The British genre Left and their reliance and admiration for the rabidly anti-Semitic The Guardian newspaper

I have featured several articles on the odious politics of British genre liberals. And there is so much I have left out, from so many! Their utter cluelessness, whitewashing and apologetics of Muslim extremism and its corollary; their harebrained views of Israel, ranging from wincing ignorance to ugly prejudice. This is hardly surprising given this worldview is de rigueur and actively promoted by the anti-Semitic British liberal media, the BBC, The Independent and The Guardian most notably. The British genre Left merely reflect on the British liberal “intelligentsia” as a whole.

Also it’s important to stress that the tail does not wag the dog; the BBC, The Guardian are telling their viewers and readers what they want to hear. Also the (Manchester based) Guardian is naturally not just popular with the British Left, but the American, Canadian, Australasian Left too. After all we live in a global village now. All the worse for the Western Left as a whole.

I am not going to bother hunting down every British genre Leftist giving unambiguous recommendation to reading The Guardian. Unless my critics are going to be very disingenuous (and if they are, let them so be), it is a given that the British liberal intellectual takes the worldview, op-eds and reportage of the likes of The Guardian seriously. That’s The Guardian’s readership. Of course some take the Guardian more seriously than others, and there will always be some disagreements with some of its content, views and op-eds, and to differing degrees by its readership. Of course. However as a whole this paper defines the British Left and what and how the latter ‘think’ of political and economic affairs in general, the Middle-East included. The British genre Left (i.e. science fiction and imaginative writers and editors) identifies proudly and openly with the British liberal intellectual weltenschauung. Naturally.

So in order to appreciate the world-view, the lies and ignorance on the Israel-Arab Muslim conflict swallowed and regurgitated as holy writ (oh irony) by the British genre Leftists I criticize at this blog, to differing degrees of course (such as Mieville, Iain Banks, Richard K Morgan, Ken MacLeod, Paul Graham Raven, Charles Stross, Michael Cobley, the British based Israeli Lavie Tidhar and Hal Duncan); one needs to appreciate The Guardian’s role in the forefront of selling the sinister ideology of moral and cultural relativism, Western self-loathing, apologetics for Muslim extremism and anti-Semitism as Middle-East reporting and analyses. Anna Tambour the indisputably and viciously anti-Semitic Aussie liberal ‘Jewish’ writer (check out my four articles on her) is a big fan of The Guardian, having routinely cited its Middle-East misreporting to justify her dishonest and ugly anti-Israelism.

As with British genre liberal writer Richard K Morgan’s ‘morally constructive hero’, Hezbollah supporter, Australian journalist John Pilger, The Guardian is horribly and deeply anti-Semitic. Its decades’ long propaganda war against the Jews could fill a thick encyclopedia. Easily. Not only has The Guardian endorsed the most harebrained anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, it has been foremost in selling some of the most damning libels and lies against the Jew among the nations, over the last few decades.

The Guardian has a sordid record of oblivious associations, endorsements and propagandizing for Islamists in the Middle-East and beyond.

The Guardian’s legacy of whitewashing Islamist terror throughout the world, the Middle-East included and that means the jihadist terror directed against the Jews, is as persistent as it is obscene. It has done worse than a mere denial and whitewashing of terrorism against the Jew among the nations, it – as is the wont of Jew-hating Leftists – routinely justified, excused, rationalized and even romanticized such terror.

A very small selection of the Guardian‘s long list of extreme Jew-hate slanders features below.

CIF Watch is the website that does more to disseminate and expose the Guardian’s Jew-hatred than any other online resource, that is inclusive of the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog and the Guardian itself. Their archives can fill a book, easily.
Comment is Free or ‘Comment macht frei’ as journalist James Delingpole tellingly puts it, tolerates everything from Holocaust Denialism to anti-Semitic conspiracy guff.

The Guardian had no problem selling the fabricated footage of Mohmmaed al-Dura as evidence of Israel brutality, along with much of the world’s media of course.

The Guardian accused Israel/the IDF of a massacre of Palestinian civilians that never happpened in 2002, the so-called massacre in Jenin.

Alan Rusbridger, the Guardian editor would equate the Jenin massacre that never was, as an atrocity equivalent to the 9-11 terrorist attacks. On the actual thousands of Muslim jihadist terrorist atrocities directed against Muslims, Jewry, Hindus and Christians in the twenty-first century, well none of this earns such a comparison from the editor of the Guardian. It is simply swept aside when not excused and justified of course. It’s just the Jew among the nations whose evil via a crime that was never committed, is equated to the 9-11 attackers by the Guardian.

From link above (bold is mine):

After all, this is the newspaper which gave us the lies about the Jenin “massacre” (but see also here and how subsequently the Guardian “almost-but-not-quite” retracted its libel) as well as the abhorrent obituary for Nizar Rayyan, Hamas suicide bomber recruiter. It is also the newspaper which regularly invites Islamist terrorists and their supporters to write for Comment is Free.

