Liberal Brit genre writer Hal Duncan who equates Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism, reveres the staunch Zionist Jew, the late Lawrence Kohlberg, as a leading light on moral philosophy Part 2

This is the second and final article in my series on liberal Brit genre writer Hal Duncan. In my first article I detailed how Duncan equated Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism, at the old Night Shade Books Discussion Forum back in 2005. I expanded on Duncan’s typical liberal know-it all-know-nothingness, his fashionable pseudo-intellectualism, his de rigueur ignorant anti-Israelism on a forum thread ostensibly having nothing to do with the Jooo… oh I mean Israel. And related.

OK so onward to a further fisking of Hal Duncan’s uh commentary… Duncan will have to look up what fisking means. Doubt he could be bothered.

This final part 2 in my Hal Duncan fisking repeats quite a bit of what I wrote in the previous article, as background to the Lawrence Kohlberg thing, so I apologize for that. I do think it necessary though to explicate again on just why and how anti-Zionism is not only anti-Semitism, it is extreme anti-Semitism at that.

Remember this is what Hal Duncan wrote on an old NSB forum thread, ‘G8 Live8’ back in 2005; on the self-same forum thread in which liberal Aussie genre writer Anna Tambour let us know all about the ‘greedy Jews’, citing an article in this regard from a Muslim extremist website ( and at the same time telling us it’s “milder than it might have been”!

Posted by ‘al duncan’ [yes it’s Hal Duncan – red wolf] on Sunday, July 10, 2005 – 01:00 pm: [Bold in text below is mine – red wolf]

I wonder if the “global tribalism” of radical Islam isn’t just one example of a widespread shift towards internationalism over the 20th Century, resulting from a general loss of faith in the “weak and decadent” rulers — the Kaisers and Sheikhs and Tsars and Shahs (and Presidents and Prime Ministers?) — and the “scheming merchants” whose pockets they’re in. Communism, Fascism, Islamism, Zionism and Christian Fundamentalism all seem to speak the same language — and it was nailed on the head for me, recently, by the words of a Jewish Settler in Gaza. Interviewed on a current affairs programme, he said basically “this is the Zealots against the Hellenes” — i.e. true believers against the corrupt, decadent culture of weak kings with wicked priests and merchant power-brokers behind the scenes.

Sigh. Somebody want to inform Hal Duncan that Muslim extremists and neo-Nazis are anti-Zionist too. Just like the run-of-the-mill progressive liberals. Duncan is oblivious naturally, all too typical. All those thankfully honest anti-Semites from David Duke to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, from the Waffen SS to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, are anti-Zionists. What’s Zionism Duncan? Duncan doesn’t know, he’s just parroting without thought what he reads in the anti-Semitic oh I mean anti-Zionist British left-wing media, the BBC, The Independent and The Guardian included.

Zionism by definition is Jewish nationalism, it is Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state. That’s all, nothing more than that, nothing less than that. Just check any recognized dictionary and encyclopedia. Or do Duncan and his ilk think they can come up with their own harebrained and nonsensical definitions of words as they see fit? Perhaps the anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free/’Comment macht frei’ dictionary (ht James Dellingpole)? Zionism in principle is Israel’s sovereign existence (since 1948). The sovereign Jewish state that is both the ancient Jewish homeland, where Jews have had a presence for more than three thousand years and the refuge for Jews who fled genocidal European Jew-hatred, culminating in the Holocaust of six million Jews, a Holocaust committed by anti-Zionists who came to power in Germany, the National Socialist Workers Party aka the Nazis.

