Genre writer Michael Bishop praises rabid anti-Semite Pat Buchanan, quoting the Holocaust Revisionist with approval, even as Buchanan hints the US led intervention in Iraq is a sinister Jewish plot Part 2

This article continues where the previous (and first) Michael Bishop article left off. Indeed that first article is necessary background reading for this one, it sets the context for the sequel. The beef in the sandwich there revolves around Michael Bishop’s endorsing of the Jew nation baiting of the vile anti-Semite Pat Buchanan at the old Night Shade Books Discussion Forum; and Bishop using the very flimsy pretext of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal back in 2004 to do so. Indeed it was the same pretext used by Buchanan himself. That’s just the point: namely what does Abu Ghraib have to do with Israel, the Jew among the nations, other than nothing? Yet it’s always about the Jews even when it isn’t, well if you are an anti-Semite that is. Such is the way of bigotry and its warping and poisoning of the mind.

As I elucidate in the previous article, Pat Buchanan’s odious anti-Semitism, along with his anti-black racism, homophobia and all-round reactionary obtuseness and odiousness, is transparent and brazen in equal measure. This pertinent link gives all the evidence for Buchanan’s bigotry, his Jew-hatred (inclusive of his Holocaust Revisionism), his homophobia, his anti-black racism.

So a mere six months after Bishop indulged in the most odious Jew-baiting at the now defunct NSB Discussion Forum – what does Bishop do? He does it again, and employs the exact same modus operandi. Bishop runs off to quote with glowing approval and commendation his favorite conservative Jew-hater and Jew-baiter on the topic of the Iraq War. Naturally Buchanan can’t drone on about that war without switching tack and blaming the root of all evil, the Joooos. Then again, that’s just the point.

Bishop continued to second the opinions and polemics of Buchanan as if the latter is a truth teller to power, at the same Night Shade Books Forum. Remember this is just six months after Bishop’s first hearty cheer for Buchanan’s Jew nation baiting at the NSB Forum. The fact that Buchanan is an icon, a caricature even of far right-wing reactionary bigotry of every stripe, means less than nothing to Bishop.

So here is Mike Bishop commenting at the old NSB Forum, on a thread he initiated back in October 2004 entitled “Why I Have Kerry-Edwards Sign in My Front Yard (in Pine Mountain, Georgia, Yet)”

Here are relevant excerpts from his letter, the entire thing can be read at the link above (bold in text below is mine):

There’s a debate about the debates going on at the F&FS site on this board, but that particular thread has gotten so long it’s now unwieldy and hard to work through. In any event, this is a letter that I sent to our local county paper, The Harris County Journal, after its former publisher wrote an endorsement of the Bush-Cheney ticket a week or so ago. My letter appeared in yesterday’s HJC (Thurs., Oct. 14, 2004), and appeared, miraculously, uncut:

Dear Harris County Journal,

I have a Kerry-Edwards sign in my front yard. Let me tell you why. First, I am a veteran (U.S. Air Force, 1968-1972). My father and my step-father were both career Air Force men, veterans of World War II and Korea.

The idea that President Bush and his neoconservative cronies have waged an effective war on terrorists does not stand up to scrutiny. They did the correct thing after Sept. 11, 2001, by invading Afghanistan to kill al-Qaeda terrorists and the Taliban forces sheltering them. No other honorable option existed. However, since authorizing these justifiable attacks (but failing to capture Osama bin Laden by allowing Afghan fighters rather than U.S. troops to pursue him), Bush has made mistake after mistake.

A number of high-level military officials privately believe that the invasion of Iraq is the worst strategic blunder that an American president has made in their lifetimes. It is certainly among the worst that I have witnessed.

First, Bush and Co. had decided to attack Iraq long before September 11. They pursued only those “facts” that would indict Iraq for harboring weapons of mass destruction and/or having links with al-Qaeda. They ignored those bolstering diplomacy, sanctions, and ongoing weapons inspection. In other words, Bush misspoke about seeking war only as “a last resort.” He actively sought war, despite never having set foot in one himself.

…Fourth, nearly everything the Bush administration has done has created the impression that we are an occupying force, intent only on securing Iraq’s oil, dictating its policies, and protecting Israel. This perception has turned even moderate Arabs and Islamicists against us. The abuses at Abu Ghraib Prison occurred at least in part because the Bush Administration took no steps to forestall them and, in my view, contributed to the attitudes making the abuses possible. (Osama bin Laden is in hiding, yes, but he is smiling at these developments.)

