Liberal Scottish SF writer Hal Duncan equates Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism in harebrained ‘progressive’ style on self-same 2005 NSB forum thread wherein Anna Tambour ‘outed’ herself Part 1

Hal Duncan is a Scottish SF writer, author of Vellum: The Book of All Hours and its sequel Ink, among other stuff and of a definite liberal political persuasion, naturally enough. Duncan is openly gay and the themes of homosexuality and homophobia course through his fiction, blog posts and the like. Understandably so.

Duncan was also one of a number of writers and genre folk who Pavlov style came to Israeli SF writer Lavie Tidhar’s aid, when the latter egregiously misrepresented in the most harebrained fashion an e-mail I had sent him, falsely claiming that I had sent him a ‘death threat’! I had more to say about all that here in response to Tidhar’s fellow liberal anti-Israel British genre writer Michael Cobley. Duncan, like the obedient fellow genre liberal that he is – all buddy buddy with all the anti-Israel British liberal genre folk (and taking Tidhar’s word on it) – took me to task via twitter and at Tidhar’s blog in this respect.

Hal Duncan – as with all of Tidhar’s fellow liberal genre writer colleagues and fandom giving Lavie encouragement and support in his clash with myself – also had no problem with this sinister and harebrained line of Tidhar’s in that slanderous blog posting of his: “This person has been blogging increasingly rabid, if incoherent, posts about China Mieville and Nick Mamatas but has recently latched on to me.”

Au contraire, by giving the thumbs up to Tidhar’s blog posting in toto, Duncan gives his approval to Tidhar’s take on my Mieville and Mamatas articles; as did the likes of Rose Fox, Laura Anne Gilman, Paul McAuley, Ian McDonald, Charles Stross, Tobias Buckell, Chesya Burke, Paul Graham Raven, Paolo Bacigalupi and others. Lavie Tidhar, by dismissing my series on Mieville – where I expose the latter as indisputably anti-Semitic and extremely so, never mind my articles on Mamatas’s odious anti-Semitic associations and foul-ups – as “increasingly rabid, if incoherent, posts…”, reveals himself (Tidhar that is) to be anti-Semitic likewise or just very, very, very dense. One or the other. Or both. There is no third alternative.

Other writers – including Duncan – who thus endorse Tidhar’s uh notion on my Mieville and Mamatas series as “increasingly rabid, if incoherent, posts…” either reveal themselves likewise to be anti-Semitic; or since no doubt many of them have never even bothered to read my Mieville series (yet they will take the word of a pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel Jew Lavie Tidhar on it!), are simply very obtuse or at best incredibly naive. Perhaps some of them are just naive, too trusting of Tidhar, him being a genre colleague/peer and a fellow liberal. However I would not even pretend that some of them are anything other than anti-Semitic themselves, however they may deny it.

It is easy to miss this sinister subtext: All of these genre folk (pros and fandom) giving their support to Tidhar in his feuding with myself, just assume that the vocal pro-Palestinian Court Jew Tidhar is on the level, and has the facts on his side, indisputably so; and I – the red wolf – the pro-Israel Jew who has actually exposed considerable amounts of indisputable anti-Semitism in the genre community (Dave Truesdale, Sam Hidaka, Kathryn Cramer, China Mieville, Iain Banks, Ken MacLeod) am the delusional, incoherent nutter, and worse a violent stalker threatening death into the bargain… .

Should we assume in Hal Duncan’s case that it just his ingenuousness, his easy partiality to dimwitted left-wing groupthink? Or is it something else?

To get straight to the point, my final article in my Anna Tambour series is fundamental to understand the whole e-mail to Tidhar in which I used the line ‘dead and buried Lavie’ (in Hebrew and with figurative intent. A line that Tidhar who is fluent in Hebrew technically mistranslated anyhow). In the first Tambour article I explain how Aussie genre writer Anna Tambour, at the old NSB forum back in 2005, puts up a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website – – whilst telling us said article was milder than it might have been!! I pointed out in the third and final article in my Tambour series how buddy buddy Tidhar’s fellow editor at the World SF blog, Charles Tan is with Tambour, and Tidhar to a degree as well; and thus how exposed Tidhar’s political hypocrisy actually is (what I was clearly getting at with my ‘dead and buried Lavie’ line). This all catalyzed well, what was to follow, namely Tidhar’s libel.

