The boiler-plate liberal anti-Semitism of British genre writer Ken MacLeod

Ken MacLeod is a British genre Marxist/communist SF writer, who has received considerable acclaim for his science fiction. MacLeod to be blunt and to get to the point is a run-of-the-mill caricature of the Jew-hating progressive communist who pretends he ain’t a Jew-hater. Characters like Mieville, Kathry Cramer and MacLeod are as peas in a pod.

The smoking gun with MacLeod as much as anything is his horribly anti-Semitic rant in the aftermath of the Israel-Hezbollah war of 2006. Namely this one at his blog. It is from 20th July 2006 and is entitled ‘Against Civilised Warfare‘.

It is standard boiler-plate Guardian and BBC style Jew-hatred passed off as thoughtful analysis and commentary (surely among MacLeod’s many anti-Semitic sources in his opinion of the Jew among the nations). Israel is imperialist, guilty of mass murder in MacLeod’s eyes. If Hezbollah use civilians as human shields in their jihad against the Jews – a war crime according to Geneva conventions – that’s the fault and war crime of the Jooooos. Well in the world of the Jew-hating Left. One heard and hears similar cries – ‘Israel is guilty of war crimes’ – from Muslim extremists and neo-Nazis. Then again they are MacLeod’s and his fellow Marxists’ fellow anti-Zionists. Whatever. Then again the fact that MacLeod and his fellow radical Leftists echo the same or at the very least, similar mantras and sloganese on Israel – when it dares to fight back against the jihad – as Muslim extremists and KKK types, doesn’t bother MacLeod and his ilk one little bit. One wonders if they even notice… Hezbollah, who initiated the war of 2006 through their jihad in the first place, is mollycoddled by MacLeod; Hezbollah’s war crimes – firing rockets on Israeli civilians – whitewashed in a sickening all too common liberal fashion. At the end of his article MacLeod calls for readers to join a vocal protest against Israel. The Jew-hatred of the British progressive Left is really something to behold.

Now the Jew-hatred on display here by MacLeod has been commented on, dissected and taken apart by genre fan and writer Jordan Bassior who has written some very informative essays and reviews on science fiction by the by; and Bassior pulls no punches in this regard. Neither do I of course.

Jordan Bassior had quite a bit to say regarding MacLeod in this regard over here at Google Groups rec.arts.sf.written back in September 2006. However that commentary doesn’t appear to be available any longer, so don’t even bother clicking on the link. It does appear available here, at least for now, and there are other topics discussed as well.

Commentary of Bassior’s re MacLeod and the latter’s ugly harebrained politics is also to be found at the derkeiler forum. Charles Stross comments there too! There are other derkeiler forum thread links, just follow the thread…

Jordan who beat me to the punch here with respect to MacLeod by a couple of years, receives nothing but harebrained evasions, absurd misrepresentations, distortions and the like in response to his exposé of MacLeod’s anti-Semitism and odious political spew. Par for the course. Reminds me of of much of the uh criticism leveled my way in response to my own exposés of anti-Semitism in the genre community. Likewise, the professional genre community have ignored the reality of MacLeod’s anti-Semitism and Bassior’s revelations on this front, as they have turned a blind eye to my own exposés and for the same reasons naturally enough. It doesn’t gel with the ‘progressive’ zeitgeist, so best to just pretend all this Judenhass is not there at all. That is when they are not shooting the messenger.

As Bassior has already covered this ground, I just add my own five cents worth over here. Bassior has also pulled no punches re the odious moral relativist politics of  ‘Jewish’ liberal UK genre writer Charles Stross. I have of course already criticized Stross at this blog and received the most lame personal attacks from Stross himself in reply (same link). Yet I have not critiqued Stross’s anti-Israelism per se.

So here is my commentary on just a part of MacLeod’s bigoted gibberish…

MacLeod writes: The doctrine is quite unshaken by the fact that Hizbollah’s actions so far have killed a far higher proportion of the enemy in arms than the IDF’s laser-guided precision bombs have managed, but that isn’t the point I want to make

