Liberal genre writer Michael Bishop swoons over rabid anti-Semitic Holocaust Revisionist Pat Buchanan’s take on Israel. Bishop uses the lame pretext of the Iraqi Abu Ghraib prison scandal to commend Buchanan’s Jew nation baiting Part 1

Michael Bishop is a well-known and respected SF writer, who has been around for an age. His website over here. (He is not to be confused with the Nobel Laureate scientist of the same name) He has earned considerable acclaim for his novels and short stories alike. Bishop has often made it clear in his fiction that one of the things that moves him most is the horror of racism, and the need to speak out against it and expose it is foremost in his fiction. Of course with a self-admitted liberal like Michael Bishop, anti-black racism is one thing, anti-Semitism quite another. Now Bishop – like most all liberals – would profess that he is as opposed to anti-Semitism as he is to anti-black racism or homophobia for that matter. Yet as with many liberals, such professed feelings are simply that, feelings, lip service, not facts. For Michael Bishop – to cut to the chase – is a stereotype of the anti-Semitic liberal who pretends he ain’t.

Bishop’s anti-Semitism arguably runs so deep, he isn’t remotely aware of it. In other words Michael Bishop SF writer is a cookie-cutter anti-Semitic ‘progressive’ Leftist. Yes these are harsh words and I wouldn’t think of being so upfront in this respect if I didn’t consider such a charge very seriously and have all the evidence to hand…

All the evidence for my assertion rests on two threads at the old now defunct Night Shade Books Discussion Forum initiated by Bishop himself back in 2004. Yes the same old Night Shade Books Forum where minor Aussie liberal SF writer Anna Tambour spewed forth her poisonous Jew-hate (which never bothered anybody there, at least not her fellow genre writers and editors. And it still don’t bother the genre Left at all). The same Night Shade Books Forum that was the online forum associated with the independent imaginative fiction publishing company, the San Francisco based Night Shade Books; the head honcho there is of course Jeremy Lassen, who practically hero worships the vicious anti-Semite Glenn Greenwald.

So what about these two threads at the old NSB Forum that witnessed Bishop show his Judenhass hand?

Well firstly we have this thread from May 2004 entitled ‘Abu Ghraib Prison & Pat Buchanan‘ initiated by Bishop himself, in which he quoted the delusional and bigoted blather of Buchanan’s with 100% hearty commendation. Sans caveat. In fact Bishop writes in his fawning intro to Jew-hater Buchanan’s bilge, the following: “Remember: the words below aren’t mine, they’re *gasp* Pat Buchanan’s.

Amidst a far, far longer rant from Buchanan’s tripe article (consult the link at the Night Shade Books Forum for the whole thing if you so desire. Bishop copied and pasted it all up there), ironically entitled, ‘A time for truth’; we have this Jew-baiting ‘gem’ from Pat:

Why are we so hated in the Middle East? Three fundamental reasons:

1) Our invasion of Iraq is seen as a premeditated and unjust war to crush a weak Arab nation that had not threatened or attacked us, to seize its oil.

2) We are seen as an arrogant imperial superpower that dictates to Arab peoples and sustains regimes that oppress them.

3) We are seen as the financier and armorer of an Israel that oppresses and robs Palestinians of their land and denies them rights we hypocritically preach to the world.

Until we address these perceptions and causes of the conflict between us, we will not persuade the Arab world to follow us.

Now there is so much glaring and disgusting Judenhass here (heartily approved of by Bishop let’s not forget), and a terrible obtuseness that accompanies the former, that it’s difficult to know where to begin!

OK, I’ll begin with this observation – what does the Abu Ghraib scandal have to do with the Jews aka Israel? See the rest of Buchanan’s blather here if you so desire (and Israel has everything to do with the Jews, disingenuous denials to the contrary). I mean other than nothing at all? Yet to Bishop, the flimsy pretext of the American military and government scandal that revolved around the exposé at Abu Ghraib and the American war in Iraq as a whole, is used to approvingly cite and commend the Jew-hater Buchanan’s scathing polemic vilifying the Jew among the nations (on top of America). Bishop’s source is simply one of America’s most notorious and notoriously dishonest anti-Semitic politicians.