Getting back on track…

Well in that same notorious NSB Forum thread from 2005, ‘G8 Live8’ in which Tambour’s odious anti-Semitism was on open and ugly display, and in which the likes of Jeff VanderMeer, Liz Williams and Lucius Shepard were commenting, so was Hal Duncan. The thing is not only was Duncan commenting, as he often did at the NSB forum, he added on top of Anna Tambour’s disgusting anti-Semitic palaver, his own anti-Semitic commentary. Although Duncan’s execrable commentary on the Jews, oh I mean Israel, cannot be compared to Tambour’s in terms of obscene stupidity, it’s still pretty bad, still obscene and still yes anti-Semitic. Indisputably so.  

Here is Duncan’s commentary on that notorious thread (well it ought to be at least!), that’s supposed to be about the anti-globalization protests held in Scotland at the time. It doesn’t take much with these oh so progressive liberals for the turn towards Israel bashing (at least with Tambour and Duncan), and in Tambour’s case of course she drops the mask entirely. Although she is sure to remind us – in response to my series on her – that if you look at the wider context of venom and spite directed by her against Israel on that thread (ie ‘legitimate criticism of Israel’ in anti-Israel liberalspeak), then that little ‘greedy Jews’ article is well, just okay. Um I guess. Apparently.

Anyhow let us not get sidetracked too much, here are Hal Duncan’s ‘pearls of wisdom’ from that ‘G8 Live8’ thread, amidst a far longer contradictory all too typical pseudo-intellectual rant (bold emphasis in quoted text below is mine):

Posted by ‘al duncan’ [yes it’s Hal Duncan – red wolf] on Sunday, July 10, 2005 – 01:00 pm:

I wonder if the “global tribalism” of radical Islam isn’t just one example of a widespread shift towards internationalism over the 20th Century, resulting from a general loss of faith in the “weak and decadent” rulers — the Kaisers and Sheikhs and Tsars and Shahs (and Presidents and Prime Ministers?) — and the “scheming merchants” whose pockets they’re in. Communism, Fascism, Islamism, Zionism and Christian Fundamentalism all seem to speak the same language — and it was nailed on the head for me, recently, by the words of a Jewish Settler in Gaza. Interviewed on a current affairs programme, he said basically “this is the Zealots against the Hellenes” — i.e. true believers against the corrupt, decadent culture of weak kings with wicked priests and merchant power-brokers behind the scenes.

Red Wolf – As I have pointed out at this blog before, anti-Zionism is a flimsy and lame cover for anti-Semitism, especially post 1948. The very word, ‘Zionist’ as Martin Luther King Jr observed so well and forthrightly, is just code for Jew. This was once well recognized by scholars, historians and commentators on anti-Semitic prejudice; yet given the hijacking of the academy, that is the universities, the ‘progressive’ media, NGOs, the diplomatic corps and Western governments by the self-same progressive anti-Semites who pretend they ain’t, such clear thinking is actively scorned, dismissed and of course heavily censored.

Here are a couple of articles setting the record straight, on the fact that anti-Zionism is a pathetic cover for anti-Semitism and why it is so. For those who have eyes to see, and whose mindlessness was not made up a long time ago. Hey what did Martin Luther King Jr know? What do Jewish historians and scholars know? They’re just a bunch of dirty manipulative and cunning Zionists after all. You know who speaks and thinks like that? Well naturally the truth of the matter here doesn’t occur to Duncan and his fellow progressives. Too obvious I guess.