If this shocks the reader, and I realise the anti-Israel Leftist could care less, you are out of touch…

Here is the uh correspondent Azzam Tamimi’s profile at The Guardian. Tamimi has written several featured articles for The Guardian, and is an unapologetic supporter and an admirer of Hamas in its conflict with Israel. Just read his Guardian articles if you doubt this.

Another low point – well there are soooo many with the Guardian is with the harebrained apologetics and wishy-washy sympathy for Hamas terrorist masterminds, the sheiks Ahmed Yassin and Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi. Both terrorists were killed by the IDF in March and April 2004 respectively, and the barbs and contempt directed Israel’s way in passing from the Guardian simply shows up the Jew hatred of this rag in all its um obscene glory. That is the Guardian’s implicit support for Hamas’s jihadist terror against the Jews is clear-cut. 

It wasn’t and isn’t only the Guardian of course, the other British Leftist media (such as the Observer), even the political establishment and much of the international media gushed over Yassin especially, condemning the Jews for daring to kill a Hamas mastermind jihadist.

Seamus Milne, The Guardian‘s senior political editor sees the Jew among the nations – along with the US and the UK – as the preeminent villain in world affairs. Not you know the Sudan, North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, the DRC, Zimbabwe, Iran, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, HAMAS in Gaza etc. This is beyond a double standard. Milne wallows and revels in an obscene demonization of the Jew among the nations. It is quite simply the quintessence of modern-day extreme Leftist Jew hatred.
As Adam Levick writes at the link (where you can view the video of Milne’s um performance, entitled ‘What is Imperialism?’):

What happens when you bring together Guardian Associate Editor, Seumas Milne, Hamas supporter Tariq Ali, and all-purpose anti-Israel activist (and recent CiF columnist) Jody McIntyre – with a video introduction by anti-Semitic hip hop artist, and 9/11 truther, Lowkey – at an event called “What is Imperialism?”

You catch a glimpse into the Guardian’s world view.

Red Wolf – Of course the more than twelve thousand rockets and mortars launched from Gaza by the Guardian’s fellow anti-Zionists Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists and other terror groups (such as PRC) since 2002 against Israel is just one big yawn to The Guardian. It’s far worse than that in fact, but I can’t write a book here.

To give just one recent example, self-same Seamus Milne tweets (March 2012) his contempt for Israel for daring to kill Gaza Muslim extremist terrorists and their jihadist masterminds, who were launching rocket strikes into Israel, targeting Jewish civilians for death. Milne neglects to mention who the dead are, as he neglects to mention the barrage of over a hundred rockets targeting Jewish civilians for death and maiming that necessitated the Israeli air strikes on the jihadist rocket crews and their commanders in the first place. The thing is his Tweet receives praise and endorsement from ‘Tweet4Syria’ which itself runs interference and propaganda for the Syrian Assad regime that is murdering its own people in the thousands. Milne has no problem with this and tweets his appreciation to ‘Tweet4Syria’.

In fact The Guardian‘s anti-Semitism is so bad and in-your-face that The Guardian‘s Reader’s Editor Chris Eliot admits the paper has a problem with anti-Semitism (not that they are doing anything about it. Hardly).

As Tom Gross writes:

The Guardian made an unusual admission this week. In a piece titled “On averting accusations of anti-Semitism,” the paper’s Readers’ Editor, Chris Elliott, acknowledged (or at least partly acknowledged) that The Guardian had a problem with anti-Semitism.

The paper likes to think of itself as a bastion of liberalism, fairness and anti-racism, and most Guardian staff would probably acknowledge that anti-Semitism is one of, if not the, most deadly forms of racism in history.

“Guardian reporters, writers and editors must be more vigilant about the language they use when writing about Jews or Israel,” wrote Elliott.

He added that Guardian writers should have avoided “references [this year] to Israel/US ‘global domination’ and the term ‘slavish’ to describe the US relationship with Israel; and, in an article on a lost tribe of Mallorcan Jews, what I regarded as a gratuitous reference to ‘the island’s wealthier families’.”

However, Elliot added, “I don’t believe their appearance in The Guardian was the result of deliberate acts of anti-Semitism: they were inadvertent.”

I worked with Elliot in another context earlier this year and found him to be a fair-minded editor. But, being very much a “Guardian man,” he may not fully realise that the examples he cites in his piece are only the tip of the iceberg. The coverage of Israel in The Guardian and other British and European newspapers is all too often tinged with anti-Semitism.

Perhaps more damaging than the overt examples of The Guardian’s anti-Semitism that Elliot provides, is the paper’s long track record of being at or near the forefront of efforts to demonize the Jewish state: its decades’ long policy of greatly exaggerating any wrongdoing by Israel while ignoring, downplaying or even romanticizing attacks on her.

