As Iran gets ever closer to the nuclear bomb, as the Democratic Party lets the mask slip on its Jew-hatred at the DNC, genre Court Jewry’s ire and contempt remains with the usual eeevil suspects… Republicans and co

As Iran moves ever closer to getting the bomb, or rather a bunch of nuclear bombs, as nuclear enrichment proceeds apace, as more and more centrifuges are run, as even the IAEA admits as much, and to Iran moving more and more of its processing and nuclear enrichment technology underground, and covering up its tracks and at the same time the anti-Zionist Iranian regime ramps up the genocidal Jew-hate rhetoric; as the Democratic Party and Obama make it clear that they are throwing Israel under the bus, (yes that’s the recent and popular attempt at the Democratic National Committee in Charlotte, NC to remove Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel from the 2012 Democratic Party Platform. Eye-opening is the bare minimum description here) even as the Jew among the nations faces its most testing and frightening times ever; genre Court Jewry, not ones to shy away from political controversy, wax on the evils of the Klu Klux… uh the Republicans, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, right-wingers (real or imagined) and the associated usual suspects. You know the real villains in the world – the phantom cartoon of the idiot Left that is the redneck gun-toting, gap-toothed, beer-swilling, Bible thumping, anti-abortion, homophobic and ‘Islamophobic’ Creationist – the right-winger.

Yup genre Court Jewry has its priorities.

As Jewry in the Middle-East face an increasingly all too real risk of another Holocaust, a nuclear holocaust of millions by a regime that has the tacit support of much of the world, and as the Jew-hatred of their fellow Leftists, in America, Canada, Britain and Europe is increasingly on show, the mask has not only slipped, it has been almost discarded altogether; genre Court Jews know where the real problems lie…

No not really.

Genre Court Jewry has as much to say about the biggest threats to millions of Jews’ lives since the Nazis, that is the Iranian nuclear weaponization program and Iran’s murderous thuggish Muslim extremist regime, the Muslim Brotherhood now in power in Egypt (threatening Israel and its own population of Copts and liberty itself – that’s the ‘Arab Spring’ for you, proudly supported by uh progressive liberal Westerners aka useful idiots and plenty genre progressives naturally enough. Off the top of my head China Mieville, Nick Mamatas, Paul Graham Raven…), Hamas and Hezbollah, the confusion and murderous chaos in Syria; as they do the Democratic Party’s delegates’ Jew-hatred oh I mean anti-Israelism on show at the DNC in Charlotte. And for that matter the lies of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the Israeli ambassador to the US, historian Michael Oren’s ‘remarks’ on the Republican Party; a lie, a fabrication she exacerbated with a further lie when caught out on it, falsely claiming the Washington Examiner‘s Philip Klein had misquoted her.

That is genre Court Jewry has nothing to say at all. Nada, zilch. Then again there is a reason I call them Court Jewry. It ain’t for nothing.

Here is a very small sampling of some of the recent political tweets from liberal genre Jewish writers, all of them having poured scorn and dismissal on this blog, you know the blogger exposing anti-Semitism in the professional genre community.

Felix Gilman:

There is plenty more from Felix in that vein, like snide put-down allusions to Clint Eastwood and his appearance at the RNC recently.

Here is his namesake Laura Anne Gilman:

I really, really hate being moved by political speeches. But Clinton’s nailing it. Now, can we just go vote and be done?

In case anyone ever forgot why Clinton, no matter what, is still admired by many of us… this speech is a reminder. #barnburner

In other words, she’s voting Democratic Party and for the anti-Israel Barack Obama (the alternative – just don’t vote if you hate the Republicans so much is not considered a possibility at all. OMG if you don’t vote your freedoms will be taken away and the cows won’t give milk and the sun won’t shine. Sheeesh), so impressed is she by the soporific Bubba’s lying and asininity. But of course!

At least genre editor Rose Fox thankfully has a different take:

Just tried to watch Clinton’s speech and turned it off when I realized I was tuning it out. I think I OD’d on him in the 90s.