Fifth, in blowing off our most of our traditional allies, Bush focused the attention of hardliners, militants, and terrorists almost exclusively on us as their main target and burdened the American taxpayer with the cost of the debacle. The only Americans now profiting from this war are corporate contractors, including Halliburton, of which Vice President Cheney was a former CEO. (The doubtful ethics of this conflict-of-interest rarely raise an eyebrow among Bush supporters.)

Sixth, the absence of any exit strategy dogged this war from the beginning. And there is still none. Bush unnecessarily took us to war, envisioning a cakewalk, and now he and his henchmen can find no honorable way to disengage. Meanwhile, the number of in-country insurgents grows daily. Even conservative Pat Buchanan argues that where, initially, there were only 5,000 hardcore insurgents, today there are 20,000 — at least. The losses among American troops have spiraled up every month since early summer.

… Bob Tribble, former publisher of the Harris County Journal, once wrote that the idea of John Kerry as president “scared” him. The first debate showed that President Bush cannot articulate his own policy, much less implement it. Rewarding him and his agenda-driven neocon pals with another four years strikes me as both scary and crazy. Kerry and Edwards offer a fresh beginning, even with the lousy hand that Bush has dealt our entire country. I urge anyone who’s paying attention to give new leadership a chance to play it more intelligently.

Michael Bishop
Pine Mountain, Georgia

So Bishop perversely continued to shill for Buchanan as a speaker of truth to power, Pat Buchanan the harshly anti-Semitic far right-wing fascist!

There is the rub. It’s clearly Buchanan’s predictable and relentless Jew nation baiting that Bishop finds so appealing, and doesn’t let the troubling fact of Buchanan’s indisputable Judenhass get in the way.

Bishop is so determined to paint the Jews – oh I mean Israel – as villains, no matter that he’s supposedly espousing on something else altogether, that he doesn’t even pretend to rely on a source who at least has a veneer of political credibility, and especially on all things Israel related.

Bishop relies on and parrots the opinions of one of America’s most notorious right-wing anti-Semitic and fascist politicians and rabble-rousers. Michael Bishop commended and approved, as truth-telling on all things Jew nation related, the opinion of a Holocaust Revisionist and professional Jew baiter with a long and sordid history of flirtation with white supremacism; and all this on a political topic (the war in Iraq) in which the Jew among the nations has no bearing. Then again that’s the very nature of Jew-baiting. It’s always about the Jews, even when it isn’t.

Bishop is so determined to engage in the most flimsy and transparent Israel bashing, that he can’t even be bothered to cite a liberal anti-Israel politician, journalist or commentator in this regard (of which there are no shortages), where at least Bishop could cite a source that has a pretense – flimsy or otherwise – of non-racism. Bishop just reaches out to the trusty Buchanan, trusty because the latter can always be counted on to engage in the most nakedly transparent and pathetic hate-on for Israel. Bishop gives his stamp of approval to Buchanan’s political opinion here – without caveat – even as Buchanan’s extreme anti-Semitism is simply indisputable.

That is let us see Bishop deny that Buchanan is an extreme anti-Semite in light of Buchanan’s flirtation with Holocaust Revisionism.

Yet it’s clearly water of a duck’s back to Bishop. It’s transparently a case of: what does Buchanan’s extreme anti-Semitism have to do with his opinion on the Jew among the nations? To Bishop, Buchanan’s Jew-hatred does not discredit the latter’s opinion on Israel! To Bishop, Buchanan is a speaker of political truth to political power; at least when it comes to all things Jew nation related (and Great Satan related besides).

Here again is the relevant ‘smoking gun’ quote of Buchanan’s (that Bishop clearly commends). After all Bishop commended Buchanan’s piece in toto without any caveat whatsoever:

… Fourth, nearly everything the Bush administration has done has created the impression that we are an occupying force, intent only on securing Iraq’s oil, dictating its policies, and protecting Israel. This perception has turned even moderate Arabs and Islamicists against us. The abuses at Abu Ghraib Prison occurred at least in part because the Bush Administration took no steps to forestall them and, in my view, contributed to the attitudes making the abuses possible. (Osama bin Laden is in hiding, yes, but he is smiling at these developments.)

Gee if uh moderate Arabs and Islamicists!! (what on earth is an ‘Islamicist’?!) believe that the Joooos are behind the US intervention in Iraq, how are they moderate? Uh if these self-same ‘moderate Arabs’ believe that the Protocols of Zion is for real and other anti-Semitic claptrap, is that the fault of Israel, or is it just the fault of Bush and the neo-cons? If they believe that women are intrinsically inferior to men, is that the fault of women or the Jews or Bush and the neo-cons?