Of course since Duncan’s idiotic rant, the Jewish settlers from Gaza have been expelled (by Ariel Sharon himself in 2005 and under international pressure) and Gaza has been Judenrein since! Duncan’s dream has come true, for Gaza at least. Naturally Hamas have since taken over the Gaza Strip and have proceeded to launch wave after wave of rocket terror attack against Israel, along with its Islamist allies, along with other terrorist attacks and attempted attacks against Israel. It culminated in a war with Israel in 2008/2009. Thousands of rockets, mortars and missiles have been launched from Gaza since Israeli disengagement in 2005, targeting Israeli schools, kindergartens, farms, kibbutzes, factories, highways, parks, colleges, malls, homes, residential buildings etc. Oh what do you know, expelling Jews wholesale from Gaza (where Jews have had a presence for centuries, more!) didn’t bring peace, it only saw Hamas fill the vacuum of  an Israeli withdrawal and make things ever more deadly for the Jews of Israel. Just ask the citizens of Sderot. Shocka. Not that Duncan has learned a thing. Hardly.

Incidentally quoting the anti-Arab prejudice of a Jewish settler from Gaza or even a bigoted Jew from Israel or the Diaspora for that matter, is neither here nor there re Zionism. It would be like quoting the anti-French or anti-Arab prejudice of a British yokel from a bar in Manchester, Liverpool or Glasgow as a way of discrediting Britain’s sovereign rights, obligations and very existence! Or quoting an American redneck in a bar in Houston or Los Angeles, on said redneck’s anti-Hispanic prejudice; and pretending that as a consequence of such bigotry, American nationalism is therefore intrinsically evil and fascist, and the USA shouldn’t have any right to exist as a sovereign state as a result! Of course Duncan would probably pretend that’s not what he meant when he spoke of Zionism, he didn’t mean Jewish nationalism per se or Israel’s sovereign existence as such! In other words, Duncan didn’t mean Zionism when he spoke of Zionism; he uh meant something else, Duncan meant the incoherent bogey man nonsense ‘Zionism’ that he gets from the Jew-hating BBC and The Guardian and their ilk. Whatever that is! How can I put it Hal Duncan? Uh maybe like this: what’s it like being a know-nothing ‘progressive’ pseudo-intellectual zombie Hal Duncan? No really, what’s it like?

Yet Duncan goes further than declaring his explicit anti-Zionism, in repugnant know-nothing dunderhead style Duncan equates Zionism with Muslim extremism and fascism! That really is uh quite shocking, it’s also disgusting, it’s moronic. It’s anti-Semitic.

Let me stress that outrageously equating Zionism with fascism and Muslim fundamentalism is not only anti-Semitic, but it is extremely and flagrantly so. Duncan comes across as a typical know-nothing Leftist who just echoes the fashionable Guardian reading class without deeper reflection and understanding, without questioning their anti-Semitic cant and polemics passed off as Middle-East reporting. In other words Duncan is guilty of the typical and woeful blind ignorance of our times, most emphatically, but hardly exclusively associated with the far Left, and in the UK it is as bad as anywhere.

Duncan clearly thinks that he comes across as a man who believes sincerely in the principle of non-racism and anti-racism; obviously he has suffered from homophobic prejudice and he has the scars to prove it. Yet because of his superficial, simplistic, self-righteous and false worldview, namely us good decent liberals and friends of the working class vs those reactionary and racist conservatives; Duncan’s muddled and confused thinking is apparent, he wears it on his sleeve. Clueless in extremis.  

Duncan does not look below the surface in regards to the modern day Leftist slogans and mantras he parrots, there is not the tiniest bit of reflection or skepticism from him. Or to put it more honestly, Duncan is an all too shockingly typical British liberal who doesn’t know any better. If Duncan were Jewish, his obscene blunder would be less forgivable. Yet there is the rub… How many of Duncan’s fellow liberals, and genre liberals at that, would see anything wrong with equating Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism, and how many of his fellow genre liberals who happen to be Jewish, would do so? Given the kind of anti-Israel oh so progressive ‘Jewish’ genre folk who he is acquainted with (such as Tidhar and Stross), well they are about as much help as gasoline in putting out a fire.
Equating Zionism with fascism AND Muslim extremism is so extremely perverse and harebrained, that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Or both. Lumping Jewish nationalism, Israel’s very real existence as the sovereign Jewish state (which is what we mean when we talk about Zionism, well those of us who actually know what we are talking about) as the ‘moral equivalent’ of the supreme evil of the twentieth century, namely fascism, and that would encompass Nazism itself – that gave us the second world war, the extermination of six million Jews, millions of others, including gypsies, the handicapped and homosexuals, that took fascist tyranny, torture and terror to the hilt, bloody crimes beyond compare in terms of the efficiency of its cold blooded industrial machine mass murder, crimes beyond words and comprehension, whose effects and consequences continue to send shock waves through our culture, our politics, our philosophies, whose trauma on Jewry alone will resonate forever – is sickening, obscene, moronic and anti-Semitic. In the extreme.

