Night Shade Books editor-in-chief Jeremy Lassen tweets snickering condescension my way in response to my first John Scalzi article and my allusion to anti-Semitism in the genre community Part 1

Here is Jeremy Lassen, chief editor and part owner of the San Francisco based Night Shade Books, tweeting on my first John Scalzi (writer and president of the SFWA) article:

23 Mar Jeremy Lassen  @jlassen

Apparently the sf genre is full of anti semitic thought police. Who new? The kind person here made a list of them:

I responded to the other TWITterers tweeting on that article – such as Scalzi himself, Scott Edelman, Mike Allen and outgoing VP of the SFWA Mary Robinette Kowal – in this article over here. I also responded to the further twittering of Robinette Kowal and uh Jewish writers Felix Gilman and Laura Anne Gilman over here.

Sigh, yo Jeremy wassup? It sinks in later, but I’ll come to that..

In the article that Lassen is tweeting on, I do write the following, addressing John Scalzi:

Point and laugh at my explicit allusions to the deafening silence of the PC genre Left to anti-Semitism from within the genre commmunity? (inclusive of Holocaust Revisionism from CONSERVATIVE genre pros to the most vicious Judenhass from a multiple award-winning ‘rock star’ genre communist) Laugh at that? Because that’s what is alluded to – in part – in my Edelman article that you respond to with this, “the rational response is to point and laugh“.

Or do you beg to differ re the charge I make on China Mieville’s anti-Semitism (evidenced by nine articles now)? If you do, can you let us know? In fact can you let us know where you stand on Mieville’s prejudicial status re Jewry, yes he is or no he is not anti-Semitic?

Lassen’s response to this is a breezy “apparently the sf genre is full of anti semitic thought police. Who new [sic]?”.

Note the carefree ‘whatever’ tone of Lassen’s tweet (at best), at worst it could arguably be construed as dismissive snickering.

What is it about “inclusive of Holocaust Revisionism from CONSERVATIVE genre pros” that you don’t appear to get Lassen? You skipped over that part? You think it a bluff? You just didn’t notice, not having actually read my article properly at all or is it just a case of ‘whatever’? I mean I’m asking.

That series (if you had any curiosity you would have discovered it at my blog in no time) begins here. It revolves in the main around the unequivocal Holocaust Revisionism of conservative Tangent editor Dave Truesdale, he outed himself upon the death of the late Holocaust Revisionist writer James P Hogan (at the now defunct Asimov’s Forum). In the same flame war (which has to be read to be believed) former Jim Baen’s Universe editor Sam Hidaka gave very strong circumstantial evidence (albeit not 100% conclusive) for Holocaust Revisionism. Minor short story writer Marian Powell of Arizona (who once spent a year working on a kibbutz) also outed herself as a Holocaust Revisionist in that flame war and elsewhere. I was threatened with a BANNING from the Asimov’s Forum administrator for speaking out against uh Holocaust Denialism/Revisionism, unlike Truesdale, Hidaka, Powell and their gaggle of zombie fans DEFENDING THEM. Yes really.

You may remember how Truesdale’s politics had come in for a lot of scorn from genre Leftists over the years (including at the Night Shade Books Discussion Forum back in the day!), yet genre Leftists (and conservatives) are strangely SILENT on Truesdale outing himself as a Holocaust Revisionist, upon my airing of all this dirty laundry at my blog last year (and yes plenty genre Jewry are well aware of all this). Your mate (I assume) Nick Mamatas’s timing in dismissing my blog as ‘unintentionally very funny’ coincided to the day with the publication of the last article in that series, that had been running uninterrupted for near three weeks prior. Up to that point in time 80% of my articles posted at this blog were directly about Holocaust Revisionism. Ho hum.

What is it about the following that you just dismiss with a ‘whatever’ type tweet? (at best):

to the most vicious Judenhass from a multiple award-winning ‘rock star’ genre communist

Once again didn’t you actually read it, you skipped it or you think it a bluff and paranoid fabrication on my part? I mean I’m asking.

I even provided a ‘smoking gun’ link.

So then I’ll take it that you don’t consider China Mieville anti-Semitic in light of my series on him? Even as that pertinent linked article (just that one article) details Mieville brazenly lying in portraying Turkish jihadists bent on murder and supportive of Hamas as “unarmed activists” and peace activists at that, and using that lie (and the lie Mieville builds around the circumstances of their deaths) to justify his support for BDS against Israel (unlike it would appear every other nation on earth, where the murder and maiming of tens of thousands every year doesn’t result in so much as a peep from Mieville).

You’ll get back to us on that Lassen? Or not?

Then this tweet follows:

23 Mar Jeremy Lassen Jeremy Lassen ? @jlassen

Holy shit. Just realized crazy thought police dude from previous tweet was used to ceaselessly pollute the NSB forums back in the day. Wave

Ha! I was wondering if Lassen would come to recognize that we had bantered before on the old Night Shade Books Forum back in the day. So he does, so he does. Lassen read my ‘what this blog is about’ page one assumes, and a light went on in his head. Well done Lassen. Strange when I expressed my opposition to the Iraq war and the George W Bush presidency, and shot the breeze with Lucius S over movies on the old NSB Forum back in the day, my commentary wasn’t “ceaselessly polluting”; then I would later cross the line and step out of the bounds of ACCEPTABLE THOUGHT (including not going along with the BIG LIE being actively promoted by Lassen himself and others, that Muslim radicalism was being aggravated and fueled by Western governments and policies. Lassen once incoherently blabbered that ‘we were radicalizing the moderates’) and well then my commentary became pollution of course.

So it goes.

Thought Police you betcha.

You know that first tweet of Lassen’s, “anti semitic thought police. Who new?”…

Oh man oh man oh man. Talking about the old Night Shade Books Discussion Forum, there was more than a little anti-Semitism on display over there back in the day. And when I write anti-Semitism, I mean vicious hardcore Jew-hatred that didn’t bother most anybody at all. Of course Lassen wouldn’t have a clue, he wouldn’t know what anti-Semitism is in this day and age. Hardly. My allusion to Holocaust Revisionism in the genre community and Mieville’s vicious anti-Semitism appears to have sailed right over his head. Perhaps Lassen thinks the only kind of anti-Semitism in the West in this day and age comes from the kind of people who celebrate Hitler’s birthday and wear swastika armbands.

And that brings us to the second forthcoming chapter in my Jeremy Lassen series.. Namely Night Shade Books head honcho Jeremy Lassen’s admiration for the anti-Semitic political journalist Glenn Greenwald Part 2. Yes Greenwald is Jewish, the worst anti-Semites often are.

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