Liberal genre writer Richard K. Morgan’s “hero”, the rabidly anti-Semitic journalist John Pilger, praises Hezbollah as “heroes” in its jihad against the Jews Part 2

This is the second article in my Richard K. Morgan series. Morgan is a best-selling and popular speculative fiction writer from the UK. His political views heavily color his fiction, such as in his book Market Forces and elsewhere. Like many Brit genre fiction writers, Morgan proudly leans to the far Left in his political opinions.

In my first article I detailed Morgan’s favorite political journalist (by a long shot) and commentator, Australian far Leftist John Pilger’s staunch and unequivocal support for the jihad ‘resistance’ in Iraq. I clashed with Morgan over this ugly fact re Pilger at the old Night Shades Books Discussion Forum back in 2005. Morgan continues to recommend the uh John Pilger oeuvre, to this day.

Yet it is John Pilger’s odious and intemperate, relentless and persistent Jew hatred that sticks out. Remember Pilger is Morgan’s favorite journalist and numero uno political commentator. My assertion here is evidenced by Morgan’s recommendation of Pilger’s several books, more so than any other non-fiction writer living or dead, at Morgan’s website.

In fact as I write in the previous article, Morgan had this to say on Pilger in an interview where Morgan waxes lyrical on his hero (in bold for very good reason):

Pilger is a bit of a hero for me. This is a man who’s led the kind of morally driven, socially constructive life I might have aspired to if I’d got my act together a bit younger. It’s good to know there are people like him out there.”

Later on in that same interview by Stuart Carter, we get this, in case you missed Morgan’s hero worship of Pilger the first time round:

SC: Who do you admire?

RM: John Pilger (cited above) and my father. Arundhati Roy. Anyone who works for Amnesty International. People with principles who set out to apply them for the benefit of others.

On the links page at Morgan’s website, there are links to only four websites in the ‘Economics and Politics’ section, one of them is to John Pilger. The others are to Michael Moore, John Kay and ‘Moral Foundation Theory’. Next to the latter Morgan writes: “Fascinating stuff – none of it makes me like right wingers any better, but it at least gives you some kind of handle on why they tend so much towards bark-at-the-moon lunacy”. Come again? This is Morgan who right up above, approvingly links to a paranoid, lying, conspiracy mongering, rabid Jew hater John Pilger and Michael Moore (Moore has likewise praised the Iraqi ‘resistance’ as heroic ‘minutemen’ and blamed the war in Iraq on Israel). Hey Morgan have you heard of psychological transference?

Morgan dedicated his break-out book Altered Carbon to Pilger and in the Acknowledgments in his follow-up book Broken Angels, Morgan writes there:

This is a work of science fiction, but many of the books that influenced it are not. In particular, I’d like to express my deepest respect for two writers from my non-fiction inspiration bank; my thanks go to Robin Morgan for The Demon Lover, which is probably the most coherent, complete and constructive critique of political violence I have ever read, and to John Pilger for Heroes, Distant Voices and Hidden Agendas, which together provide an untiring and brutally honest indictment of the inhumanities perpetrated around the globe by those who claim to be our leaders. These writers did not invent their subject matter as I did, because they did not need to. They have seen and experienced it for themselves at first hand, and we should be listening to them.

What Shakespeare and Marlowe are to those who study Renaissance English literature, what Nikola Tesla is to aspiring inventors everywhere, Steve Jobs to most every young geek hooked into the hi-tech grid; Aussie liberal gag gag journalist John Pilger is to genre writer Richard Morgan.

The thing is this – John Pilger’s Jew hatred is so vicious, so intense, that even by the standards of the Jew-hating Left, it is extreme! And that is saying a helluva lot.

Perhaps the lowest point in Pilger’s Jew-hate oeuvre (perhaps!) is when he gave his explicit support to Hezbollah during the Hezbollah-Israel war of 2006, praising them as “heroes”. Yes Morgan’s hero John Pilger praises Hezbollah, Muslim fanatics dedicated to the genocide of Jewry and supportive of oppressive Sharia Law, as heroes!

Here is what Pilger had to say at the reliably anti-Semitic UK Guardian’s  Comment is Free

The choice title of that piece by Pilger at CiF has since been changed, probably because even by the Jew-hate standards of the Guardian, it was too extreme! Or rather it too easily let the cat out of the bag.

So in a war initiated by Hezbollah against Israel i.e. the Jews (hardly surprising since the former openly call for Israel’s destruction), in a war in which they launched hundreds of rockets deliberately targeting Israeli civilians i.e. Jewish men, women, children and babes for death, it’s these Muslim fascist jihadists who are John Pilger’s heroes!

This alone discredits Pilger utterly. This alone. It reveals him to be a lying Jew hater, a left-wing fascist, a madman. If you give your unadorned and unequivocal admiration for Muslim jihadists openly and proudly dedicated to another Holocaust of Jewry and doing all they can to put such a scheme into effect (all in the name of Allah), you yourself are a Jew-hating fascist (whether you are on the left or right end of the political spectrum matters not). It really is that simple.

