UPDATED Liberal Jewish genre writer Chuck Rothman disputes the fact that Tangent editor Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, inspite of my extensive series evidencing all this. A reply to Rothman’s & Truesdale’s responses to this article

Scroll down for the update (23rd October), where I reply to Rothman and Truesdale, both of them actually having the gall to respond to this article! Not that it’s really surprising at all. There is a further update from 2015, at the bottom, where I add a few pertinent things I shouldn’t have left out in the original article.

This article can only be appreciated by first reading the previously published article of mine here. That article has been edited, corrected for some errors (updated 21st October), for which I apologize to Adam-Troy Castro. That previous article is necessary background to this article. Namely I was addressing Adam-Troy Castro’s thoughtful commentary (for a change!) on the webnews.sff.net board, wrt my article ‘The huge and heated fall-out to the Genevieve Valentine/René Walling Readercon alleged sexual harrasment incident in contrast to the deafening silence, denials and worse in response to vicious anti-Semitism from genre pros’.

Chuck Rothman is a liberal Jewish NY based genre writer and shocka he attacks and dismisses the blogger exposing considerable and vicious anti-Semitism in the pro genre community, something I have done persistently and in detail. Strange Horizons informs us that Rothman “lives in Schenectady… and works as Webmaster at Siena College and as treasurer of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America”.

I wrote in that article – the first linked one above where I replied to Adam-Troy Castro – the following (and I repeat it here because it’s relevant to this article):

Moving on from Castro, but addressing a comment by uh Jewish liberal genre writer Chuck Rothman that really STICKS OUT. Here we go again, it is really quite incredible. It’s like a surreal nightmare co-authored by William Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson and Lewis Carroll. The Alice in David Dukevilleland nightmare goes on…

This blather from Chuck Rothman really takes the cake. It’s as bad as it gets… It’s so bad and harebrained (somebody let me out of this asylum) that it gets a forthcoming article all to itself. Rothman joins his fellow ‘Jews’ Mark Pontin and Tim Lieder in the outermost zone of obscene imbecility.

Rothman makes it clear that he doesn’t see conservative Tangent editor Dave Truesdale as a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist despite all the unambiguous evidence I present at my blog in this respect. Plenty of evidence and commentary in this regard. 13 articles in this respect (going beyond Truesdale as well of course, that series is not just about Truesdale). According to Rothman, I’m wrong, I’m blowing smoke, I’m just frothing at the mouth, Truesdale ain’t no Holocaust Revisionist in Rothman’s eyes. Oh man oh man oh man. I am rendered almost speechless.

Go ahead and take a gander at Rothman’s comment, those of you compos mentis (and familiar with my series on Holocaust Revisionism in the genre community). It’s not funny you know, but I can only laugh, because you pass a point…

Like I say, it gets a forthcoming article all to itself, so I will save a reply to Rothman therein.

End of pasted excerpt.

Well here is that article!

Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist. All the evidence is there, I present if anything even extraneous evidence for this in my heavily detailed thirteen article series on Truesdale (and others too). I am not going to repeat any of that here, for crying out loud. There are thirteen articles on it at my blog, running from April to May 2011. If you seek, ye shall find.

So Rothman is on record as denying/disputing that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, in allusion to my blog series on the latter, where I present all the evidence for Truesdale’s indisputable Holocaust Revisionism. Welcome to the club Rothman, you join the likes of Mark Pontin and Tim Lieder there, surpassing even the likes of Felix Gilman, Paul Graham Raven, Charles Stross and Nick Mamatas (Mamatas’s timing in dismissing my blog out of hand) re their obscene foul-ups wrt my series on Holocaust Revisionism.

Anybody else want to join Rothman and Dybbuk Press‘s Tim Lieder in this department, denying Truesdale the Holocaust Revisionist is actually a Holocaust Revisionist?


Yes I write the above in caps lock, for Rothman’s benefit (and those who ‘think’ just like him). Scarily I doubt it makes much of a difference…

Here is Rothman’s harebrained commentary (in blue text) and my replies:

I’ve been reading through it. I’ve known Dave Truesdale for quite some time and have worked with him (though not face-to-face) on both Tangent and the SFWA Bulletin. Politics never came up, though from his Facebook postings, it’s clear that Dave is rather right wing in his politics. However, he seems to work just fine with me even though I’m Jewish, and I’ve never seen anything resembling antisemitism from him.

Neither had I until he outed himself as a Holocaust Revisionist. Why would he have a problem working with you, Rothman? Anti-Semitic prejudice runs so deep with certain folk, that they are not even conscious of it. How many anti-Semitic Leftists who pretend they ain’t, have a problem working with Jews? How many anti-Semitic far Left Jews have a problem working with uh themselves?!

From reading and rereading the post that started the entire rant, it seems to me that Dave is saying that he was unaware of Hogan’s political views (which, IIRC, he did not constantly spout) and was trying to clarify what he knew about what Hogan believed from reading about it online. He raises a point, but I also get the impression that he was quoting from a few Internet sources and his point seems to be that Hogan was not denying it happened, but that there were some details about the story that have been missed.