Buchanan is the odious paleocon who has perpetually blamed America’s wars over the last few decades (the one in Iraq included) on the Jews themselves and has openly flirted with Holocaust Revisionism (see link above). He is also bigoted against blacks and gays. Buchanan opposed civil rights legislation back in the day, for one. Buchanan’s record of ugly remarks directed against Jewry, blacks and gays over the decades is well-known. To Bishop none of this matters, not only does it not matter, Bishop feigns ignorance of Buchanan’s bigotry or at best, a pretense that Buchanan’s bigotry – his extreme anti-Semitism included – is somehow irrelevant to the (Jew nation baiting) point that Bishop is clearly desperate to make, and the Abu Ghraib scandal is just the pretext and lead-in here.

To Bishop (and his source Buchanan) the real problem in the Middle East, the real scandal, the real horror is not the abuses of American soldiers in Iraq and a US military and administration complicit in these abuses thanks to incompetence, lack of transparency and disregard for authentic discipline. No that’s all just the rotten fruit from the rotten roots of the rotten Jew tree.

Never mind the horrors of the slaughter and maiming, the relentless and perpetual bombings (of mosques, markets, police stations and checkpoints, UN compounds, government buildings etc), the killings and kidnappings of the jihadists, the latter’s genocidal bigotries, tyranny and oppressiveness; that’s simply off the radar, as far as Bishop and his ilk are concerned. It’s the rotten roots of the rotten tree in the Middle-East that Bishop is concerned with exposing. And those rotten roots lie with Israel, the Jew nation and America’s supposed support for these ‘oppressive’ people, the Jews of the Middle-East. Well in the warped worldview of Michael Bishop. This political anti-Semitism of Bishop’s (citing the right-wing Jew-hater Pat Buchanan as his trusted source) is ultimately rooted in a theological anti-Semitism, the Jew as the poisoner of the world, the bringer of confusion, despair, hatred and murder. Naturally Bishop is as oblivious to his own Judenhass as his source Pat Buchanan is, and for the same reason; it is all around and it runs so deep. It is a part of the natural scenery and so is not recognized for what it so clearly is. Bishop is as oblivious to it as he is to its dynamics and its modern day evolving guises and disguises.

Bishop sees nothing wrong with using the Abu Ghraib scandal – something that has nothing to do with Israel – as his launching point into a scathing attack on Israel, the Jew nation. Misusing any scandal or atrocity of the American military and government (Abu Ghraib in this case) as a pathetic pretext and precursor to get your hate on for the Jew among the nations, is simply anti-Semitic and nakedly so. The proof of the pudding is that Bishop cites the raging Jew-hater Pat Buchanan as his trusted source in this respect, and Buchanan being the Jew-hater that he is, can only use Abu Ghraib as a pretext to attack the Jews oh I mean Israel. Sigh. To Buchanan, the ‘iniquity’ and ‘power-lust’ of the Jews (in America and Israel) is the foundation on which America’s blunders and travesties abroad rest. That’s modern-day Jew-hatred in principle. Bishop not only has no problem with this, he heartily commends such ‘thinking’. And Pat Buchanan’s ‘thinking’ is all too typical anti-Semitism in its contemporary form (a prejudice that by its nature is irrational, dishonest and illogical).

Imagine using the scandal of US Army wrong-doing and failure in their chains of command and lack of discipline to get your hate on for uh Mexico or African-Americans or the Turks, Russians, Chinese, French, Greeks or Arabs? Of course not. If one were to do such a thing, one would clearly be bigoted against Mexicans, African-Americans, Turks, Frenchmen etc. However Jew-baiting-that-pretends-it-ain’t and that obscenely calls itself anti-racism is de rigueur among the Left these days and as such, Mike Bishop’s seconding of Pat Buchanan’s shameless Jew-baiting is simply more grist to the Left’s anti-Semitic mill.