Zionism is the entitlement of Israeli citizenship to Jews around the world, many of whose ancestors are survivors of pogroms and death camps. Many new Israeli citizens are Ethiopian Jews rescued by Israel from extreme indigence and persecution in Ethiopia. Israel’s non-Jewish citizens, Arab Christians, Druze and Muslims among them, have the same rights as its Jewish citizens. They have the right to vote and have elected their own MPs to the Israeli Knesset/Parliament, they enjoy freedom of association, freedom of religious expression and state health care. Israel is the only nation in the Middle-East in which its Christian population is thriving. In the other nations of the Middle-East, Christians have routinely been driven out, persecuted and murdered, their civil rights heavily curtailed and quashed. In Egypt and Syria, Christians are once again being persecuted and are fleeing… In several countries of the Middle-East and Persian Gulf such as Saudi Arabia, churches cannot be built and bibles are banned. Arab Muslims have these civil rights in Israel that Arab Muslims do not give to minorities such as Christians (and formerly Jews) and females for that matter in their own nations. Yet in spite of all this, there is widespread simmering support for the likes of the anti-Zionist Hamas and the anti-Zionist Hezbollah among anti-Zionist and yes anti-Jewish Arab Israelis.

By equating Zionism with fascism, Soviet tyranny and Muslim extremism, Duncan is obliviously equating the fathers of Zionism, such as Theodore Herzl, Max Nordeau, David Gordon Green, Ahad Ha’Am, Chaim Weissman, Vladimir Jabotinsky (the lives of which Duncan and his ilk know less than nothing) – and so many others of course, the fathers of the kibbutz movement no less – with Hitler, the Waffen SS and the entire Nazi death machine bureaucracy, the horror of Stalinism, of Franco’s Spain and al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Muslim jihadists everywhere else, on top of all that!

The kibbutzes, one of the greatest and most admirable triumphs of the twentieth century among any people anywhere (whatever their  shortcomings, being enterprises undertaken by flawed flesh and blood human beings), a murderous fascist tyrannical construct according to Hal Duncan. Remember that many of these kibbutzes were subject to Arab terror attacks – by anti-Zionist Arabs let’s not forget – both before Israel’s independence and after. I wonder if all those foreign volunteers helping out on kibbutzes, especially back in the 1960s and 70s, were aware of how they were furthering hateful fascism!

Of course Duncan would wave his hands and scream, that’s not what he meant at all by Zionism! Clearly not. Yet that is what Duncan is implying with his thoughtless and harebrained clueless drivel. This is what happens when the progressive Left is parasitized by the anti-Zionist complex, a disingenuous and flimsy cover for their anti-Semitism, that doesn’t just weigh them down, it sinks them like a stone.

In other words Duncan doesn’t know what he’s saying. He demonstrates in the pertinent quoted commentary above that he’s simply a caricature of the know-nothing British Leftist fed a diet of ‘progressive’ anti-Semitic lies and rubbish by the BBC, the Guardian and their ilk, and imbibing and parroting it all. Like a zombie.

Now with that repetition out of the way, let me get to the nitty-gritty of this article…

Hal Duncan has acclaimed the late Lawrence Kohlberg, a pioneer in psychology and sociology, as an ethical/moral philosopher of the highest rank. Kohlberg’s fame rests primarily on the eponymously named theory of the stages of moral development.

Also here

Here are a few places where Hal Duncan makes clear his admiration and esteem for the moral scale of Kohlberg’s:

And even this other Night Shade Books Discussion Forum thread!

Lawrence Kohlberg (b 1927) whose professional career was at Harvard and the University of Chicago, was an American Jew. He committed suicide by drowning in 1987 (at least it is believed that he did), after a long and debilitating illness.

Clearly Kohlberg is one of Duncan’s heroes. Understandably so. Kohlberg is a man that Duncan – and myself – greatly admires in a world overflowing with charlatans, frauds and thugs. Kohlberg was an iconoclast in the best sense of the word, a man possessing rare insight into the human condition and man’s propensity for self-delusion, brutality and cruelty, all committed in the name of a coercive morality, righteousness and truth. And Kohlberg wasn’t just talk, all hot air. He was all about action too, doing something to counter the destructive and damaging conditioning of the child.

Sigh. Kohlberg was a proud Jewish Zionist.

This is not disputed at all. Kohlberg was impressed by the Zionist kibbutzes when he spent time in Israel. Based in part on this experience, he was motivated to start up a radical education model when he returned to the States. This was his ‘just community approach’ in which organizations are – or supposed to be – fully democratic.

