Updated 2015 A reply to Adam-Troy Castro’s sincere commentary on my article: The huge and heated fall-out to the Genevieve Valentine/René Walling Readercon alleged sexual harrasment incident in contrast to the deafening silence, denials and worse in response to vicious anti-Semitism from genre pros

There was this commentary by American Jewish genre writer Adam-Troy Castro at the webnews.sff.net board, in reply to this recent article of mine. [Update 2015 These webnews sff threads are no longer accessible, that is those from pre-2013 or 2014, at Castro’s corner at least. I do not know the reasons why. So Castro’s and crew’s commentary is no longer viewable. The pertinent 2015 update though is further down and relates to the Truesdale petition and Susan Shwartz,  and related]

This article has been edited for corrections on 21st October. I mistakenly remarked that Castro didn’t address Truesdale in this original article when of course he did so. I have rewritten that part to correct my original error. I apologize to Castro for my sloppy error. 

Castro appears to have taken this article personally, when I wasn’t actually criticizing him at all. I just mentioned that along with Robert Redick and Liz Williams, he was commenting at Genevieve Valentine’s blog re the whole Readercon alleged sexual harassment incident. That’s all. My article is just a generalization, namely the deafening silence to anti-Semitism from genre pros in comparison to other controversies, scandals and the like in the genre community. If you are one of those who got your panties in a twist over Elizabeth Moon’s remarks re her Islam themed ‘Citizenship’ posting back in 2010 (and similar ‘Islamophobe’ affairs in the genre community), but had nothing *public* to say about the huge stinking pile of anti-Semitic dross out there (such as Hogan’s Holocaust Denial) among the SF pro community, then I guess it would be personal. But Castro is not so guilty, so why take it so personally?

Actually Adam-Troy Castro misunderstands the article he is replying to, at least to a degree. For those who are so interested, Castro’s commentary on my relevant article (and I appreciate his bringing it to wider attention) is at the link above.

I did go to the effort above of providing links to the articles re the genre characters I’m talking about and accuse of anti-Semitism, in the very article Castro was responding to. I provide all the evidence for their anti-Semitism at the links. What is it in my China Mieville series (eleven detailed articles) that isn’t true? How many times have I alluded to Mieville’s campaigning for a harshly anti-Semitic (not just anti-Israel) party, the SWP/Respect? I have provided plenty of evidence for this party’s horrible Jew-hatred, their support for Muslim radicals in the Middle-East and beyond, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, their support for BDS against Israel, their blaming a Jewish conspiracy for the Anglo/US invasion of Iraq etc. The Respect coalition was the umbrella party co-founded by George Galloway. If you don’t know anything about this Scotsman, well I provide all the evidence for this guy’s hardcore Jew-hatred at my blog. Galloway openly and proudly raised money for HAMAS for crying out loud. This (and way more) is just in my first two Mieville articles from December 2011! Mieville supports BDS against Israel, that’s viciously anti-Semitic. He refuses to have his books translated into Hebrew (I wrote in the relevant article that I hadn’t confirmed this probably true rumor. That it was just ‘alleged’. But since then I have discovered that it is true. I just never updated that article. Israeli SF publishing circles can confirm this. It is apparently well-known in said circles. Check with them if you don’t believe me), that’s anti-Semitic. Horribly so.

What is it about the mountains of evidence I provide for Mieville’s going along with the big lies on the Mavi Marmara incident and the Gaza Beach incident that isn’t true? LYING ABOUT ISRAEL AND GOING ALONG WITH LYING MUSLIM EXTREMIST/JIHADIST PROPAGANDA IN THIS RESPECT IS ANTI-SEMITIC. Mieville does both in regards to the Mavi Marmara and the Gaza Beach affair. I provide soooo much evidence for this, with extensive, detailed and scholarly links re these two incidents. There is plenty more disingenuous ‘new’ anti-Semitic spew from Mieville, all evidenced  at this blog.

Iain Banks likewise supports BDS against Israel and didn’t want his books made available for the Israeli market. I provided all the evidence for this in my series on Banks. It’s indisputable. So Banks is an anti-Semite. Yes I have mentioned all this before. All the evidence for the anti-Semitism of Mieville and Banks is there in linked articles, within the very article that Castro is responding to. So yes I am repeating myself. Again and again. I know.

Yet none of these cold hard facts re Banks and Mieville are actually addressed by Castro – when they are the very beef in the sandwich. So to speak.

