Israeli SF writer Lavie Tidhar brazenly lies at his blog – falsely accuses me of making a death threat against him and tries to get WordPress to shut me down


I mean just wow. This is Lavie Tidhar at his blog

Death Threat

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I received an e-mail this morning from a guy calling himself Red Wolf. It was sent to a number of other writers but addressed to myself and to Charles Tan. This person has been blogging increasingly rabid, if incoherent, posts about China Mieville and Nick Mamatas but has recently latched on to me.

Near the bottom of the message he has added, in Hebrew, מת ונקבר לביא – “Lavie is dead and buried”. His last words were “I’m serious”.

I was happy to ignore him up to this point but this reads like a fairly clear cut threat to me. I don’t know what this person’s real name is or anything else about him. His e-mail is a generic hotmail – – and his blog is on wordpress.

I am not sure what legal steps I can take, if any, but at the very least I want to make sure he never contacts me again and does not appear in the flesh in any public event I may be attending at some point in the future. If anyone can offer suggestions – I assume this person is based in the United States – they would be gratefully received.

ETA: His IP address in the e-mail: resolved to

Netvision is an Israeli ISP.

ETA 2: He signed his last e-mail Lawrence, and there are some other suggestions that may be his real name.

Lavie Tidhar also repeated these slanders via twitter:

Lavie Tidhar Lavie Tidhar ‏@lavietidhar

New blog post: Death Threat.

Lavie Tidhar Lavie Tidhar ‏@lavietidhar

basically, I received a pretty unambiguous death threat in e-mail this morning from a guy calling himself Red Wolf.

Lavie Tidhar Lavie Tidhar ‏@lavietidhar

He’s targeted me in the past, which I was happy to ignore, but not when it reaches this level of toxicity.

Lavie Tidhar ‏@lavietidhar

I already reported to WordPress who said they can’t do anything since threat was made by e-mail, not on blog itself.

Nothing surprises me when it comes to Tidhar and his mindless supporters. As a result of this outrageous lie of Tidhar – falsely accusing me of making a death threat against him – I make the body of the e-mail that I sent him and others available here, entirely unedited by me. As this e-mail was sent to others and is logged with hotmail, I couldn’t edit or change it without knowledge from these respective parties. So here it is (I dare Tidhar to publish that e-mail of mine I sent him in its entirety, at his blog. Naturally he hasn’t done so since it shows him up as being guilty of an outrageous lie, distortions, slander, libel). The recipients are Charles Tan and Lavie Tidhar, and others in the cc line:

Shalom Lavie and Charles (and others ha)

מה קורה

To Charles, that’s just – wassup?

Hey Lavie you’ve gone so quiet on me of late. Where is the love man?

So you two – and everybody else – should check out my series on Anna Tambour. I mean since Tan is pretty tight with her, or so it appears (and Tidhar to a degree as well); something I make sure to make mention of in part 3 of my Tambour series, just posted. I mean in light of Tidhar’s posting on Elizabeth Moon and Islam, the fact that you two are co-editors together at the World SF blog; and considering Tambour’s rabid the-girl-can’t-help-it in-your-face Jew-hatred (see part 1 in my series. If you don’t yet know about it, Tambour put up a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a hardcore Muslim extremist website, whilst telling us said article was “milder than it might have been”! She did this years ago at the old NSB forum, more in the same vein. Check out part 1 for the gory details and more, like the uh reaction from the likes of Lucius Shepard, Jeff VanderMeer and co. It’s even worse than it sounds, I swear) and the fact that Tidhar is uh Jewish (well apparently).

Tidhar you will be happy to see that you get a big shout-out in this last article on Tambour. That’s because I care.

מת ונקבר לביא

Not that you care Lavie, given how shameless and ineffably obtuse you and your ilk are. It is what it is anyhow. One wonders if Tidhar even would recognize Tambour as anti-Semitic and viciously so at that… I’m serious.