Normally liberal anti-Semites – like Bishop – aren’t that stupid to cheer a well-known anti-Semitic arch-conservative and a well-known racist’s Jew-baiting. Normally it’s the other way around: that is anti-Semitic right-wingers and white supremacists such as David Duke and even Muslim extremists cheer on anti-Semitic liberal commentators. For example David Duke himself and other neo-Nazis cheer on anti-Semitic liberal journalists such as Robert Fisk and John Pilger (liberal genre writer Richard K Morgan’s number one political ‘truth teller’ to power). The late Osama Bin Laden cheered on Robert Fisk and Noam Chomsky himself!

One would expect liberal anti-Semites desperate to pretend they are not anti-Semitic (to themselves no less) not to be so obtuse and nakedly transparent as to cite a far-right winger such as Pat Buchanan – well-known for his odious Jew-hatred – in the latter’s commentary on anything Israel related. Yet Bishop’s anti-Semitism clearly runs as deep as his stupidity (well bigotry and idiocy are brothers in arms), that Bishop simply lets the cat out of the bag. I mean why not cite David Duke’s opinion on all things Israel related in that case? What difference there is between Duke and Buchanan would be one of degree and style, not kind. I mean Buchanan has defended Duke, and over the latter’s Judenhass! Buchanan has flirted with Holocaust Denialism, he blames America’s wars on the Joooos and more in that vein. Yet Bishop commends Buchanan’s opinions on Israel related matters and US foreign policy all the same.

One could argue that Bishop is being disingenuous when he writes:

What follows is a column by ultraconservative Pat Buchanan, a man whose political views seldom mirror my own, about the mess that exists in Iraq, why it is a mess, and what we should do about it. I don’t agree with everything he says — some Americans appear quite willing to waste our lives, our spirit, and our material treasure pursuing this administration’s neocon blunder to the very end — but perhaps the arguments of a man whom no one can call a liberal will penetrate, a tad, the fog of denial surrounding lockstep supporters of this hubristic President.

Remember: the words below aren’t mine, they’re *gasp* Pat Buchanan’s.

Um “ultraconservative”! and what about this, “I don’t agree with everything he says”!!?? Buchanan has perpetually flirted with white supremacism, unambiguous anti-black racism. Buchanan has a dark history of opposition to civil rights legislation, told outrageous lies about Martin Luther King Jr, harbored strong anti-gay prejudice and extreme, relentless Jew-hatred. Buchanan is more honestly a far-right wing white supremacist and Jew-hater. Simply and glibly calling Buchanan an “ultraconservative” is like calling the late senator Joe McCarthy an “ultraconservative” and leaving it at that.

Now if Mike Bishop were to write more honestly and accurately the following:

Even shock gasp Jew-hating defender of KKK wizard David Duke, Pat Buchanan, a man who – as with Duke – has given his weight to Holocaust Revisionism and is clearly nostalgic for Jim Crow America, has…

And then Bishop followed it up with Buchanan’s exact self-same anti-Israel commentary, well that would be straight shooting. So of course Bishop doesn’t do that.

Naturally not. That would give away the store, well to anybody with a brain. It would force the question – why Mike Bishop do you cite a hardcore bigot, a vicious anti-Semite, as a reliable and knowledgeable truth-teller on Israel, the Jew among the nations? To ask this question is to answer it. Why does Buchanan hate the Jews so, and gays and blacks, Bishop? Is it Israel’s fault too or not? Oh wait it’s just when Muslims hate America, it’s all the fault of the Joooos. I’m curious Bishop, why you think a bigot like Buchanan such an expert on uh hatred? Since when did vicious bigots possess insight into the psychological and sociological dynamics of bigotry?! Naturally Bishop could never answer these questions without the most lame evasions.

Yet I don’t think Bishop is necessarily being disingenuous in this respect. I think he is just very stupid. He gives himself away as simply thick headed, rather than cynical. Prejudice and stupidity are twins, different sides of the same coin. The question is what comes first in Bishop’s case? His stupidity or his Judenhass or since they are inseparable, is it a question that could be answered at all?