What is it about my Kathryn Cramer articles that is so difficult to get? Cramer doesn’t accept Israel’s right to exist unlike every other nation on earth, blames Palestinian terrorism on Israel i.e. the Jews and relies on a notorious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Dennis Raimondo for ‘truth telling’ on the Jew among the nations. I give all the evidence for this. That makes her harshly anti-Semitic, at least three times over. What is it about the Michael Teague affair and Cory Doctorow running cover for Cramer in this regard, that is anything less than disgraceful and worth at least some notice and attention? Did Castro even read those articles, and the ones on Mieville and Banks, and any others? (other than the one he’s responding to in other words) Certainly Castro acknowledges none of this re Cramer. That is he does not address or tackle the actual ugly issues that I bring up at this blog. He just doesn’t tackle them head-on. They are just not specifically mentioned at all by Castro. Not the actual ugly facts re Cramer, not Mieville, not Banks, not MacLeod, not Tambour, not any of the other odious blather wrt the other genre pros that I write about at this blog neither. In other words, nothing that this blog actually covers…

There is one rather ridiculous comment by somebody (not Castro) in the comments (in response to Castro’s commentary), that mentions Doctorow and Stross are atheists, and it is implied they cannot then be considered Jewish. So it’s wrong of me to speak of them as Jewish. Nonsense. Stross and Doctorow both identify themselves as Jewish, even if only Jewish in background or culturally Jewish. As they self-identify as Jews (I remember reading somewhere that both of them pointed out to Robert Silverberg that they were Jewish, at some Con somewhere), it is fair to call them Jews, even if they are only Court Jews. Being Jewish has long transcended its religious roots and religious dimension.

Castro’s central objection to my article is simply the usual stale straw man fallacy: ‘criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic’. No matter how many times you debunk this lame straw man by pointing out that anti-Semitic criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic, that is LYING about Israel is anti-Semitic, DOUBLE STANDARDS re Israel and every other nation on earth is anti-Semitic and DEMONISATION of the only country in the Middle-East any of these anti-Israel liberals could possibly live in (gentile or Jewish) is anti-Semitic; there is the knee-jerk reply – as if on automatic pilot – criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic.

I preempted all of this naive (in Castro’s case) at best and obtuse, even very disingenuous mantra at worst, in my very first blog posting from April 2011 (it’s also the same article that is my ‘What this Blog is About’ page). I have continued to do so, time and time again. In fact I do an extensive debunking of this straw man in my reply to liberal anti-Israel UK genre writer Michael Cobley.

Castro writes that he demands citations re the accusations I make. Um I provided them, you just need to follow the links… I give the links to the relevant original blog articles, forum commentary, interviews and other articles wrt to Mieville, Cramer, Banks, MacLeod, Tambour, Truesdale, Duncan etc.

Moving on from Castro, but addressing a comment by uh Jewish liberal genre writer Chuck Rothman that really STICKS OUT. Here we go again, it is really quite incredible. It’s like a surreal nightmare co-authored by William Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson and Lewis Carroll. The Alice in David Dukevilleland nightmare goes on…

This blather from Chuck Rothman really takes the cake. It’s as bad as it gets… It’s so bad and harebrained (somebody let me out of this asylum) that it gets a forthcoming article all to itself. Rothman joins his fellow ‘Jews’ Mark Pontin and Tim Lieder in the outermost zone of obscene imbecility.

Rothman makes it clear that he doesn’t see conservative Tangent editor Dave Truesdale as a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist despite all the unambiguous evidence I present at my blog in this respect. Plenty of evidence and commentary in this regard. 13 articles in this respect (going beyond Truesdale as well of course, that series is not just about Truesdale). According to Rothman, I’m wrong, I’m blowing smoke, I’m just frothing at the mouth. Truesdale ain’t a Holocaust Revisionist in Rothman’s eyes. Oh man oh man oh man. I am rendered almost speechless.

Go ahead and take a gander at Rothman’s comment, those of you compos mentis (and familiar with my series on Holocaust Revisionism in the genre community). It’s not funny you know, but I can only laugh, because you pass a point…

Like I say, it gets a forthcoming article all to itself, so I will save a reply to Rothman therein.