So we see Buchanan make mention of the fact that paranoia and anti-Semitic conspiracy are widespread in the Arab and Muslim world, yet naturally to Buchanan this is not idiotic and sinister Jew-hatred, it’s the Arab and Muslim world (or those so inclined, Muslim extremists and extremists pretending to be moderate) seeing things as they are! That’s because Buchanan himself sees Jews as the font, the source of so much evil, including America’s unpopular wars. Anti-Semitic Muslims and far right-wing white supremacists think alike, at least on all things Jew nation related. I mean it’s so predictable that Buchanan would echo the paranoid Jewish conspiracy sentiments of anti-Semitic Muslims, since he shares in them. The deductive logic of Sherlock Holmes is not needed to figure that out.

Yet by quoting Buchanan on this front, without the tiniest little bit of criticism or mild disagreement, Bishop clearly sees nothing wrong with leaving the charge of ‘America went to war for Israel’ hanging in the foul air and Arab perceptions on this front are apparently understandable. Such perceptions are apparently all the fault of the neo-cons, not anti-Jewish Arab and Muslim conspiracy theorists. In fact by quoting Buchanan’s rant with approval, Bishop makes sure to leave that Judenhass accusation hanging in the air, in the background…

It’s a sinister anti-Semitic charge Buchanan has made not only with respect to the Iraq war, but also the Gulf War of 1991. Whilst it is not quite tantamount to Bishop unequivocally blaming the American war in Iraq on Israel ie the Jews, it comes very close to that. In fact it couldn’t come any closer, without an outright endorsement of Buchanan’s and the Muslim fundamentalist world’s base Judenhass – that is blaming the Joooos for the wars of a Christian nation. Bishop clearly does not see the bigoted ‘Arab perceptions’ here as the problem, that’s because he implies sympathy with such perceptions. Instead the problem lies with the neo-cons, for the base anti-Jewish conspiracy mongering of Arabs and Muslims no less! Well that’s Buchanan for you, and Bishop just gives it the thumbs up.

The thing with Bishop – as with the vicious anti-Semite China Mieville – is that Bishop does not have the courage of his anti-Semitic opinions. Bishop hides behind Buchanan’s and the Arab/Muslim world’s Jew-hatred. ‘It’s Buchanan reporting on what the Arab and Muslim world are saying, and I’m just repeating that is all’ is Bishop’s disingenuous modus operandi here. Yet Bishop is clearly quoting Buchanan – who Bishop ‘knows’ to be a vicious anti-Semite – with eager endorsement, so he can’t worm his way out so easily.

Once again, as with the first Bishop article, Bishop starts with the Iraq war and yet it inevitably comes down to Jew nation baiting ie dishonest Israel bashing. Well it does these days with the uh progressive Left. That’s what happens when you rely on a well-known anti-Semite Pat Buchanan for ‘the facts’. There of course is the rub. To Bishop, as with his anti-Semitic source Pat Buchanan, the real evil in the Middle East lies not with either America and the Middle-Eastern Arab jihadists and their supporters (they are small fry in the larger scheme of things); the real evil that pulls the strings behind the scenes, that has its own nefarious and oppressive purposes served, is the Jew among the nations that needs to be taken down a peg or three.

And Bishop, by quoting with 100% approbation this sinister ‘blame the Jooos’ political spew from a far right-wing politician, a vicious and indisputable anti-Semite (TWICE OVER), with a long history of flirting with white supremacism; owns up to his own Judenhass, even if inadvertently (even as Bishop takes cover behind his favorite Jew-hater Buchanan). However to Bishop it’s no such thing, it’s truth-telling and anti-racist truth telling at that! So deep does the anti-Semitic prejudice run in Mike Bishop’s veins, that he isn’t even remotely aware of it. It’s the background noise so it doesn’t even stick out. Bishop is hardly unusual in this respect, hardly. He fits in snugly with the progressive ‘anti-racist’ anti-Semitic Left, within and without the genre community.

The liberal SF Writer Michael Bishop, citing a far right-wing Jew-hater with an unapologetic history of  support for white supremacism, as a truth-teller on Middle-East affairs; is evidence for the alliance of polar opposites on the political spectrum, what Dave Rich calls ‘the coalitions of extremes’. When it comes to the common enemy that is the Jew, well it makes for strange bedfellows… As Dave Rich puts it, the barriers have come down.

You betcha.

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