Liberal genre writer Jim C Hines says calling me an idiot is an understatement, in Twitter conversation with Laura Anne Gilman. A reply to Hines and Gilman

Jim C Hines, a best-selling American genre writer had something to say about the Season of the Red Wolf on his Twitter feed, without letting those out of the loop (or is that the loup? grooan) know just who is referring to. Hines appears to write a lot of YA fiction, such as his Goblin books (well I assume it’s YA, I may be wrong) and he has won the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future  Award back in 1998.

These series of tweets are all from June 2012, so quite a while back now.

Here are the Twitter remarks of Jewish genre writer Laura Anne Gilman (that Hines responds to), tweeting for desperate support from her mates. Gilman is clearly flustered.

14 Jun Laura Anne Gilman  @LAGilman

Apparently, I have been tagged elsewhere online as being an anti-Semite. I find this… well, proof that people are idiots.

14 Jun Laura Anne Gilman @LAGilman

I often disagree with the current government of Israel, and likewise certain of my Orthodox kin, but that =/= anti-Semite, world. Sheesh.

Well Laura Anne it depends on the criticism. Criticized Hamas recently (how many rockets and mortars launched from Gaza in 2012 alone, targeting Jewish civilians for death?), Fatah? Uh Iran? The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?

14 Jun Laura Anne Gilman  @LAGilman

@ColleenLindsay Yeah, I can’t take it terribly seriously, I admit.

Like I can’t take your political opinions seriously, I admit. Both of you.  Incidentally Lindsay is a hotshot literary agent, with the Penguin Group (USA).

14 Jun Laura Anne Gilman Laura  @LAGilman

@bellinghman often, and publicly. And during family gatherings, where it can get quite heated… (we split about 70/30)

And here is Hines’s tweet, totally destroying any and all arguments I have ever made at this blog, and ever will make. Uh then again maybe not.

14 Jun Jim C. Hines Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines

@LAGilman If it’s the site I’m thinking about, idiot is an understatement.

Gilman in reply to Hines

14 Jun Laura Anne Gilman Laura Anne Gilman ?@LAGilman

@jimchines different site, but probably off that source.

Hey I have no idea. Gilman again.

14 Jun Laura Anne Gilman Laura Anne Gilman ?@LAGilman

@jimchines I suspect incredulous laughter isn’t the response hoped for… but that’s all they’re getting.

Really flustered hey Laura Anne? Now why is that?

Firstly as Gilman relates, it wasn’t me. If Hines had bothered to check my blog, instead of making lazy speculative assertions, he would have discovered that in short order. Yes he is certainly referring to my blog. I haven’t ever actually called Laura Anne Gilman an anti-Semite at this blog. She is certainly very naive, shielded in her New York bubble. A caricature of the American Jewish liberal who clearly doesn’t question anything coming from the liberal media too much, if at all, even the far Left media and far left political protest groups and the like. (such as The Nation, Think Progress, The Daily Kos and Occupy Wall Street whose news & views she has routinely endorsed) And the mainstream media (including The NY Times), never mind the far Left media and far Left political commentators are drowning in anti-Semitism, even vicious Judenhass, passed off as Middle-East reporting and analysis.

Gilman once reported on the OWS rallies for the Daily Kos (as I have mentioned at this blog before). The Daily Kos is horribly anti-Semitic. Gilman doesn’t have a clue. Clearly not. And she doesn’t want to know. I very much doubt she clicked on those links evidencing The Daily Kos‘s  vicious Jew-hatred when I put them up the first time round, and who would bet on her clicking on them now? And what of the anti-Semitism that permeates the OWS crowd, and the support and endorsement OWS has gotten from the American Nazi Party?

If Gilman doesn’t want people tagging her as an anti-Semite, she should do more to distance herself from left-wing anti-Semitic folk, media and action groups, instead of the exact opposite. She should also start becoming familiar with the actual facts on the Middle-East she’s not going to read about in The NY Times or worse (if that’s possible), The Nation, the Daily Kos and other far Left media drenched in anti-Semitic dross. Yet Gilman clearly doesn’t want to know. If Gilman doesn’t want to be tagged as an anti-Semite, it doesn’t help to pour scorn and launch evidence-free lame personal attacks on the blogger who is exposing – in detail – considerable levels of anti-Semitism in the professional genre community. Very real and rabid anti-Semites don’t like my blog neither Laura Anne. I guess the obvious didn’t occur to you, nor its implications.