I quote from this resource:

Kohlberg helped several schools adopt this approach in which every student and staff member has an equal voice, and an equal vote, in every school decision. One decision at the Cluster School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, allowed students to leave school early if there was no elective course they wanted to attend. Elsa Wasserman, a Cluster School counselor, reported that the students felt a rare sense of commitment to the school and to fellow students due to the just community approach.

Kohlberg’s Zionism is easily verified by several knowledgeable and scholarly sources. Catherine Walsh’s The Life and Legacy of Lawrence Kohlberg is just one such resource.

So according to the ‘logic’ of Hal Duncan, Kohlberg’s moral principle scale is a guiding light for humanity amidst a world of lies, brutality and injustice, even though Kohlberg himself was an evil and insanely bloodlustful and genocidally hateful bigot, being a Zionist. So if we are going to be logically consistent – in the world according to Hal Duncan – Kohlberg’s moral scale is actually just the opposite of what it professes to be, and what Duncan professes it to be! The Kohlberg moral scale is not so much a moral scale as is it is an extremely immoral one, a fascist scale of immorality, extreme brutality, a scale conducive to genocide and ineffable cruelty and delusion, murderous bigotry and out-and-out oppression and insanity. Or is Duncan going to pretend that a bigoted and delusional thug, the fascist that is Lawrence Kohlberg – being a staunch Zionist he can only be such a type – can elucidate and make his name professing an authentic moral system of thought, action and philosophy? Of course Duncan’s typically clueless liberal progressive pseudo-intellectual rant makes such a doublethink contradiction and prat-fall par for the course.

Now Hal Duncan is a gay man. He is very upfront on this, and male homosexuality and homophobic bigotry are foremost concerns in Duncan’s fiction and elsewhere. What is the only nation of the near two dozen in the Middle-East that a gay man can live in without fear and with his civil rights intact (civil gay partnerships are recognized in Israel. There is no civil marriage in Israel per se, not even among heterosexual couples; and gays serve in the military without a fuss)? That’s right, Israel, the Zionist state, not the anti-Zionist nations of Egypt, Libya, Syria, UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia etc. And certainly not the anti-Zionist Hamas ruled Gaza. I have had a fair bit to say on the hypocrisy of the anti-Israel LGBT Left at this blog. Here and here notably. That’s not only because of the hypocrisy of liberal genre folk who are the staunchest proponents (along with Muslim fanatics themselves) of the thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’ – a religious culture in which murderous homophobia is rampant; it’s also because they are routinely and predictably anti-Israel. Of course in the case of feminist lesbians/bisexuals it’s doubly hypocritical, given that oppressive and brutal misogyny is the norm in the Middle-East, with the exception of Israel.

Hal Duncan is also an atheist. Yet what country is the only one in the Middle-East that guarantees civil and secular rights, including the rights of atheists to believe what they want and live accordingly? Yes Israel. Even in gasp Jerusalem. In fact a heavily secular city like Tel Aviv is the only one in the Middle-East a gay atheist could even want to live in.

The Left’s Judenhass has if anything only intensified since 2005, that is since Duncan spouted his harebrained blather at the old Night Shade Books Forum, on the self-same forum thread in which Anna Tambour, his fellow genre liberal writer put up a link approvingly to a Muslim extremist website giving evidence of the ‘greed of the Jews’, an article that was “milder than it might have been” no less! Since 2005, as Israel effectively surrendered Gaza to Hamas, with the resulting rocket and mortar attacks on Israel only intensifying, even resulting in war in 2008/9, the Judenhass of the Western Left has only gotten worse or at least more nakedly visible. Now with Egypt under control of the Muslim Brotherhood, thanks to the perversely misnamed ‘Arab Spring’ that Western liberals (and genre liberals including nemeses of mine such as Nick Mamatas and Paul Graham Raven notably enough) likewise gave their support to, the Sinai is in chaos, and terrorist threats there grow weekly. This only further exacerbates the threats to Israel (that’s threats to life and limb) from Hamas ruled Gaza, never mind Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt. Never mind the disgraceful and disturbing Obama administrations’ non-response and appeasement to Iran and its nuclear weaponization program.

