Updated Apologies to Jeff VanderMeer: I had assumed wrongly that you were the author of that anti-Semitic ‘Peace is Heresy’ drivel, featured at your own blog back in 2006, that never got any public criticism or rebuke from you whatsoever. Article is now trashed

OK I screwed up. I know I know.

Apologies to genre editor and writer Jeff VanderMeer, who I had just assumed was the author of an outrageous piece of moronic and extremely anti-Semitic palaver, a blog post entitled ‘Peace is Heresy from his old now defunct blog, back in August 2006 (pertaining to the Hezbollah-Israel war of 2006). I should have looked deeper, but didn’t do so. Mea culpa. So into the trash bin it goes…

Here is what Jeff VanderMeeer wrote on his FB Wall:

  • This morning has been filled with things that have made me guffaw or giggle, the link below primary among them. This guy is a known troll, but usually he at least distorts things people actually said. In this case he’s talking about a guest post that occurred while I was on a European book tour, but he doesn’t seem to realize I didn’t actually write it. In fact, I didn’t have internet access and so when I came back and I had a chance to kind of skim the guest posts, the ones from this filmmaker, regardless of anything else, I thought were fairly bizarre, but you know, whatever. Which is my round-about way of saying that both the post below and *this* post do not reflect my views, and indeed I have never been a gigolo “servicing women of many faiths.” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://vanderworld.blogspot.com/2006/08/peace-is-heresy.html

There is below this the link to my now trashed article ‘Genre writer Jeff VanderMeer blames Hezbollah’s Muslim fanaticism – during the Hezbollah/Israel War of 2006 – on the Jewish faith. No kidding‘.


Still Jeff it was published at your blog, and with friends like those… You didn’t disown it nor take the author to task for it one little bit, which doesn’t say much in your favor Jeff VanderMeer. So that anti-Semitic garbage featured at your blog, with let’s face it your tacit approval. After all you didn’t publicly condemn that guest blog post, nor even mildly criticize it (not publicly), nor remove it. Speaks volumes. Still it’s not like you are personally responsible for it. I admit as much. You just gave a platform for that modern-day Judenhass gibberish at your old blog, all those years ago. That’s all. Man I spent a looooong time on that very long piece, and now I have had to trash it! So it goes.

Jeff V calling me a troll (as he does on FB) is frankly absurd and ridiculous, it doesn’t even make sense. Oh yeah and to Tim Lieder, guffawing likewise on Jeff V’s facebook wall: Tim is such a dufus, he proudly puts up a link at Jeff V’s facebook page to this article of mine where I pour scorn on Lieder for his persistent and odious foul-ups re my series on Holocaust Revisionism (revolving in the main around Tangent editor Dave Truesdale, yet hardly limited to him). Tim still doesn’t get it and never will. There are no words…

Naturally nobody having a laugh at my expense on FB even appears to notice or care that Tim Lieder proudly and tacitly admits to them, to having dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism as an embarrassment to myself! He rejected the insurmountable evidence I give for Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism as nothing but trumped up nonsense and fabricated charges. I have exposed Lieder on this front in several articles (June and July 2011), where he persistently derided and mocked that series of mine. Imagine a Jew dismissing a series of actual (well evidenced) Holocaust Revisionism as nothing but distortion and misrepresentation! Lieder does so to this day. At least when I mess up, I admit it. And my blunder is not in the service of anti-Semitism, or denying the most extreme anti-Semitism as anything of the sort. As is the case with Lieder. I just mistakenly assumed a guest blog article at VanderMeer’s blog was authored by Jeff V himself. (I admit that gigolo bit should have been a red flag! Yet genre writers are an odd lot so you know, I just kind of skipped it and shrugged my shoulders)

Of course Jeff VanderMeer and all his buddies don’t pay attention to this kind of thing (the Lieder foul-up and denseness re my series on Holocaust Revisionism I mean, not the gigolo thing), and who would bet on them ever doing so? None of them have a word to say about Dave Truesdale and his Holocaust Revisionism (that I alone have made the effort to blog about and expose in the first place). Then again I am still waiting for a SINGLE GENRE PRO to *actually condemn* Truesdale on this front! Chuck Rothman, a liberal Jewish genre writer, has very recently joined Tim Lieder in the outermost zone of obscene imbecility, and denied that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist. I have recently written about that. That article also features Dave Truesdale’s so far ONLY public response in that respect.

Oh and I did mention in that article I was just forced to trash, that Jeffy V had no problem with his fellow genre writer, radical Leftist Aussie Anna Tambour’s vicious Jew-hatred – putting up a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website that was “milder than it might have been”! on the now defunct Night Shade Books Discussion Forum several years ago. Jeff just ignored it all. Yet this is the self-same Jeff VanderMeer who got his panties all twisted over Elizabeth Moon’s Islam themed ‘Citizenship’ post from 2010 (details at same link above). I also mentioned (in the now deleted article) that Jeff V is buddy buddy with the likes of Richard K Morgan, Brit genre writer; whose favorite political “hero” commentator bar none is a hardcore anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who gave his support to his Hezbollah “heroes” in their jihad against the Jews in the 2006 war. Not that Jeff V is bothered by that at all. And not his fellow Leftist genre peers neither.

Also Jeff V doesn’t have a problem with China Mieville’s vicious anti-Semitism, not one word of protest in this regard (assuming VanderMeer can even recognize Mieville’s anti-Semitism for what it is). I mention Mieville since Jeff V pretty much fawned all over him in at least one interview he did with this Brit genre figure not too long ago (it’s up at Jeff V’s blog). And Mieville has been nothing but proudly upfront with his radical Left credentials (he campaigned for the anti-Semitic SWP/Respect coalition for one) and all its associated extremely dishonest anti-Israelism (anti-Semitism in principle). Jeff V could care less (along with the rest of the genre Left. Well they certainly aren’t saying diddly. At best). It’s just Elizabeth Moon’s ‘Islamophobia’ that is “crazy ass bullshit” in Jeff’s eyes.

