Liberal SF writer Anna Tambour posts a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website at the Night Shade Books Forum. Tells us it’s ‘milder than it might have been’. Notable genre folk look away, condemn a conservative SF fan instead Part 1

This article was updated in February 2013. I originally forgot to mention that Tambour is Jewish!!

Got your attention?

I apologize in advance for the length of this article, yet I felt a lot of bases needed to be covered.

OK Anna Tambour is a minor Australian speculative fiction writer. The author of Spotted Lily and an earlier story collection, Monterra’s Deliciosa & Other Tales. Her writings have received some praise from the likes of Rich Horton, Jeffrey Ford, Cheryl Morgan and Faren Miller. Her website here and her blog here. She has a new novel coming out soon, Crandolin. Here is a recent interview she did, from only a month back.

Tambour appears to have networked considerably among her genre colleagues and peers.

She was one of the featured authors who posted up fairly regularly on the now abandoned Night Shade Books Discussion Forum, the forum associated with the California based SF Imprint Night Shade Books. I of course have just completed a three chapter series on Night Shade Books publisher and editor-in-chief Jeremy Lassen.

I feature three articles on her and her anti-Semitism at this blog, even though she is only a minor writer, because she has extensive social and professional associations with a lot of better-known liberal progressive genre writers, editors and the like. It’s also the way the latter have responded or rather failed to respond to her rabid and conspicuous anti-Semitism that is so revealing. Additionally her Jew-hatred is so extreme and in-your-face, that it is so easy to expose.

Tambour’s harebrained, vicious and off-the-charts ‘new’ anti-Semitism was grossly on display at the now defunct Night Shade Books Discussion Forum. Not that it bothered anybody there (none of the writers, editors, publishers, fandom who frequented that board). Hardly. She was smart enough to employ the usual cover language and mantras (to fool herself as much as others). However there was at least one time she slipped up and dropped the mask entirely. Not even a pretense of a mask…

It was from a forum thread initially about the G8 summit (and the associated protests) held in Scotland in 2005, a thread started by conservative British SF writer Neal Asher in July 2005. ‘G8 Live8’

Anna Tambour posted up under her initials ‘AT’ at that forum.

Anna Tambour had this to say (bold in text is mine) amidst a far longer posted rant.
Posted on Sunday, July 10, 2005 – 06:23 pm:

In Israel, for instance, the corruption of the ultra-orthodox Shas party led to its leader having to step aside. Corruption is a major issue in Israel. In some ways, ultra-orthodox sects have actually used their connections to engage in criminal activities, and the Jewish ‘community leaders’ have rarely spoken out. Certainly in Australia they have not, though some of the most prominent Jews and Jewish leaders in this country are crooks, I am sad to say. One Lubavitch Jew here who was involved in a multi-million-dollar international fraud pleaded successfully here a few years ago, I was horrified to see, against a jail sentence because in jail he couldn’t eat kosher food. The Jewish community was silent, though what did they expect as a result? This article is milder than it might have been.

But rabbi Greg Marx of Congregation Beth Or (in Pennsylvania) isn’t shy, though if he weren’t a Jewish rabbi, he would be accused of the very things I was accused of here. I think this sermon of his is excellent.
‘Lack of Ethics’

There is far more blather from Tambour on that thread, on the Joooos especially (oh I mean Israel) and other political topics. There is this earlier choice ‘gem’ of hers for example:

Posted by AT on Friday, July 08, 2005 – 09:41 pm:

Of course, as you stated, Hal: Israel is intrinsic to the Islamic terrorist having any sympathy at all. Israel (with a history known throughout the Muslim world as including elevating a terrorist to national leader) is still a well-gusher of unjustness and hypocrisy, and its policies are set to be for the future, as it fulfills its lebensraum plan. Here’s a great column from the current issue of El Ahram that I wish everyone could read.
“We are no longer able to see the sun set”

Such brazen bigotry quoted directly above generated this response from an anonymous poster ‘Annoyed’ (the only person on that thread taking Tambour to task for her rabid anti-Semitism):
Posted on Friday, July 08, 2005 – 11:27 pm

Yeah, AT is absolutely right. When a terrorist attack kills people in London, it’s a horrible crime. When it happens in Israel, it’s justified becuase, well, it’s a “well-gusher of unjustness and hypocrisy”.

