay ‘Racism and Science Fiction‘, and how she had posted it up – with Delaney’s permission – to The New York Review of Science Fiction!

So a dense editor’s allegedly dubious involvement in the high-profile racially charged racefail affair, which saw Cramer receive considerable heated criticism from her fellow genre folk, sits on a high-profile FantasyCon panel espousing on morality and prejudice! Kathryn Cramer, whose modus operandi on politics is to shill fashionable new anti-Semitic palaver (that ‘progressive’ anti-Semites insist is not anti-Semitic so there), and plunges deep in the muck falsely slandering a gruesomely slain US citizen in Iraq and then plunges ever deeper in attempts at damage control; sits on a panel at FantasyCon pontificating from on high about immorality and prejudice and their relationship or otherwise to the literary merits of a writer’s work!

You gotta be kidding.  

Hey as an influential liberal genre editor (wife of editor David Hartwell) Cramer can do as she pleases. The key word there is ‘liberal’. Plus it’s not as if her fashionable and progressive anti-Semitism is beyond the pale in the genre community and the wider world. Hardly.

So who would have a problem with Cramer’s harebrained ‘new’ anti-Semitism? SF’s Court Jews such as the harshly anti-Israel Lavie Tidhar, Charles Stross, Laura Anne Gilman, Nir Yaniv, Farah Mendlesohn, Rose Fox, Felix Gilman and Scotty Edelman (let’s not forget Edelman was on the panel) and others? Pullleeeez. Don’t make me laugh, unless you want to make me laugh. Remember Court Jew Cory Doctorow (Charles Stross’s big mate and co-author for one) buried his credibility six feet under in defending the indefensible gaff of the anti-Semite Cramer re the Michael Teague slur. And nobody cared nor noticed then, and who’s going to care now?

How the genre internet community was abuzz over the Elizabeth Moon brouhaha (it was even brought up at the panel discussion at FantasyCon!), and the William Sanders of Helix ‘Islamophobe’ affair, even racefail09 and Cramer’s involvement therein. The Cramer/Michael Teague blunder back in 2004 engendered back then barely a blip on the radar. Michael who? And what does Kathryn Cramer have to do with it? (and Cory Doctorow for that matter?)

It’s not just anti-Semitism across the political spectrum (the disingenuous new anti-Semitism and the more naked in-your-face kind) that the genre community could care less about – since it’s actively tolerated and worse – it’s all kinds of odious and dishonest polemics and ugly behavior from the liberal ‘progressive’ side.

On Kathryn Cramer, racefail/’CoffeeandInk’, there is sooo much out there on it in the SF blogosphere. Aside from plenty African-Americans understandably weighing in and giving their opinions, Jewish genre folk haven’t shied away neither. Benjamin Rosenbaum is just one Jewish genre writer who had something to say. On Kathryn Cramer’s unambiguous anti-Semitism (see parts 1 and 2 in my series on her), there is only this blog as far as I know making mention of it. Talk about the taboo of acknowledging anti-Semitism in the genre community! Genre Court Jewry run a mile from it, when not covering for it and worse. So will Rosenbaum have something to say about Cramer’s anti-Semitism as it has now been emphatically exposed by the Red Wolf blogger? Will any other genre Jewry? Will Lucius Shepard and Orson Scott Card co-edit an anthology of stories together? Will Michael Bay bring a new adaptation of The Brothers Karamazov to the silver screen?

Personally I suggest that at the next World SF or Fantasy Con, the vicious anti-Semite China Mieville and his mate Nick “butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child” Mamatas along with the caricature of the dimwitted left-wing anti-Semite that is Kathryn Cramer, sit on a panel entitled ‘Prejudice in imaginative fiction: an historical overview’. They may as well, it would be a chutzpah in keeping with the tradition of the ‘progressive’ smug politics of the liberal SF genre community (and the wider ‘culture’). The former Asimov’s Discussion Forum administrator – who threatened to ban me from the now defunct Asimov’s Magazine Forum for calling a Holocaust Denier a Nazi whilst giving a free pass to Holocaust Deniers themselves – can adjudicate.

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