I don’t want to be rude to Gentiles here, but Laura Anne thinks that pathetically begging for support and sympathy (via Twitter) that she knows she is going to get Pavlov-style from people whose whole cultural heritage is suffused with anti-Semitism and whose left-wing political ideology is tainted by the ‘new’ anti-Semitism especially, is simply more of Gilman’s self-deception which is naturally reinforced to her. Frankly with notable exceptions, it’s not for Gentiles to decide what is and what is not anti-Semitic, just like it’s not for people  of non-African or Hispanic heritage to pontificate too much on what is or is not racist re these minority groups.

When I write an article asking you Gilman whether you and Nir Yaniv consider China Mieville to be anti-Semitic in light of my series on him, and whether you will have a go at asking the questions I ask of the harshly anti-Israel Nick Mamatas over here (see the end of the article), that he has run away from; and your response (that I predicted) via a Twitter conversation with Lavie ‘the Palestinians have become the true Jews’ Tidhar (a big mate of Mamatas’s) is that I’m crazy, well you are not doing yourself any favours. When in a hole, don’t dig deeper, unless you really want to bury yourself. OMG Laura Anne that’s not a death threat! It’s figurative. Really.

Of course you gave your thumbs up via Twitter to Tidhar’s slanderous blog posting on myself, even though you got the same e-mail – gee talk about mindless groupthink, hypnotized by the pied piper Lavie – and that means you implicitly gave your endorsement to Tidhar’s line here too, “This person has been blogging increasingly rabid, if incoherent, posts about China Mieville and Nick Mamatas…“. All this of course – a real low point – came after this Twitter conversation with Hines.

So you do sink deeper (as does Tidhar of course) into the bog than I initially pointed out here, when I wrote:

So to my query that I asked in the pertinent article (the one where apparently I reveal just how loco I am):

Here is the crunch question though – maybe you can let us know if you consider Mieville anti-Semitic or not, Laura Anne Gilman?

We get our answer from Laura Anne Gilman!

Ain’t that great?

The answer of course is that Gilman is just going to slink away and not answer the question. Her lame evidence-free sniping directed my way (‘I’m nuts’) is the equivalent of slinking away and NOT answering the question.

Well at least she didn’t give the wrong answer! That’s a relief. I mean for your sake Gilman.

End of pasted excerpt – Red Wolf.

Well, that was then! Since then, it’s inadvertently perhaps – and implicitly – been the wrong answer re Mieville, but definitely the wrong answer slips out.

You imply agreement Laura Anne with Lavie Tidhar that my series on Mieville (never mind my articles on Mamatas and his numerous extremely anti-Semitic associations and blunders) is “increasingly rabid, if incoherent…”. So you do take that leap into the abyss, metaphorically speaking Laura Anne. So did those other Court Jews, Rose Fox and Scott Edelman (also tweeting in support of Tidhar, and thus implying agreement with him on my Mieville and Mamatas articles as “increasingly rabid, if incoherent”). Then again Edelman has already said he would take the side of that anti-Semite Mieville any day over mine.

My eleven article series on Mieville beginning here and ending here documents the indisputable and persistently vicious anti-Semitism of Mieville: Mieville’s repeated and persistent support for the anti-Semitic BDS campaign against Israel and no other nation on earth it would appear, his predicating that on – among other dubious slanders – his lie on the Mavi Marmara incident, Mieville’s echoing of the discredited Hamas initiated propaganda on the Gaza Beach incident, Mieville’s campaigning and support for one of the most anti-Semitic radical left-wing political parties in the English language world, the British SWP/Respect, a party notorious for its alliance and support of Muslim radicalism, and other anti-Semitic slurs of Mieville’s that I document (the open letter to Ian McEwan, the ugly slurs upon the release of Gilad Shalit) with mountains of evidence. And I mean tons of evidence. To Tidhar, and the likes of L A Gilman, Rose Fox and Scott Edelman patting Tidhar on the back, my series in this regard exposing Mieville’s intense and relentless anti-Semitism, is “increasingly rabid, if incoherent”.

OK now on to Jim Hines…

It’s not surprising that I’ve come in for a lame personal attack from Hines. Hines is buddy buddy with plenty of the folk I have mocked and criticized at this blog, Scalzi, Valente, Stross, Buckell and L A Gilman among them. I have actually mocked Hines at this blog for his jumping on the bandwagon persecution of Elizabeth Moon re ‘Islamophobia’ and her Islam themed ‘Citizenship’ blog posting, and its significant fall-out including her disinvite from WisCon 2010.

