Updated The Red Wolf is back to savour a few choice leftovers or why the Anna Tambour ‘thing’ that everybody ignores is still relevant

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Yeah I know I said I was done with blogging, at least with the Season of the Red Wolf.  However I thought I would on occasion add a post or two, if I felt there was something new to say. And on occasion there is of course.  Maybe this will be the last post for real or maybe not. I’ll see…

Anyhow I thought I would add something for those of you out there who are actually compos mentis. Remember the whole Anna Tambour ‘thing’ that I exposed at this blog?  You know that minor Aussie genre writer (a staunch far Leftist) linking approvingly to an article on uh greedy Jews from a hardcore Muslim extremist website – radioislam.org – that advocates Holocaust Denialism and all the rest of that jihadi Jew-hate garbage, at the now defunct Night Shade Books Discussion Forum back in 2005. An article that Tambour was sure to remind us was “milder than it might have been”! No kidding. As I wrote in the relevant article:

So Anna Tambour the feminist liberal genre writer links approvingly to a website that aside for its open call for another holocaust of Jewry (when not denying the Nazi Holocaust and moaning about how the Jews seek to control the whole world), also sanctions (via Sharia law) the oppression of the female gender and considers them innately inferior to males. The ‘voice’ of Radio Islam like all Muslim fanatics, assents to the denial of civil liberties to women and worse, clerically sanctions murderous violence against the female gender, apostates, homosexuals and Jews – all under the umbrella of a far right-wing bigoted and murderous theocratic superstitious dogma that is Muslim fundamentalism.

You can’t make this up.

PS Anna Tambour is Jewish too! Something I ridiculously left out there (and in all my previous Anna Tambour articles!) and in this original article. I add it now in the updated version of this article (and in updated versions of the other Anna Tambour articles from last year). Talk about an oversight on my part! Of course she is Jewish. If this surprises the reader, the reader is out of touch… The worst anti-Semites are often the Jews. The worst.

There is naturally far more from Tambour, as you would expect, when it comes to her disdain and uh harsh feelings for Jewry. As I pointed out, she has a link to a Holocaust Revisionist ‘Jew’ Gilad Atzmon on her blogroll, for all I know still there (I can’t be bothered to even check up).

I then later wrote an article revolving around and mocking Israeli Jewish far Left SF writer and editor Lavie Tidhar and his buddy buddy relationship with this anti-Semite Tambour; whilst at the same time Tidhar, like the rest of the genre Thought Police, gets his panties all twisted over the thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’.

Tidhar is theoretically ‘aware’ (as far as Tidhar could be said to be aware at all) of Tambour’s uh disdain for Jewry, after all I sent him (and others including his Israeli mate and fellow genre writer Nir Yaniv, a big cheese in Israeli SF) an e-mail informing him of that very Anna Tambour series (3 articles in total and a later article in reply to Tambour’s incredible response to that series), with all the gory details alluded to. Well look at just how Tidhar responded! Note his uh commentary on my China Mieville series, “…increasingly rabid, if incoherent”! Frankly I doubt Tidhar read any of those articles on Mieville, but staying ontrack with the Tambour thing…

Yes well what’s new?

What’s new is this… So look at how pathetic and revealing Tidhar has since shown himself to be wrt Anna Tambour, which is as about as surprising as the sequels to Transformers being as bad or worse than the original trash movie. His Israeli mate, fellow speculative fiction writer and co-author Nir Yaniv has since had a collection of stories recently published in English (some of which have been translated from the Hebrew by Tidhar) under the title The Love Machine & other contraptions.

Tambour raves about it at her blog and Tidhar tweets his appreciation.

Lavie Tidhar @lavietidhar

bloody hell. superb review of @TheNirYaniv ‘s new collection by Anna Tambour: ‘outstanding’. medlarcomfits.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/review…

In other words, everything is still hunky dory fine between Tidhar and Tambour. Tambour’s Judenhass is no such thing to Tidhar, or he can just live with it no problem. It’s all beseder (fine) to him.