I wish we could all read El Ahram. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to the secret tunnels – you know, the ones we secretly use to control the world banks? You can read about it in the Secret Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I’m sure AT could lend you a copy.

On second thoughts: I blame the Zionist government of Britain. At least, that’s what the press officer for the secret Al-Qaeda in Europe group said, and I believe him. I mean, SOMEONE has to write those press releases…

Tony Blair, the well-known Zionist… I hear he’s going to make aliyah and live on a kibbutz when he retires.


red wolf – OK where to begin? I’ll begin with pointing out this – what on earth does the G8 summit and the protests against it have to do with the Jews? Nada of course. Then again with anti-Semites it’s always about the Jews, even when it isn’t. Now there is a helluva lot of ‘new’ anti-Semitic gibberish in Tambour’s ranting on that thread alone (citing the horribly anti-Semitic Egyptian rag Al-Ahram for one), but it’s the real smoking gun (bold in text below is mine once again), make that a smoking cannon that I focus on here:

Certainly in Australia they have not, though some of the most prominent Jews and Jewish leaders in this country are crooks, I am sad to say. One Lubavitch Jew here who was involved in a multi-million-dollar international fraud pleaded successfully here a few years ago, I was horrified to see, against a jail sentence because in jail he couldn’t eat kosher food. The Jewish community was silent, though what did they expect as a result? This article is milder than it might have been.

Now is a Muslim extremist website operated out of Sweden. It calls for the destruction of Israel, even the liquidation of Jewry and shills on the evil, barbarity, greed, blood-lust and allround devilishness of Jewry (it doesn’t bother with cover terminology like ‘Israel’ and ‘Zionist’ all that much). Radio Islam espouses Holocaust Denial, blathers on about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and far far more along these lines. There is naturally high praise and effusive acclaim for the Nazis’ genocidal and racist ideology and the Nazis themselves (Hitler included). Here is a sample, ‘The political testament of Adolf Hitler‘. Articles from every Jew-hater you have heard of, and plenty you haven’t are there at RadioIslam in abundance. David Duke, Arthur Butz, David Irving…

Naturally as is routinely the case with Muslim extremists, the doublethink of effusive admiration for the Nazis’ genocidal Jew-hatred along with the denial of the Holocaust are spewed forth simultaneously. Radio Islam is brazenly and explicitly Muslim fundamentalist, openly and proudly supportive of the jihad against the ‘sub-human Jew’. There is explicit support for Sharia law from Radio Islam likewise, implicit in Sharia is the support for the execution of homosexuals, the oppression of women and girls, wife beatings, honour killings.

Check it out for yourselves. You can start here with Jewish plans for world domination. Hey it’s in the Protocols!
Or here for the real ‘facts’ about the Holocaust
It’s updated! There is this one on ‘Obama’s Jewish masters’

Plenty plenty more.

So Anna Tambour the feminist liberal genre writer links approvingly to a website that aside for its open call for another holocaust of Jewry (when not denying the Nazi Holocaust and moaning about how the Jews seek to control the whole world), also sanctions (via Sharia law) the oppression of the female gender and considers them innately inferior to males. The ‘voice’ of Radio Islam like all Muslim fanatics, assents to the denial of civil liberties to women and worse, clerically sanctions murderous violence against the female gender, apostates, homosexuals and Jews – all under the umbrella of a far right-wing bigoted and murderous theocratic superstitious dogma that is Muslim fundamentalism.

You can’t make this up.

As I write (in February 2013), Tambour is also Jewish. How on earth did I forget to leave this out originally?! So the uh Jewish liberal links approvingly to a Muslim extremist website that calls for the liquidation of Jewry and denies the Holocaust too! And let’s not forget, on the self-same Night Shade Books Forum thread from 2005, she is sure to remind us that several of her Jewish family members perished in the Holocaust! You really can’t make this up.

Getting back to the nitty-gritty…

Tambour puts up a link approvingly to one of the most notorious Muslim extremist websites operated out of Europe, in order to prove the insatiable greed and corruption of the Jews, and at the same time tells us that said linked article “is milder than it might have been”.

Milder than it might have been!!

Anna Tambour at the Night Shade Books Discussion Forum back in 2005, posts up a link (with approbation) to an article on the greedy parasitic Jews from a Muslim jihadist website that openly implores the aid of Allah in another Holocaust of Jewry, and the triumph of the Islamic caliphate over the earth. At the same time Tambour tells us that said article detailing the insatiable greed and parasitism of the Jews is “milder than it might have been”.