In fact Hines went as far as writing a sanctimonious open letter to Elizabeth Moon at his blog. A lot of self-righteous blather. Certainly Moon can be criticized, I see her remarks as condescending and have even called them feckless in the past (which if anything was overly critical of her). Yet Hines, like the rest of the genre Thought Police goes further than that, and clearly perceives ‘Islamophobia’ as an authentic prejudice and Moon’s concerns as mere reactionary bigotry and fever-brained hysteria. The reality of widespread and deep-rooted Muslim extremism in the American Muslim community (a community which is growing fast as it is in the rest of the Western world) is just swept aside by Hines and those like-mindless. The unpleasant reality that native Europeans face in the midst of a rapidly burgeoning Muslim populations in European cities such as Paris, Lyons, Leeds, London, Berlin, Malmö and others, a growing Muslim population who remain hostile to Western values (and Jews for that matter) doesn’t mean a thing to Hines. Yes plenty of these Muslims in the West are genuinely moderate, not all are extremists. Yet the ugly reality of the rising levels of rape (which is a major preoccupation apparently with Hines), gang violence, violent homophobia and attacks on Jews from rapidly growing Muslim populations in Paris, Oslo and Malmö alone makes for horrific reading. What of the rampant Muslim extremism in Dearborn, Michigan? (Hines lives in Michigan) Whatever. Or worse from the Thought Police – it’s all lies and exaggeration cooked up by the neocons and Christian evangelicals. This is all clearly off the radar to Hines and co. Hear no evil, see no evil.

Hines even follows up his open letter to Moon, with another blog posting, ‘Moon vs Wiscon Follow-up’. It has 401 comments to it!

Prior to the E Moon affair, Hines had plenty to say on the William Sanders Helix Islam/Islamism themed affair and the Transcriptase website set up in response to Sanders’s alleged bigotry. A post entitled ‘Transcriptase’, from July 2008.

Certainly Sanders can be criticized here, the use of the term ‘sheet-head’ makes me wince and is certainly feckless, and could easily be interpreted as racist; albeit Sanders insisted he was referring to Muslim extremists (not moderates) and his meaning misconstrued by his critics. Well that’s what he says. There is more to this affair of course. I have alluded to it briefly likewise in my first genre Thought Police article from April 2011.

Yet it is important not to overlook the fact that there is a hysterical knee-jerk defense of Islam (which is inherently reactionary and ‘right-wing’) and a whitewashing and apologetics of very real Muslim extremism by its progressive Western liberal allies that is indicative of both a willful ignorance and something more sinister. That is given the inherent extremism and bigotry (inclusive of misogyny and anti-Semitism) in both Sunni and Shi’ite Islam, and the militaristic expansionism intrinsic to Islam, easily evidenced by mainstream Muslim dogma and Muslim history. The PC knee-jerk defense made of Islam/Islamism by the useful idiots on the Western Left (and many conservatives from George W Bush to the UK’s David Cameron) in thrall to moral and cultural relativism and often enough partial to new anti-Semitism, is surely one of the strangest political marriages in history. Let me be clear – millions of Muslims are genuinely moderate, yet Islam is intrinsically extremist. And yes I know all about the Sufis, even having read Idries Shah’s book on this subject. On the other hand, the Sufis are also guilty of a lot of fanaticism, inclusive of out-and-out support for violent Jihad (in the present day likewise), so a mixed bag…

On the subject of ‘Islamophobia’ and its sinister invention/fabrication as an authentic prejudice, I have commented on this before.

In one of my articles in response to Dybbuk Press‘s Tim Lieder, a Nick Mamatas suck-up who dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism as trumped-up nonsense and an embarrassment to myself (yes really and he ain’t the only one!); I point out the facts on ‘Islamophobia’ that the PC thought police don’t want to know about. In fact ‘Islamophobia’ is simply a relatively recently fabricated thoughtcrime, fabricated by Muslim extremists themselves in America, the Islamist pretend moderates CAIR (founded by Muslim Brotherhood members and exposed as supportive of Islamic supremacism, jihad and Sharia law) has pushed it and even helped to create this thoughtcrime in the first place! And they have done so in order to stifle and silence their critics as racists. They have been sadly very successful in this regard, as liberal progressives (giving new meaning and depth to the term ‘useful idiot’) have been running cover for these Islamists in this respect. The liberal SF genre community is a case in point.

So it’s beyond the comprehension of Hines that he is doing the spade work for Muslim extremists and that includes extremists masquerading as moderates, by running to the defense of a religious culture he knows less than nothing about. And he does this repeatedly. ‘Islamophobia’ is thus a trumped up thoughtcrime invented and sold as such by Muslim extremists themselves and one thing that really sticks out about Muslim extremists – along with their misogyny and homophobia – is their Jew-hatred.