Now Bishop’s anti-Semitism runs so deep that he has no problem citing a rabid Jew-hater like Buchanan as a forceful truth-teller on Israel, and not seeing anything wrong with doing so. The thing is Buchanan is also a noted anti-black racist and indeed has been a dubious ‘stand-out’ reactionary figure here in the 1960s. Michael Bishop prides himself on his opposition to anti-black racism and in fact such concerns fuel his fiction, arguably as much as any other American speculative fiction writer. And I concede that a novellette such as Bishop’s Apartheid Superstings and Mordecai Thubani is a masterpiece, an excellent stand-out piece of fiction.
So Bishop undoes all this by citing an anti-black bigot Buchanan as having political opinions on controversial thorny issues (such as the Middle-East conflict) that count, opinions in fact that (according to Bishop) speak truth to power. And on the subject of HATRED no less!!

So deep does Bishop’s Jew-hatred run, that he drags out and dusts off one of America’s most notable anti-black racists, and claims him as one of the truth-tellers. Common enemies – in this case the Jews – is the obvious rationale here. Bishop overlooks Buchanan’s well-known African-American/black-baiting because Buchanan’s Jew-baiting appeals to Bishop easily enough. The thing is Bishop necessarily pretends that Buchanan ain’t bigoted at all against blacks. Bishop does so by simply ignoring the easy-to-come-by and well-known facts of Buchanan’s disgraceful and dishonest political polemics, bullying and hectoring, sweeping Buchanan’s anti-black racism under the carpet. This is easy to do when the focus is on the Joooos. If Bishop – who pretends that anti-black racism so preoccupies him – were to acknowledge Buchanan’s long-standing anti-black racism, this would beg the question: why take Buchanan seriously at all then, and on another hated minority group, namely the Jews (ie Israel)?

One couldn’t imagine Bishop citing Buchanan as a truth teller to power on any racially charged and controversial incident in America, pertaining to blacks and gays, from gang violence to the Rodney King beating and the LA riots of ’92, to the O J Simpson murder trial to Trayvon Martin and the recent controversies over gay marriage legislation in the US. Naturally not. Any self-respecting liberal would shudder at the thought of citing a noted anti-black and anti-gay bigot as having an opinion worthy of the name on any racially charged incident or event involving or pertaining to African-Americans or gays. However when it comes to the Jews, all bets are off. It’s an open house among the Left to the most obscene and in-your-face Jew-baiting. So bad has the anti-Semitism of the Left gotten, that Bishop can indulge in cheering on and praising a far right-wing politician whose anti-Semitism is as well-known as his anti-black racism and homophobia; at least as far as the latter’s harebrained dross pronouncements on the Jew among the nations is concerned. Bishop can indulge in it and know he will only be commended in turn by his fellow liberal progressives for so doing; and indeed genre folk – fans and writers alike – had no problem with Bishop’s seconding of Buchanan the Jew-hater’s Jew nation baiting at the old Night Shade Books Forum. Hardly.

Buchanan’s relevant and TRUE attitude, free of the cover terminology, lies and guises, runs like this:
America is hated by the Muslims because of the Jooos. The solution is to abandon the Jooos and leave them to the mercy of the jihadists who outnumber them and seek to commit another Holocaust. And anyway the jihadists don’t seek to annihilate the Jews, it’s just the paranoid fantasy of bigoted Zionists.

Anyhow if the jihadists do seek to kill the Jews and push the latter into the sea, it’s the fault of the Jews themselves for being so “oppressive” to the Palestinians, although Buchanan never cites any actual evidence or facts for this ‘oppressiveness’, any more than Bishop does. Then again, such ‘thinking’, ‘the Israelis are oppressing the Palestinians’ is repeated as a sacrosanct mantra among the Left and the anti-Semitic paleocon and white supremacist Right alike. Oh and Muslim extremists the world over. It is ‘common wisdom’ and no evidence is deemed necessary. It just is, like the stars and gravity. Nobody would dispute that there has been some mistreatment and abuses of Palestinians by Israel over the decades, inevitably so (the Jews being human and in settlement of the West Bank where they face and have faced violent jihadist resistance); yet the accusation of oppression is something else entirely and it is a poisonous demonizing slur used against the Jew nation by genocidally anti-Semitic Muslim extremists the world over, neo-Nazis and of course the Left who unlike the former two, pretend no prejudice against Jewry. Yet I don’t want to go off on a tangent too much here and distract from the main points of this article…