Well it’s an out of context point you make. MacLeod like the dishonest Jew-hater that he is, ignores the fact that the Lebanese civilians were effectively used by Hezbollah as human shields, something Hezbollah proudly boasted of. This is a war crime as recognized by Geneva Conventions, and these same conventions recognize that any combatants deliberately using civilians as human shields are culpable for any casualties resulting. Clearly MacLeod blames the Jooos for a war crime committed by Hezbollah, namely the cynical use of civilians as human shields. Hezbollah proudly boasted of its use of firing rockets from in front of residential buildings, parks and schools. A win-win for Hezbollah, they get to fire their rockets into Israel and if Israeli planes and artillery strike back and civilians are killed, Hezbollah get a propaganda victory and the civilian victims are celebrated as martyrs. Israel lost more soldiers than civilians because it took the war that Hezbollah started into Lebanon. Perhaps MacLeod would prefer it if Jews never fought back against Muslim jihadists bent on the liquidation of Jewry or just opened our borders and let them into Israel, perhaps storm a kibbutz or village or three, murder all the Jews therein and only once they had done all that, call in the IDF to fight them and only within Israel’s now far bloodier territory, in our hypothetical scenario that is. The only reason that Israel didn’t take so many more civilian casualties is that Israelis were living in bomb shelters and most of the Hezbollah rockets missed their targets, landing and exploding on open land.

MacLeod again: We are responsible for the foreseeable consequences of our wilful acts. These include the consequences of restraint, of pity, of not hurting the enemy in any way you can. They also include the consequences of attempting to make war an accepted part of civilised life, which is to institutionalise war and thus to perpetuate it.War is not civilized, but a regression to the state of nature, and in the state of nature there is no sin

All this fatuous palaver ignores the fact that Hezbollah initiated the war with Israel. Its combatants, frankly terrorists, killed Israeli soldiers on the Israeli side of the border in an unprovoked machine gunning, a cassus belli if there was one. This was not the only incident, there were others initiated by Hezbollah (including a mortar barrage) that preceded the act of deadly aggression by Hezbollah that catalyzed the war of 2006. MacLeod like the Jew-hater that he is, ignores the fact that Israel’s foes here are self-admitted Muslim extremist jihadists, who openly call for another Holocaust of Jewry in the name of Allah. Well that would let the cat out of the bag, and we can’t have that now. Likewise MacLeod ignores the other obvious point, Israel is the Jew among the nations. MacLeod’s British heritage is one in which anti-Semitism courses like a thick river of poison.

Then again MacLeod is a communist, so he couldn’t possibly be anti-Semitic gag gag. It’s not Israel that is attempting to make war an acceptable part of life, glorifying it; Hezbollah do that, all Muslim extremists do that. To the anti-Zionist Muslim fundamentalists like Hezbollah and Hamas, war is holy, jihad is a way of life and death and guarantees entry into heavenly paradise. Israel fights for its survival. If Israel didn’t win the three major conflicts in ’48, ’67, ’73 initiated by the Arab states in the latters’ desire to drive the Jews into the sea, there wouldn’t be an Israel. And then who would MacLeod and his ilk put the blame on for the crimes of Islamists, his fellow anti-Zionists?

MacLeod in obscene fashion: If I were to criticise Hizbollah’s rocketing of Israel, which in the present circumstances I will not, it would only be on the grounds of its futility, if that could be shown.

In the present circumstances of the Jooooos daring to fight back – and with modern weaponry too! shock horror – against the jihadists who being jihadists, initiated a holy war against the Jewish infidels in the first place…

On MacLeod openly and proudly refusing to condemn Hezbollah alone, for Hezbollah’s war crimes in a war it started against the Jews in 2006 – whilst having no problem condemning Israel in harsh and intemperate language for its ‘war crimes’ – is a perverse double standard (it’s worse than that, a perverse moral inversion but that’s another thing) that reveals an unequivocal and unadorned Jew-hatred on MacLeod’s part.

If you don’t see that, you are either a Jew-hater yourself or mentally sub-normal, or both. Even if one thinks Israel is guilty of war crimes during the second Lebanon War, stubbornly and insistently refusing to condemn Hezbollah, who are openly and proudly Muslim extremist and jihadist, for their indisputable war crimes – that is of launching hundreds and hundreds of rocket attacks on Israeli civilian targets, targeting Israeli Jewish civilians for death and maiming, men, women, children and babes – is Jew-hatred pure and simple. It is a double standard so perverse and blatant, that it cannot be defended by anybody except lying Jew-haters (of which there are no shortage) or moral cowards (ditto).