To compound Duncan’s obscenity, turning the trauma of the Jews against them, ‘we are fascists too, at least the Zionists among us, ie the authentic Jews among us’, he adds the fascist evils, brutalities and insanities of Muslim extremism to the mix! That is in the world according to Hal Duncan, the Zionists are not just as bad as the European fascists who exterminated six million Jews and would have exterminated the rest if they could have; but the uh Zionists are just as bad as the Muslim extremists who threaten to do just that, finish off where the Nazis left off, and in Iran’s case at least will soon have the means to do just that! It’s not bad enough that Duncan equates Zionists with the most evil and murderous Jew-haters who have ever lived and almost wiped out the whole of European Jewry, he equates Zionists with their successors, the wannabe mass murderers of millions of more Jews, notably those living in the Zionist entity that is Israel!

When it comes to the succession of pure evil madness to the Nazis in our day and age, it is the Muslim extremists who stick out (well not if you are an anti-Israel liberal but you know…). As with the Nazis what is oh so conspicuous about them is their blood-lustful Jew-hatred. The difference between Muslim extremists and the Nazis, is that the former have been around for more than a millenium. Indeed Muslim extremists have been slaughtering, conquering, raping and pillaging, destroying whole civilizations for more than a millenium. Such carnage includes the slaughter of Jewry, the destruction and burning of whole cities, forced conversions to Islam, oppression of infidels, mass impoverishment, the killings of women and girls, apostates and homosexuals and brutal and universal oppression. It includes the opposition to freedom of inquiry, religious freedom, the scientific spirit, freedom of association and assembly, freedom of speech, of civil rights as a whole. Muslim extremists have slaughtered tens and tens of millions, enslaved even more, Muslim fundamentalists have blighted the lives of countless millions, from Arabia to Africa to Asia and beyond. They have poisoned the minds and destroyed the spirit of tens and tens of millions, those who have not been killed outright, all in the name of Allah. Muslim extremists have killed more than the Nazis. Admittedly the former have had roughly thirteen hundred years to practice and hone such evil, such soul and humanity destroying horrors that they practice with relish and fanaticism; the Third Reich only had twelve years. Yet the latter were defeated, the former are not only still around, they grow stronger, and aside from threatening their own Muslim populations, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, homosexuals, the female gender and even teenagers who just want to have fun, with death, maiming, brutality and oppression, they threaten the Jews with another holocaust and they have the means to do it. It is not only Iran, it is its proxies and allies in the Middle-East. Indeed Muslim extremists have been waging jihad upon jihad on the Jew nation from its very birth, and before. If Israel, i.e. the Zionists did not succeed in repelling Arab invasions and war mongering in ’48 and again in ’67, and ’73, there would be no Israel, and well no Zionism. That’s what a world free of Zionism means, just ask Ahmadinejad or Hamas or Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood. Just ask neo-Nazis.

What do these Muslim extremists, all of them and the Nazis and their neo-Nazi successors have in common, whatever their differences in fascist taste, style, modus operandi and dress? Their anti-Zionism. That is their anti-Semitism, and their murderous anti-Semitism at that. They know exactly what anti-Zionism means, unlike Hal Duncan and the brain-dead Left. Many Nazis and Muslim extremists have literally given their lives, heck their souls, in service to anti-Zionism.    

