Aussie writer Anna Tambour’s ‘devastating’ reply at her blog to my series exposing her anti-Semitism. Read it and weep

This is Anna Tambour, the liberal uh radical chic Aussie SF writer responding to my series on her. It is an entry from 24th July entitled ‘Read for yourself‘. Please do.

Thanks Anna for replying. I am truly truly sincere on this front, but you won’t know why.

Remember my first article on Tambour detailed a real ‘letting the mask drop’ incident re the otherwise disingenuous ‘new’ anti-Semitism of Tambour’s at the old Night Shade Books Discussion Forum back in 2005. Never mind the two articles that followed. The last article  in my Tambour series coincided with Israeli Jewish SF writer Lavie Tidhar’s libel against my person. Not that you would know about that coincidence going by Tidhar’s defamatory blog posting and twitter commentary…

So how does Tambour uh respond to you know, the fact that at the old NSB forum seven years ago, she put up a link approvingly to one of the most notorious Muslim extremist websites operated out of Europe (, in order to prove the insatiable greed and corruption of the Jews, and at the same time tells us that said linked article “is milder than it might have been”? All this on a forum thread supposedly about the G8 Summit anti-globalization protests in Scotland. Check on the first Tambour article linked above for the gory details.

I didn’t even bother with all the ‘new’ anti-Semitism on display in Tambour’s ranting on the ‘G8Live8’ thread alone, never mind on other threads at the old NSB forum! I mean there is a mountain of stuff I could pour through… Clearly if you don’t get it after everything I detail in that first article of Tambour alone (it’s interesting that one blogger, as far as I have been able to discover just one – and a liberal genre pro writer no less – has been stupid enough to warp and ‘perceive’ Tambour’s obscene giveaway blunder and uh rhetoric as you know nothing of the prejudicial kind, and myself as the ‘fruitcake’ so to speak. More on that in another forthcoming article…), then nothing I can add will make the tiniest difference at all. And I know that there are scarily lots of zombies out there who probably don’t get it!

Tambour responds in uh that Tambour way, in the only way she can. It’s black comedy gold (I don’t mean literally black Lavie!). I really suggest the reader check it out for himself/herself. It really takes the cake. You go Anna!

Does she show me up, does she cut me to shreds? You betta believe it. Oh My God Anna. I am so humbled by your brilliant reply to my first article on you, it’s devastating, masterful in its logic and rhetorical flushes. I was initially reluctant to even put up this article, with the link to your reply, because it shows me up so. Then I thought that I don’t want to be accused of non-disclosure and I am always willing to learn from my betters. Anna Anna Anna you have converted me.

I am abandoning my pro-Israel advocacy, my Zionism; and I am taking up a staunch pro-Palestinian political stance. I am catching up on Chomsky, am reading The Guardian now, getting back issues of counterpunch, going to join some ‘not in my name’ group, Hitabdut Achshav maybe? Oh sorry you don’t know Hebrew of course, I mean Peace Now/Shalom Achshav (so the private joke among those who speak Hebrew remains, I hope you don’t mind). I am going to be wearing the keffiyeh, am going to put up on my bedroom wall posters of um who do you recommend Anna? Anna you have done what none of my critics have done – at least in my mind – not Nick Mamatas, not Tidhar, not Chesya Burke, not Mark Pontin, not Tim Lieder, not the Gilman twins, not Nir Yaniv, not Charles Stross, not Tobias Buckell, not Paul Graham Raven, not Fred Kiesche, not Paul Weimer, not the big cheese, SFWA head honcho John Scalzi himself, not Mary Robinette Kowal, not Mike Allen, not Scott ‘the brain’ Edelman, not Rose Fox, not Michael Cobley. You have done what none of them put together could do. You have humbled me. You have exposed me.

And you have convinced me that I have been on the wrong side all along. Forgive me Anna. I mean in my defense, I was indoctrinated by the Zionist narrative in my youth. You know how it is – my father would drive me from our mansion (built on the blood, sweat and broken dreams of poor miners in the Congo and Latin America and some other places I forget) in his Ferrari to Hebrew school, on the way to the bank he owned, and that’s where and how I was indoctrinated. They don’t tell you the truth about the Middle-East, the terrible truths about the Jew among the nations. They don’t want to know, and they don’t want you to know. We don’t want to know Anna. You know that Anna! And then there is this embarrassment about the truth, and so you know groupthink takes over… It all goes back to childhood and one’s youth, the damage done. Hey Anna?

I am still going to be keeping this blog up, with its archived articles, because I think it’s important to admit when we make mistakes, and not hide from them or cover them up and pretend they never were. When our whole world-view is wrong and misguided, and clearly exposed as such, well drop your ego and admit as much! And that’s what Anna has forced me to do. That’s what she has taught me to do. Thank you Anna.

As you can see for yourselves, if you check the reply of Tambour’s. Well anything I add will take away from its uh, actually words fail me. Truly.

It’s all about context see? Context, context, context. And um other things I guess.

It is indeed all about context, but not in the way Anna ‘thinks’. The context of her anti-Israel screed. For sure!

PS Anna Tambour is Jewish, as she is sure to remind us in her ‘Read for yourself‘ entry. As she puts it there, “As a Jew, I feel that is is not only important to criticise that which is I see as morally wrong, but my duty.” She also reminds us in the same entry (well it’s in the original thread from the Night Shades Books Discussion Forum), that many of those in her family perished in the Holocaust. This may all surprise the gentile (and Jewish) reader with the caveat that said reader is not anti-Semitic. Those who have their fingers on the pulse of the contemporary Western liberal/left-wing fascist zeitgeist and the associated liberal Jewish self-loathing psychopathology shouldn’t be surprised at all.

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