The red wolf

PS To any of you who missed my April Fools’ Day article, check it out. I think it’s funny anyway, even if I say so myself. Hey Rose and Catherynne? Laura Anne, I didn’t miss that little semi-cryptic twitter conversation you had with that idiot Jim Hines, and it is going to be mentioned at my blog. A little bird alerted me in case you want to know how I know (I don’t follow you on twitter, or anybody for that matter). And no I am not telling you who the bird is…

That’s the e-mail. There was also an additional PPS concerning Elizabeth Moon and the battle between Lou Antonelli and Rachel Swirsky for VP of the SFWA; that has no bearing to my pertinent clash with Tidhar and doesn’t really concern him too much, but more the other recipients in the cc line (and Tidhar knows it, after all he got the e-mail as do other people who got the e-mail, as does hotmail). This remains private, and there is no reason to make it public, as it does not concern Tidhar’s false charges against my person.

Clearly when I wrote  מת ונקבר לביא

which translates to ‘dead and buried Lavie’, I did not mean this LITERALLY, but it was a FIGURATIVE REFERENCE TO THE FACT THAT I HAVE – in my opinion – EXPOSED AND SO DEMOLISHED LAVIE TIDHAR’S NAKED POLITICAL HYPOCRISIES. That’s all. Nothing more than that, nothing less than that.

Also Tidhar writes in his blog entry, brazenly distorting and misrepresenting my meaning and the context and content of my e-mail to him:

Near the bottom of the message he has added, in Hebrew, מת ונקבר לביא – “Lavie is dead and buried”. His last words were “I’m serious”.

Here of course is the pertinent content and context from my e-mail (once again and emphasis in bold is not in the original):

Tidhar you will be happy to see that you get a big shout-out in this last article on Tambour. That’s because I care.

מת ונקבר לביא

Not that you care Lavie, given how shameless and ineffably obtuse you and your ilk are. It is what it is anyhow. One wonders if Tidhar even would recognize Tambour as anti-Semitic and viciously so at that… I’m serious.

In other words, my use of the words “I’m serious” is in CLEAR ALLUSION to Tidhar’s possible failure to recognize Anna Tambour’s vicious anti-Semitism for what it is; not an allusion to ‘dead and buried’. Well look at his complete failure to acknowledge China Mieville’s anti-Semitism for what it so clearly is! Tidhar just grossly and transparently misrepresents the facts here. It is transparently outrageous. This qualifies as intentional or willful misrepresentation, not mere negligent misrepresentation. Willful misrepresentation is taken very seriously in libel and defamation law. 

Never mind that my use of the term ‘dead and buried’ is once again ENTIRELY FIGURATIVE AND AN ALLUSION TO TIDHAR’S PATHETIC POLITICAL POLEMICS WHICH I BELIEVE I HAVE EXPOSED AS SUCH, that is I have ‘shot down’ Tidhar’s political posturing and ideological position. Maybe Tidhar will now say that I am making renewed death threats against him, because I write that I ‘shot down’ his political arguments and world-view!

Also notice how I immediately follow up my ‘dead and buried’ line to Lavie in the e-mail (pronounced met venikbar in Hebrew) with this:

Not that you care Lavie, given how shameless and ineffably obtuse you and your ilk are

‘Not that you care’ Lavie that you are ‘dead and buried’ can only be interpreted as an obvious allusion to Tidhar’s woeful political bluster (woeful and transparently hypocritical in my opinion), not some ridiculous death threat on his person!! Namely that Tidhar’s political credibility is ‘dead and buried’. I mean imagine trying to interpret it literally – ‘not that you care Lavie that I have made a death threat against you’!??! Tidhar’s outrageous libel against me only proves the point of his shamelessness and ineffable obtuseness that I make in the e-mail!

And talking about Tidhar’s extreme obtuseness, note how he writes  in his libelous blog entry:

ETA 2: He signed his last e-mail Lawrence, and there are some other suggestions that may be his real name.

I say on my ‘what this blog is about’ page, that my name is Lawrence! Duuuuuh. Hasn’t Tidhar ever bothered to read that page, or did it just sail through the holes in his head, or did he just forget?