Several things worth remarking on here:

1 Tambour doesn’t even bother with the code language here, the usual disingenuous anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sloganese. It’s the Jews. It’s their greed. No tiresome code sloganese – Israel, Zionist, Israel lobby etc. It’s no-holds-barred, getting down to the rotten roots of the rotten tree. Smart feminist liberals are supposed to keep up pretenses. Tambour of course ain’t that smart. Her anti-Semitism is so base, emotive and rabid, that she can’t help but drop the mask. It’s old-fashioned Judenhass. The greedy Jews. The mask is discarded. She can’t even be bothered with pretending it’s not about the Jews whilst at the same time she shamelessly pretends she isn’t anti-Semitic!

2 Tambour inadvertently reveals where a large vein of the Judenhass of the Western Left is derived (in the main) – the caricature of the Jew as a greedy and avaricious capitalist, putting women and orphans out on the street and counting his hordes of gold. The Jew as shyster, crook and insatiable in his lust for money. Crony Capitalism is a Jewish plot.

3 Tambour posted up her comments on the Night Shade Books Discussion Forum, frequented by plenty of SF writers and editors at the time, not just fandom. Several writers such as Lucius Shepard, Jeff VanderMeer, Liz Williams, Richard Morgan, Hal Duncan, Andrew Fox, Michael Bishop, Neal Asher, Nick Mamatas, Night Shade Books publisher Jeremy Lassen, Electric Story’s publisher  Bob Kruger and others posted up there over the years. Possibly Lucius Shepard more than any other.

4 Tambour is uh Jewish. Indeed in that comment thread at Night Shade Books from 2005, she is sure to remind us that several family members perished in the Holocaust!

On this very thread that Anna Tambour posted her brazenly hardcore anti-Semitic commentary, Lucius Shepard added his own commentary AFTER Tambour posted her sinister and obscene Jew-hate blather. Shepard like everybody else posting on that thread (with the one anonymous exception who made no bones about Tambour’s Jew-hatred) had nothing to say about Tambour’s harebrained anti-Semitism.

Instead Lucius Shepard added this comment, feuding with conservative SF fan S F Murphy:

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 – 07:05 am

I have to admit, after reading through this thread, and yet another reprise of Murphy’s personal history, I’m beginning to feel some solidarity with fillintheblanks. His comments, mercifully brief, may have been undervalued.

Murphy responds, then again we get this from Lucius:

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 – 07:54 am

Or are you actually doing something other than polluting message boards with your long repetitive and oft-cretinous posts?

I don’t see how you have the time, frankly.

Note that it’s Murphy who is polluting message boards with long repetitive and cretinous posts, not Tambour.

This tiff between Shepard and Murphy continues, as they both trade insults (even Tambour adds a few comments in between the sparring!).

Lucius adds this one, directed at Murphy:

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 – 08:46 pm

The way you ignore logic and things said, and only react to what serves your interest, it’s amazingly canny for someone so clearly in need of a girlfriend or just a friend. Someone who has no sense of himself, who perceives himself in a mirror made of pill bottles.

Come again?? Look who’s ignoring things said and only reacts to what serves his interest, Lucius. Who just ignored the most hardcore anti-Semitic guff from your fellow liberal genre writer Anna Tambour, in order to react to things said by uh S F Murphy? Well Tambour is a liberal colleague, so I guess that answers that. Oh and she’s uh Jewish, so she couldn’t possibly be anti-Semitic gag gag.

It’s unfair to single out Lucius Shepard though. No other writer, editor, fan (excepting for the one anonymous commentator) had anything to say or hint even at Tambour’s unhinged ‘letting the mask slip’ Judenhass. Tambour frequently posted up anti-Semitic anti-Israel rants (anti-Semitic since riddled through with asinine deceit, evidence-free slurs and the whitewashing of Islamist terror directed at Israel) at the Night Shade Books Discussion Forum, but she never let the mask drop so like she did on that thread.