The crimes of the gas chambers, of Auschwitz, of Treblinka, of Baba Yar, the crimes of the destruction of the Hindu civilization of the Middle-Ages by Muslim warriors, and the destruction of African civilizations and cultures in wave after wave of jihadist attacks, century after century, the Arab Muslim slave trade in Africa, that goes on to this day, the crime of 9-11, of jihadist suicide and terror bombings from Afghanistan, to Iraq, from Egypt to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, from Nigeria to Somalia, the genocide committed by the Sudanese Janjaweed, and sooo much more, horrors and evils that fill whole libraries from the Nazis and Muslim extremists alike; are in the ‘mind’ of Hal Duncan, evils on a par with … Jewish Holocaust survivors and their sons and daughters building lives anew in Israel, on the socialist kibbutzes (a Zionist movement if there was one), building their lives anew in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Nahariya to Be’er Sheva, in the towns, cities, kibbutzes, moshavs and villages in the only country in the Middle-East a homosexual like Duncan could live in, and the only country any self-respecting atheist like Duncan could live in likewise.

And these Zionists, inclusive of Holocaust survivors, their descendents, those who fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe and their children, against the odds, still fighting wave after wave of Arab Muslim terror attacks in the reborn Zionist entity, in which Jewish men, women, and children were routinely butchered, these Jews who farmed the Negev desert, whose socialist Zionist kibbutz movement won widespread acclaim and support from European and American socialists, anarchists and communists themselves, these Zionist are … uh fascists themselves. In the ‘mind’ of Hal Duncan.

Hitler, Himmler, Eichman, the Waffen SS, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Khomeini, Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda and the Zionists Theodore Hertzl, Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, Victor Gollancz and SF writer Robert Silverberg himself, they are all fruit from the same rotten tree. In the ‘mind’ of Hal Duncan that is, I mean if we are going to be logically consistent here.

Here is a very small list of famous Jewish Zionists, and one non-Jewish: i.e. those who believe/ed that Israel has a right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state in which a non-Jewish minority enjoys citizenship and the civil, political and religious rights of its Jewish citizens, as Israel exists today; whatever Israel’s considerable flaws and shortcomings, Jews being human. Yes really that’s what Zionism *actually is*. Just check up ‘Zionism’ in a dictionary and encyclopedia, a scholarly book or two on Jewish history, culture and religion. The Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary included. Or not you duffuses. These Zionists … fascists the lot of them, or having the morality of Muslim fanatics if you prefer. Take your pick. Well apparently.

Albert Einstein: Some scientist dude. Fled Nazi Europe. A Nazi himself. Well a fascist. Apparently.

Theodore Hertzl: This sensitive, tragic and cultured figure, horrified by the anti-Semitism of Europe, knew decades before the rise of the Nazis that this murderous bigotry would never leave Europe. The father of modern Zionism himself would be equivalent to Hitler or Osama Bin Laden in the world according to Hal Duncan. Is his book The Jewish State the moral equivalent of Mein Kampf then? Hey I’m just asking.

Vladimir Jabotinsky: one of the fathers of Zionism, whose pleas to Jewry on the coming Nazi catastrophe largely fell on deaf ears, supported an Israel founded on humanitarian and socialist economic principles. Died broken hearted in 1940. A mad fascist. Well I mean…

Philip Roth: probably the most famous and acclaimed contemporary American Jewish writer. A fascist, well in the mind of Hal Duncan.

Victor Gollancz: Famous British Jewish publisher, started the Gollancz publishing house. Yes the same one that gives us the Gollancz SF Imprint. You know probably the most prestigious science fiction publisher in the UK. It is in fact the SF Imprint that publishes the anti-Israel British liberal author Richard Morgan! Gollancz probably did more to alert the British public to the horrors of the Nazi extermination of Jewry during World War 2 than any other British Jew and any other Brit, with the possible exception of Eleanor Rathbone. Gollancz was appointed governor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was working on a book that was never completed, entitled The Necessity of Zionism. He in fact did publish extensively on Jewish issues. Gollancz is one of the most famous and important Diaspora Jewish Zionists of the twentieth century. So in the world according to Duncan, Gollancz was a rabid fascist.