The fact that ‘Islamophobia’ is a thoughtcrime also heavily pushed by the Jew-hating radical Left and even anti-Semitic mainstream Left, the useful idiots of Islamism, doesn’t occur to Hines. Or perhaps he just doesn’t care. That includes the anti-Semitic left-wing media from around the Western world, from the BBC and The Guardian to counterpunch and The Nation. It includes anti-Semitic (that is anti-Jewish) NGOs, church officials (notably in the Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Quaker and Methodist churches) and anti-Semitic government bureaucrats and officials from the EU and North America to the UN.

Of course none of this troubles Hines and co in the slightest. It didn’t even occur to him, and it won’t trouble him now neither, even after I point it all out. Who wouldn’t bet on him denying the Jew-hatred of the BBC, EU bureaucrats and their counterparts in the US, and what of the UN? Look at how SF’s Court Jews – such as Tidhar, Edelman, L A Gilman and Rose Fox – clearly deny that China Mieville is anti-Semitic in the slightest, shooting the messenger, the Red Wolf instead. The Jew-hater China Mieville pushes the ‘Islamophobia’ thoughtcrime in a big way. So does that other hardcore Jew-hating genre liberal, the ‘Jewish’ Aussie writer Anna Tambour.

Just within the genre community, several of those pushing ‘Islamophobia’ as a thoughtcrime, those who have condemned Elizabeth Moon in the same holier-than-thou sanctimonious language of Jim Hines, routinely flirt with the most outrageous and dishonest anti-Israelism (which is anti-Semitic in principle) or at best they turn a blind eye to ‘new’ anti-Semitism among their genre colleagues and peers. Yet they have no problem speaking out against Moon, who isn’t even guilty of bigotry.

After all who among the genre community who condemned Moon had anything public to say about the now deceased James P Hogan *when* he outed himself as a Holocaust Denier at his blog (twice) and the second time was several months prior to the whole Elizabeth Moon affair? None of them – not the Jew-hater Mieville, not Jeff VanderMeer who condemned Moon in the harshest language, not K Tempest Bradford, Warren Ellis, Ian McDonald, Liz Williams, Will Shetterly, Chesya Burke, N K Jemisin,  not Nick Mamatas and plenty others. Not the horribly anti-Israel Lavie Tidhar nor his fellow progressive ‘Jews’, Abigail Nussbaum and Farah Mendlesohn (who all harshly criticized Moon).

And not Jim C Hines. Where was your open letter Jim Hines to James P Hogan when he proudly outed himself as a Holocaust Revisionist? Twice.

Here is my reply to writer Chesya Burke (and tweeters Jason Sanford, Tidhar and others) disputing my contention on Hogan and the deafening silence in this regard from the self-same genre folk who got their panties all twisted over Moon’s remarks and William Sanders’s and Dan Simmons’s before her. Burke inadvertently proved my point for me.

Where is your open letter Hines to Tangent editor Dave Truesdale, who outed himself as a Holocaust Revisionist upon Hogan’s passing, revealed at my blog and only my blog? Why the deafening silence in this regard, from all you genre folk who had no problem shouting to the rooftops re Moon and Sanders?

Do you think calling the blogger exposing Holocaust Denialism among genre pros – and how the latter were all defended by genre fandom at the Asimov’s Magazine Discussion Forum – worse than an idiot, counting in your favor Hines? Where is your open letter to China Mieville and Kathryn Cramer taking them to task for their blatant and brazen Judenhass, as revealed in my detailed series on them? Or do you beg to differ on Mieville and Cramer, not seeing them as anti-Semitic at all? In which case can you let us know? Tidhar has made it very clear he doesn’t see Mieville as having even a tiny  speck of anti-Semitism in his bones, and this in response to my series on Mieville.

Yet Hines blogs on the Elizabeth Moon affair at least twice and on Sanders and the Transcriptase affair likewise back in 2008. On the Jew-hatred among his genre peers across the political spectrum – it’s the sounds of silence from Hines. And his fellow Thought Police (and worse than that of course).

This is why I don’t take you and your fellow Thought Police seriously Jim C Hines. Hines doesn’t understand that insulting somebody by calling them worse than an idiot is the easiest thing in the world. Where’s the beef? Why don’t you give us the article, quote  something I have written, that is proof positive of myself being imbecilic beyond mere idiocy. Spouting pathetic and lame personal attacks on a Twitter feed, where your followers and friends ‘think’ just like you, means never having to explain yourself and give some accountability. Your self-deception is reinforced and mirrored back to you by an echo-chamber. Ditto Laura Anne Gilman.

Projection Hines Projection.

Well Hines at least you are making use of the StopZionConIslamophobeBloggers Twitter software that I – in a spirit of generosity – developed for my critics. Glad to see that it isn’t going to waste!

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