Naturally the genre pros and others commenting on that thread POST Tambour’s ‘commentary’ quoted above (Lucius Shepard, Liz Williams, Hal Duncan, Bob Kruger of Electric Story and editor and writer Jeff VanderMeer among them) may object that they never even bothered to check up on Tambour’s linked articles here (Radio Islam and the others). I’m sure they didn’t. Yet there is the rub… Who would want to check up on such a link like RadioIslam that sets alarm bells ringing along with several others – that Tambour posts up with her stamp of approval – when the real enemy to be pilloried are conservatives, S F Murphy and the George W Bush administration? (the thread of course is from 2005) Who wants to look a lot closer to home and open up that can of worms? Certainly not smug genre liberals.

4 Remember the Elizabeth Moon kerfluffle from 2010? Nothing but a great din and sky is falling outrage from so many feminist genre liberals and others, writers, fandom. If not for this article on this blog, who would know about genre writer Anna Tambour’s dropping-the-mask perversely anti-Semitic foul-up?

Let’s see if the self-same feminist genre liberals who vented on Moon’s Islam ‘Citizenship’ commentary including Jewish genre figures such as Lavie Tidhar, Farah Mendlesohn and Abigail Nussbaum have anything *public* to say about this revelation of Tambour’s dense and extreme anti-Semitism. Who’s actually holding their breath here? Not me. Nobody has anything to say about the Holocaust Revisionism from genre conservatives like Tangent editor Dave Truesdale after all.

Nobody has anything to say re the vicious anti-Semitism of China Mieville exhaustively documented at this blog. I have asked several Jewish genre pros (since they tweeted contempt and derision my way) whether they recognize Mieville as anti-Semitic or not. None of them have gotten back to me on this front (namely Lavie Tidhar, Nir Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman, Felix Gilman, Charles Stross, Rose Fox, Scott Edelman). Of course Tidhar and Edelman are guilty of a lot worse than deafening silence. Rose Fox too. Just check the archives of this blog. And what of notable genre editor Kathryn Cramer (wife of editor David Hartwell), whose rabid anti-Semitism I have likewise documented at this blog? Well what do you think? Likewise the sounds of silence.

Remember outraged genre feminist liberals went as far as disinviting Moon as GoH from Wiscon 2010. There is the insistence on boycotting her books. Frank Miller gets threatened with a boycott over his anti-OWS commentary!

Jeff VanderMeer had this to say about Elizabeth Moon’s commentary re Islam in 2010 at Israeli Jew Lavie Tidhar’s World SF blog (amidst all the hue and cry on that thread alone of Tidhar’s, including from Ian McDonald, Farah Mendlesohn, Will Shetterly and others. Is the ‘Liz’ who posted there Liz Williams?)

Yes, total crazy-ass bullshit. And now the 450+ comments have been deleted.

Comment by Jeff VanderMeer | September 17, 2010

Jeff VanderMeer commented relatively frequently at the Night Shade Books Discussion Forum, and indeed he was commenting on this ‘G8 Live8’ thread under the abbreviated initials ‘JV’ (arguing with S F Murphy naturally). Yes JV was Jeff VanderMeer. So VanderMeer never had anything to say about Tambour’s intemperate and bigoted Jew-hate commentary, not on that thread, not anywhere. Neither did anybody else of course (excepting ‘Annoyed’).

VanderMeer is appalled, simply appalled at Moon’s commentary re Islam on the anniversary of 9-11 (‘total crazy-ass bullshit’). On Anna Tambour linking approvingly, sympathetically to an article from an openly genocidal Jew-hating Muslim fanatical website that gives us the definitive ‘proof’ of the insatiable greed of the Jews – that Tambour tells us is “milder than it might have been” – VanderMeer has zilch, nada to say. Remember VanderMeer was contributing comments to that self-same G8 thread at the time, so he had clearly read Tambour’s shameless anti-Semitic guff. Jeff VanderMeer has a Jewish wife (Ann VanderMeer, recently departed editor at Weird Tales).

Jeff VanderMeer – your hypocrisy  and double standards here are appalling. Even if one strongly disapproves of Elizabeth Moon’s comments, they in no way can compare with the horribly base Jew-hate gibberish of Anna Tambour’s that comes shining through on the self-same thread in which you heatedly argued with… S F Murphy. Here is Jeff VanderMeer interviewing Anna Tambour at his blog. It’s also from 2005, several months before the ‘G8 thread’ ranting at the Night Shade Books Forum.