I am surprised by none of this. After all I predicted it. Here is what I wrote to Tidhar in that relevant e-mail (that I published online of course) last year alluding to Tambour’s hardcore anti-Semitism, in the article that I published online the same day I sent off the e-mail to Tidhar, Charles Tan and others (and then there are the previous two Anna Tambour articles as well published just before the third one linked above):

“One wonders if Tidhar even would recognize Tambour as anti-Semitic and viciously so at that… I’m serious.”

Hey given Tidhar’s political persuasion, commentary and allegiances, I didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see his friendship and loyalty to Tambour continue as before. No bump in the road there. Not to Tidhar. One wonders what Tambour would have to do to earn the cold shoulder from Tidhar? Where would Tidhar draw the line on anti-Semitism? At the belief that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is for real, at Holocaust Denial? Is there any line to be drawn at all from Tidhar’s PoV, at least when it comes to Jew-hatred coming from his liberal genre colleagues and the Left in general? There just doesn’t appear to be any line at all, at least not when the naked and indisputable Jew-hatred is coming from Tidhar’s fellow liberal ideologues and specifically liberal genre pros. Then again, if SF’s Court Jewry like Tidhar are going to give a free pass to the hardcore Jew-hater China Mieville, and they do, then why would Anna Tambour’s frenzied Jew-hate bother him at all? Well clearly not!

In fact the title of the relevant article addressed to Tan and Tidhar is ‘Will Charles Tan, co-editor of the Apex World SF blog with Israeli  Jew Lavie Tidhar, continue to guest feature at Anna Tambour’s website in light of the relevations of her rabid Jew-hatred at this blog? More questions to make the Thought Police squirm Part 3’. The answer from Tidhar to that barbed question is clearly in.

I have written several critical articles on Tidhar at this blog (just do a search) and have clashed with him in this respect on several occasions (in his case via twitter, just search this blog’s archives). Likewise his Israeli genre mate Nir Yaniv (that article is one of my favourites, check it out especially if you are a William Burroughs fan).

Since the publication of my Tambour articles toward the end of last year, detailing her hardcore anti-Semitism, her latest novel Crandolin has come out (November 2012). It has gotten some rave reviews from her peers, including Paul Di Filippo, Hal Duncan (who outrageously and obscenely equates Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism whilst hero worshiping a Zionist as one of the twentieth century’s greatest spokespersons of moral and ethical truths), Ben Peek, Lucius Shepard and others. Peek and Duncan have both poured scorn and dismissal on this blog. On Tambour’s Jew-hatred, not a single word, not even a hint of one. From anybody. Jew and Gentile alike. Pathetic. It’s not as if genre pros don’t know about this blog. Hardly…

That reminds me, on a similar score SF Signal’s Fred Kiesche (his blog at The Lensman’s Children), actually makes the effort to blog on Season of the Red Wolf. Well it’s just three sentences. But hey who am I to complain? Thanks Fred! Naturally given how enamoured Kiesche is with all the harsh anti-Israel liberal genre folk, and his previous lame dismissals of myself via twitter, it’s not a blog entry that looks favourably on yours truly.

Fred Kiesche’s blog entry from back on the 31st July 2012:

Another 15 Picoseconds of Fame

Hey, joy, I’m named specifically by the loon behind Season of the Red Wolf. Along with luminaries such as Lavie Tidhar, John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell and Mary Robinette Kowal.

It’s an honor, as they say, just to be nominated.
Posted by Fred Kiesche at 13:05 3 comments

Paul Weimer in the comments, pointing out he has the honour of being nominated too. Weimer is also involved with SF Signal and has likewise previously heaped ad hominem scorn on this blog via twitter.