Hezbollah not only initiated the war, they proudly call for another Holocaust, the destruction of Israel. In fact Nasrallah the head of Hezbollah has called for the killing of all Jews everywhere (hence Hezbollah bombing the Buenos Aries Jewish center back in July 1994), proudly promising to finish off where the Nazis left off, with Allah’s help. Yet MacLeod makes it very clear that he refuses to condemn these Muslim extremists who promise to complete the job of making the world Judenrein, exterminating millions more Jews, men, women, teenagers, kids, babies with the help of course of fellow jihadists in the Middle-East and Allah above.

To refuse to condemn the rocket attacks on Israeli cities, towns and farms (many of the rockets were filled with ball bearings as well to maximize the carnage), targeting Jewish civilians for death in their homes, buildings, schools, shopping markets, malls, farms, parks, factories and highways is not only rank hypocrisy in defense of jihadists; it is unambiguous and vicious Judenhass. Of course MacLeod has never condemned Hezbollah for their support for Sharia Law, inclusive of the killing of homosexuals, execution of apostates, the honour killing of girls and women, the punitive restrictions on the civil, economic, social and religious lives of the infidels, the unbelievers. One wouldn’t want to offend those jihadists active in the ‘resistance’ to those troublesome Jews in the Middle-East, those pesky Jews daring to believe they have a right to defend themselves and their children from the holy warriors baying for their blood.

The enemy of my Jewish Shylock enemy is the friend to the workers’ struggle. That dear reader, is in a nutshell the rationale for what is surely one of the strangest and most sinister alliances in history – the jihadist terrorist groups and the Western Left. Namely the belief that the Jew is indeed the enemy, to the jihadist naturally enough and to the socialist/communist since to the latter, capitalism is propped up by the greedy Jewish bourgeoisie. It’s not something that is usually conscious, but runs deep in the Western psyche. Nowhere is this better demonstrated in the genre community than with the vicious anti-Semitism of far Left Australian writer Anna Tambour.

There is more of the usual incoherence and lies that one hears from every anti-Semitic liberal and communist from MacLeod in that blog entry alone. They are the same platitudes of nonsense, the identical polemics of gibberish one hears from self-admitted thankfully honest anti-Semites. Apparently this is a meaningless coincidence. At least that’s what Mamatas, MacLeod’s fellow anti-Israel communist across the Atlantic is saying. If the Left employ the same mantras and slogans on the Jew among the nations as white supremacists, it’s because the former are anti-racist, even as the latter are genocidally anti-Semitic. Got that?

It’s worth remarking that MacLeod has an extensive blog-roll, in which so many anti-Semitic radical left-wing blogs are featured, clearly with the MacLeod seal of approval. In fact I cannot think of a single genre pro on either side of the Atlantic who has so many anti-Semitic blogs and websites in his or her recommended reading blog-roll, if only because his blog-roll of Marxist and radical Left blogs and resources is so extensive. Just under the categories ‘War and Revolution’, ‘Mutualist Militants’, ‘Democratic Socialists’, ‘Viva La Quarta’, ‘Communist Parties‘ and ‘Readable Reds’ alone there are soooo many Jew-hating blogs!

MacLeod’s blog-roll includes the likes of Lenin’s Tomb (a Hamas and Hezbollah supporting blog) which I have mentioned several times in the course of my own blogging here. It is Nick Mamatas’s favourite political blog, China Mieville has blogged for it and Felix Gilman has also featured it approvingly in his (ex)blog-roll. Yet there are so many others. Documenting the Jew-hatred in at least a dozen of those blogs, if not way more than that, well one could fill a book I suppose. Anyhow it would be extraneous, the Jew-hatred of Ken MacLeod along with so many of his fellow communist travelers is there for those who have eyes to see.

Naturally nothing but a deafening silence from British ‘Jewish’ genre pros in the UK to all this Judenhass from MacLeod. The British Court Jew writer Charles Stross for one could care less. Stross is a fellow uh progressive.

As with China Mieville’s Judenhass, liberal genre Jewry could care less. At best. And that is being way more generous and charitable than Court Jewry deserve. To put it bluntly – these ‘Jews’ are quite simply the kept bitches of the Jew-hating genre Left. Harsh words, but that’s the ugly reality. Oh Stross, Rose Fox, Tidhar, Nir Yaniv, Scott Edelman, the Gilman twins, Farah Mendlesohn and other genre Court Jews – Mieville, Tambour, Kathryn Cramer, MacLeod and co still hate you, even if you sink into pathetic and spineless ‘please like me, I heart the Palestinians too and distance myself from Israel’ ingratiation. They still hate you because they are Jew-haters.

Gettit? No don’t worry, I know you don’t.

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