Yet the fact is nothing from Rosie on the real BIG NEWS from the DNC, well big news if you are an authentic Jew. Denial ain’t a river as they say.

Other genre Court Jewry such as Charles Stross, Cory Doctorow, Lavie Tidhar and Scott ‘the brain’ Edelman (who have all heaped scorn and lame name-calling dismissal on this blog, and worse of course!) likewise have nothing to say via twitter (and any other medium for that matter, as far as I know) on everything I allude to above. That is Iran, Egypt’s Islamization, the Jew-hatred at the DNC. And everything I allude to above is a big deal, especially if you are Jewish. Now I wouldn’t have a problem at all, if none of these folk ever waxed political on their twitter feeds. But the thing is that they do wax political via twitter, and I mean a lot of the time, not infrequently at all. All of them sans exception (well maybe not Scott Edelman so much). And I’m just talking twitter here.

And if you think I’ve missed their tweeting their outrage at the mask slipping on the Democratic Party’s Jew-hatred at the DNC, I haven’t. There hasn’t been any tweeting on that front. I knew before I even checked. I know what I’m dealing with…

I could come with a smart alec thesis that given how – denials to the contrary about literary and subversive SF – genre fiction is all about escapism in the main, it’s par for the course that genre liberal Jewish writers, editors and the like bury their heads in the sand, stop up their ears and close their eyes, and sink into the most pathetic and neurotic denials about what’s really going on in the real world. It’s consistent I mean. And it is. The problem with this notion is that it applies to liberal Jewry who don’t know Isaac Asimov from David Drake, interzone from Analog, New Wave from slipstream. I guess they have their own escapes, no shortage of that in our world! Also there are people who really know science fiction, who know interzone from Analog, and Kate Wilhelm from Joanna Russ, steampunk from Golden Age SF, and they are not idiot Leftists or Ron Paul zombie types. They ain’t all dhimmis and Jew-haters and the dupes of Jew-haters.

Sooooooo many genre folk are in the latter group though: dhimmis, anti-Semites and the cowardly dupes of anti-Semites.

How will genre liberal Jewry respond if the worst comes to the worst?

And I have to say, I fear it could. I mean the end of Israel, nothing less than that, some way or other, sooner or later (that is harder to type than the reader can ever guess). I think they – anti-Israel (or at best indifferent to Israel) genre liberal Jewry – will respond in the same way that liberal Jewry will probably respond as a whole. They will rewrite history and pretend they actually supported Israel, or else they will say it was all Israel’s fault somehow, or both in some strange doublethink way. They may well not talk about it at all, prefer to change the subject if you dare bring it up, like the life and death of some embarrassing black sheep in one’s family. Israel will be ERASED from their ‘minds’, and they will forget about the Palestinians faster (or as Lavie Tidhar in the style of warped replacement theology prefers to call them, the Middle-East’s “true Jews”) than you can say ‘jihad’. Perhaps liberals simply won’t talk about Israel much, except in a nostalgic historical or Biblical and mythological sense, and the Palestinians neither (all of a sudden), any more than they can be bothered to mention Iran these days. Iran seems to have as much reality to liberal Jewry and liberal genre Court Jewry at that, as Narnia and Tolkien’s Middle Earth. The same can be said for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has as much reality to them as orcs or faerie.

Although I’m sure liberal Jewry will still go on – year in and year out – about the eeeeevil Republicans, right-wingers, Creationists, NRA supporting bible believers and the rest. One way of taking their ‘minds’ off their ugly and cowardly betrayal of the Jewish homeland, a cowardly betrayal that they will never consciously acknowledge as such. And of course the anti-Semitic gentile Leftists (soooo many of them, heck so many anti-Semitic genre liberals) will only be too eager to let them get away with it, let themselves off the hook too in the process… They will wash each others’ dirty linen.

But as with Lady Macbeth, “Out, damned spot! out, I say!

You can’t wash that spot out.

So let us close this article with Lady Macbeth, once again…

“Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. O, O, O!”

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