In the original blog entry by Kiesche, there is a clickable hyperlink to my blog, where he writes ‘Season of the Red Wolf’. The allusion (where I mention Kiesche) is to this Tambour article of mine, ‘Aussie writer Anna Tambour’s ‘devastating’ reply at her blog to my series exposing her anti-Semitism. Read it and weep’, that I had published online only four days prior to Kiesche’s blog entry regarding my own blog (namely on the 27th July).

Thus that Anna Tambour article was the front article, that is the most recent article, at my blog when Kiesche wrote his blog entry dismissing myself as a loon, ‘Another 15 picoseconds of fame‘. Kiesche is clearly proud of his dishonorable mention that he gets in that fourth Anna Tambour article of mine, and Paul Weimer likewise as he lets us know in the comments to Kiesche’s blog entry.

Here is the pertinent mention of Kiesche in that blog article of mine (actually about Anna Tambour’s reply to my series on her remember. Bold also in the original text):

Anna you have done what none of my critics have done – at least in my mind – not Nick Mamatas, not Tidhar, not Chesya Burke, not Mark Pontin, not Tim Lieder, not the Gilman twins, not Nir Yaniv, not Charles Stross, not Tobias Buckell, not Paul Graham Raven, not Fred Kiesche, not Paul Weimer, not the big cheese, SFWA head honcho John Scalzi himself, not Mary Robinette Kowal, not Mike Allen, not Scott ‘the brain’ Edelman, not Rose Fox, not Michael Cobley. You have done what none of them put together could do. You have humbled me. You have exposed me.

Of course I was being sarcastic.

Back on track, it’s just shocking and disturbing, yet not really surprising, that Kiesche (and Weimer) just trip up like that; so deep is their loathing for the uh blogger exposing anti-Semitism (yes really) in the genre community. They simply sink into the swamp of willful and utter could-care-less obliviousness to the contents of the Tambour article itself (in which they both get a dishonorable mention as uh critics of my blog). At best it is obliviousness.

At best.

Remember I had written three articles on Tambour:

The first one entitled Liberal SF writer Anna Tambour posts a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website at the Night Shade Books Forum. Tells us it’s ‘milder than it might have been’. Notable genre folk look away, condemn a conservative SF fan instead Part 1 posted on July 6th 2012.

The second one Liberal Aussie SF writer Anna Tambour has Gilad Atzmon, a Holocaust Revisionist Jew in her recommended reading blogroll Part 2 posted on July 13th 2012.

And the third one Will Charles Tan, co-editor of the Apex World SF blog with Israeli Jew Lavie Tidhar, continue to guest feature at Anna Tambour’s website in light of the revelations of her rabid Jew-hatred at this blog? More questions to make the Thought Police squirm Part 3  posted on July 20th 2012.

Tambour’s reply to me on that series about her – I only give the link in the article of mine that Kiesche and Weimer implicitly scoff at so much (and I very much doubt either of them clicked on the relevant link to Tambour’s blog anyhow) – has to be read to be believed. Yet it is very much par for the course from somebody (Tambour) who puts up a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article (yes Jews, the flimsy cover of Israel and Zionists is simply and frankly thankfully discarded) from a Muslim extremist website – at a now defunct SF forum – a website that calls for the liquidation of Jewry whilst denying the Holocaust and more in that vein; an article Tambour is sure to remind us is “milder than it might have been”!!

Basically Tambour in her reply to me, is sure to remind us it’s all about context! And she is sure to remind us that she is Jewish too! No kidding. So I guess this is how it is: if one links – with a thumbs up – to an article on greedy Jews from a Muslim fundamentalist website, and such a link is um buffered by a lengthy screed of the usual radical Left unhinged anti-Israel spite and venom (as it is in the ‘Jewish’ Tambour’s case); then it’s all just hunky dory and there is nothing remotely anti-Semitic about any of it at all, including the uh approving link to the Muslim extremist website! Thanks for enlightening us Tambour. It’s appreciated. No really.

I was blind but now I see.