You would think I was writing blog articles up in Hungarian or Aramaic. I am NOT REPEATING HERE ALL THAT IS IN MY THIRTEEN ARTICLE SERIES ON HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM, revolving in the main around Truesdale. It’s all there in those articles. I give all the evidence (to anybody who is not mentally subnormal) for Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism. And then some. The introduction has links to all the other articles in that series, with descriptions of each chapter in self-same introduction. That includes the necessary ‘smoking gun’ Postscript Part A.

Notable chapters are:

Part 2 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s true colours on the Holocaust ‘debate’ come shining through at the Asimov’s Forum

Part 3 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s incoherent ramblings at the Asimov’s Forum on the ‘legitimacy’ of Holocaust Revisionism ’debate’

Part 4 – Further commentary on Truesdale’s postings & the Asimov’s Forum

Part 7  – Truesdale nails the lid shut on his own coffin

Part 8 – Truesdale and gang Summing Up

Postscript Part A:
The entire unedited ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread at the Asimov’s Forum. Includes deleted comments. From late July 2010.

Yet even though I have made the effort of making that series easy to navigate, it makes no difference to the simpleton Rothman.

So I don’t see any smoking gun. Dave was not speaking for himself as much as he was trying to explain Hogan. He could have been wrong, but that doesn’t mean he’s an antisemite or holocaust denier.

He doesn’t see any smoking gun!! The smoking gun is over here, it’s linked to in the introduction of that series. It’s in Postcript Part A. It’s in the chapters 2, 3 and 4 (links above) you dumb-dumb Rothman.

I note, though, that the blogger has post subjects like:

“Sir Victor Gollancz, famous socialist and Zionist Jewish publisher, the name behind the most prestigious British Science Fiction Imprint. What would he make of the pervasiveness of liberal anti-Zionism and its psychopathology today?”

Yes and?? Oh clearly to the typical Jewish liberal Rothman, he has no problem with the pervasiveness of liberal anti-Zionism. It’s not remotely anti-Semitic in his eyes. I guess this article (revolving around genre writer Hal Duncan), where I address the fact that anti-Zionism is simply a flimsy disguise for anti-Semitism, in some detail, will mean less than nothing to Rothman. As will the fact that I point out in that article that these oh so progressive liberal anti-Zionists share their anti-Zionism with neo-Nazis and Muslim extremists. That’s not a red flag to Rothman and his ilk.

The fact that these liberal anti-Zionists’ screeching on Israel is often enough indistinguishable from that of more honest anti-Semites… it doesn’t mean a thing to Rothman. Then again why would it? Rothman doesn’t recognize Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, even though I give mountains of evidence in this regard. So the widespread dishonest slur of Israel as an apartheid state, the numerous lies on Israel (see my Mieville series for one, where I get to grips with just some of them) and the whitewashing of Islamist tyranny and terror directed Israel’s way (and the way of others) and the apologetics for that self-same Islamist terror, support for BDS against Israel, and more in that vein (like the endorsement of the dishonest, sinister Goldstone Report on the Gaza War), from so many liberal anti-Zionists; well it all don’t mean a thing to the likes of Rothman. The fact that these liberal anti-Zionists quack and waddle like anti-Semites is water off a duck’s back in Rothman’s case (and genre Court Jewry as a whole).

The fact that the Jewish liberal Chuck Rothman clearly implies an out of hand dismissal of the charge that liberal anti-Zionism is a pathetic cover for anti-Semitism; whilst at the same time, practically in the same figurative breath, denies that that the transparent and unambiguous Holocaust Revisionism of Truesdale’s is anything of the sort!! – this is simply the proof in the pudding.

Wow Rothman you couldn’t have proved my point (on liberal anti-Zionism and its brain-deadness and sinisterness) for me in a more clear-cut way, not if you were a double agent for the nefarious Zionists, not if you were a sock puppet I was employing for that exact purpose. As I made mention of to self-hating Jew, notable genre fan Mark Pontin in this same regard.

It’s actually quite unbelievable. And yet it isn’t. Stranger than science fiction and more frightening than any Stephen King or Peter Straub horror novel.

It seems like the author of the blog sees antisemitism everywhere he turns. And, since he seems start frothing at the mouth at anyone who dares criticize him, I suppose he’ll be charging me with it, too.

Well since you deny a Holocaust Revisionist is a Holocaust Revisionist, despite all the evidence I present in this regard, you appear to be going out of your way to justify such an assessment.

Pathetic and lame ad hominems from Rothman directed my way. No substance to any of your charges Rothman. As if the Holocaust Revisionist Truesdale is not a Holocaust Revisionist. Oh wait to Rothman he isn’t. I don’t present any smoking gun apparently. So if the Holocaust Revisionism of Truesdale’s don’t mean a thing to Rothman, and it doesn’t, it’s simply a case of: what Holocaust Revisionism/Denialism? – then the anti-Semitism of the likes of Mieville, MacLeod, Tambour, Mamatas, Cramer and Banks will mean less than nothing to Rothman. And it clearly does mean less than nothing to the likes of Rothman (I doubt he even bothered reading a single article on any of them). The considerable evidence for their vicious anti-Semitism that I present at my blog  – which Rothman doesn’t even pretend to acknowledge – is just frothing at the mouth and seeing anti-Semitism where it ain’t.