Tidhar is the one guilty of the most outrageous slander and defamation, in his false and groundless accusation against me. Also he tries to get WordPress to shut me down, predicated on his outrageous misrepresentation of my e-mail to him, and hotmail too. So he is the one who threatens  my freedom of speech, it is he who is trying to gag, intimidate and bully me and he does so by the most dishonest slander and defamation; falsely accusing me of making death threats against him, when I did no such thing, neither explicitly nor implicitly as the actual contents of the e-mail I sent him reveals.

Who – reading the actual e-mail – would dare say I am making death threats against Tidhar, whether explicit or implicit? Who? Who is going to accuse me of editing/changing the e-mail I sent Tidhar and other writers yesterday?Tidhar is a writer, he should well know that the expression ‘dead and buried’, whether in Hebrew or English in ITS RIGHTFUL CONTEXT IN THE UNEDITED E-MAIL, is a figurative allusion to my opinion that I have destroyed him on the political battle-field. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s the same as saying ‘I shot you down’, in the same context, or the similar ‘I have buried you six feet under’. Or when one politician tells his opponent, that he ‘has him in the cross-hairs and is going to take him down’. It is figurative, clearly. It is unambiguously figurative/metaphorical, it is an allusion SOLELY to Tidhar’s political polemics. That’s all.

Clearly Tidhar is so upset and angered by my showing him up in such a bad light re the Anna Tambour affair (which naturally he can’t be bothered to mention, see the previous article for the details); that he is trying to do all he can to shut me down and shut me up. Since all he has on his side, is outrageously dishonest slander and defamation, that’s what he employs. Notice what he writes about Mieville and Mamatas!! I have never e-mailed Mieville nor Mamatas btw. To Tidhar, my detailed blog series exposing Mieville’s vicious anti-Semitism – and Mamatas’s odious blunders and anti-Semitic associations – qualifies as increasingly rabid, if incoherent, posts”!! Mieville’s ant-Semitism and all the evidence I present for it at my blog, doesn’t mean a thing to Tidhar. He literally doesn’t comprehend what I am writing about, at all. What I write about Mieville may as well be written up in Greek or Hungarian. No doubt in Tidhar’s mind, I really did make a death threat to him, that is he twists and grossly distorts what I wrote in my e-mail to him, unconsciously; in order to make himself look the victim and myself appear to be some deranged mentally unstable violent stalker threatening Tidhar with his life!

Is Tidhar going to renew his call to get WordPress to shut me down, now that I have publicly revealed the NON-EXISTENT ‘death threat’ at my blog? In other words, now that I have called out his bluff and libel for what it clearly is? It’s just outrageous. If anybody should be considering legal action, it is myself.

It shouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. It doesn’t. Naturally has anybody called Tidhar out here? Such as, ‘let’s see the unedited e-mail?’. What does the *intelligent* reader think? I mean I’m asking… Even now that I have made the unedited e-mail publicly available, who is going to call Tidhar out publicly for his outrageous false slander and libel against my person?

I just shrug my head…

If I were to write – ‘you really dig your grave deeper Lavie with that blog posting of yours and your twitter comments, your groundless slanders and libel against my person in your attempts to silence me’, is Tidhar going to tell me that’s a renewed death threat? Clearly such a line would be said in the same FIGURATIVE SPIRIT as my ‘dead and buried Lavie’ line (in Hebrew) given in full context above. Indeed I have used such a common figurative/metaphorical reference before re Tidhar’s silly political posturings and brazenly dishonest misrepresentations of my blog postings. Over here when I wrote in reply to Tidhar’s idiotic tweet on my Catherynne Valente article, the following:

Keep digging your own grave Tidhar. It’s just fine by me. Bevakasha.

UPDATED on 3rd Jan

Toda raba Lavie.

Tidhar keeps digging, and is joined by the usual suspects. I just take note of it here (for the record).