It ran a front page article, for instance, describing Yasser Arafat (known to many as the “father of international airline terrorism”) as “cuddly” and “erotic,” adding that “the stubble on his cheeks was silky not prickly. It smelt of Johnson’s Baby Powder” (Nov. 12, 2004).

The paper’s deputy editor Katharine Viner (best-known for co-writing the propaganda play “My Name Is Rachel Corrie,” and twice named as British Newspaper Magazine Editor of the Year), wrote in The Guardian about Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled, who hijacked and then blew up TWA Flight 840:

“The gun held in fragile hands, the shiny hair wrapped in a keffiah, the delicate Audrey Hepburn face refusing to meet your eye.”

I don’t think the families of Khaled’s many victims would have compared her to Audrey Hepburn.

When The Guardian does report on anti-Semitism, it often “balances” this with coverage that is highly insensitive to Jews. For example, when marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, The Guardian published a lead editorial, titled “Holocaust Memorial Day: Eternal memory” with an accompanying commentary by former Oxford University professor Terry Eagleton, in which he justified suicide bombing “in Israel” and likened suicide bombers to their victims. (Unsurprisingly, the piece was reprinted the following day in the Saudi paper Arab News and appeared on radical Moslem websites.)

Taken singly these examples may not denote anti-Semitism, but collectively they amount to a pattern that comes close to doing so.

Indeed it is not surprising that, with its skewered, often inflammatory reporting on Israel, The Guardian has become the paper of choice not just for liberals, but for anti-Semites to leave comments at the foot of articles on its website.

Red Wolf – The Guardian has been apologizing for and worse, romanticizing the jihad against the Jews for so long (as Gross points out), that when homegrown British jihadists carried out the London tube and bus bombings in 2005, The Guardian romanticizes and justifies it too! The Guardian‘s trainee journalist, it turns out a Muslim extremist Dilpazier Aslam, was exposed as a supporter of the Muslim radical group Hisb Al Tabir. Aslam wrote an article describing how “sassy” the jihadist bombers were. This was only exposed by blogger Scott Burgess, ultimately leading to Dilapzier Aslam’s resignation.

Left-wing British writer Norm Geras, in a talk on The British Left and anti-Semitism earlier this year (on a panel ‘Antisemitism and the Left, from Karl Marx to the Present Day’ at a conference in New York), remarked:

I will take as my example of this the Guardian newspaper today. This once great paper of British liberalism now provides space on its opinion pages for the spokesmen of Hamas, the contents of its programmatic charter notwithstanding; provides space on its letters page for philosophers justifying the murder of Jews; and provides space on its website for people who deploy well-known anti-Semitic themes even while professing that they have nothing whatever against Jews.

Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us that British genre Leftists (and the British Left as a whole and even large swaths of the Western Left) read such a rag with clear approbation and even reverence. I mean what is The Guardian saying that many British (and North American and Australian genre radical Leftists) aren’t? What differences there are, are simply of degree and arguably style and presentation, certainly not of substance. No British (or North American) genre liberal has given his out-and-out or explicit support for the jihad against the Jews or America of course; even as their numerous sources and ‘heroes’ and truth tellers to power (such as Pilger, Chomsky and The Guardian) have done so.

Isn’t that something?

In closing, summing up and with a little repetition: The Guardian is the rag of the “intellectual” British Left (socialists, communists and liberals alike, whatever their differences). This begs the question – what does that tell us about the British Left and even the Western Left as a whole? The Guardian is a rag held in high esteem by the socialists and liberals in the British imaginative and speculative fiction scene. Spelling it out – The Guardian is a horribly anti-Semitic rag beloved by many genre (and non-genre) liberals in the UK and beyond.

It’s clearly why China Mieville’s extreme anti-Semitism means less than nothing to any of them. Au contraire the political zeitgeist is inadvertently revealed by the likes of SF critic and academic Paul Graham Raven who was sure to allude via a tweet my way (after most articles in my series on Mieville had been published online) that Mieville, among others, is good political company to keep. And what of Raven’s harebrained and obscene tweeted remark on my Holocaust Revisionism series (same link), a tweet that got a thumbs up from the ‘Jewish’ Charles Stross no less?

So it goes. So it goes.


UPDATE: I write above  that ‘No British (or North American) genre liberal has given his out-and-out or explicit support for the jihad against the Jews or America of course; even as their numerous sources and ‘heroes’ and truth tellers to power (such as Pilger, Chomsky and The Guardian) have done so.’

Isn’t that something?’

Clearly I err here, and if anything downplay the vicious Jew hatred of genre Leftists. Mieville himself (by calling Mavi Marmara jihadists “peace activists” and frothing about their deaths at the hands of Israeli commandos, acting in self-defense) and Farah Mendlesohn’s signing a petition in explicit support of HAMAS, demonstrate their out-and-out support for the Jihad against the Jews. And they are not alone of course.

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