Paddy Chayefsky: famous American Jewish writer. Wrote Altered States and Network. Fascist scumbag apparently.

Franz Kafka: European writer dude. Died young before he could meet the same fate as one his sisters, at the hands of the Nazis.  Author of The Trial, Metamorphosis and The Castle. Fascist. Apparently. Along with his mate who championed him Max Brod. Just another Jewish Zionist, I mean fascist.

Stanley Kramer: Famous American Jewish filmmaker, one of the greats. Notable films include Judgment at Nuremberg and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. The morality of a Muslim fanatic or a gas chamber guard. Apparently.

Robert Silverberg: one of the giants of science fiction, authored books on everything from Amerindian civilizations and biographies (of Churchill and Niels Bohr no less) to books on natural science topics and a masterpiece of Jewish fiction Dying Inside. Oh yeah some science fiction. Overtly and proudly Zionist. A proud fascist in other words.

Bob Dylan: Folk singer, symbol of the spirit of the hippie rebellion as much as anybody, living or dead. Maybe that’s why the hippie rebellion failed, too many Nazis at the helm.

Martin Luther King Jr: some civil rights leader in America. No better than a Muslim fanatic.

Golda Meir: American born prime minister of Israel, former school teacher, led Israel in its most trying time – the Arab-Israel war of ’73. Yeah you know what she was…

Daniel Cohn-Bendit: Notable German Jewish political activist. One of the student protest leaders in France at the time of the riots of ’68, that led to the fall of the de Gaulle government. Heard the students chanting ‘we are all German Jews now’? That’s an allusion to Cohn-Bendit. He was a fascist even back then. Well…

Marc Chagall: Painter dude. Fled pogroms in Eastern Europe, then had to flee the Nazis. Settled in Paris for the most part. The ethics of a fascist himself. Who knew?

Chaim Weizmann: first president of Israel, famous scientist. Like all the presidents of Israel since, up to and including Shimon Peres, just some fascist.

Peter Falk: American Jewish actor, died recently. Famous for playing the wise-cracking detective Lt Frank Colombo in the TV series of that name, back in the 70s. A fascist. Who knew?

The founders of the kibbutzes of Israel: Fascists. Anybody who has ever worked in those fascist death factories, even foreigners as volunteers, picking grapes, packing apples or changing food trays, cutting carrots and pruning trees,  have contributed to this blight on humanity that is the fascism of the kibbutz and its ideology. They have furthered an evil as great as fascism and Muslim extremism. Just ask Hal Duncan. The kibbutz is central to Zionism, a major artery in the life-blood of Zionism – even the superficial joke that is Wikipedia can tell you that much. Never mind Encyclopedia Britannica, or any Jew with a brain. Note Jews with brains are very rare in the SF genre community.

The list of prominent Jewish statesmen, diplomats, filmmakers, writers, artists, scientists who have been and are Zionists is a very, very long one, it includes any and all who believe Israel has a right to exist, and shock horror the right to defend its existence. It actually includes most Jews within Israel itself, who proudly wave Israeli flags on Independence Day, and who serve in the armed forces. In the world according to Duncan, all these Zionist Jews, whether students, engineers, goth teenagers, scientists, soldiers, waiters, cooks, shopkeepers, kibbutzniks, truck drivers, farmers, musicians, social workers, doctors and accountants, straight or gay, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Ethiopian too – are evil to the core, as bad as the anti-Zionist mullahs in Iran who want to wipe them out, as bad as the anti-Zionist fascists, the Nazis who wiped out millions of their ancestors. In the ‘mind’ of Hal Duncan.

Some famous anti-Zionists:

Adolf Hitler: Austrian leader of Germany during WW2, beloved by millions in Europe and beyond. Still beloved by all too many.

Osama Bin Laden: Saudi terrorist or freedom fighter, depending on how you look at I guess. No not really. Responsible for 9-11 or not if you take some of those 9-11 conspiracy theorists seriously, who overwhelmingly tend to be staunchly anti-Zionist btw. Along with the 9-11 hijackers, famous anti-Zionists themselves.