That reminds me, getting back to Castro’s commentary, it’s easy to miss something staring us all in the face…

Amidst letting me and others know that of course he (Castro that is) has a problem with real anti-Semitism and implies that he would not hesitate to speak out against it in the genre community (if he found it there, and it’s a case of unambiguous anti-Semitism); Castro does NOT actually condemn Truesdale for his Holocaust Revisionism (although to his credit he acknowledges my series in this respect, saying he will look into it…). Remember Castro links to the very article to which he is commenting on; the very article in which I mention Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism (and provide a link) and the deafening silence in this regard from Jewish (and Gentile) genre pros!

Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism/Revisionism is itself denied by Chuck Rothman at the self-same webnews.sff.net board thread!! And nobody takes Rothman to task here. It’s unbelieeeeeeeeeevable. Except it’s all for real. Nobody else mentions Truesdale, it just isn’t brought up. I appreciate Castro’s sincere and earnest commentary, acknowledging the relevant article of mine and in a serious manner. That’s been very rare. Yet his general criticisms are misplaced, they miss the mark.

So Castro makes sure to let us know that he was horrified by Hogan’s Holocaust Denial and spoke out against it, something I was actually aware of. To repeat myself – I never criticized him at all in this respect, Castro misunderstood me. I was scathing in my criticism of other genre folk who got all hot and bothered over Elizabeth Moon and other ‘Islamophobic’ incidents and yet had nothing to say about Hogan during his lifetime, and even after he died. I no more criticize Castro in this respect than I do Robert Redick or David Edelman.

Yet Castro, when can we expect your condemnation of conservative Tangent editor Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism now that it has been brought to your attention? After all you are responding to the article in which I mention Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, (and I provide all the evidence in this respect, and then some) in bold text no less!! And I do it again in this very article, in bold text again. And what of the uh Jewish writer Chuck Rothman’s obscene comment on the self-same webnews.sff.net thread – responding to Adam-Troy Castro’s commentary on my article – denying Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist?!! OMG that means Castro or any other Jewish genre personality would have to call out Rothman, and take him to task.

Gallows humor here.

In fact much (not all by a long-shot) of that webnews.sff.net thread (that I allude to here) re-emphasizes the very title of the article Castro is responding to. NAMELY DEAFENING SILENCE, DENIALS AND WORSE (look at Rothman’s uh commentary on Truesdale for fuck’s sake) IN RESPONSE TO VICIOUS ANTI-SEMITISM (whether the new or old-fashioned kind) FROM GENRE PROS. Castro hasn’t truly gotten to grips with anything that I allude to above (even though he is sincere and serious, he has yet to actually condemn any genre personality of anti-Semitism by name. I’m talking aside from Hogan here). I repeat – aside from Castro – where is the condemnation of Truesdale for his Holocaust Revisionism?!!? Well there is Chuck Rothman’s comment denying that Truesdale is a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist!

Further down the rabbit hole we go…

Where do we draw the line with anti-Semitism, only at Holocaust Denialism? I think not. We need to draw the line where it is – at anti-Semitism plain and simple. However that would mean, Oh My God… practically calling soooo many genre folk out. It would mean digging beneath the surface and opening up a whole can of worms. You wanna talk about taboos?

And Castro does not condemn Mieville (by name), even though I provide links to my eleven article series evidencing all his vicious Judenhass (and I mention some of it briefly, right up above. AGAIN) in the pertinent article that Castro is replying to! Never mind the indisputable and transparent anti-Semitism of Cramer, Banks, MacLeod, Tambour for crying out loud. Castro does not acknowledge them in his response, not by name; not the considerable *actual evidence/ugly facts* I bring to bear regarding my charging these genre personalities with anti-Semitic prejudice. However he does acknowledge them indirectly, and doesn’t dismiss my charges at all, but takes them seriously. That’s a change of pace… And I appreciate it. Thank you Adam-Troy Castro.

Thanks to Steven Silver and especially Susan Shwartz in the comments, they at least acknowledge to a degree what I actually get to grips with in my blogging. That’s something!

