Will Charles Tan, co-editor of the Apex World SF blog with Israeli Jew Lavie Tidhar, continue to guest feature at Anna Tambour’s website in light of the revelations of her rabid Jew-hatred at this blog? More questions to make the Thought Police squirm Part 3

This article has been updated in February 2013. I had left out the obvious in the original article, namely that Anna Tambour is Jewish. Yes she is.

Liberal Aussie genre writer Anna Tambour, whose rabid anti-Semitism on public display at the Night Shade Books Discussion Forum I documented in the first article of this series and who approvingly links to a Holocaust Revisionist ‘Jew’ Gilad Atzmon in her blogroll (detailed in the previous article), features several guest genre contributors at her website.

To remind the reader (or if he or she does not know), my first article details how the uh Jewish (yes really) Tambour posted up a link – on an old Night Shade Books Discussion Forum thread from July 2005 – approvingly to an article on ‘greedy Jews’ from a Muslim extremist website, while at the same time telling us said article “was milder than it might have been”! Genre folk such as Lucius Shepard, Hal Duncan, Jeff VanderMeer, Liz Williams and Bob Kruger were all commenting on that thread and had zilch to say; instead there was a venting of fury and disdain against uh conservative SF fan Steven Francis Murphy (who has since published at least one story in interzone btw). See my first article for the hypocritical and harebrained details.

Genre writer from the Philippines Charles Tan is notable among the genre contributors to Anna Tambour’s website.



Thing is – as I briefly pointed out in the first article in this series – Charles Tan is associate editor at the Apex World SF blog with Israeli ‘Jewish’ SF writer and editor Lavie Tidhar, who is the editor-in-chief. The World SF blog is associated with the Apex Book Company (Tidhar is an editor of its line of World SF books). Apex Publications/Book Company includes Apex Magazine. That’s the same Apex Magazine that brought out the special Arab/Muslim issue in the aftermath of the Elizabeth Moon Islam ‘Citizenship’ affair under the then editor Catherynne M. Valente (who was so horrified by Moon’s remarks).

Tidhar was notable for his blog posting on the Moon/Islam affair at the time it went down, ‘Elizabeth Moon on Islam‘. I have referred to it several times at this blog. It has 132 comments to it!
Tidhar has tweeted on several occasions in explicit allusion to this blog of mine, always dismissively. I’m a ‘loon’ and ‘nuts’ apparently.

Here is Tidhar giving a shout-out to Anna Tambour at his World SF blog. http://worldsf.wordpress.com/2010/01/13/anna-tambour-reviews-the-blaft-anthology-of-tamil-pulp-fiction/ Tambour thanks him for the plug in the comments. Nothing wrong with that of course. Just saying…

So will Charles Tan who is professionally associated with Apex continue to feature at Tambour’s website in light of the revelations of Tambour’s rabid anti-Semitism at this blog? Or does Tan beg to differ and not consider Tambour linking approvingly to an article from a Muslim extremist website in order to give evidence of the greed of the Jews – telling us it’s all “milder than it might have been” – grossly anti-Semitic?

Never mind her featuring the likes of rabid anti-Semitic Jew and Holocaust Revisionist Gilad Atzmon in her blogroll and all her viciously dishonest anti-Israelism ie anti-Semitism and associated that I don’t even bother with? If Tan does recognize Tambour’s pertinent commentary as anti-Semitic and viciously so at that, once again, is he going to continue to feature at Anna Tambour & Others?

I mean considering his co-host at the World SF blog is Lavie Tidhar. Tidhar – as I allude to above – published one of the most notable protests against Elizabeth Moon re her Islam commentary. The comments section to Tidhar’s blog post is largely harshly critical and condemnatory of Moon, including unequivocal censure from genre professionals such as Ian McDonald, Jeff VanderMeer (whose disgraceful and deafening silence on Tambour’s Judenhass is mentioned in the first article of mine on Tambour. If you want to know why just read the article), Warren Ellis, Will Shetterly and the Jewish SF critic Farah Mendlesohn. Israeli Jewess, SF editor and critic Abigail Nussbaum was also harshly critical of Moon at her own blog, in an article entitled ‘Moonstruck’.

Then again Lavie Tidhar is obscenely anti-Israel and strongly pro-Palestinian and on good terms with the strongly pro-Palestinian radical Leftist genre personalities such as Nick Mamatas, Paul Graham Raven and others. The same can be said for plenty other genre Court Jews such as Felix Gilman, Charles Stross, Cory Doctorow and others (all detailed at this blog).

Here is Tidhar’s preamble before quoting Moon re her Islam/Muslim commentary:

We do prefer running positive stories than negative ones on this blog. But one of the aims of the World SF Blog is to highlight not just international speculative fiction, but attitudes in the wider world of SF on issues of race and religion.