… and Tidhar didn’t have a problem with it, knowing full well its figurative/metaphorical meaning. Bevakasha just means ‘please’ and toda raba just means ‘thank you’ in Hebrew.

Maybe now my showing his political hypocrisy up really badly, and the fact that I sent him an e-mail about it, that he knows a lot of genre pros got too, was too much for him… And so he digs up the dirt, I’m the Israeli psycho, the (Jewish) Patrick Bateman wannabe of the science fiction genre fan community. This kind of modus operandi does not surprise me in the slightest.

Those running mindlessly to Tidhar’s defense here, Pavlovian attack dog style – without having read the contents of the e-mail and in an *objective* fashion, just taking Tidhar’s word on it – have not done themselves any favors. If they continue to do so, in light of this blog posting that shows up Tidhar’s transparent misrepresentation of my e-mail and defamation of my person for what it is (by making the requisite e-mail publicly available); it will only further expose their position as morally and ethically untenable and unfounded, having no bearing to the facts at hand. Not that anybody is going to apologize or retract their echoing of Tidhar’s libel against me (and even none too subtle threats of legal and criminal action). I wouldn’t expect that of course!

Updated 2013

I just thought I would add a couple of things here worth knowing about, for those who stumble upon this important article. In a later article I was to write at this blog, a part of that article updated readers on this Tidhar libel, giving a more rounded and detailed picture of just how odious all this was; and how the sinister truth of the matter continued to out itself long after this brouhaha detailed above went down.

I repaste that relevant portion from that article (linked above) directly below, editing it for relevance. Forgive the repetition:

Remember the context of this very article in reply to Tidhar’s slander, its very background is the three article series on Tidhar’s buddy, Aussie liberal ‘Jewish’ genre writer Anna Tambour and her in-your-face anti-Semitism. She put up a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website (at the now defunct Night Shade Books Forum back in 2005), whilst telling us said article was “milder than it might have been”! My later reply to her uh incredible response on that front (yes she would respond to that exposé of mine at her blog believe it or not!). Tambour decides the adage, ‘when in a hole, don’t dig deeper’ is something best ignored.

There has not been a single word of condemnation of Tambour for her indisputable anti-Semitism from genre pros or fandom, NOT ONE WORD; even though my blog was popularized (in a very negative and entirely dishonest light) via the pro-Palestinian Israeli uh Jewish genre writer Lavie Tidhar (at his own blog, facebook and via twitter) the self-same day my last article in that Tambour series was published. Of course it’s what this whole article above is about! You know the self-same day Tidhar accused me of sending him a (non-existent) ‘death threat’ via e-mail. He of course did so by misrepresenting in the most harebrained fashion my e-mail to him (and other writers). He didn’t even mention Tambour in that blog entry of his (when it was fundamental to my e-mail and what I was actually getting at re my allusion to Tidhar’s political credibility being dead in the water).

Then again Tidhar dismissed my series on Mieville and the tons of evidence I presented for Mieville’s vicious Judenhass as “increasingly rabid, if incoherent” that same day in the blog entry of his attacking me (pasted above). None of the writers who gave public support and sympathy to Tidhar’s slander (before I had posted the original reply to Tidhar above and thus published my actual e-mail to Tidhar), all taking Tidhar at his word, and clearly not skeptical of his description of my Mieville and Mamatas articles as “increasingly rabid, if incoherent”, had anything to say on Anna Tambour’s vicious anti-Semitism. Not then and not ever.

Those writers included Ian McDonald, Rose Fox, Laura Anne Gilman, Paolo Bacigalupi, Chesya Burke, Paul Graham Raven, Paul J. McAuley, Alastair Reynolds, Charles Stross, Hal Duncan (I would later write up two articles at this blog detailing Duncan’s own harebrained anti-Semitism and associated comical pseudo-intellectuality), Tobias Buckell, Charles Coleman Finlay and Scott Edelman (aside from fandom naturally). To repeat – none of those writers had anything to say about Tambour and my revelations on that front. Not back then, and not ever. This was despite the fact that my Anna Tambour articles were front and center at my blog at the time; and my reply to Tidhar’s slander followed within 24 hours, in which I published the actual e-mail I sent to him, pointing out Tambour’s anti-Semitism was central to what I was actually getting at. All detailed above of course.