Yoohoo Jeff, going to call out Truesdale for his Holocaust Revisionism one of these days? How about the likes of Lieder (all over your FB wall shrieking over my error) and Chuck Rothman for DENYING THAT TRUESDALE IS A HOLOCAUST REVISIONIST, DESPITE THE FACT THAT TRUESDALE HAS MADE IT CLEAR HE SEES THE LATE JAMES P HOGAN’S HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM AS A REASONABLE AND LEGITIMATE VIEWPOINT (all the evidence for this is at my blog). How about calling out your mate Anna Tambour for her anti-Semitism? And what of Mieville? Or don’t you see any of his anti-Semitic rants as anything of the sort? I doubt you have read a single article in my Mieville series anyway, and I doubt you ever will. Any more than you will ever call out the above for their prejudice, hey Jeff? Assuming you can even begin to face up to such transparent anti-Semitic bigotry in the first place.

I mean it’s not like we are talking about ‘Islamophobia’ after all (that would drive poor Jeff V into a tizzy), just the oldest hatred – Jew-hatred. And that’s just so ho hum yaaaaawn. It’s not as if the Jews face the risk of another holocaust now. Uh hang on…

I mean Jeff may yet surprise me (speaking out against anti-Semitism among his genre peers). But I ain’t holding my breath. That’s for sure.

After all Jeff writes on his Facebook wall:

This guy is a known troll, but usually he at least distorts things people actually said…

Really now? Whose remarks, commentary and the like did I distort now? Tambour’s? Mamatas’s? Lieder’s? Morgan’s, Tidhar’s or Hal Duncan’s? Mieville’s? Kathryn Cramer’s? MacLeod’s? Laura Anne Gilman’s or Felix Gilman’s? Stross, Buckell? Lassen’s? VanderMeer doesn’t specify who exactly, nor does he even pretend to give any evidence in this regard, no smoking gun, nothing. Zilch. Then again none of his genre peers and fans would expect any of that, you know actual evidence; when baseless accusations work so much better. I always quote people accurately and quite extensively, more than I can say for my critics. Nick Mamatas is one of the worst for distorting and grossly misrepresenting what I write. VanderMeer wouldn’t know and could care less. VanderMeer is all buddy buddy shocka with Mamatas after all, the latter’s favorite blogger in the whole world is a Hamas and Hezbollah supporter, namely Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb (who the anti-Semite China Mieville – Mamatas’s Marxist comrade – has blogged for). Plenty more odious anti-Semitic associations and the like from Mamatas… Not that you would hear anything wrt *what I have actually written* about Mamatas from Jeff V. And Mamatas himself for that matter.

And that ‘Peace is Heresy’ guest blog post from back in 2006 is still horribly anti-Semitic (it’s a classic case of medieval Christian theological anti-Semitism transmogrified into modern-day respectable political anti-Semitism). Jeff V is clearly so blasé about it. Yeah whatever yawn. Not something he would agree with, he makes that clear enough, but it’s not like he’s going to get all hot and bothered over it. Easy to miss that.

Oh yeah to those who don’t know, Jeff VanderMeer has a Jewish wife, ex-Weird Tales editor Ann VanderMeer.

UPDATED 30th October

I just thought it worth remarking that VanderMeer naturally never replied to this article, not on Facebook, nor anywhere else, in case anybody ever wondered…

There was a reply from my biggest fan Tim Lieder, at his blog. Naturally once again, Lieder has no problem advertizing the fact (by means of the link to this very blog article of mine that he is ostensibly responding to) that he dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism as trumped-up nonsense, distortion and misrepresentation! Lieder doesn’t actually mention this fact (that discredits him entirely) in his reply (or any other relevant facts neither). Naturally. He just doesn’t take it in, he never has and he never will. It’s black comedy gold.

Lieder does write there, along with other ranting garbage:

Recently, the guy that I call Furry Jew because his blog – https://seasonoftheredwolf.wordpress.com/ – identifies him as a Red Wolf (and oh fuck don’t look for the explanation) and tries to speak on behalf of all things Jewish against an army of anti-Semites (even though the uncircumcised goy proves his Aryan bias by stupidly posting on SHABBOS and thus desecrating G-d’s law) decided to go after Jeff Vandermeer. Mostly about a post that a guest blogger posted about how monotheism was the cause of all the world’s problems.

Yeah Lieder posting on shabbat discredits everything I have ever written here, you genius you. Aryan bias? Hilarious. Who’s the one who discredits himself by dismissing my series on Holocaust Revisionism?

Mostly about a post that a guest blogger posted about how monotheism was the cause of all the world’s problems.

No Lieder the guest blogger did worse than that, he blamed Hezbollah’s Muslim fanaticism and Muslim extremism itself on the Jewish faith. At bottom. Namely the rotten root of Muslim extremism is uh… Jewish. According to Jeff V’s guest blogger buddy. I pointed this out in multiple ways, in detail, in the article I junked. So Lieder is either lying here, deliberately or else Lieder is just a simpleton who cannot comprehend plain English. Well one already knows he is a simpleton, so…

I know I shouldn’t even bother with Lieder, but it’s like stealing candy from a baby. Too easy.

Oh yeah it’s worth mentioning that aside from Laura Anne Gilman, writer Steve Rasnic Tem also gave dear Jeffy V cheering support at his FB wall. Rasnic Tem dismissed me as one of the tin-foil hat brigade. Apparently such lame name-calling discredits and refutes the points I make (here and elsewhere). Who knew? Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale also dismissed me as a “looney tune”. Pay No Mind.

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