So check out this rather extraordinary blog post by American science fiction writer Elizabeth Moon, this year’s guest-of-honour at Wiscon, the “world’s leading feminist science fiction convention”, in which she talks about, ostensibly, the building of a new mosque near the site of the Twin Towers…

So what’s stopping Tidhar from publishing at his blog – as he did with Elizabeth Moon – an article on the ‘Jewish’ Tambour’s shocking Judenhass commentary as detailed in part 1 of my Tambour series? And no I do not consider Moon’s remarks equivalent to Tambour’s in terms of offensiveness. Not Even Close. I draw no moral equivalence here. I consider Moon’s remarks somewhat condescending, but certainly not bigoted. Then again I don’t buy into dhimmitude and the manufactured non-bigotry and absurdist thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ (a thoughtcrime invented by Muslim radicals in the West and heavily pushed by their anti-Jewish allies on the Western Left – just in the genre community, China Mieville and Tambour herself come to mind! But who wants to know?).

Here Tidhar I will help you get started writing it. That’s what a nice guy I am.

You can begin it like this:

We do prefer running positive stories than negative ones on this blog. But one of the aims of the World SF Blog is to highlight not just international speculative fiction, but attitudes in the wider world of SF on issues of race and religion. Although as a liberal Israeli Jew I can’t ever be bothered to post up anything on the rabid anti-Semitism from any of my genre colleagues, even if they are conservatives! Notably Tangent editor Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism (outed by the loon red wolf blogger and I’ll go public with that!). I did curse him horribly one day though when I was shaving. Truesdale I mean. As I did the late James P Hogan when he reconfirmed his Holocaust Denial at his blog shortly before he died, several months before the Moon affair exploded. Actually Hogan I cursed in the shower if I remember right.

As for my mate and Apex colleague and author Nick Mamatas, his admiration and praise for a Hamas and Hezbollah supporting and George Galloway admiring blog (Lenin’s Tomb) ahead of any other on planet earth, is neither here nor there. So there. Likewise as far as China Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism is concerned, for example his uh mendacious remarks on the Mavi Marmara incident, his persistent and vocal support for BDS against Israel, his campaigning for George Galloway’s anti-Semitic Respect Party and the SWP, his blogging for a Hamas and Hezbollah supporting blog (same Lenin’s Tomb) and his odious Judenhass remarks upon the release of Gilad Shalit and so much more; well I don’t know if all that’s anti-Semitic or not. I have to ask my friend and Mieville’s mate Nick Mamatas. Mamatas knows what’s anti-Semitic and what isn’t. He says so after all, and he’s a communist. Marxists know best. And he’s Nick “butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child” Mamatas (of which I have nothing to say neither since NAMBLA friendly phraseology does not pertain to race or religion). Then again no genre writer or editor – including all the Jews – has anything to say on the record as far as Mieville’s anti-Semitism is concerned, so why pick on me? Hey would I even begin to recognize contemporary political anti-Semitism for what it is, even if it smacked me in the face? Anyway moving on…

So check out this rather extraordinary commentary from Australian science fiction writer Anna Tambour, (remember my friend and Apex colleague Charles Tan, a co-editor at this very blog WorldSF, features as a guest writer at her website and I have personally plugged her blog right here too) from the Night Shade Books Discussion Forum in which she talks about, ostensibly Israel, but switches easily enough to the Jews themselves…

The commentary of Tambour’s is actually seven years old, but thanks to the loon red wolf blogger (man do I hate him) we have it back in the spot-light.

You can finish it off Lavie. It’s easy enough.

Seriously I wonder if Tidhar even vaguely recognizes Tambour’s uh commentary as horribly anti-Semitic. I mean who knows? I gotta be honest, I have my doubts. Check out his response to my China Mieville series after all. Utterly and willfully oblivious to Mieville’s intemperate anti-Semitism. Shocking and odious in equal measure.

Don’t say I don’t try to help you Tidhar. Ani ohev la’azor. Ein ba’aya.

So we will see if World SF blog associate editor, genre writer and fan Charles Tan continues to feature at AnnaTambour & Others. And if Tidhar continues to be all buddy buddy with Tambour likewise.

Tan can be contacted here via his blog.

Lavie Tidhar can be contacted here.

Apex Publications head honcho Jason Sizemore can be contacted via his website over here.

What of the other featured writers at Anna Tambour & Others, and at her blog?

They include Alistair Rennie, Neil Williamson, L. Timmel Duchamp, Robert DeGraaff, Spencer Pate, Ferris Gilli, poet and editor for The Heron’s Nest, A.C.E. Bauer (Bauer is a Jewish name) among several others. Will they continue to feature there in light of these revelations? Most all of these writers can be contacted via e-mail and/or their blogs.