Moon was threatened with boycotts and disinvited from the feminist SF convention WisCon 2011 re her controversial ‘Citizenship’ blog posting. If you are waiting for Anna Tambour having the welcome mat taken away from her at any genre convention as a result of these revelations, well I’m willing to bet that you will be waiting for a very long time. Like forever. Never mind a boycott of her writings. That’s my prediction. After all Tambour only offends self-respecting Jews with her prejudicial slip-ups. *Self-respecting* Jews appear to be a minority in the genre community, a minority within a minority.

Yet here we get to a can of worms that I’m gonna tear open. The silence from Tambour’s genre colleagues to her base and rabidly naked anti-Semitism on display at the old Night Shade Books Discussion Forum clearly has a number of motivations: cravenness, a common cause like battling conservatives (S F Murphy is the villain over there on the ‘G8 Live 8’ thread), not wanting to rock the boat. Yet there is also something else.

Tambour as I have written, spouted out standard blathering new anti-Semitic gibberish at the Night Shade Books Discussion Forum (including sooo much on the G8 thread alone), that is anti-Semitic palaver in its modern guise, with all the cover terms intact. In other words nothing much different, if at all, from what one would hear from MANY LIBERALS (and conservatives) who would never drop the mask as brazenly as Tambour did. What differences there are, relate more to Tambour’s shrill tone and the extreme degree of her prejudice, rather than the anti-Israel content per se. This begs the question – how come these self-same liberals employ the same slogans, adopt the same polemics when it comes to the Jew among the nations as nakedly vicious and intemperate anti-Semitic liberals such as the uh ‘Jewish’ Anna Tambour? Of course God forbid one even ask this question.

Yes this commentary of Tambour’s is almost exactly seven years old. So? She made it, it stands. Nobody had a problem with her rants on that thread alone, nobody had anything to say (except one anonymous person who took Tambour to task and called a spade a spade here – kudos to whoever she is). Nada. That includes Lucius Shepard, Liz Williams, Hal Duncan, Bob Kruger and Jeff VanderMeer who all commented on that thread back in 2005. Then again that’s to be expected.

See even if one lets the mask drop with anti-Semitism, out of sloppiness or simply because your Jew-hate rage is so strong (and self-loathing rage in Tambour’s case), one really can’t help oneself, or both – it’s all okay. Not to worry. So long as you are a liberal it’s all just hunky dory, because we all know liberals don’t have a prejudicial bone in their bodies no matter what they actually say. They’re liberals after all. The bottom line is you can say what you like about Jews and the Jew nation, just deny that you hate them, to yourself and others and hey presto it’s so! Like magic. Isn’t being a liberal just great? Yes as a conservative you can employ this dumb trick too (hello SF editors Dave Truesdale and Sam Hidaka), liberal anti-Semites have just made it acceptable and fashionable is all. They have elevated bigotry-that-pretends-it-ain’t polemics to an art form. This is why one can’t always tell bigoted liberals apart from bigoted conservatives, they obliviously employ the same lame self-deceptions. Not that many admit to being honestly prejudiced these days. Give me that old-fashioned honest Jew-hatred any day.

The staleness of Tambour’s give-away harebrained anti-Semitic blather is actually neither here nor there. It’s news because I have made it news, dusted it out of the cupboard at the Night Shade Book Discussion Forum in which it was buried and shaken it out, shown it up to the light in all its um glory.

I don’t think *up to that time* I had come across such naked anti-Semitic prejudice from a published genre figure. (I wasn’t knowledgeable of James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial at that time) There is plenty of extreme prejudice out there in the genre community, as in the wider world across the political spectrum. Tambour’s was so in-your-face, so hardcore and jaw-dropping. The girl can’t help it!

All the Night Shade Books forum participants (including Lucius Shepard, Hal Duncan, Jeff VanderMeer, Liz Williams, Bob Kruger) ignored this ugly twisted monster that leaped out of the cupboard, to defend instead the holy grail on that self-same discussion thread – the liberal worldview.

Shepard, VanderMeer and Kruger had the gall to argue harshly and dismissively with S F Murphy on the self-same thread where among the most intemperate, fevered and extreme anti-Semitic comments from a genre professional that I had seen up until then, were posted up and brazenly ignored (arguably surpassed of course by the Holocaust Revisionism from the likes of James P Hogan and Tangent editor Dave Truesdale and their gaggle of moronic defenders at the Asimov’s Discussion Forum, including editor Sam Hidaka who gave very strong circumstantial evidence for Holocaust Revisionism). Isn’t the professional genre community just wonderful? Nobody has anything to say about that neither.