Clearly the Western Left support political strategies that seriously harm and threaten to harm not only the Jews of Israel, but other non-Muslim minorities in the Middle-East and uh women, girls, homosexuals. All the while wholesale mass murder, terror, peonage, brutal oppression, dispossession, tyranny, graft and the extreme indigence and gross injustices that are its rotten fruits, from Latin America to Africa and Asia are largely unremarked upon. The question is why do the Left – and the Obama administration included – care more for where the Jews are building homes, than pervasive  cruelties, oppression, mass murder, graft and tyranny from the Americas to Asia and Africa? Why do the Left froth at the mouth about Jewish building plans in places where Jews have had a presence on and off for centuries, for millenia! and yet support ‘Arab revolutions’ that empower Muslim fanatics? The questions answer themselves.

Now I could be very generous, although it’s certainly not warranted, and remark that Duncan doesn’t come across as viciously anti-Semitic, unlike many of his fellow anti-Zionist liberals and indisputably anti-Semitic genre Leftists, such as China Mieville, Iain Banks, Kathryn Cramer, Ken MacLeod and of course Anna Tambour! Characters like Nick Mamatas, Paul Graham Raven and Richard K Morgan, well they should not be let off the hook… Hardly. And what of SF’s Court Jews? From Charles Stross, Cory Doctorow, Felix Gilman, Rose Fox, Laura Anne Gilman, Scott Edelman, Nir Yaniv to Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar (and others); their animus against this Jewish blogger, exposing sooo much indisputable anti-Semitism in the genre community, speaks volumes. To those who are not deaf nor blind.

*Perhaps* with Duncan – to repeat myself a little – it is more a frightening but hardly atypical group think cluelessness that is shockingly de rigueur among Leftists (and British Tories for that matter aren’t much better, if at all). In other words, one could argue that Duncan’s nonsense is rooted more in know-nothing mindlessness (well clearly) than malice. It is no less chilling for all that. And I am being excessively charitable to Duncan here. He certainly doesn’t deserve it.

That ‘G8 Live8’ thread from the old Night Shade Books forum (and I have written three articles at this blog on Night Shade Books big cheese Jeremy Lassen, none of it flattering), what with Tambour’s Judenhass on display and Duncan’s prat-fall (remember the bête noire on that thread is conservative genre fan Stephen Francis Murphy especially) is really chilling; albeit hardly out of step with run-of-the-mill Leftist commentary on the Jew among the nations. The fact that the offensive and asinine commentary from both Tambour and to a lesser degree Duncan meant less than nothing to the likes of the numerous genre pros commenting there, including Jeff VanderMeer who had no problem screeching contempt Elizabeth Moon’s way re the whole Islam ‘Citizenship’ post of the latter’s at Lavie Tidhar’s blog, is itself very telling.

How is it not?

I hadn’t seen up to that time, such extreme and horrible Jew-baiting among the genre community, as was on display at the then popular – and now defunct – genre public forum at Night Shade Books‘ home on the web where writers, editors and fans shot the breeze. Of course it was all to be surpassed by this breezy Holocaust Revisionism from genre pros and SF fandom giving the former their support, at the now defunct Asimov’s Magazine Discussion Forum! And the liberal SF genre community (pros and fandom alike) have less than nothing to say about that. At best.

In closing, and related to the Holocaust and Holocaust Denialism, remember those who committed the Holocaust and those who deny it, the Nazis and neo-Nazis and others respectively were and are anti-Zionist. Those seeking to commit another Holocaust of Jewry, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, the forked tongue Muslim Brotherhood (that the Obama administration is snuggling up to), the Iranian regime and Ahmadinejad himself are likewise anti-Zionist. As are the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Ahmadinejad routinely boasts of his promise to wipe the Zionists out.

Gettit? Ahmadinejad does. That is unlike Hal Duncan, Ahmadinejad knows exactly what anti-Zionism means. He has given his life to the cause.

Clearly it is too difficult for ‘progressive’ liberals like Hal Duncan and his ilk, within and without the genre community, to see the obvious.

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