Given Pilger’s support for the Iraqi ‘resistance’ i.e. jihadists and Baathist killers, torturers, kidnappers and fanatical oppressors (see previous article), his glowing unambiguous support for the jihad against the Jews comes as no surprise. The thing is it’s nothing new.

There is a tidal wave of Jew hatred from Pilger over the years and decades, passed off as Middle-East reporting and analysis. A small sampling below.

Here for an extensive overview of the transparent lies and extreme Jew hatred of John Pilger. CIF Watch exposes in detail the brazen and disgusting anti-Semitism from The Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ blog. ‘The heroes of Hizbullah’ article of Pilger’s was published at Comment is Free, which is entirely appropriate.

There is a mountain of anti-Semitic offal to Pilger’s output (as the CIF Watch article on Pilger alone reveals!). Here is just one example of his rabid Jew hatred (from ):

“the Zionist state remains the cause of more regional grievance and sheer terror than all the Muslim states combined.”

Come again??!! How utterly disgusting. It is beyond the pale to explain how such harebrained garbage is in-your-face Jew hatred and utter rubbish. Either you get it or you don’t. On the scale of the Jew-hate metric, such obscene ‘new’ anti-Semitism is barely behind Holocaust Denial, if it is.

Pilger overtly sells harebrained sinister Jewish conspiracy in high places claptrap. Namely the uh notion that then UK prime minister Tony Blair’s government was under the sway and control of powerful Joooos. And plenty else.

Here for the details

As Richard Gold relates at the above link:

It ends with a blanket condemnation of Zionism; approvingly quotes Gilad Atzmon [Holocaust Denying Jew – red wolf]; and warns that the silence of Jews“renders them culpable”. He [Pilger] writes as follows

…proof of the murderous, racist toll of Zionism has been an epiphany for many people; justice for the Palestinians, wrote the expatriate Israeli musician Gilad Atzmon, is now ‘at the heart of the battle for a better world’.

As explained here at Times Online Blog by Oliver Kamm and here at Z Word Blog by David Adler, Pilger’s depiction of Atzmon as merely an “expatriate Israeli musician”beggars belief. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of Atzmon’s writings will immediately appreciate the ludicrous and self-defeating irony of writing “fellow Jews” in relation to a man who has such an extreme and elaborate hatred of Zionism, along with an apparent rejection of his own Jewish identity and“Jewishness”.

I have myself written on Atzmon’s rabid Jew hatred over here, in allusion to anti-Semitic liberal Australian ‘Jewish’ SF writer Anna Tambour, who commends Atzmon’s political spew (he features approvingly on her blogroll). As I pointed out in that article, Atzmon is both a Holocaust Revisionist and somebody who tells us among other things,  “American Jewry makes any debate on whether the ‘Protocols of the elder of Zion’ are an authentic document or rather a forgery irrelevant. American Jews (in fact Zionists) do control the world.. So far they are doing pretty well for themselves at least.”

On John Pilger on Israel/Palestine A critical analysis of his views and sources from the Australian Association of Jewish Studies (2008).

The above scholarly article gives detailed evidence of Pilger’s outrageous lies and fabrications on all things Israel related. It includes mention of Pilger’s lies on the Camp David meet in 2000 to Pilger’s “claims that Hamas is committed to recognising Israel despite its founding charter calling for the abolition of the Jewish state”. As bad, the article details Pilger’s obscene lie that the Israeli government implicitly welcomed Palestinian suicide bombings, so as to justify its military invasion of West Bank jihadist strongholds. The article also details Pilger echoing the lie of the ‘massacre’ in Jenin in 2002 that never happened.

John Pilger is praised by so many Muslim extremists on all things Israel related, including at Radio Islam. Radio Islam is of course the Muslim extremist Holocaust Denying website that fellow genre ‘Jewish’ Leftist Anna Tambour puts up a link to approvingly (at the old Night Shade Books Discussion Forum), in order to give uh proof of the greed of the Jews. Tambour is buddy buddy with anti-Israel Israeli ‘Jewish’ SF writer and editor Lavie Tidhar.

Remember this John Pilger is best-selling British genre writer Richard K. Morgan’s hero. Morgan recommends more of this lying, Jew-hating fascist’s books than any other journalist, political writer/analyst, philosopher or historian in the world, living or dead.

Richard K Morgan sees a lying fascist who perceives Jewish conspiracies everywhere (including in the British government), who gives his glowing and heady support to his Muslim radical jihadist “heroes” Hezbollah (whose leadership calls for the liquidation of  all Jewry everywhere) in their war against the Jews (in which they intentionally target Jewish civilians for death with rocket fire), and who thinks the Jew nation is guilty of more evil than all the Muslim states combined; as somebody who speaks truth to power! As somebody who has “led the kind of morally driven, socially constructive life I might have aspired to if I’d got my act together a bit younger. It’s good to know there are people like him out there“.