Of course none of the genre characters mentioned above had the slightest problem with Tidhar dismissing my series on Mieville and Mamatas respectively as ‘increasingly rabid, if incoherent’, so what else to expect? I doubt any of them even bothered to read those articles themselves and make up their own minds. Not then and not later. It all just cuts too close to the bone… Plus what ‘minds’ do they have anyhow? Hal Duncan would later go on to praise and recommend Tambour’s new novel Crandolin at his blog. I very much doubt that Tidhar ever read a single article in that Mieville series for that matter, he just bluffs with his dismissal.

It’s worth checking this blog’s archives for the articles and allusions I make to the likes of Buckell, Charles Stross, Chesya Burke, Graham Raven, Rose Fox, Laura Anne Gilman, Scott Edelman – none of it flattering nor positive. Hence just one reason for why they were so desperate to knee-jerk cheer on Tidhar’s amateur-hour wannabe witch-hunt against me.

Liberal UK genre writer Michael Cobley (defending Tidhar at his blog) did even worse (or better! depends how you look at it) than any of his fellow liberal colleagues, he actually denied Tambour’s anti-Semitism and Mieville’s by the by. Cobley would be the only one stupid enough to defend the indefensible libel of Tidhar’s here. The rest just shut up after this original article above went online in July 2012.

To those who may come to these genre writers’ defense, and say – well they just naively took Tidhar at his word… Can’t blame ’em. Sorry such an excuse doesn’t wash. The sinister subtext here is easily missed. Namely all these genre writers (and fandom) just took the word of a harshly and obscenely anti-Israel ‘Jew’ Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar against the Jew – myself – exposing in heavily evidenced detail at this very blog, the anti-Semitism of genre pros, both the new disingenuous Jew-hatred and the old unvarnished kind.

Tidhar would later come to demonstrate the truth of my prediction re his attitude to my exposé of his fellow liberal ‘Jewish’ buddy, Anna Tambour’s indisputable anti-Semitism. Namely I wrote in the e-mail to Tidhar the following:

One wonders if Tidhar even would recognize Tambour as anti-Semitic and viciously so at that… I’m serious.

Of course to repeat myself, Tidhar misrepresented most transparently – well he just lied – that the “I’m serious” line of mine was an explicit allusion to my figurative ‘dead and buried’ line (which Tidhar misrepresented as literal of course), when it was nothing of the sort. It was of course a clear allusion to Tidhar in all likelihood not recognizing the hardcore Jew-hatred from Tambour for what it is.

And that turned out to be the case.

As I put it in this later article from February 2013:

So look at how pathetic and revealing Tidhar has since shown himself to be wrt Anna Tambour, which is as about as surprising as the sequels to Transformers being as bad or worse than the original trash movie. His Israeli mate, fellow speculative fiction writer and co-author Nir Yaniv has since had a collection of stories recently published in English (some of which have been translated from the Hebrew by Tidhar) under the title The Love Machine & other contraptions.

Tambour raves about it at her blog and Tidhar tweets his appreciation.

Lavie Tidhar @lavietidhar

bloody hell. superb review of @TheNirYaniv ‘s new collection by Anna Tambour: ‘outstanding’.…

In other words, everything is still hunky dory fine between Tidhar and Tambour. Tambour’s Judenhass is no such thing to Tidhar, or he can just live with it no problem. It’s all beseder (fine) to him.

End of excerpt.

Tidhar – long after this whole brouhaha went down – would continue predictably with his odious, sinister and yes prejudicial Israel bashing, setting a new nadir with his clear sympathy and justification for BDS against Israel. Not that any of his liberal genre colleagues have the tiniest problem with that of course. They don’t when it comes to Mieville and the now departed Iain Banks giving support to the same anti-Semitic gangsterism (BDS against Israel) after all. Many of them Court Jewry – Charles Stross included.