Saddam Hussein: Former Iraqi president for life. Deposed by the Zionist warmongers.

Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood: Muslim groups for peace on earth, once the Jews are gone since the Jews are war-mongers. Then peace will reign. Well that’s the theory.

Robert Mugabe: president of Zimbabwe

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: president of Iran, loud mouth. Promises to wipe Israel off the map and bring the Zionists to their knees, destroy them utterly. He – unlike Hal Duncan – actually knows what it means to be anti-Zionist and is at least consistent in this respect.

Ayatollah Khomeini: first ayatollah of the restored Islamic Republic of Iran. Said it’s okay to have sex with babies and donkeys. So long as you killed the donkeys post coitus and it wasn’t near a mosque when you uh screwed it. The donkey, not the babies and toddlers I mean. Also you couldn’t eat the meat afterwards, but you could sell the meat for others to eat, like dumb infidels or a neighboring village. Or something like that. Hey it’s been years since I read one of the masterpieces of twentieth century theology, Khomeini’s Little Green Book, so I’m a little rusty on the details. Also called for an endless jihad against the infidels, until the world was ruled by the House of Islam. By the by.

Noam Chomsky: MIT linguist, radical political dissident and greatest intellectual in the known universe. As the Robert Faurisson (notorious Holocaust Denying Frenchman) affair and his support for Hezbollah reveals.

Of course Duncan may well tell us that he doesn’t really mean any of that. Namely that Zionism is the moral and ethical equivalent of fascism and Muslim extremism, as he put it on the NSB forum back in 2005. He didn’t mean any of that. That is he didn’t mean what he meant. Well then what did he mean? I mean given what Zionism actually is, both according to dictionary and encyclopedia definitions (and the doyen of dictionaries – the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary itself) and in terms of the reality of Zionism/Israel in the world today, as messy as that world is, as messy and turbulent as the Middle-East is and its harsh realities. And as genocidally hostile as the world is to Zionism. That is as hostile as it is to Jews.

Of course if the reader has a brain and has gotten this far, he or she will know that the problem here isn’t Zionism – it’s the brain dead anti-Zionist Left, of which Duncan is very much a card carrying member.

It’s worth noting that even the EU recognizes that equating Zionism with fascism is anti-Semitic, and the EU is a hotbed of anti-Semitism, given its partiality to egregiously dishonest anti-Israelism. Yet even the EU, with its cultural European heritage of anti-Semitism, its political anti-Semitism, acknowledges how sinister and prejudicial it is to equate Zionism with fascism. And that says a lot!

The uh outrageously idiotic cant of Duncan’s that I quote in this article  is the kind of horribly ignorant and ironic ‘progressive’ anti-Semitic cant flimsily cloaked in harebrained anti-Israelism that infests the Left like a cancer. Note how Duncan – in that old NSB forum thread – not only doesn’t notice or care to comment on Tambour’s in-your-face Judenhass, he adds fuel to the fire with his woefully and all too typically ignorant anti-Israel/anti-Zionist gibberish, on a thread that is putatively about the globalization protests in Duncan’s Scotland. It is inadvertently revealing of how liberals so easily and freely switch from a feelgood anti-corporate and anti-capitalist sentiment to the Jew nation is just nasty and doesn’t know what’s best for it. That’s cause when um anti-racist gag gag liberals think of crony capitalism, the Jew nation follows in that polluted wake. Hey it’s free association. Don’t you know?

In the final Part 2 of this series, I detail a darkly comical foul-up by Hal Duncan that follows directly in the wake of his equating Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism. Namely one of Duncan’s heroes is the brilliant deceased Jewish iconoclast, the Harvard academic psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg, the father of the ‘moral principles/development scale’. Thing is Kohlberg was a staunch Zionist. This kind of inadvertent black comedy gold is inevitably to be found when you are a know-nothing ‘anti-racist’ *sarc* and anti-Israel liberal progressive; like the typical pseudo-intellectual know-nothing genre writer Hal Duncan, caught up in sinister and mindless liberal groupthink.

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