[Update 2015

I think it appropriate to mention Silver’s and Shwartz’s commentary, especially in light of the fact that these web news bulletin threads are no longer accessible, that is those pre-2013 threads are no longer accessible as I mention at the beginning of this article. I was actually being too kind to both Silver and Shwartz, but at that point in time – when I wrote up this original article – I was willing to praise anything coming from genre Jewry that was not replete with Jewish self-loathing! Silver just remarked that China Mieville was definitely anti-Zionist. That’s all he wrote up. Well yeah sure, and plants photosynthesize. Mieville’s anti-Semitism is so off-the-charts and unhinged that  he is exhibit A for the case that anti-Zionism is not just anti-Semitism, but extreme and vicious anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism of the worst kind. Shwartz just remarked that she didn’t care for PC ‘Palestinian Chic’ (her choice of words) and that Mieville had no right to be an “Arabist”. Well OK. Well said. And yet note how she cannot call Mieville an anti-Semite/Jew-hater (she didn’t). We just have the euphemism “Arabist”.  Can you smell the fear of even non-self-hating Jews? So Very Scared to call out Jew-hating genre personalities for what they are, can’t call a spade a spade here. Sheeesh.

However Shwartz would then go on to sign the Dave Truesdale petition (Jan/Feb 2014), that’s a year and three/four months after all this went down at Adam-Troy Castro’s webnews board. That’s a year and a quarter after Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism was brought to the attention of Castro’s colleagues and readership at his place on the web (to repeat the point: my blog is mentioned, and the René Walling article at my blog specifically, where I mention Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism, and present the easy to come by evidence via a link to that Truesdale series of mine). One of those genre peers of Castro’s is Shwartz, otherwise I would not have alluded to her commentary in this original article in the first place. There are not two Susan Shwartzs’ in the SF genre community. Only one. So why did she sign the Truesdale petition? Did she forget about my accusations of Holocaust Denialism against Truesdale? Did she just forget about all this? Is her memory going? Did she just not bother with reading up any of those Truesdale articles at my blog? Does she like Rothman, not regard Truesdale as a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist, despite all the evidence I present for this obscene bigotry of Dave T’s? Or did she think it less important than the Thought Police behaviour of genre folk re the Resnick and Malzberg witch-hunt? And the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Even if that ‘enemy of my enemy’ is a Holocaust Fucking Denier!?!

Did nobody at Castro’s corner of the web, including Castro himself, not warn any of the genre Jews who signed the Truesdale petition of the fact that there are accusations that Truesdale is a Holocaust Denier, and people can check for themselves and make up their own minds, by going to the source – the Red Wolf blogger? Did nobody at Castro’s corner of the web have an inkling about the Truesdale petition until after it all went public? What really can Shwartz say? Chuck Rothman would go on to sign the Truesdale petition as well, and see what I have to say about Rothman and Truesdale here; but Rothman just flat out denied that Truesdale was a Holocaust Denier, so that’s that. There are a lot of uncomfortable questions to ask of genre Jewry here (re the Truesdale petition), not just Shwartz (Rothman is just plain retarded and yeah a self-hating Jew, so he’s a lost cause). Naturally nobody but myself is asking these questions. And this is in 2015 mind you. See the Dave Truesdale petition article itself for the 2015 update, for how odious and obscenely offensive it all remains. That article has to be read to be believed. Everybody comes off badly here, the liberal genre Thought Police who despise Truesdale, and those who signed the petition. And they all still come off very badly as of 2015, and counting.

End of 2015 Update]

I would also like to thank Castro once again for at least shining a light on this taboo topic (by acknowledging my blog here, in a serious manner); and yes it is taboo, that is even the vaguest recognition of contemporary disingenuous anti-Semitism. Castro is also earnest, and I appreciate it. I do think Castro misunderstood myself somewhat (addressed above), and has not truly recognized the ugly reality of contemporary liberal anti-Semitism (in and out of the genre community) and its disguises. That is not intended to be condescending at all, yet I do feel liberal Jewry is frankly out of touch in many ways. There is a big problem of DENIAL among liberal Jewry, to the changing face of anti-Semitism in the West. The changing face that paradoxically is no change at all.

Many, many liberal Jews actually swallow wholesale the ugly dishonest propaganda about Israel, portraying it as a bullying behemoth (plenty liberal Jews even vocally promote these ugly lies, pathetically ingratiating themselves with anti-Semitic liberals who pretend they ain’t anti-Semitic). The terrifying reality is that Israel faces probably its darkest hour, it faces the very real risk of its destruction, of another Holocaust. This isn’t even on the radar to liberal American Jewry. Harvard psychiatrist Ken Levin speaks of an Oslo Syndrome. As Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post put it, many American Jews are simply unreachable, living in a parallel universe.

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