The precedents here are not good, I gotta say.

Anyhow the short of it is I reckon run-of-the-mill ‘greedy Jews’ blather from a liberal genre personality (and a Jewish one at that as I add in the 2013 update!) won’t mean diddly to them, even if Tambour’s source is a um Muslim extremist website. Apex guest blogger, Apex author (Starve Better) and Tidhar’s friend Nick Mamatas’s favourite blogger is a Hamas and Hezbollah supporter. This certainly doesn’t bother Tidhar, Valente, the Apex crew as a whole and genre Jewry such as Charles Stross, Rose Fox, Laura Anne Gilman, Scott Edelman, Felix Gilman (who also featured Lenin’s Tomb in his recommended reading blogroll before he dropped the blogroll) and others. (many of whom go gaga over Mamatas. To this day. It’s not just Tidhar by a long shot) And China Mieville’s indisputable and extreme anti-Semitism means less than nothing to any of them, president of the SFWA John Scalzi likewise.

Apex via its listed authors and editors Lavie Tidhar, Nick Mamatas, Chesya Burke and notably ex-Apex Magazine editor Catherynne M. Valente, have been at the forefront in publicly speaking out against the fabricated thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ (as opposed to authentic all-embracing anti-Muslim and anti-Arab prejudice – a crucial difference beyond the ability of the Thought Police to comprehend), a thoughtcrime invented by Islamists and most ably propagandized by their useful Western liberal idiot supporters, Mieville, Mamatas and Anna Tambour included. As far as the genuine bigotry of anti-Semitism ie Jew-hatred among the genre community  is concerned, well Apex folk have been deafeningly silent (at best).

Lavie ‘I am to a large extent a political writer’ Tidhar is for sure not politically shy outside of his fiction writing (given his ‘Elizabeth Moon on Islam’ blog post alone) and his latest highly praised novel Osama is obviously politically charged. Tidhar also has no problem tweeting derision my way on several occasions now, when not spouting odious and repugnant anti-Israel screeds and sloganese via whatever medium comes to hand.

Naturally the blog exposing anti-Semitism in all its gory details, among Tidhar’s genre professional peers and colleagues, is the one to earn his and his fellow Court Jews’ contempt (if this surprises the reader then you are not paying attention). They include Nir Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman, Charles Stross, Rose Fox, Felix Gilman and Scott ‘the brain’ Edelman (check the archives of this blog for the details). It’s at least consistent of Tidhar. Here is Tidhar mocking and dismissing another pro-Israel blogger (non-genre).

The Elder of Ziyon blog has done a lot to expose anti-Semitic slanders against Israel from across the political spectrum over the years, the depth and extent of Muslim extremism in the Middle-East and related. So this is the blog Tidhar chooses to mock and deride. It’s right-wing see! Actually Elder of Ziyon is neither Right nor Left. It can’t be easily categorized into any rigid ideological camp. Guess if you are exposing Jew-hatred, you are an eeevil right-winger. It’s automatic with certain folk, Tidhar included.

Will liberal writer Chesya Burke – who remarked at her blog without any sense of irony in reply to my post on the genre Thought Police and the Elizabeth Moon affair, ‘If this is the Thought Police count me in‘ – have anything to say in light of the revelations of mine on Tambour’s rabid Jew-hatred? Burke is close to Tan and Tidhar professionally, through Apex Publications (again!) and perhaps other avenues. I replied to Burke’s obtuse shoot-herself-in-the-foot response to me here. Did she and her fellow Thought Police have anything to say on the revelations of China Mieville’s extreme anti-Semitism at this blog? Well Court Jews such as Tidhar, Nir Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman, Rose Fox, Charles Stross, Felix Gilman and Scott Edelman have made it very clear that they are at best indifferent to Mieville’s Judenhass. That’s the kindest take on it, really. Hence why they are SF’s Court Jews. On CONSERVATIVE Tangent editor Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism? Well I couldn’t find anything from the self-same genre Thought Police. Nada. Or do Burke and co beg to differ on this front re Mieville’s and Tambour’s extreme and rabid anti-Semitism (never mind Truesdale and gang)? Does Tidhar himself? Does Charles Tan? Jason Sizemore? Anybody else?

Will I just get the silent treatment? Or shooting the messenger? (it’s all that Tidhar and crew know to do)

Hey where is the luuuv from the genre Thought Police?

And let me add in this update: If you are a Jewish anti-Semite (who had family perish in the Holocaust) like Anna Tambour, you are certain of a free pass from the genre Thought Police. Then again, if you are a gentile anti-Semite, you are given a free pass likewise.

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