So Tidhar is certainly consistent – I wouldn’t expect somebody who justifies BDS against Israel to have a problem with his fellow far Leftist ‘Jewish’ mate Tambour putting up a thumbs up link to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website, whilst remarking that said article is “milder than it might have been”.

So it goes.

Further update:

I did add in this later article, the following (pasted immediately below), and it should be put up here too, because it is all too relevant to this article. Tidhar digging ever deeper, going out of his way to prove my point:

It’s worth adding, even if belatedly, this tweet that Tidhar made on the 31st March 2013, just over a month after this article went online. It EXPLICITLY proves my point in neon colours. Thanks Tidhar.

Lavie Tidhar  @lavietidhar  31 Mar

“I don’t understand why saying Ashkenazi Jews like making money and gold is a ‘racist’ or anti-semitic thing to say 1/2″

Really such a tweet speaks for itself. How pathetic, how disgusting, how horribly anti-Semitic. No Tidhar was not being facetious nor sarcastic with that tweet, this is Lavie Tidhar after all.

One assumes perhaps a tweet in justification, at least in part – even if unconscious – for his ‘nothing to see here approach’ re Tambour (and even other anti-Semtic Leftists and communists). Of course Tambour didn’t just blabber on about greedy Jews, her approving source was a hardcore Muslim extremist website, and said article was “milder than it might have been”. And it was all in the midst of a vicious and delusional anti-Israel screed from Tambour herself. Then again that would give it all away, how anti-Semitic such dishonest stereotyping actually is (and what anti-Israelism is really all about), so naturally Tidhar is all shtum (quiet) there.

Such in-your-face ‘anti-Semitic stereotyping is not anti-Semitic’ zombification from Tidhar is exactly what one would expect from him. The disgusting ‘Jews are greedy’ caricature was used by the Nazis, and their neo-Nazi successors. It’s used by Muslim extremists (well look at Tambour’s source!), it was used by Jew-murdering Cossacks, the medieval and Renaissance Churches. And it’s the central pillar to left-wing Jew-hatred, notably communists’ anti-Semitism (it’s the central feature of Karl Marx’s anti-Semitism) that Tidhar’s anti-Semitic communist buddy Nick Mamatas tells us doesn’t exist (check my Mamatas articles for the details). Ditto China Mieville, that other Jew-hating genre communist who Tidhar fawns all over. To Tidhar, such odious and sinister anti-Semitic slander is not anti-Semitic. Naturally not.

Ashkenazi Jews!? To non-Jews, that’s Jews originally from Eastern and Central Europe in the main; what the vast majority of North American, British and Australian Jews are, and the Jews that founded the modern state of Israel. One assumes then according to Tidhar’s twisted logic, that calling Sephardic (Spanish origin) Jews, that is Mizrachi Jews from the Arab world or Ethiopian Jews greedy is uh anti-Semitic!?? Because these other Jews are not greedy and money-grubbing, it’s just these European Ashkenazi Jews? Or not? And the sad state of the world today, the starvation in the slums of Latin America, Africa and India whilst their governments steal and pillage, whilst disastrous banking and governmental policies in the West pile on, and profiteering corporations in North America, Europe and Asia do what they do, is indeed proof positive of the avarice of the Joooooos. Yes I’m being sarcastic.

Now the *non-anti-Semitic reader* familiar with my Tidhar articles may think that this tweet of Tidhar’s is the nadir to Tidhar’s self-loathing. I’m not so sure at all. And I don’t see it as any worse – as bad as it is – to the obscene gibberish he has to say about Israel and the Palestinians as a whole. The only difference is, with this tweet he lets the cat out of the bag, removes the mask. The cover terminology, ‘Israel’/’Zionist’ is dispensed with. As with his buddy Tambour in the first place. It appears as if Tambour dropping the mask to her self-loathing compels Tidhar to do likewise.

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