Note how Buchanan’s solution to Muslim hatred of America is to abandon the Jews to the Muslim fanatical Arabs who hate them (and that’s the fault of the Jews too), and Bishop gladly seconds such sentiments. The fact that America has financed, even if unwittingly (since the Clinton administration and the Oslo Accords) Palestinian terrorist infrastructure used against the Jews means nothing to Buchanan (and Bishop). The Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat has promoted jihadist sentiments, genocidal Jew-hatred and the destruction of Israel in its mosques, schools and media. The PA and Fatah continue in the same vein under Arafat’s successor, the Holocaust Denier Mahmoud Abbas. Suicide bombings and other terror attacks have been carried out by the official armed wing of Fatah, the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, not just Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The financing for Al-Aqsa’s terror operations comes from Fatah and the PA naturally enough. Hundreds of millions of dollars has been pumped to the PA and Fatah by the US State Department and the EU over the last near two decades, since the Oslo Accords. Just follow the bloody money trail…

Bishop, like his fellow liberals, is clearly oblivious. The fact that the United States is along with Russia, the biggest supplier of arms to Israel’s numerous enemies in the region is likewise off the radar to Buchanan, as it is with Bishop. In the years since Bishop’s anti-Semitic polemic was posted online, America has only zealously picked up its pumping of billions of dollars worth of armaments to Israel’s very real enemies, to the likes of Lebanon, Iraq and an Egypt now under the rule of the extremist and genocidally anti-Semitic Sharia supporting Muslim Brotherhood. And of course the US arms flow to the Persian Gulf Arabs (none of whom recognize Israel’s right to exist) goes on. With so-called allies like America, Israel doesn’t need any enemies.

Of course the common ‘wisdom’ is otherwise, so deep does the ignorance of the terrible truth run and the anti-Semitism that goes with the former. Note how Buchanan, as with Bishop, has no problem with the US arms flow to these tyrannical, anti-Semitic and genuinely oppressive Arab and Muslim regimes. It’s just the US arming the Jew nation (as defense contractors laugh all the way to the bank), a nation that is more imperiled than ever before, surrounded as it is – and outnumbered – by very real Muslim extremist enemies openly bent on pushing the Jews into the sea, that sticks in the craw of Pat Buchanan. And Bishop. Ah for the good old days in Europe and Arabia when the Jews and their children were slaughtered like lambs. Ah for the days when the Jooos could not fight back, being poorly armed, in fact most usually defenseless, not armed at all. Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end.

Modern-day anti-Semitism: the only good Jew is a helpless victim, not one who can fight back against those Muslim extremists openly and proudly dedicated to killing the Jews. That’s a bad Jew. Such a sentiment resonates deeply with the political Left; hence the liberal Michael Bishop giving prominence and endorsement to the paleocon anti-Semite Buchanan’s sentiment on Israel. Naturally the anti-Semitic Left deny all this, even though it sticks out all too conspicuously. This touches on – all too clearly – what I was getting at in my second article in my Nick Mamatas series; namely what commentator on contemporary anti-Semitism Dave Rich calls the coalitions of extremes. That is the coalition of far right-wingers with the far Left, at least when it comes to their common enemy – Israel.

To readers and defenders of the anti-Semite Michael Bishop out there: yes I know that roughly three years after this relevant thread commentary at the old NSB Forum, Jamie Bishop, Michael Bishop’s son, was killed in the terrible Virginia Tech massacre on April 16 2007. Jamie Bishop was a teacher at Virginia Tech. This tragedy doesn’t change the fact that Michael Bishop is an anti-Semite (for all the reasons laid out here).

This article is long enough as is, so Bishop’s further hearty commendation of the racist Pat Buchanan’s polemics on US foreign policy (again at the old Night Shade Books Forum) and ipso facto the odious Jew-baiting of the latter is detailed in a forthcoming second article.

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