Yet Kiesche just brushes all this off (re Tambour) as of course does Tidhar. One wonders if they even take any of it in at all? Who knows?

And Kiesche lets us know how glad he is to be on the roster of the Season of the Red Wolf ‘hall of shame’ (as is Weimer), along with the likes of such uh luminaries as Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar himself and president of the SFWA himself, John Scalzi. The latter letting us know uncannily and inadvertently, that he literally sucks up to rabid anti-Semite China Mieville; shortly after responding to my query, or failing to respond to my query rather  – in the usual lame ad hominem style via twitter – on whether he considered Mieville anti-Semitic or not in light of my series on him.

Michael Cobley, a UK SF writer and a mate of Tidhar, very pro-Palestinian just like Tidhar; in defending Tidhar rather hopelessly, likewise doesn’t see anything anti-Semitic in Anna Tambour’s screed exposed at this very blog.

Well Kiesche (and Weimer), you have another 15 picoseconds of fame. Tidhar and Cobley too. And Tambour. To which I’m sure Tambour, Tidhar, Cobley, Kiesche and Weimer would respond: yay!

Yuck yuck.

Frankly it’s simply chilling.

UPDATED 10th February

It’s exactly as I predicted right up above.  Exactly. Chilling. Talk about,  ‘when in a hole, keep digging…’

Here are Fred Kiesche and Paul Weimer (not ‘Weimar’ as I persistently misspelled it above initially, since corrected) via twitter (all on the 8th February):

  Fred Kiesche@FredKiesche

WINNING! I’m mentioned more times on “Season of the Wolf” than @PrinceJvstin !!!! GO ME!!! https://seasonoftheredwolf.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/the-red-wolf-is-back-to-savour-a-few-choice-leftovers-or-why-the-anna-tambour-thing-that-everybody-ignores-is-still-relevant/ …

As I write directly above at the very end of this original article,  I predicted this kind of tweet with 100% accuracy. No paranormal powers on my part were necessary of course.

Then Weimer naturally enough pops up:

Paul Weimer@PrinceJvstin

@FredKiesche I think (if I can understand this loon), that I got on his hit list thanks to you originally…

Yeah I suppose Weimer. You know you would think that writers and critics could come up with a new ad hominem on occasion, instead it’s just the tiresome repetition of ‘loon’. Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale also dismisses me as a ‘loon’, his exact choice of words were “totally looney tune”. Pay No Mind. Yeah man calling me a loon really refutes all the contents of my articles, on the anti-Semitism I expose in detail coming from the likes of genre figures such as Mieville, Ken McLeod, Kathryn Cramer, Iain Banks, Anna Tambour and others, and the whitewashing of this oldest hatred by genre community pros in general. You genius you.

Fred Kiesche@FredKiesche

@PrinceJvstin I think in this case we can equally share the glory. Now all we have to do is knock @lavietidhar off his Red Wolf Throne

Yes you share equally in the uh glory I guess.

Paul Weimer@PrinceJvstin

@FredKiesche@lavietidhar Well, I do sort of rank lower in the fact that Season can’t even spell my name right.

Sorry. Sloppy of me. I have since corrected it of course. Should have double-checked the spelling, but didn’t do so. Wow I guess that misspelling of your surname refutes what I have to *actually say about you above* and elsewhere, and Kiesche now too for that matter (and anybody else)? Uh no I really don’t think so.

Fred Kiesche@FredKiesche

@PrinceJvstin@lavietidhar I was astonished that he spelled my name correctly. I must have really ticked him off with that 15 picoseconds.

I wouldn’t exactly say you have ticked me off. Why are you so proud to get a ‘dishonourable mention’ from a blogger whose main focus has been exposing (in heavy detail) anti-Semitism from within the professional genre community? Oh wait that’s not what I’m doing, right?

Paul Weimer@PrinceJvstin

@FredKiesche@lavietidhar we both did graduate to the level of “Tags” on his blog posts, though, Fred.