So Richard K. Morgan: what does it tell us about you, that your personal “hero” (hey it’s Morgan’s choice term, not mine) sees Muslim radicals openly bent on another Holocaust of Jewry as uh heroes themselves? And a lot more Jew hatred besides. Or do you think it tells us nothing at all? I mean I’m just asking…

Then again Morgan is like soooo many other Leftists, a big fan of Noam Chomsky, another Hezbollah supporter (Chomsky gave his support to the arming of Hezbollah months before the war with Israel in 2006). Chomsky’s buddy buddy associations with Holocaust Deniers in France such as Robert Faurisson and Pierre Guillaume – associations Chomsky has justified in the most harebrained fashion and made no apologies for – have discredited him utterly. Chomsky also waxes on Jewish conspiracy theories. I cover all this in detail over here in my article on self-hating Jew, Nick Mamatas suck-up (Mamatas is horribly anti-Semitic) and notable genre fan Mark Pontin (Pontin is thanked by editor Gardner Dozois in the Acknowledgments to a Year’s Best SF annual). Chomsky is naturally an admirer of Pilger and vice versa. Birds of a feather…

It’s interesting to note that Sheffield University academic, SF fan, writer and critic Paul Graham Raven has designed and maintained/mantains Richard Morgan’s website. I have clashed with Raven himself over here (when he was defending the ‘Jewish’ SF writer Charles Stross in the latter’s clash with myself). See the updated part of the article where I make mention of Raven’s obscene attempt to misuse my Holocaust Revisionism Series among genre pros (which Raven couldn’t be bothered to read) against me! Stross had no problem with that btw, as he endorsed Raven’s tweet. Both Raven and Stross pretended that series of mine was nothing but a fabrication and paranoia on my part, neither of them bothering to read a word in that series! 

Raven had tweeted re this very blog of mine:

Paul Graham Raven
PaulGrahamRaven Paul Graham Raven
@cstross I’d make the “I’m in good company” gag, but WE ALL KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN THEN

And yes Raven and Stross are both anti-Semitic. Just consult my references to them at this blog (and what I allude to above of course).

No doubt Morgan is the kind of “good company” Raven likes to be grouped with, along with the likes of vicious anti-Semite China Mieville. A writer (Morgan) whose supreme ‘moral hero’ Pilger openly hero worships Hezbollah and actively promotes the most harebrained anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (which is why Pilger is praised by neo-Nazis and Muslim extremists alike).

UK genre Leftist writer Michael Cobley is also an admirer of John Pilger’s uh political blather. Cobley has the distinction of being the only genre personality who has *publicly* come to the slanderer and radical Leftist Israeli genre writer Lavie Tidhar’s defense (in the latter’s clash with myself, in which Tidhar attempted to discredit me, have me shut down and worse, put me behind bars if he could!), AFTER I published my article detailing the facts – i.e. the actual e-mail – behind the non-existent ‘death threat’ that Tidhar falsely claimed I sent him! Naturally Cobley is also a Noam Chomsky fan (but of course!). So is it any surprise that Cobley – who doesn’t see the likes of China Mieville and Anna Tambour as being anti-Semitic in the slightest, despite all the mountains of evidence I give at this blog for their extreme prejudice – is a fan of the odious, lying Jew-hate jihad supporting journalist John Pilger, who Cobley doubtless doesn’t see as being anti-Semitic at all?

Peas in a pod, these far Left genre folk. Cobley, Morgan, Graham Raven, Stross, Mamatas (and what of Mieville, Kathryn Cramer?) and soooo many others and their fan clubs. Jew haters who naturally pretend they are not, the lot of them.

It’s all so chilling.

UPDATED I write this update eons later, just to let readers know (who stumble upon this old article) that Morgan had nothing public to say in response to my two Pilger themed articles on him. Then again, what’s he going to say, what can he say?


It’s worth remarking to anybody who stumbles onto this posting, that in 2016 Netflix would pick up Altered Carbon as a TV Series. Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman would be cast in the lead role of Takeshi Kovacs. Kinnaman’s mother is a Swedish Jewess, which makes Kinnaman himself a Jew. Just an irony that I doubt anybody else would even notice, or publicly make mention of. These kind of ironies, Jewish actors, directors, writers working on movies and TV series in which vicious anti-Semites are involved (as writers in Morgan’s case, or directors and actors), is so routine that it is actually the norm. Hardly anybody even comments on it, if at all. Least of all the Jewish actors, directors, writers involved in the film/TV productions. They – the Jews that is – don’t appear to notice, nor care. Jewish actors and directors are a lot like our SF genre writers that way. Then again that is Jewry as a whole. That’s how they are. Hey gotta work and pay the bills. Plus Israel is a nation that matters as much to them as the Congo and Peru. For the most part. For sure.

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