Yeah anti-Semites say the same thing.

Maybe Rothman just doesn’t want to lose his gig at Tangent (that linked review is only from last month), and considering Truesdale is the big cheese, the head honcho over there… Well how could a Jew keep up such a gig in such an awkward case, unless he denied the obvious and ugly facts in this respect? Clearly this is a factor. Yet given Rothman’s odious commentary on my blog in toto quoted above, such cognitive dissonance revolving around his reviewing for Tangent is not the sole factor at work. Unfortunately not.

UPDATED 23rd October

A predictable response from Rothman at the webnews.sff.net board! Read it if you dare. [Update – this link, along with all the others from Castro’s bulletin board are no longer available. All posts pre-2013 are no longer available there. Don’t know the reason why…] He’s sticking to his guns, no matter what [Since the link is no longer available, let me just point out briefly that Rothman just remarked how I had written up an article scathingly ridiculing Rothman, and how right he was to see it coming. As if that somehow refutes the point that he defended a Holocaust Revisionist as innocent of all charges]. Talk about black comedy. Rothman doesn’t have a problem advertizing his embarrassing and obscene foul-up at Adam-Troy Castro’s web bulletin board, because he doesn’t think there is anything to be embarrassed about.

And a response from Truesdale himself, the first and only public response he has made to my thirteen article series on Holocaust Revisionism in the genre community. And that went online in April and May last year!

I paste it below (in sea green text) because it is um priceless. I mean it’s not funny but what can I say here really?:

I’d like to go on record and state that in no way, by any conceivable stretch of the imagination, am I an anti-semite. This Red Wolf guy is a filthy liar, a smear merchant, and the best thing to do is ignore him.

He almost got thrown out of the Asimov’s forum a few years ago when he began his rants, and accusing everyone who didn’t believe 100% the way he did of being anti-semitic. He’s a totally looney tune and I deeply resent being smeared with the anti-semite label. Couldn’t be further from the truth.


Yes I was indeed almost kicked off the Asimov’s Forum by Asimov’s admin, for you know speaking out against Holocaust Revisionism and calling a spade a spade here! Just check that Postscript Part A, where I republish that whole flame-war thread from the Asimov’s Forum (back in 2010) in which Truesdale uh outed himself as seeing nothing wrong with the late James P Hogan’s views on the Holocaust. He wasn’t the only one neither… . That whole flame-war thread has to be read to be believed.

No Dave, of course you ain’t anti-Semitic. Hogan himself insisted he wasn’t anti-Semitic neither. No Dave you are just a Holocaust Revisionist, other than that there ain’t an anti-Semitic bone in your body. Notice how Dave T can’t be bothered to mention James P Hogan, and the Holocaust in his reply; as if that has nothing to do with anything! It’s interesting that Truesdale’s reply to me (and even Rothman’s) resembles so much the lame ad hominem responses I have gotten from others re my other blog articles. Of course my other critics (including SF’s Court Jewry) are not Holocaust Revisionists, it’s just that their fever-brained ‘critiques’ of my person and blog are of the same standard and style as Rothman’s and Truesdale’s.

UPDATED 2015 Just want to point out something else, though I do mention it later in my ‘Zombie Chronicles’ article from 2014, that gives an overview of this blog’s history. Namely the ‘Jewish’ Steven Silver – founder of Argent fanzine and responsible it would appear in a big way for the SF Site – and so a fairly big player in US genre circles, quickly changed the subject. He started a new thread over at the SF webnews bulletin boards (where this all went down), attacking a Republican politician for saying something dumb. Castro and crew quickly jumped on the escape raft that Silver provided for them, and joined in the self-righteous mockery of a Republican politician. Pathetic but entirely predictable. I would put up the link but of course as I write further up, none of these threads pre-2013 are now available. Can’t find anywhere where Silver, Castro and gang mock the Jew-hating president Barack Obama, specifically for his increasingly anti-Israel policies, that threaten Israel’s very survival (re the Obama administration’s Iran appeasement and whitewashing of Palestinian terror and threats. Among other things). Then again they voted for this Jew-hater, so what to expect? So the behaviour of Silver, Castro and gang re running away from the Truesdale and Rothman black comedy show is at least consistent of them, consistent given their voting for a Jew-hating president who gladly fawns before and accommodates those dedicated to Israel’s destruction. And a further point, Truesdale’s book reviews continue to feature at the SF Site (2014), a website run/organized in part at least by Silver. Silver cannot claim ignorance of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism remember, not ignorance that is of all the indisputable evidence documented at my blog in this regard. These quaking shaking genre liberal Jews bury their heads so deep down in the earth, their heads are deeper down than any man-made mine.

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