Jeff VanderMeer was to add to his credibility problem with his self-righteous outrage against Elizabeth Moon for far less offensive anti-Islam commentary on Lavie Tidhar’s and Charles Tan’s World SF blog five years later. Charles Tan is an associate editor at Tidhar’s World SF blog – affiliated with the Apex Book Company – and Tan features as a guest writer at Anna Tambour’s website! Here is an interview of Tan by Tambour featured at her website. I will have more to say on this in my third and final article on Tambour.

Naturally Moon’s commentary was directed against reactionary Islam within the United States, whereas Tambour’s ranting – on which VanderMeer was deafeningly silent at the time – was undisguised, fevered Jew-hatred (a linked article on the ‘Shylock Jews’ at a notorious Muslim extremist website that was “milder than it might have been” was just the worst of it) from a liberal ‘Jewish’ genre writer; so you know the brazen double standards and moral inversions are understandable gag gag. Never mind that VanderMeer’s wife (Ann VanderMeer) is Jewish.

In response to being called out on her disgusting anti-Semitism by anonymous commentator ‘Annoyed’, Tambour naturally responds (with several postings). She staunchly denies being a Jew-hater and puts up several more asinine anti-Israel screeds with links to numerous dishonest anti-Semitic sources that only reconfirm her anti-Semitism (including of course the radioislam link!). Here is a sample from her second reply to ‘Annoyed’:

Sorry for the self-righteousness in that last post. I admit I was also annoyed. I don’t know where ‘annoyed’ gets the idea that “You can read about it in the Secret Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I’m sure AT could lend you a copy.” I suggest that it comes from the same sense that criticizing Israeli policy comes from. So I’ll suggest this article, too.
“The Three Monkeys of Israeli Media” by Eve Sabbagh

and my apologies to all the rest of you if I’ve gone overboard in bringing up this topic, which to me is a part of what should be discussed. There is a nation being stolen right now. And this theft will make the world only a more dangerous place, as far as I can see.

“gone overboard in bringing up this topic”

You have no idea.

How on earth could Tambour be anti-Semitic? How dare it even be suggested! She’s a liberal after all and a Jew and has had family members perish in the Holocaust, so she couldn’t possibly be prejudiced against anybody, Jewry included. So desperate is Tambour to make her Jundenhass case, she doesn’t even bother vetting her sources. Hey radioislam (Tambour posted up this link AFTER ‘Annoyed’ called out Tambour on her anti-Semitism!) for one sounds harmless, Religion of Peace and all that. As Tambour would write on a no longer accessible Asimov’s Discussion Forum thread, “the Muslims are the new Jews”, when I personally clashed with her! No Tambour the new Jews are the old Jews, and you are the proof in the prejudicial pudding.

There was plenty of ‘new’ anti-Semitic gibberish spouted by Tambour at the old Night Shade Books Discussion Forum, with all the cover slogans and disingenuous disguises firmly in place, on the ‘G8 Live8’ thread alone! You could almost feel her outrage and fury as she banged away at her keyboard. Yet did she drop the mask here! At the end of the day, new anti-Semitism is old anti-Semitism. The newest in vogue hatred, stripped of its sloganese, is the same old Jew-hatred.

It is worth adding that if you look at Tambour’s extensive links on her blogroll a few odious, blatantly and egregiously biased anti-Israel and yes anti-Semitic left-wing sources pop out.

The Free Gaza Movement
Australians for Palestine
Independent Australian Jewish Voices (a pathetic masochistic group of self-loathing Jews if there was one)

However it’s one of the links under the category ‘Some creative types‘ that stands out. Amidst links to genre writers and editors, the link to one Gilad Atzmon sticks out like a sore thumb. Gilad Atzmon (originally Israeli, former IDF paratrooper) is certainly one of the most notoriously frenzied and nutty anti-Semitic Jews around.

Also notice the week this whole thread at the Night Shade Books Forum went down, in July 2005… The same week of the London tube bombings. Muslim fanatics sow terror and murder in the heart of London, get your rage on for the Joooos.

Even as this feels like kicking a dead horse, a brief overview of one of Tambour’s favoured political commentators, Gilad Atzmon, will be related in Part 2 of this Tambour series. Simply because he is one of the most extreme anti-Semitic Jews around.

What would the anti-Semitic Left do without their self-hating Jews?

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