Yes you did graduate I guess. You did indeed.

Fred Kiesche@FredKiesche

@PrinceJvstin@lavietidhar Whoo-hoo!

Hey, once again it’s as I predicted right up above (just before this updated reply to Kiesche’s and Weimer’s latest tweets). I just wrote up above that you would respond with a ‘yay’, not a ‘Whoo-hoo’, but I think that it’s close enough to a 100% hit prediction. Not so?

UPDATED February 2014

It’s worth adding, even if belatedly, this tweet that Tidhar made on the 31st March 2013, just over a month after this article went online. It EXPLICITLY proves my point in neon colours. Thanks Tidhar.

Lavie Tidhar  @lavietidhar  31 Mar

“I don’t understand why saying Ashkenazi Jews like making money and gold is a ‘racist’ or anti-semitic thing to say 1/2”

Really such a tweet speaks for itself. How pathetic, how disgusting, how horribly anti-Semitic. No Tidhar was not being facetious nor sarcastic with that tweet, this is Lavie Tidhar after all.

One assumes perhaps a tweet in justification, at least in part – even if unconscious – for his ‘nothing to see here approach’ re Tambour (and even other anti-Semtic Leftists and communists). Of course Tambour didn’t just blabber on about greedy Jews, her approving source was a hardcore Muslim extremist website, and said article was “milder than it might have been”. And it was all in the midst of a vicious and delusional anti-Israel screed from Tambour herself. Then again that would give it all away, how anti-Semitic such dishonest stereotyping actually is (and what anti-Israelism is really all about), so naturally Tidhar is all shtum (quiet) there.

Such in-your-face ‘anti-Semitic stereotyping is not anti-Semitic’ zombification from Tidhar is exactly what one would expect from him. The disgusting ‘Jews are greedy’ caricature was used by the Nazis, and their neo-Nazi successors. It’s used by Muslim extremists (well look at Tambour’s source!), it was used by Jew-murdering Cossacks, the medieval and Renaissance Churches. And it’s the central pillar to left-wing Jew-hatred, notably communists’ anti-Semitism (it’s the central feature of Karl Marx’s anti-Semitism) that Tidhar’s anti-Semitic communist buddy Nick Mamatas tells us doesn’t exist (check my Mamatas articles for the details). Ditto China Mieville, that other Jew-hating genre communist who Tidhar fawns all over. To Tidhar, such odious and sinister anti-Semitic slander is not anti-Semitic. Naturally not.

Ashkenazi Jews!? To non-Jews, that’s Jews originally from Eastern and Central Europe in the main; what the vast majority of North American, British and Australian Jews are, and the Jews that founded the modern state of Israel. One assumes then according to Tidhar’s twisted logic, that calling Sephardic (Spanish origin) Jews, or Mizrachi (Eastern Jews from the Arab world) Jews or Ethiopian Jews greedy is uh anti-Semitic!?? Because these other Jews are not greedy and money-grubbing, it’s just these European Ashkenazi Jews? Or not? And the sad state of the world today, the starvation in the slums of Latin America, Africa and India whilst their governments steal and pillage, whilst disastrous banking and governmental policies in the West pile on, and profiteering corporations in North America, Europe and Asia do what they do, is indeed proof positive of the avarice of the Joooooos. Yes I’m being sarcastic.

Now the *non-anti-Semitic reader* familiar with my Tidhar articles may think that this tweet of Tidhar’s is the nadir to Tidhar’s self-loathing. I’m not so sure at all. And I don’t see it as any worse – as bad as it is – to the obscene gibberish he has to say about Israel and the Palestinians as a whole. The only difference is, with this tweet he lets the cat out of the bag, removes the mask. The cover terminology, ‘Israel’/’Zionist’ is dispensed with. As with his buddy Tambour in the first place. It appears as if Tambour dropping the mask to her self-loathing compels Tidhar to do likewise.

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